June 24th, 2015

Huge update on gets! Plus a few questions.

I haven't posted a collection update in a while. I changed my display shelves numerous times since my last update, and finally settled on four main collections! Super image heavy under the cuts, I apologize to mobile users.
First off, I've got a HUGE Giratina collection now. Last month/two months ago I managed to get the ShoPro Giratina brand new for a SUPER cheap price and I am so grateful <3 I had gotten a bunch of small stuff as well, but I'll be showing only my main collection. I also only have 26 more legendary figures to go! I have 68/92 in total. I'll include the link to the list under the cut!
Really hoping these snips work aaaaa

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I'm gonna need bigger shelves soon.

✿ Shirt Want and Collection Website Is Live!!!!!!! ✿

Goooood morning everyone!!! ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

I have very exciting news!!
Gosh i'm so excited!! I've spent days even weeks on this dang thing. Weebly is SO SLOW and glitchy. Constantly putting my image and text boxes in other places randomly and taking foreverrrr to load. I swear if it wasn't for all the time spent waiting for it to load after i put a single image on the page this would have been done a week ago.
Anyways! It still has a bit of work to do. Mainly i still need to take photos of a lot of things, but with the weather being butt-potatoes every time i have a day off, i haven't gotten to finish. ;n;
I still have to draw a nice banner too!!
But for now you can look at this very excited Bidoof! <3 Please click on this doofus or here to look at my site! Zigguppafu.weebly.com

Please let me know what you think in terms of layout, navigation, etc. This is the first website i've ever made, so feedback is appreciated. I wanted it to be simple and clear, mainly focusing on the items, and not so much my blabbing about them, which is why i chose not to have paragraphs of words next to each photo. (I started to do this, and then chose to redo the entire thing. xD )

Next, i am looking for one of these shirts!!

I only want ONE of the circled ones. Any one will do. I'm going on vacation soon, and would preferably like it to arrive before July 2nd so that i can wear it! So if you're in the US, that would be great! I'd like to spend no more than $20 before shipping on it.
Please please let me know if you have one to sell! I'm also willing to trade or partially trade anything in my sales post here for it if there is something you want!

(I'm not saying i don't like the other eeveelus, i just don't like how their shirts look/the colors on me xD )

EDIT: I got a leafeon shirt!!! :D Yay! Leaf is my favorite! C:

tinyzig1.jpgThank you so much for looking everyone!! <3 o(*゚▽゚*)o
~ Miss Zigs
gloom - my collection

Sales Vs cards. HOLO Amada stickers. Pan Stickers. Jeweled Holo XY Stickers. Postcards





I SHIP WORLDWIDE EXCEPT NO SHIPPING TO ANY COUNTRIES IN SOUTH EAST ASIA Brunei, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, SORRY. NO SHIPPING TO ITALY, DO TO CUSTOMS. ETC.

I HAVE A RIGHT TO REFUSE SALES to those who have traded with me in the past,
i never got my end, or didn't hear back from. from those who ordered from me and then backed out
of their orders, and never got back to me.

0441.i was granted sales permission on 07/02/11 by dakajojo

community feedback -


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Auctions ending tonight! Ash/Misty/Brock's Pokemon metal charms, Marill Pokedoll, Shiny Gyarados Kid

My auctions are ending tonight at 10:00PM EST! (6/24/15)

I have lots of great items, some with no bids, including:

Ash's Chikorita charm
Ash's Pikachu charm
Misty's Poliwhirl charm
Misty's Psyduck charm
Brock's Onix charm
Shiny Gyarados kid

There's also a Marill Pokedoll, a lifesize Marill, and 2002 Pokedoll Christmas Ornaments. I also have lots of can badges, movie keychains, stickers, and more that can be combined with auctions to save on shipping!


Click pic above or link below to be taken away...

Link to Auctions (and sales!)
  • fox7xd

On the hunt for some kids and question!

