June 25th, 2015


Just some recent gets!

Hello collectors!

I've apparently not been receiving notifications on my posts too well, so if you commented on my last entry and it looks like I ignored you I'm sorry! Anyway, I just wanted to show off a few new collection additions today that I'm quite pleased about, including a mini-grail and lots of new merch happiness.

Check under the cut for the goodies I got!

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Thanks for taking a look! Check out my collection website Starry Desert for the rest of my cuties, though everything from this post has yet to be added. Feel free to comment with the link to your collection website too - I'd love to see. ;u;
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Absol-utley Massive Collection Update! :D

So I've been collecting Absol for about 3 months now, and my collection has really exploded since joining this community! :) I haven't had the chance to do a collection update because I was at uni, but now I'm home and I've finally arranged all my new Absols in my collection space (which has resulted in my Toothless collection being moved! XD)!
Here is a picture of my collection last time I did an update:

Very small compared to some of the other amazing Absol collections I've seen! XD
And here is my collection now...
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So that's all my Absol merch for now! :) I have a few more items on the way: the silver Absol Hasbro figure, the clear Absol trading figure, Absol Pokemon time stickers, Absol comic strip and some more flats! :) I still need to set up my Articuno, Swablu/Altaria and Suicune collections, so expect another large collection update soon! :)
For now I'll leave you with some of my Absol wants:
want 16.jpgwant 53.jpgwant 32.jpgwant 48.jpgno titleno titleno titleno titleno titlewant 8.jpg
Willing to pay what I must to obtain these items! :) Especially the pokedoll badge, which I have decided is my Absol grail! :) If you're selling please let me know! :)

Big gets and trades/sales!

First of all, all the stuff from my last sales has been shipped! I'm so sorry it took so long! It usually doesn't take me this much time, but my new job schedule and fiasco with getting shipping materials messed up my plans a bit. I promise it won't happen again m(_)m

Anyways, I got a couple of big boxes today that I was super excited to open! Eevee and pikachu helped me open the boxes aka they just hung out while I laborously opened everything haha

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So I have these extra tins for trade/sale. I am looking for the eevee, vaporeon, and jolteon tins as well as the secret espeon and umbreon rubber straps. Or if you want to buy, the regular tins are $10 and the secrets are $20 each. The candy can be included or not, your choice!
Sales permission granted on September 19, 2014 by entirelycliched.
My feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/eeveefruit/

Also, does anyone know where I can get the eevee time blanket for a decent price?
Thank you for looking!
C&H Autumn
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Hey guys,

I was just wondering if anybody has, at one point, had two or more of the same items that you would never have imagined getting? For example: some of you may remember my infamous Shiny Raikou PokéDoll pyramid:

This was something I could never have expected to get when I started out. I remember shiny Raikou being the last of the trio I need, then all of a sudden... BOOM! I have three of them!! o.O

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Sadly, there were some others that I never got to take photos of. They include the oversized Kanto Starter PokéDolls, Tomy Lifesize Cyndaquil plushes, DX Arceus PokéDolls, DX Mew PokéDolls (actually had three!), Shiny Oshawott plush, Dragonite PokéDolls, Jigglypuff PokéDolls, and Poliwhirl PokéDolls among some others.

If you were wondering, I brought this up as I was looking through some old photos of these multiplets, and realise just how nice they look together, like a family/couple. This kinda makes me want to chase after my childhood dream of a photographer again, lol. But yeah, show me photos of your twins/multiplets! I'd love to see more! It doesn't matter whether they're plush or figures, or whatever.

Anyway, here are a couple of my latest ones:

I like how these ones turned out. I'll be getting more doubles of PlushPlush soon to take photos of. If any of you guys are on Instagram, you can hit me up under my username - ncxchain. You can also see photos there that I have not shown here on the comm before. I should share some more here, but I'm often just too lazy to make a new post. I also don't post my gets these days anyway.

Also, get your wallets prepared guys! I've got some nice stuff going up for auction very soon!

- Chain

New sells, rare old items

Sales Thread
Sales permission :
granted on 09 December 2012 by entirelycliched

My feedback

General rules :
1. All factory sealed, come from smoke and pet free home.
2. Will hold up to 12 hours.
3. Price included shipping with tracking inside USA via USPS.
4. Paypal only.
5. I will not sell to anyone who has been banned from pkmncollectors.
6. Please let me know if you need larger pics.

from top row left to right
35 45 45 35
45 45 55 45
50 45 55 60

from top row left to right
20 30 20
20 50 30

Thanks for looking.
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group buys and reservations reminder!

I'm still looking for some claims for these 3 group buys I'm hosting!

Here is what is left to claim:
Metal Tags - Frogadier, Chespin, Arceus, Palkia, Regigagas, and Kyurem.
Round Charms - Treecko.
Lotto Machines - Pikachu and Arceus.

Please give them good homes! Tags are only $.81, charms are $1.54, and lotto machines are $1.94 each! (Not including paypal fees!)
Payments are being taken IMMEDIATELY. I put in orders for all sets last night so they will be required when you claim.

Please click here or any of the photos to go to the post.

In the same post I am also taking RESERVATIONS for claims for this eraser set.

You can claim any colour or any number of colours for any pokemon listed! I still have a few that do not have claims at all (poor pancham and pikachu) So claim away! These are $2 each and payment is NOT REQUIRED until i get these in hand.

Non-PokeTime Gets + Collection Lighting Question

A little collection of gets from the mail today + yesterday from eBay, yellow_fr3ak, princess_snivy, and mercurrix!

