July 2nd, 2015

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mini update + gets & AX meetup?

Hi! It's been a couple of months since my last post. In these past couple of months, the Pikachu Focus, Pikazard restock, Pokemikke Ice Cream goods have made a major dent in my wallet along with Fanime which was this past Memorial Weekend in May. I got a bunch posters and charms that I might share in a later post with my Anime Expo gets~ Yay going to have much fun this Thursday to Sunday~ XD Happy July 4th Weekend as well!

My somewhat updated Mega Pikazard collection!

I love having 2 of the Mega Pikazards!! They are the perfect size! :D I was thinking of getting a total of 12 Pikazard plush as the total of my Pikazard army since the Mega Tokyo grand opening was 12/12 which is also the day before my birthday. XD

This is actually not how it looks like right now. ^^;; As I rearranged the display in the shelf to make room for the Hiroshima Chus and goods that I hope to them all in a few weeks or month. Can't wait!


Anticipating getting a bunch of Hiroshima Gyarachu and Pikakarp goods~~XDDD

There's enough wall space below the poster that I will certainly put up some Hiroshima flats/pictures next to The Great Wave off Kanto print. I got this at Fanime! :D I love the artist's Pokemon art history prints and her past Pokemon starter prints. There's also a Shiny Gyarados version that I plan to get.

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Anyone going to Anime Expo in LA the next few days? I would love to meet other collectors and look around the artist alley together especially Pokemon prints and other goods. :D

Will update again after AX and before Pokemon Symphony in San Jose which is coming up in less than two weeks! I can't wait!

Thanks for looking! ^^
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Claims post for Tohoku Gotochi Items

Hello all! I will be going to Tohoku for 2 weeks from this Sunday. I will be visiting Pokemon Center Tohoku so I think it would be a good chance to offer some Tohoku Gotachi items to the comm!

(Gotochi = Area limited)

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**Please do not request any general Pokemon Center items pick up, there are already plenty of people doing those. However, if you want items that are limited to Pokemon Center Tohoku only, let me know the information and I am happy to help.

Items Available:

Here are photos of Gotochi items from my last trip in Fukuoka as a reference if you are not sure about Gotochi items.

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In addition, I will also be travelling through Narita Airport when I get back home, so I will be able to pick up the limited NRT Pikachus too!

Left: Pilot Pikachu, Right: CA (Cabin Attendant) Pikachu

Plush: $26 each (+ shipping to be determine when I get home). *
Plush mascot: $15 each
Acrylic Key holder (Pilot Pikachu) - $10
Mini Towel (Pilot Pikachu) - $10

* Due to size (limited hand carry), I will only pick up a maximum number of 3 plushes.

That's all for now, thanks as always!

Pokemon of the Week - Munna & Musharna

An adorable pink blob? I think so! The dream pokemon are your two pokemon of the week!

The rules are simple, you can post pictures, discuss how awesome this pokemon is, look for merchandise or even tell us stories! Please remember to keep it on topic, by which I mean all about Munna and Musharna!

(These posts are meant to be all about these pokemon, so your post doesn't have to include merchandise! Have one in game? Saw a cute picture online? Post it!)

Gene and Melfina

Introduction and things

Hi I'm Sunny and I am really bad at introductions.

I've been a fan of pokemon since the late nineties, but I only really started collecting stuff a couple of years ago. My main collections are Axew, Ampharos (and the whole Ampharos family) and little Pokemon roller stamp things. I haven't actively added to my Ampharos or Axew collections in about a year or so (actually, they're both still boxed up from when I moved, and since I'm moving again soon I can't be bothered to get them out), but my roller stamp collection is still active, and I just got something new today!

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So that's part of my collection. If anyone wants me to stamp any of these I'd be happy to do so. I'm also always actively looking for any of these guys that I don't have (there's at least one other set that I know of), so please let me know if you see any!

Thanks for looking!

All my Pokemon plushies so far

****Please note that is a re-submission from something I posted earlier that was over the
500 x 500px limit and a user @tyltalis told me I can re-submit it.*****

Here are all the Pokemon plushies I have so far. The first plush I ever got was Turtwig and at first, I just wanted the plush because I love Turtwig so much, but then it turned into an obsession. I've been collecting since 2007 or 2008 and I love every second of it. I do have a few bootlegs because at the time I was not familiar with them, and did not they existed but thanks to people from Deviantart and Brian from Pokevault, I learned a lot about them.

I do have some rare ones in my collection like my Swampert Pokedoll, Zekrom and Reshiram US Pokemon Center plushies, and MPC Banpresto Krookodile plush as well. :) :D

New gets + grail :)

So, I've been wanting this certain grail for quite some time and it took me awhile to find the perfect person to find her for me! But, I've finally got her and I'm in love! ^.^

I also picked up some other babies from her, as well as a little special surprise in the package. :)

Pictures below the cut. :D

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Mail + Collection

It's been a few weeks since I last posted. My uncle passed unexpectedly, work sucks, and my car is going down hill. But life is still A-OK.

