July 4th, 2015

June 2015 Monthly Merch Roundup!

Hello everyone!

Today is the first in our series of Pkmncollectors Monthly Merch Roundups! Each month we will be providing a recap of what came out during the previous month, as well as ongoing updates about what there is to look forward to this month.
(There will be a link to these posts in the sidebar eventually, so you can easily find them!)

We hope that you find this post informative and can use it as a place to discuss, ask questions, and share!

Let’s start off with what was new in June!

June 2015:

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Please feel free to share your photos etc. in the comments below! I could not include photos/information on every single item, so if you feel something was not featured enough, please feel free to share!

Now that we’ve recapped everything from June, let’s talk about what we can expect in July! (Please check back, as this will be updated as more announcements come out!)

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That's all for now!

A huge thank you to kitzune for all of her help in making this post, the banner, and for lending me many of the photos shown here. Her blog is a wonderful source of information on new merchandise, and I definutely recommend checking it out for more photos and information: http://mikitzune.com/
Pokemon :: Croagunk art

4th of July Sales!

Happy 4th of July, American members! I've got some small sales today for you all, so please take a look! :D

- G E N E R A L   R U L E S -
★ Sales permission granted by allinia August 8, 2012
★ I ship from the United States and am willing to ship internationally
★ All prices are in USD
★ I accept PayPal only
★ Prices do not include shipping or PP fees
★ I am willing to haggle! [reasonably]
★ I am not looking for any trades at the moment
★ I am willing to hold items only if you are committed to buy
★ Smoke-free home, but I do have dogs
★ I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages

- F E E D B A C K -

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Thanks for looking! ♥

A Rare Plush Collectible; MPC Banpresto Krookodile plush

Now that I showed you what I have so far, I will start to post individual pictures off and on since of course we can't post too often. This is probably one of my favorites I have so far, since it took me awhile to get it, but luckily I found it on eBay last summer in a big plush collection sale and to my surprise, the seller offered it to me by itself and since I already had Krokorok and he had Sandile as well, he gave me the Sandile one as a bonus. So not only did I get the Krookodile one I got Sandile too for $39, which is a a great deal. Even better, most of the time when this plush is up for purchase it doesn't have the tag so having the tag sweetened the deal. <3 <3 :D They also gave me the stickers too so that was cool as well. Anyway, as for the plush I mean come on, it's super cute and super soft. I love it so much and I can carry it with me everywhere I go like all the MPC Banpresto plushies are designed to do. :D <3 <3 :D

sorry for the extra image. lol

By the way, Happy 4th of July everyone. Have a fun and safe holiday. :)

Looking to buy

Hi everyone, new member here trying to get some figures to add them to my collection. I think that new members are allowed to buy but if I have to do something else just let me know.

Looking for Zapdos zukan

Wants List (4th of July Edition)

Hey guys, I thought I'd make a wants post cause I'm in the mood to be getting some of these things right now.

I am interested in seeing Weavile & Absol items not already featured on my website. (It's more or less up to date, by the way!) I'm mostly into bigger figures, customs, or unusual items like the ones listed below. Small/cheap figures I usually pass on, but it depends on what it is.


  • I'm still looking for the Absol Bandai double attack action figure. I might need a payment plan but I would be willing to give you a nice chunk of money. So please, let me throw my dollas at ya.

  • I love clear figures and I'm looking for these guys right now. I just happened to look at the sold listings on Y!J and saw a clear Weav sold on the 27th. I never even saw it, and I feel like I check Y!J a LOT so that's pretty frustrating ;_; Please let me know if you're selling.

  • These are also high wants of mine.

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Above: Shiny Weavile Repaint by PleinairBunny

  • Lastly, I'm thinking of commissioning someone for figure repaints in the future. Some kid figure repaints would be cool, but I also have a figure coming soon that is missing a tail, so I'd need a repaint + a small sculpt. I don't have the figure yet, so I'm just kinda gauging who's out there, prices, galleries, etc. If you do this kind of work, feel free to comment or message me with your information and I might contact you in the near future.

I'll actually be heading out soon for festivities but I'll be in and out. I might take a while to respond but please, flood me with your comments and messages. I can already feel the wave of Weavile & Absols you're all dying to sell me, right? r-right?

Aand my sales are open as usual, not much new stuff but maybe take a look anyway. :3c I noticed some comments on this post that I missed recently, and I apologize if I accidentally skipped anyone; I'm usually pretty up on comments but it has been pretty busy lately. If I don't reply please feel free to contact me again. I'll be shipping stuff out on Monday.

