July 7th, 2015

Handmade (and customized) keychains Commissions!!

Welcome to the first - illustrated I mean - commission sheet regarding small 100% customized goods: keychains!
These are not the usual kind of keychains you may see around, these are crafts, completely handmade of foam and sturdy balsa as a supporter!
And there’s the best part:

I mean it, you are the boss! You may request for furries, ponies, pokemon,
humans, mechas, robots, etc etc etc, anything you’d like!
Or even Original characters of your own!

General information:
1) All orders can be shipped worldwide. The shipment fee is only applied if just one keychain (chibi/detailed) is purchased.
2) The buyers may feel free to suggest specific poses, image references or even a particular artstyle.
3) The optional sketched models are provided by me but the buyer may point for any changes if would like. (for example, you picked the model A but you are most fond of the head’s position of model B. You may point that out and it will be immediately granted).
4) The original sketches are delivered for free among the keychain/s.
5) All keychains are unique and the same model won’t ever be reproduced again unless their respective buyer request for.
6) *NEW* Buyers can now choose if the keyring may be inserted inside or outside the model (the very first keychain (leafeon) is an
example of with an outer keyring. All the others keychains shown got inner keyrings)
7) *NEW* The sturdiness of the wood support was been increased again!
In the previous sales entry the keychains were 4 mm thick, now they are 5 - 6 mm thick!
8) Payment via Paypal only!

There’s four different kind of keychains available for commission:
(the following items are examples picked from +150 unique keychains I’ve made so far!)

I received sales permission on 12 January 2013 by entirelycliched

Have you ever had any missed opportunities collecting Pokemon merch?

I mainly collect Pokedolls and Pokemon Center plushes and I have many missed opportunities obtaining Pokedolls that are now considered rare (due to my foolishness when I was younger). When I was younger, I went to Nintendo World with my dad almost every single summer to buy Pokedolls or other things. It pains me so much to say that I've had close encounters with rare Pokedolls but I barely have any of them!

First ever visit (2005)- SO MANY RARE POKEDOLLS like Swampert, Blaziken, Sceptile, Espeon, Vaporeon, Shadow Lugia, Deoxys, Metagross, Corsola...I ended up buying a Torchic Pokedoll -_-

Later early visits(2007)- Natu, first print Jirachi, Buizel, Chatot (bought), Mantyke Butterfree, Wooper (bought)

(2008) Aipom, Noctowl, Teddiursa, Grimer, Houndour,Ho-Oh (bought), Cleffa, Igglybuff, Elekid, I believe Magikarp

I totally regret not purchasing more of the rare Pokedolls when I had the chance! The moral is you never know what's going to end up being rare so try to make use of any chances you have!

Has anyone else experienced missed opportunities? xD
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Smug Sales

Hey everyone! I have some new sales posted. Also lowered prices on left overs. I added a new rule about quotes as well.

I will ship internationally this time around, but there is a minimum of $20 before shipping/fees. It may take me until the weekend to get your package out.

IMG_20150707_133501_823.jpgIMG_20150704_244705_363.jpgIMG_20150704_010031_504.jpgIMG_20150704_011258_677.jpgIMG_20150704_011434_387.jpg and much more!


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UPDATED 7/4/15
Click the images for bigger photos

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Introductions & Wants

Hi there,

I've been lurking for about a month or so and just decided to join the community like a week ago. And I am already starting to enjoy the community!

So about me. I first got into the Pokemon craze back when it first came to the U.S. I sorta collected the cards and then also played the games. I first had pokemon yellow and then skipped a bunch and went onto Ruby, Emerald, Leaf Green/Fire Red and lastly I stopped playing at Diamond. Ruby was definitely my favorite of the bunch and the one I got into the most.

As for my favorite pokemon, starters wise it has to be Mudkip (for first level), but I always played the water starters, and my final evolution favorite starter is Blastoise. Other favorites include Donphan, Mamoswine, Houndour (and evolutions), Umbreon, Entei, Raikou. I wouldn't say I have any main collections, I more so collect plush that I like or think look cool. I am starting a Raikou collection however. Also starting a Mudkip Pokedoll collection.

I also collect action figures such as Marvel Select, Marvel Minimates, DBZ S.H. Figuarts and other random lines/figures here and there. I am also a major collector of the niche toy system called Glyos.

Here are my wants: (in no particular order)
*Any Mudkip Pokedoll - Looking for U.S. versions and DX versions
Poliwhirl Pokedoll
Cyndaquil Pokedoll
Chikorita Pokedoll
Japanese Raikou Pokedoll
Shiny Entei Pokedoll
Shiny Suicune Pokedoll
Absol Pokedoll
2002 Japanese Houndour Pokedoll
Eevee canvas plush
Early 2000s Banpresto Raikou (plastic eyes)
2010 (I think) Shiny material Banpresto Raikou

New gets, flat trades!

Hello yet again!
Got some new stuff as well as got my 10th feedback, so now I can do trades! *hooray!*
I am just going to start with flat stuff like cards and stickers for now though since shipping them is cheap, lol.

Anyways, here's some stuff I got recently
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Cards and stickers and whatnot that I am trading is here:
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Let me know if you want larger images, sorry if these are small!

Thank you!
my pumpkin

Poncho Pika, Whyyyy whyyy!?

So! This could be seen as a tentative wants post, or me just looking for info. But has anyone seen/is selling a poncho pika for around 40? They went up so much in price! I can't find one bellow 60-90 (even 100!)
And if no one is selling one for that price, what's its value now? I really wanted to get one but I guess I waited too long!

Thanks :)


Gasp I'm making a post thats not bats or flats related???
Heyo guys ;D
I've got quite a few little side collections of things other than my precious bats so I thought I'd try and extend them!

Firstly I'm looking for Rumble U figures; I've only got Mewtwo and Red Genesect.

And second I've become rather fond of the metal figures, so I've decided to collect the Dark Gold? ones!
Heres what I have so far, would love more!

I am also collecting kid figures passively *V* if you're looking to get rid of a bunch of em for cheap I would be interested!

Shipping would be to the UK! Let me know what costs would be please :>
Condition must be excellent!
I'm willing to buy, trade for artwork (examples here) or trade for items in my sales post (here and here)
I got my sales permission by entirelycliched on March 12th, 2012

I'm off to bed, will reply to everything in the morning! :D <3

first collection wants!

I joined this community about a month ago now, without really having any particular collection in mind. That all changed when I bought a Wooper Jakks plush from starpurrloin.

Woop-pa-pa. I just love this little guy so much ++(o_o)++

So please let me know if you have any wooper/upah merch for sale, especially plush~