Today I went to my mail box to find a grail... what could it be?

We want to open it. But we don't want to hurt whose inside....

I can help!

Ummm not sure what this strange thing is... its awful poofy?

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and then another package. Right after I sold my other eeveelution pokedolls I get this... :'''''(

Aren't these precious???

Now for a collection update (located under the cut)

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Have a great day! Mine hasn't been so great so far except for mail.

new surprise art & a grail!

First up, surprise art from a couple community members.

They have done an amazing job and I must share it with all of you! ^^

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Last but not least, the grail!

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To everyone I traded art/figures with, I will post yours as soon as I receive them. If there is any issues with you receiving my package please let me know so we can work something out.

Thanks for reading!!!

Just a few new umbreon gets!

I wanted to show you guys a few of my new umbreon gets :D

^ I got this nice little plastic figure display case thinger the other day for my umbreon figures! It was just $2 from daiso, and I think it does a pretty nice job of keeping them dust free and nice and organized :D

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Also if you're selling any umbreon items, please let me know! I would love to add it to my collection :)

Random Eeveelu Strap Trade~

Hi! I just got a package in from sunyshore- I ordered three blind box Eeveelu straps :D I ended up with an Eevee and two Vaporeon's, so I'm looking to trade this little cutie for a different Eeveelu.

I will trade for basically any of the straps, but I won't accept any until I see everything that people are offering. I do want some straps more than others ^^ Jolteon, Leafeon, and Sylveon probably will have priority, but I'll reply to comments tomorrow morning either way.

Let me know if you'd like to trade <3
Here's my feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/latias_latios_7/
Btw if you have gotten your package from me whether it be trade, sale, or GA, please leave feedback and I'll do the same for you ^^

Also, I am missing payments from thepapayafruit and akisazame77 for the Massive Trading Figure GA; please send it within 24 hours. Thanks!
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Carddass lot auction, Togetic retsuden auction reminders!

Hey comm :)

I wanted to let you know the "Carddass Lot" on Ebay will end in one day! :) It has still the starting bid. So take your change to win it <3 Also the Togetic retsuden has the starting bid only :) The auction will end in 5 hours!

I will post my collection update soon. I have still to pick up my big parcel at the post office... Had no time to do it because of my work :c Thanks for reading <3

Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 19 SEP 2014

Clicky for the Ebay auction
Will end in one day!

Clicky for Togetic retsuden auction
Will end in 5 hours!

I know the post is boring so I have a question for you guys!
You know there are so many Pokemon which have too(!!) much merch. For example: starters, Eeveelutions, legengaries. And you don't want to collect it for this reason.
- So which Pokemon would you collect when you would have the time and the money? But you don't want it for any reason.
- Or which Pokemon would you collect although it has not so much merch? But you don't want it for this reason.

I would collect Charizard but I don't have the money and the time to collect him.. In my opinion too much merch :c
Also I would collect Honchkrow but I can't find so many merch of him.

Bandit Ring quicksales

I opened my boxes of Bandit Ring today, this is what I have for sale. My camera is broken, so I took pictures from Bulbapedia. All cards are:

- Like new, pack pulled
- Japanese
- 1st edition

I'm willing to trade for (same set):

Shaymin EX (Emerald Break)
Sceptile EX
M Sceptile EX
Gyarados holo
Ampharos EX
Machamp EX
Tyranitar EX
M Tyranitar EX

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I also have many other items for sale! I'm always willing to haggle if you buy multiple cards.

Tiny Squirrely Want

Hello everyone! I have come today trying to hunt for this little tiny Squirrel to complete my mini pokedoll collection set!

I am searching for the Mini Pachirisu Pokedoll from the mini keychain pokedoll promotion back in 2012.

If you see or have one for sale please notify me <3 Thank you!


(Pic from Sunyshore)

C&amp;H Autumn
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Sales Reminder // Auctions and Offers now finished!

So this is my only reminder for my sales, auctions, and offers. Auctions and offers end in less than 12 hours! All auctions and offers have now ended!

For my sales:



Each image will take you to their respective posts. Let me know if you have any questions. Please note that shiny Raikou has been sold, along with a couple of things from my sales already. I don't think I've updated my sales yet though. Good luck to everyone bidding!

Quick Question+ Shiny Wants!!!

Hello everybody :)
I hope everyone's collecting is going well!
I've got a rather... shiny new collection update coming in the next few weeks, but for now I just have a question and some wants.

First off-
I live in Michigan. I'm currently in Florida for vacation, and we're going to Orlando tomorrow. Apart from Epcot, are there any good shops anyone knows of for pokemon merchandise, especially figures and plushies?

