June 29th, 2015


Massive Trading GA Payment Two!

Hi guys! All your TFG are arriving tomorrow <3

The payment info is below, and please keep in mind that I need up to two weeks to ship, because my parents are out of town right now. It most likely won't take as long, but keep that in mind. For those of you who pay tonight, I miiight be able to ship out tomorrow depending on when the mail comes ^^
I am charging flat rates of 3 for US orders in small bubblemailers, 4 for US orders in medium bubblemailers, and 8 for international orders, plus paypal fees. This covers the shipping fees, along with a small extra material cost. Payments go to rachel.meyvin@gmail.com, with what you bought in the memo please~

blupanther: 8.55
hantsukihaunter: 3.40
haepbrosonearth: 4.43
m14mouse: 3.40
hamsterbomb27: 3.40
guccishiny: 3.40
icyshadowblades: 4.43
ice_kestrel9: 3.40
anti_pineapple: 4.43
glitterzookas: 3.40
marphoria: 3.40
fox7xd: 3.40
pacificpikachu: 4.43
thepapayafruit: 8.55
zigguppafu: 3.40
diamondphantom: 3.40
ap_kun: 8.55
starpurrloin: 0.00
absol: 6.49
tyltalis: 3.40
mercurrix: 1.34
dragntamerelise: 3.40
akisazame77: 3.40
clicky797: 8.55

TFG extras are an additional three dollars to your total (less than starting price), and flats are free. Comment to claim!

Here are the available figures, and participants have 24 hours to claim the ones they want:


After all participants have paid, these will be open for claims for another 24 hours. Please comment here to claim!

Thank you all for your participation, and please let me know when the figure(s) arrive :)

Wanted! :Lucario plush!

Hey all!

Been wanting to collect some Lucario plushies recently but I don't really know that many of them. So! If anyone has some Lucario plush of any kind for sale I'd love to see! Looking for small to big! Really want a snuggable size too.

Hope this post is okay!

To make it less boring- what is your favorite mega form?

Eeveelution haul~ DX I love Eevee, Meganium UFO, Sylveon Collection

Really happy with my recent pokemon plushie gets from yahoo japan auctions and some from ebay~

I originally already owned Sylveon, Eevee and Leafeon and the rest came from yahoo japan auctions.

The Meganium ufo plush I also got from yahoo japan auctions. Really happy with this purchase.

My current Sylveon Collection.
[Sylveon goodies]

The talking sylveon plush, mascot strap and mpc plush are all new~

✿ Very Unique New Gets! And Sentret Trade Offer! ✿

Hello everyone!! >w<

I'm very excited! This will probably be my last post until the end of July! I'm leaving for vacation July 3rd! So before we get to the meaning for this post, i just want to let everyone know that starting Friday, my replies may be delayed!! There are chances i'll be without any cell phone service at some points. I'm going camping, and last year we went to Cade's Cove in the Smoky Mountains and there was no service in the ten mile radius around the campground! (My sales post is also closed down!)

Now let's get to the good stuff! First, i want to show you all my very unique new items! C:

Collapse )

I would like to trade one of my sentret Tomy plushies (pictured in the cut above) for one of these cuties! This is the last sentret plush i need! If you have one for straight sale, i'm also interested! C: Please let me know if you'd like to trade or sell!! :D I can also trade for anything in my sales post over here(which is closed to regular sales.) **If we trade, ill need to confirm it before Thursday so that i can ship your item before i leave for vacation!**

Okay, i think that's all i had to say for today!
Oh, btw, you guys can now click on the zig below to see my collection website! Until i made a nice stamp or banner or something. C:

tinyzig1.jpg Thank you all for looking! :D <3

Super Overdue Collection Update !

Hello! It's been two years or so since I've last posted here!! I thought I would share my collection as it is now (which tbh is organized chaos). Warning: Image heavy!


Collapse )

Thank you so much for looking! I'm so proud to have come this far and even though I don't post too often, this community keeps me going!

Bunch of sales!!!!!!!!!

Hello! It has been over 24 hours since my last post. I bring you tons of sales that I would love to give new homes! This is my biggest sales post yet!
here is my sales info and click the link below for the sales! I will be busy later tonight and I am working tomorrow but rest assured I will get to you:) hehe let the sales begin!

Sales Rules

> Given sales permission by (allinia, (4/5/14)
> Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/12mermaid/

> I have 2 cats but they don't get to my pokemon stuff, smoke free home
> I ship from ohio, Will NOT ship internationally at the moment
> If a package is believed to be lost in the mail, I cannot be held responsible. I can offer insurance if you would like it (though i am new at this so i may consult ballerbandgeek)
If you think your things may have been lost, please be patient and feel free to PM me and we can work something out. Before you leave any feedback, if it is not good then please contact me so we can work it out! I am new to this so please have PATIENCE.

> All prices in USD
> Prices do not include shipping costs or fees unless noted
> I only accept payment through Paypal
> No payment plans.
> After I give a quote, I will only wait 24 hours for a response. If I get no response it will go back up for sale or go to the next person interested
Please notify me when you have sent payment and I will confirm the payment.
> I MAY hold items, depends case by case.
> When sending payment, please include your LJ username and won items in the Message field, not the Subject field
all PAYMENTS made to morgan.swoger at gmail dot com
Please include your address when paying on paypal
I can refuse to sell to anyone if needed
don't delete comments
bid in increments of one dollar
sniper no snipping!
animals: bunny nom

Introduction time!

Hello! I'm Blue, and I first got into Pokemon as a kid back in the '90s. I played casually and collected some cards, but then my involvement waned in the early 2000s. My interest never entirely went away though as I kept most of my cards and still casually went about acquiring Mewtwo items.

Around fall 2013, however, I started getting back into the Pokemon TCG, and it's kind of spiraled from there, haha. I've now got semi-competitive decks again and am participating in tournaments.

My collecting mainly centers on the cards (although I find myself becoming more interested in other merch too). I very recently finished my collection of the original base, jungle, and fossil sets, and I have an ongoing goal to find a copy of every Mewtwo card. I also collect random cards of Pokemon I'm fond of (pikachu, eeveelutions, the Chandelure line) or cards with artwork I especially like. I'm currently on a summer-cleaning spree (including my Pokemon stuff), but I hope to have some collection pictures to post soon once everything is all nice and re-organized!

Besides the TCG and collecting, I dabble in the Pokemon video games a tiny bit, and I've cosplayed a couple times as a Team Rocket grunt at anime cons.

I am happy to have joined this community, and I look forward to meeting new people! :D
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