Click Uncle Weav to go to my sales. Have a fun 4th and stay safe!! We'll be having a small barbeque and celebrating my bf's birthday as well! I was actually expecting a few packages today and realized there's no mail on the 4th lol, so I'm a bit bummed about that. I have a few weavy things coming in from Y!J and more Eevee Time stuff as well. (Just two more straps till I have all nine 'vees!)

Auction ending reminder

Hi! just a reminder my auctions will be ending this Monday at 10pm EST Time

Alot of rare items up for auction including a Lugia zukan, Umbreon/Espeon strap & Articuno bell plush

Added some Eeveelution sequin straps, Sylveon tuppeware container & Raincoat Pikachu to my post ^^

Cheers & happy bidding!! *click the link below the image*

  • jheila

Pokemon Time Bedsheets?

Can they fit a single sized bed? I bought one without actually looking at the size, and now I'm worried that they won't even fit!

The package that I apparently bought was a small one too, I didn't even know they had sizes!

Before I go and make the same mistake again, how big is the backpack? Would it be big enough for your typical highschooler?

Hoping someone out there bought the same stuff I did!

group buy!!! >>> eeveelution wall clings

Hey, all!

I missed out on claiming a Flareon a bit ago, and then it disappeared from the Pokemon Center website... and, well, it's back! HOORAY! These things are just SUPER cute, and are, on average, 17 in. x 17 in. So basically, HUGE. Which sounds adorable.

Each wall graphic / cling will be $11 before shipping, fees, etc... please check out the claim list below!


Eevee - kriscarmi
Vaporeon - ssjvap
Jolteon - syminka
Flareon - kriscarmi
Umbreon - tyltalis
Espeon - viaticvenusaur
Leafeon - kleine_teekanne
Glaceon - neutralemotions
Sylveon - acidmimi

Let me know if you're interested! Once I get enough claims, I'll be ordering it :D and thanks in advance!! These things are just too cute to pass up ;_; THANKS, GUYS!!! I just had them all ordered, although Leafeon still needs a home! Let me know if you're interested :3

EVERYTHING IS PERFECT NOW :D will update you all when it arrives :3

(I received sales permission from denkimouse in August / September 2010.)
  • latias


Hello comm :) Just a reminder I switched from ville_valo to this one!

My lati luck kind of vanished so I'm hoping to get it back, maybe some members have these items for sale, or have seen these items anywhere? Although I can't complain, I love all the merch coming out :)
Shipping would be to 32714.

Why did I decide to collect the latis. They are so elusive *shakes fist*. Oh well I love em :P

Also these, but they just came out so I doubt anyone has em now. Or if anybody in Japan is doing pickups for MPCs?

Also is anybody watching US Nationals :D? I can't believe I saw my favorite youtube ShadyPenguinn commentating haha, I had no idea. Also happy 4th of July to those who celebrate :3.

How to safely remove hangtags tutorial!

I don't know about you guys but, I tend to stuff my plushes into a space and worry about their hang tags getting messed up. I never remove them because it drastically affects their value in the future. Plus as a controlling/complusive person, something being in a "incomplete" state irks me. Which is why I came up with a way of safely removing hangtags so they can be re-attached later on! YAY!!! GO EVIL THOUGHTS
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California Finds/Sales- DX Ho-oh Kid + Custom 1ft Flareon

Third day of trip, and I've got a few more things to sell to you lovely people! First off, sales permission + rules-

I was granted sales permission on March 14, 2015 by areica96!

Rules are here!

DX Ho-oh Kid- All cleaned up and ready to go to a bird-lovin' home!

1ft Tall Custom Flareon (made by me)- The bottle next to him is a 2 liter bottle of soda! He's big! And can move his head. Made of teddyfur and minky, with solid eyes.
$50 OBO

Found Ho-oh just by poking around Little Tokyo, and Flareon was packed away in my parents garage. He's all clean and ready to go to a new home, though.

Thanks for reading! ( o w<)7

Slowpoke (and others) Sales!

Hey comm! I just updated my sales post over here with some new items and discounts on the old ones, including Slows!! I am very excited to say I am raising money to adopt a dog in the next few weeks, so if there is anything in the post you feel the price is too high on feel free to make an offer. *u* Thank you!

Pkmncollectors feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/finniee/
Sales permission granted a few years ago by Allinia.

Tomy Giratina plush

Hey all! Got a question about a plush. I am interested in getting the large takara tomy Giratina plush. But I can't find any decent pictures of it. Does anyone own this plush? If so I'd love to see some close ups! Also what is it made out of? How big is it really?

This is the plush in question

Thank you for any help!!

EDIT: forgot to mention: if anyone has one for sale please contact me! JK, I found one! thank you all!