Second off-
I'm a shiny collector in-game (9 boxes, all legit- woohoo!!!), and I've began to collect shiny merchandise. My current collection includes Beams shiny pikachu, shiny genesect, taillow, dustox, cacnea, and roselia kids (plus three more to come), shiny spinarak, zapdos, tyrogue, and heracross hasbros, and bootie shiny charizard and vaporeon plush.
I'm looking for other shiny kids/figures.
Here are the ones I'd like to get my paws on-
- Grovyle Kid
- Sceptile Kid
- Blaziken Kid
- Venusaur Kid
- Blastoise Kid
- Swellow Kid
- Empoleon Kid
- Torterra Kid
- Flygon Kid
- Latios and Latias Kid
- Salamence Kid
- Croagunk Kid
- Snivy Kid
- Absol Kid
- Groudon and Kyogre
- Magmortar Kid
- Electivire Kid
- Shiny Beast Zukan SET (preferably MIP)

Thanks everyone! Sorry that was long! ^^'
If anyone can link me to a sales page with some of these boys on there, I'd appreciate it! I probably can't afford a ton right now, but with my new work schedule in a few weeks, I hope to knock a few off :)

Have a good night!
~ Ebon
Shiny Ninetales

The "eventual" collections

So I find myself toiling with the wanting to collect certain other Pokemon I like, but talking myself out of buying those items because I want to focus on my main collection or my other priority collections. These are ones I don't have anything of yet, or have maybe an item of but do eventually want to collect more of. It's quite a mess in my head... with OCD, anxiety, and other issues I am constantly back and forth whether or not I should buy something or not. Please tell me I'm NOT the only one, lol. "What if I can't find it when I want it?" "Boy that's pretty cheap." "It is a -sort- of rare item..."

I do have a lot of collections started at the moment, and some have more priority than others but I don't really count those towards this topic that much. I've listed most of my wants as those are ones that I consider "active" while the "eventual" collections I speak of are "maybe down the line once I finish most of the others" or that I am still on the fence about collecting. I obviously have a like for the Pokemon, but just not sure.

Anywho, my question is to the rest of the Pokemon collectors out there: Do you have "eventual" Pokemon collections? If so, who and why?

I'm pretty sure most, if not all, do. It's hard to just have one favorite Pokemon. Heck, I find it hard to have just 6 favorites for my teams when I play the games. It was easier when there were only 151, but now there are.. ok I honestly don't know what the count is now, shame on me.

Here are my "eventual" collections:
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You don't by any means have to follow the format in which I posted. I just felt like making it a bit fancy. You can be as short or as long as you'd like in your reasonings as well.

Big Bandai Blowout GA - Payment 2 Due!

Hey guys, extras claims have been sorted out and we are ready for payment #2 - shipping from the middleman to meloman1a.
The total charge from Buyee is $39.50, and this total is divided between all original participants (some of our extras claimers were not participants). Claims were able to cover $20 of this total, which is pretty great! We won't be paying much individually for shipping.
>>Including Paypal fees, charge 2 is $1.43 for US residents and $1.45 for international residents.<<
Feel free to mark whether you've paid or not and edit the sheet with your location. You can also comment on this post saying that you've paid.
If you have any more comments or questions, please do let either me or Meloman1a know.

Also, I'm very sorry for messing up with the claims post and failing to mark some of the figures that had actually been won. :( It's been a pretty crazy week for me, and I made that post somewhat in haste because the wifi was going to be shut off the same night. I'm helping my boyfriend move this week, and I wasn't really sure what the deal was gonna be exactly. Wifi is set up in his new place (as you can see) and I'll be going home soon so I am much more available for questions/comments. Again, I apologize, I feel very embarassed but everything should be sorted out!

munchcollectorlotad maybeex3 diamondphantom kuro_kage_kun dezi_kitsune magmanerd pikabulbachu jaydee93talarus fullmetalkitten meloman1a samo22 toda vulpixen eboncharizard theredmeadows

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Also, I'd still really like to trade my eevee Pokemon Time shirt for a different 'vee, or other eevee time items! Hit me up if you're interested! c:
Airdramon card

Metal GA IX, X, XI, XII and Special Final Payment

Comments from Digi: "Thank you everyone for being so patient with me! I've been juggling a few things and working on the GA over several days. And here's the final results!"

This post concerns:
aarux, agui_chan, anti_pineapple, caffwin, caryh, clicky797, diamondphantom, elcardenal12, fueki, galestork, glitterzookas, growly, icyshadowblades, kidgengar, knienke
laurenbachmann, lone_enigma, m14mouse, magmanerd, marphoria, pheonixxfoxx, pikabulbachu, pkmnexcavation, sabbolt, salamence646, shinamishi, skdarkdragon, ssjvap, syminka, technicolorcage, viaticvenusaur, wobbuwhit, wowsuchusername

Tagging sometimes doesn't work. We'll start PMing people who might miss the post after 24 hours.

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PLEASE take the time to look through your metal images to make sure everything has been accounted for!!
A lot of time and effort has been put into this to try make combining these GAs as faultless as possible, but please understand there is a lot to go through and mistakes do happen, we are counting on you guys to look through your payment and items to ensure we've done everything properly.
If you notice anything wrong, have any questions or comments, please let us know ASAP. Thanks!

To find our original GA posts and past payment posts use:


or http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/?poster=swampeh