June 27th, 2015

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July Amigurumi Commissions

Hello everyone! I've finished my last batch of commissions, and now that I'm on summer vacation I can't wait to get started on more. Also I apoligize if I never got back to you during my last commissions. LJ deleted a bunch of comments and I have no idea who they were from :(


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I will be taking 4 slots with a maximum of 3 amis per slot

Updated: July 13

1. nosidamsucram: houndour and houndoom~finished
2. mizunosakura:mega audino~finished
3. joy_dust:togetic~finished
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Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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Auctions, Sales, & MissingNo Plushies!

I'm thinning my collection further, including parting with most of my human character collection. The items below are up for auction (mostly because I'm uncertain how to price them) but I added some more items including a doujinshi lot (mostly Falkner-centric), clearfiles, etc along with plush from my previous auction posts to my regular sales post.

pkmncollectors sales permission was grandfathered in at the beginning.
Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/flag/

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Additionally, I'm taking orders for handmade MissingNo plushies!

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As usual, I'll gladly combine any items from this post with items from my general sales and please wait for auction threads to go up before leaving a comment!

Pouch and Plush

I got a couple new things from the com and from Fanime!

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And a couple wants!
-Trubbish and Garbodor Kids
-Spooky Party Mug (highest want)
-Mugs in general. Perferably with more than one pokemon featured and I'm a big fan of gen 1, 2, 5, 6, but most importantly designs that are non-standard posing. Neat art and design work is key, nothing super basic.

Charm Wants and Reminders

Hi guys! I'm looking for possible charms that I can turn into necklaces. I'm not looking to spend very much, and I'd much rather trade.

I might have a Latios on the way but it's not certain yet- so let me know if you have one and I'll get back to you :) The other charms I'm looking for are Houndoom, Mightyena, Latias, Celebi, Sceptile, and maybe mega stones too. Let me know if you have any, and feel free to offer charms of other Pokemon that you think I may be interested in ^^


eeveelus.jpgkanto sprites.jpg

Here's a reminder that my perler personality game is currently going on: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/19542867.html
It's one dollar to enter!

I also lowered the price of my normal small sprite sales, any sprite is now 1.50! You can check them out on etsy here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/236277686/custom-pokemon-perler-bead-sprite?ref=shop_home_active_15

And I have updated card trades here: http://latias-latios-7.livejournal.com/10690.html

Thanks! (Btw if you got your order, please leave feedback <3)

huge collection weeding sales!!!

Hey all! Unfortunatly, I've decided the time has come for me to seriously cut down my collection. I want to be able to focus on just the Pokemon that I love, so I am offering up all other goods today. This includes some seriously rare items like a Duskull Pokedoll, two Whimsicott Pokedolls, Zubat line zukan, Horsea line zukan, a Zekrom Ichiban Kuji figure, and much much more!

Click the sales banner or previews to be taken to my sales!

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Thanks for checking it out! Next post I'll do a formal reintro starring all my favorite Pokemon and explain what I've been up to!

And lastly, if you know any good secondhand toy stores in Tokyo that carry Pokemon goods, please let me know!! I will be eternally grateful for any recommendations!!
[ZE] Luna

Big plush lot for sale on eBay!

I'm finally moving in a few weeks so I listed a lot of over 40 plush on eBay! I'd really like them gone so I thought I'd advertise the lot here in case someone wants to organize a GA! o/

Some pretty rare guys included, and three nice customs as well! The starting price is very high because of them, but I may lower it if necessary. :0 You're very welcome to ask about a certain plush's condition here instead of eBay if you want; I'm too busy preparing for the move to actually sit down and list all of them on the auction page, but I'll do what I can to help if you're interested a certain plush! Oh yeah and I guess this has to be stated somewhere; I was granted sales permission by denkimouse in 2008. o/

Please click the pic to visit the auction:

Thanks for looking!

quick sales! i heart pikachu collection and more!

Hey guys, I'm just looking to get rid of a few things that have been lying around recently.

-Sales permission granted by Denkimouse
-I ship from Saitama, Japan to anywhere in the world. My shipping prices are for regular airmail only. If you want other services (EMS/Registered Mail, etc) please ask!
-If you request an item and do not reply within 48hours, I will offer it to the next person.
-I am not doing trades at the moment
-All my prices are OBO. So if you feel something is too high, offer! (bear in mind that in this case if someone offers full price after you, they will get the item)

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A 6 months tale of holy grail Latte, Lugia, Weavile & 'tales [Full Collection, Website & More!]

Oh dear...another 6 ish months of gets...but this time I have also included a full collection update because a certain dream came true...a dream I didn't think would happen for another while since recent events....! BUT WHAT HAPPENED I CAN'T JUST-

Feel free to skip all this HELLO stuff! xD

People know me for my Latios, Latias, Weavile, Ninetales and Lugia collections [maybe others? ;w;] ! These are my main guys and I will always prioritise them. (I also main collect Impmon & Renamon/Kyubi for the digicollectors out there but that's another story x3)

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Grail WANTS:
+ TOMY Latios Mascot Plush - [Photo By em_lemon]

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Other Wants - If you check my "longer" list of stuff is here, though I've not got everything - basically anything I don't have! :http://xxlatiosxx.livejournal.com/4134.html