June 26th, 2015

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1st & 2nd Gen Focus Auctions + New Sales Additions

Here is my next set of goods which include many brand new minty items (or lightly used items), organizers galore, little bit of movie merch, and just generally Pichu-centric items. Everything here is focused on 1st and 2nd generation Pokemon so if you don't care for the oldies, feel free to just jump ahead to my permanent sales post which is updated with some new items as well. Below is a preview pic of all the things I've added to my sales or included in this auction.

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General Info
- I was granted sales permission on December 1, 2013 by entirelycliched.
- You can find my new feedback here and my old feedback here.
- Items come from a smoke-free home. I own one dog.
- I ship from the US.

*Feel free to combine items remaining from my old settei auction, posters auction, various flats auction, previous movie merch auction, or anything from my permanent sales post and flats from Japan sales.

Auction Info & Rules
- Do not edit or delete your bid. Doing so may result in negative feedback.
- No sniping! Any bids left in the last five minutes of the auction will extend the auction time for that thread by 5 minutes until five minutes have passed when no bids are left.
- Once you place a bid, you're essentially committing to that item if you were to win. That means if you retract a bid, you're backing out of a committment which will result in negative feedback.
- You will get what you see in the picture and what I noted in the description. Please ask for more pics if you're unsure about the condition of an item or if you would like me to identify something on the item.
- Failure to follow these rules may result in you becoming banned from my auctions and possibly sales.
- Bidding will end on Friday, July 3 at 10PM EST. No timer will be provided so please look up the time well in advanced. You may comment when the thread is up.

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Flats Sales Banner.jpg
Miranda + Andrea // lasamy

surprise get, updated sales and auctions

Happy Friday everyone! I was lucky enought to pick up this little cutie yesterday, by accident (sort of)!
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I also added some items to my sales post and I have a few items for auction!

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Of course, all items can be combined with my non-Pokemon items!

Thanks and have a great weekend!

Reintroduction: Its been a long time!

Hello everyone! It's been a long, long time since I've done much besides lurk on here - nearly four years! I've finally gotten to a place in my collecting now where I feel I can be a more active part of the community, and that starts today!

In short, I'm a university student that's been crafting and collecting Pokémon for most of my life, ever since I was a kid. But I've always collected really eclectically without much focus on any one Pokémon. Initial attempts to try and collect around my favorites always seemed to fall through for some reason (probably because I have way too many XD), so I started to just acquire any merch that caught my interest, favorite Pokémon or not.

Thanks to this approach, I ended up growing a focused collection I really would never have expected, and all because I met this little fellow here:

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Outside of Genesect, my other concentration of merch is a little Square.

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I have some packages coming in the next few weeks that I hope to share with you all, I look forward to being a more active part of the community! 

new plushes??/free stuff for people out of usa

i havent been on here in awhile so i would like to see new plushes that are out i dont know many just the johto starters thats it. if anyone has links to new/up coming plushes that would be awesome:0
on a side note
i dont know if you know but gamestop is giving away a dragonite code i have two extra that i would like to give away to people outside of the usa i am able to get more codes (if code works)

TGIF for Hiroshima PC opening

Unfortunately I don't live near Hiroshima but these two plushies (and their mini plush key chains) are available everywhere else. Also managed to get the TCG box of sleeves, deckbox and cards.

The Hiroshima limited items seem to be things like the pin, the shiny gyarados clearfiles, playing cards, plush keychain and normal plush.

Also got a glimpse of the next Monthly Pikachu!

Amiibo shipped plus more sales

granted sales permission on 3/17/2013 by allinia
- All pkmncollectors Rules apply
-My feedback
- I only except paypal as payment USD only
- I do live with a shitzu (dog), plush are kept away from her in bags or boxes. Please be aware the boxes and bags are in the same room as the dog. I do my best to keep the hairs away!
-All prices Do not include shipping cost and paypal fees . Please ask for a quote :)

- I ship to Canada,and USA
- I can combine shipping
- I recycle shipping materials. If this is a problem id be happy to buy new shipping materials for your package but, it will up shipping costs.
- I always keep shipping receipts as proof of shipment!
- You will be notified when I ship your package.
- Shipping is more expensive internationally, I ship from Canada.