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And a question about collection lighting!

What brand(s) of stick on LED lights would you recommend for illuminating collection shelves? My Sylveons case really needs some light in it, since it faces away from every possible source of light.

Thanks for reading! ( o w<)7 ~*

Random lot made on eBay

Did some collection thinning again, along with some extra random stuff I had on hand.

Hope to post a new biannual (more like triannual I guess at times) collection additions within the week on here! Don't collect nearly as much as I have since I've moved onto my other collections, but there's still specific lines that I will continue to buy :)

Anyhow, just some random stuff and I decided to do domestic US shipping only for this, since the last international package I did was kind of a hassle :/
(Sales permission and details are in my one and only LJ entry).

(Click to check it out!)
Suicune Jump

Just a Simple Get Post

I love coming home to packages! Especially unexpected ones!

I came home Wednesday night to two packages. The one I figured was my FFXIV CE, the other I thought would be my package from Japan I've been waiting on... but it wasn't. It was actually the one from China. I was expecting a few more days for it, so that was a nice surprise. I was eager to open them both.

Today I came home to my super awesome PokeCenter Japan pick up package! I had forgotten what exactly I ordered from it, so it was a nice surprise. I knew I got the plushies, but couldn't remember if what other two items I selected. Derped.

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I'm actually much happier with the plush than I originally was. When I first saw the official pictures of the items, I was really only excited about the figure keychains. I was a little unsure of how I felt about the overall design of the Eevee line in the Pokemon Time style, but now that I have the plush in person, they are fricken adorbs! They are soooo soft, too. I really wish all the Vee's had the =3 mouth. Vaporeon looks so adorable with it, I think Glaceon would as well.

I'm still looking to buy the rubber keychains** and tins for Glaceon and Vaporeon if anyone has them for sale.
**Highest Priority

The cutest gets of my Heartland

HI! :D We have received a bunch of packages these days with a bunch of special plushies *^* They are already making new friends...

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With new gets I also got a bunch of extra items on the packages so I updated my sales post! As usual I'm open for trades too or haggling, just let me know! You can see some new items here but everything's on my sale post too and you can combine with whatever you need! ^^

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And that's all! Thanks for reading guys! :D


Hi you guys! Even though I don't post, pretty much at all, I've been here since about 2012??? I check the site everyday but I've never became active due to the fact of my collection being small and thinking no one would care. Plus since I was still in high school and dealing with an eating disorder I never posted..... UNTIL NOW!!!
I have acquired a lot of merch and would like to show off my collection to all of you and become a new active member!!!! YAY!!!!
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A big thank you! ♡

Hello, my name is Lumi and I am new to this community. I have been taking a good look at the rules and how thinhs work around here, and I believe that I'm ready to do my first post now. :3

I really wanted to thank you all. Everyone I have talked to have been super friendly and welcoming, and I'm so grateful that I get to be a part of this community. ^^

It was a little confusing since I've never used LiveJournal before, but I'm getting used to it. :)

I do have a couple of questions, and I hope someone would have a minute to answer. I would greatly appreciate it.

I did read the rules and the new members page, and if one of these questions has already been aswered and I was being my usual self (aka an airhead~) I am so sorry.

How do I get feedback if I can't sell or trade yet? I know you need to have 10 positive feedbacks to do so. Is buying the only way to get feedback?

Also, am I allowed to do giveaways even if I don't have feedback yet?

Thank you so very much for reading my post. :) I really appreciate it. ♡

I hope you have a wonderfully wonderful wonderous day! ♡
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New Gets! A hat and a Strap!

Hey people! I wanna show you guys what I recently got! I bought myself a sick pokemon cap, with newer pokemon along with many from gen 1! I love it! I also got myself the Charizard Pokemon Time Strap! I saw it on buyee and bin'd instantly! I didn't wanna lose my chance to get it by bidding, so I bought it out! Now all I'm looking for is the pokemon time charizard plush! If anyone has one they are willing to sell let me know! Thanks for reading! Here is a mini photoshoot! ^_^  (In case you guys are wondering, my camera flipped the image so it's reversed)

Need to speak to whoever won the Giant Lugia auction just now on ebay.com!

This sounds like an odd request, but there was recently a user on ebay who listed two auctions: one for a giant Entei and one for a giant Lugia. The user selling them closed both the auctions early, Entei's auction ending about 12 hours early, and Lugia's ending about 4 days early! Whoever had the highest bid at this time was the "winner." Well I "won" the Entei and I am just wondering if I someone who "won" the Lugia is lurking here? Because I'd like to know if you've had any contact with the seller as I haven't and am very confused! This is the auction I mean:

Gets, Wants, and Perfume Bird Collection Update!

Hello everyone! Tonight I've got a get, some wants, and a bunch of pink birds to show! They're all under the cut!
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Now onto my wants! So about two years ago, I bought the Sylveon Collectors Box, and I gave the Umbreon promo to my best friend since she loves Umbreon a lot! I also gave the Vaporeon, and Jolteon promo cards to someone who used to be my friend (and I really regret doing that...).

I'm looking for those promo cards now since I want to start collecting all of the Eeveelutions! Here are pictures of the promos.

I can either buy these cards, or trade for them! I have a bunch of reverse holos, and a few EXes so if you'd like to trade for them, I can! Shipping would be to Canada by the way!

I bought 2/3 of the cards! I'll be after the Umbreon one once I have more money!

Thanks for reading everyone!