Hello again everyone! Just like the title says, I'm looking for some kid figures! Thanks to work I missed out when there were a lot of group buys going on so I thought I'd ask and see if anyone had some extras for sale (or possible trade? I have some items I still need to clear out in my shop -> http://fox7xd.livejournal.com/11976.html )

I'm currently looking for these kids : goomy, goodra, mega rayquaza, fennekin, braixen, and delphox

I'm looking to not really spend more than $5 on each one since I'm trying to get so many at once. Thanks for any help guys! <3 Also, if anyone has any rayquaza goods in general I'm always looking for him ;D As for my question, it's concerning the mega rayquaza moncolle' figure I keep seeing pictures of, but where it's sold from are kinda sketchy. Is it an official figure and when did it/does it release? .o. it looks really cool!

gentleman eevee, eevee

GA reminder and reduced sale items

EDIT: We unfortunately lost the auction :(

This is just a reminder that the Canvas Buddies GA is ending in a little under a day. There are still plenty of plush at low bids!
Dezi and I have raised our claims, and competition is fierce, so get your max bids in if we want a shot at winning!

Pic 2.jpg
click the photo to be transported!

In other news I've reduced the price on my Whimsicott pokedoll and kid lot. It makes me sad seeing them packed away. I'd love to see them off to a good home so I will accept reasonable haggling

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no title
Kid lot $20

$38 (slight crease in tag, will be protected during transit)

Clear Kids Lot Up For eBay Auction!

Hello comm!

Just a little post to let you guys know that I've placed the remainder of the Clear Kids lot I purchased up onto eBay as an auction! Bidding starts at £10 ($15.76) and the auction will last for 7 days!

There's 24 kids left in total (23 clears and 1 random spare normal Ekans I found xP) and I need them all gone to make room for my side collection!

You can find the auction link HERE!
Sales permission granted by areica96 on March 21, 2015.

As a side note! Even though I have messaged everyone notifying them, in case Livejournal decides it wants to mark the messages as suspicious, I would like to let anyone who purchased clear Kids from me on my offers page know that all the packages have been shipped out today and should be with you very shortly! =D *Exciiitement!*

Thank you all for looking everyone and I promise my next post won't be so boring! I have a MASSIVE collection update to show you guys so you can look forward to that! =D

Best of luck to any prospective bidders on my lot and kind regards to everyone else! =3

Gets, yo + pokemon that I have a lot of not on purpose

So recently I ordered a bunch of DX kids, shoPro, and Dx tomys from eBay for yevetai and she let me have (or did we trade something? I don't remember) some of them CX

Love the DX tomy serpy cause it's big and cute (pose differs slightly)

And this awesome stuff from riolu c: the popcorn bucket is the best because I also have a slight obsession with popcorn :D

Accidental Collections? Wait, what?
Pokemon I have a ton of not on purpose:
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Also I've had so many issue adding tags to people's name would someone be willing to pm me to help figure it out? >~
  • ku_bek

Kagome Pikachu promo PICS + Pokemon Center question

Hello guys!

Last time I wrote a post about Kagome promotion - you'll find it here - click

Today I found pics of promo merchandise! and I think it will be cool to share them with community :)

Here's a little preview:

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Hope you guys like them as much as I do! I doubt that I'll get plush but I'm sure that I'll get all these figures!
Let me know which figure is your favourite! I like the one with tomato best!

Also I've got a question about Pokemon Center - is there a place that I can check what's in stock now and what're the retail prices?
My friend is on student exchange program in Sapporo and she's willing to do some shopping in PC for me ^-^ and well... I need to check what's available!

Thanks for looking!

Quick Shopping Question

Has anyone ever bought from a store on Y!J or Rakuten? I like their prices but I'm a bit leery about the stock photos.

If you have, please share your experience with me.


Edit: Everyone here is so helpful ;-;

New Kids Set!

Just a breif little post, since I haven't seen anybody post the new Kids set yet :)

They are being released to coincide with the new Pokemon Movie this summer!

Hoopa's first Kid figure as well as Frogadier! Not to mention how cute the Pikachu looks <3

They all seem to be new kids; only one I'm not to sure of is Arceus.

What do you guys think of this new, albeit small, set? :)