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Pick a Wap Sales!

Hi everyone! I recently bought a lot of waps off of ebay, so I'm selling the extras! But, to spice things up a little bit, they'll be random! For $1 each (plus a bit for shipping) you can choose a random wap. Fun, right?

Edit: I forgot to add that I will trade for the Ralts line of waps or a Team Magma grunt. :)

Sales permission granted on March 21, 2015 by areica96.

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Om Nom
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Offers Reminder

Just a reminder that offers for the Pokedoll chopsticks and Lucario shopper are set to end tomorrow. Also I've shipped out all packages that have been paid for with the exception of one. Click the pictures to be directed to offers. I still have many Karuta cards for sale. I also went ahead and got the other two sets I needed so there will be more up for sale in the future.

And a sales plug.
Sales Banner

looking for more doodles!

Just wanted to show off my latest get from the amazing aceattorneygirl!

She went way above anything I ever asked for and did such an amazing job!

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I've recently stumbled upon more figures that are up for trade for the same thing, your art!

Nothing special or fancy required, just a random doodle or drawing of Bulbasaur! If you would like you could also do Oddish or Koffing as well.

I want it to be a complete surprise and I will make a post about it once I receive it. Just make sure your username is somewhere on the art.

On to the figures!

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EDIT: All figures have been claimed. The following list is everyone who claimed a figure and what they claimed. Just send your addresses to me when you are ready for me to ship if you have not done so. Thanks everyone, cannot wait to see your art ^^

faleepai: Dialga and Darkrai Straps - PACKAGE SENT

thedaftlynx: Torchic Pokedex Figure 1 - PACKAGE SENT

latias_latios_7: Drifblim Strap - PACKAGE SENT

mercurrix: Gastly Pencil Topper 1 - AWAITING ADDRESS

spritzzie: Gastly Pencil Topper 2 and Torchic Pokedex Figure 2 - PACKAGE SENT

luckymissclover: Gastly Pencil Topper 3 - PACKAGE SENT

A little re-introduction!

Goodness, how long's it been since I've posted here? A year? All I've been doing is lurking on here for a long while, and I'm sorry for this. D: I hope to be a little bit more involved with the community from now on! But, since I bet none of you remember me (since I only posted once to this community - oops) I guess it's time for a re-introduction!

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I don't really have any wants right now, and I can't buy from the community (mom is skeptical about this community's reputation) so until I can, I can only buy from Ebay and the like. :( Oh well.

I hope I did everything right in this post! I don't wanna get in trouble for posting images that are too large or anything. But besides that, I hope I can become a good member of the community someday!

First grail get! Too many cute things this week!

Hello again! *U* I finally got my first grail get, which is also my first Yahoo!Japan auction win!
Anyone who saw my previous wants posts knows I was after this guy, and a community member contacted me to tell me there was one up for sale on Y!Japan. I would like to thank the user, the know who they are, but I cannot remember their username and I apologize for that ;o;
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I also got a few things in the mail this week!
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Thank you for looking!

I might make a wants post come Monday if I have money, as always I am mainly looking for an Oshawott Pokedoll (preferably under $30 shipped) or the new years sleeping Oshawott, if I can even buy it for $100 or less nowadays <:P
Froakie by Purplekecleon


After I moved a lot of stuff got put in to storage... Some old, some new. I've been rooting through it to see what I do and don't want to keep. Had a surprising amount of extra stuff!

Check out the details below!

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C&amp;H Autumn
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Chain's Auctions

Ok, so I was waiting for my previous post to get buried out of the front page so it doesn't look like I'm spamming, but I think that I should do this now rather than later.

So if you somehow missed my previous post below, I mentioned that the following would be up for auction...

Sales Policy
- Sales permission from entirelycliched since April 2013.
- Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/chain/
- I ship from Australia and usually ship via Economy Air Mail, but for items that are $100 and over, tracking will be required.
- I am a slow shipper! I usually ship in bulk so I have to settle all transactions first before finalising shipment.
- I am not responsible for any lost/damaged parcels.
- Please ask any and all questions before you commit/bid on anything.
- Payment plans can be arranged. Please contact me before bidding.
- All auctions end on Friday, July 3 at 9am AEST. Countdown timer is here.

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Thanks for looking!