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So as well as collecting Absol, I also collect Articuno and have a side collection of Altaria and Swablu non-flats! :) I'm such a sucker for that shade of blue haha! XD I've also always loved birds, so these guys were the perfect Pokemon for me to collect on the side! :) Articuno was meant to be a side collection haha but I've found so much cool merch that it's become a main collection of its own! :) Unlike with collecting Absol, collecting Articunos is so chilled. Also, as there isn't really a complete collection site (like there is for Absol) it's a pleasant surprise when new pieces of merch come up for sale! :) So yes I'm very excited to finally show you all my Articuno collection! :)
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So that's it for my Articuno collection (for now...) and now onto my Swablu/Altaria side-collection! :) Don't worry this one is much smaller haha! :)
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Thanks for looking! :) And as always, I would be interested in any relevant items that people are selling! :) In particular looking for this little Articuno suction cup figure at the moment: Found one! :) Thanks solishark! ^-^
want 38.jpg
So tiny and cute! <3
Hi all! All the Eeveelution packages (except ones that were held for incoming items) have been shipped out as of the weekend. You should be receiving them soon! :) I love to hear when everyone gets things, so if you want to leave a comment or leave feedback, I'd appreciate it. I'll be happy to leave feedback for you, too, if you provide me a link. Thank you all for making the order a wonderful success!

My new order is en route to me at the moment, although because of the July 4th holiday here in the US, it may not arrive until Monday. In the meantime, I thought I'd give everyone a last chance at some claims that are stil available. I still have at least one set of the Secret Base charms (which can be separated) available, as well as Pokemikke bags, some mascot plush, and Pikachu carbiner clips, and Eeveelution Pop-up Notes. (That can be separated as well!) All items can be combined with my sales items, or previous pending orders. (Eevees, Regular Sales)

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Last but not least, I have a few new gets to share!

Butterfree Pokedoll! :D I won this little guy off eBay a while back. She had a BIN, so I couldn't resist. She has no tush tag, but I don't mind. <3

And this is a little display I have going on at my office. Although the sleeping Pokemon kind of make me wish I could take a nap sometimes! :( Does anyone else have a Pokemon display (or any Pokemon items) on their desk/office at work? :) It certainly brightens up my cube a little bit, if nothing else! I also have a small Pikachu collection on my bookshelf. (Right now it's just World's Pika from last year, Pikazard, and Freshers.)

Thanks for reading! ^_^

01 July 2015 @ 10:44 am
Just over a day left to go on this lot! Tons of views and several people watching, but no bids as of me typing this. As I mentioned in a previous post I will be adding several more online TCG codes and a small pile more of TCG to the lot, along with a couple extra flats.

Last chance to come click and take a peek!

01 July 2015 @ 11:27 am
Happy Wednesday pkmncollectors! It's month-end over here, which means we have lots of work for me to procrastinate doing! Alas, it is time for questions and some wants!

1: Eeveelution Pokemon Time Shirts - Can you shrink them?
I just got two absolutely adorable Eeveelution Pokemon Time Shirts (Umbreon and Leafeon FTW!), but alas, they are huge on me :( the length is okay, but otherwise I'm swimming. I don't mind using them as night shirts, but I'd sure like to wear them more if I could! I've done some research on shrinking shirts, but the downside seems to be the tendency for colors to fade easily. The best one I found said to boil water, take it off the stove, and soak the shirt in it for 20 minutes, then either air-dry or machine dry (to potentially shrink 1-2 sizes). Another site suggested adding white vinegar to help retain colors. I've also found information that they can't be shrunk if they're made of a material blend... which I'm not sure of. Obviously I can't read the tag! D: They are a pretty faded color without any washings, but I don't want to ruin them. Has anyone attempted to shrink theirs? Have you had an success? Any suggestions?

2: TCG Wants!
I need ONE MORE 3rd-Generation ex card to have all of them (my quest the past year) - POP Series 4 Deoxys ex (17/17) !!! Would anyone happen to have a copy they'd be willing to part with?

Though a lower priority, I am also looking for a foil holo Skyridge Crystal Ho-oh and the last four cards I need to complete my Unseen Forces set: Unown L, P, Q, and !
I would prefer all cards be as close to mint as possible, but cards in excellent-near mint shape are a-okay with me.
I have an incomplete WIP card shop I'm putting together if anyone is looking to trade. I've got a number of UR cards, mainly from the past expansions, plus some 3rd Gen stuff; also have a Roaring Skies FA Shaymin EX that I haven't uploaded an image of yet. Check it out here

Unown L L/28 Unown P P/28 Unown Q Q/28Unown ! !/28

3: 9-Pocket Pokemon Portfolios
Is anyone looking to sell a 9-pocket Pokemon Portfolio? I'm fine if it's used, as long as it's in decent shape. Not looking to pay very much; I need it to test out to see if I want to try and collect all of them for my sets (as scary as the thought of that investment is). I would prefer the ones released with expansions; there are only a few that weren't. Please note: I am only looking for the 9-pocket folders, NOT the smaller, 4-pocket ones.

Thank you everyone! 
Well it was only a matter of time before I made a big Mightyena plush :P

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01 July 2015 @ 12:39 pm
Hello everyone! Hope everyone is doing well. =3

shiny_zekrom and I bring you some Kids sales!

Most are from the recent XY sets, but we also have older MIB Kids too!

shiny_zekrom was granted sales permission by dakajojo on July 3, 2011. Feedback here.
I received sales permission from entirelycliched on April 2, 2012. Feedback here.

-All pkmncollectors rules apply.
-We ship from Florida, USA. Shipping to international places cost more than shipping within the US, obviously ^^;
-We am not responsible for damaged and/or lost packages once they are shipped.
-Whoever is committed to the item(s) first has priority over it.
-Please specify if you want the figures out of the box, MIB, or with boxes flattened, no boxes, and if you want the ramune candy, as well as having your item(s) shipped in a mailer or a box.

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Hey there guys! The lot I listed on ebay didn't end up selling, and although I received a few offers, many of them were pretty low. I've relisted the lot at a cheaper starting price, so hopefully that can get some more interest in GA-ing them? :)

Any questions guys, I'm here to answer them <3 Hopefully I can sell this lot soon to help fund the project I've been working on for the past few months!
I figured since its been a while since my last wants it's about time to post it starting with my nearly 5 year grail
The elusive Pokemon Center Sleeping Gizamimi Pichu and Dragonite Cookie Tin

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lastly a little sales plug
click the banner or here to go to my sales
Genuinely, I enjoy seeing and commenting at others' collections from time to time, but I felt that I should contribute by making at least one post of what I've collected thus far/pseudo introductory.
The main pokemon merchandise I like to collect are their dragon type TCG cards, their games + associated pre-order figurines, and rayquaza related products.
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I've been here for a good few months, and I think it's time for a big post showcasing my Typhlosion collection! I've gotten lots of new additions to my collection...many from other wonderful pkmncollectors members! :)

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Needless to say I'm eagerly awaiting the new Typhlosion plush coming out in September!
01 July 2015 @ 04:03 pm
Ooooooor "How to Re-Stuff a Giant Fox?" I dunno, I'm bad with titles.

I received the big Toy Factory Zorua the other day from perrerzark, and she was awesome enough to open him and remove all that styrofoam that they like to stuff the big guys with. So I had a project for the day!
Click the cut for re-stuffing a fox!
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01 July 2015 @ 04:07 pm
Just a reminder that my current round of auctions will end tomorrow (July 2) at 7 PM US CST. Many items don't yet have bids so this is a great opportunity to get them for a good price! Follow the image below to be directed to the post:

01 July 2015 @ 06:35 pm
Hello, fellow Pokemon collectors!

I come to you today with art. This month I have some time to draw, so I figured, why not offer some art cards to the community? I have some pre-drawn cards that are up for grabs, but if you want a specific Pokemon or trainer, please feel free to ask!


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01 July 2015 @ 07:14 pm
Hi community! My posts have been far too spread out lately. I'm a rather slow paced collector, weeeeeelllpp. Since I've settled back in my old room now, posts should become a little more frequent from me- hopefully. :') I still have school though, and I'm pretty broke at the moment (why did I spend all of my pocket money on gems) so there wont be anything new for a while. I'm beginning to take photos of my collection pieces for my website, so that should be up pretty soon.

My Leafeon collection has grown a little bit bigger, so I figured I would share!

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01 July 2015 @ 07:50 pm
Hello I'm kinda new here in this community and have never really introduced myself or my collection. Some of the stuff I have are from things I've bought here on several sales posts. I don't really focus on only one or two Pokemon, I like to have variety.
These are just a couple kid figures and some items I've gotten since I joined this community. I'm addicted to this place now. o.o

One of my favorite Pokemon at the moment is Dedenne so here is my small collection.

These are some of the own pokemon drawings, I'm trying to make one of those Pokemon wave decor for my wall. I'm really lazy so it takes forever to update it.

Another Pokemon I like is croagunk, I don't know why, he's just creepy and cute. I got this giant Diamond & Pearl plush from the arcade at our local mall. I played games for almost a week straight to get the tickets I needed to get it. I spent about $30.

Over here we have some plushies...kinda simple stuff

Another one of my top Pokemon is Dragonite and one of my favorite superheroes is Robin so my bf made me this. He made it with pastels and its one of my favorite things.

Last thing I want to show are these really cute custom made Pokemon plushies. I got these at a Pokemon festival near my town. Which is really fun btw, there's vendors selling pokemon items and Pokemon cosplay competitions and DS battles and TCG battles and prizes and real pokemon battles (with cosplayers). They also have a theater where they show pokemon movies. It's all free and I'll probably make a post showing you guys what goes on there on the upcoming festival this August.

Thanks for viewing! C:
01 July 2015 @ 08:28 pm
Hello! This is just a reminder post about my card trades. I still have hundreds of cards available <3

Click the link!


Also, to make this post a little less boring, what's your favourite Pokemon and why? Mine would be Buizel because they're so chubby and adorable <333

Thanks everyone! Have a nice day!
01 July 2015 @ 08:41 pm
Wow, it's been a long time.

I haven't collected in a while, I think collecting MLP stuff has overtaken my collection interests for now haha.

Anyway, I have an item that's been on the shelf for a while and I feel could definitely find a better home here.
A recall charizard plush from tomy!

Edit: Added OBO option and lowered price slightly.
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