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08 July 2015 @ 12:10 am
So, recently I bought a set of pencil toppers (pictured below) from ToyWiz and they sent me..Chou Get figures. v.v

I was really, really excited to get this order because it had Umbreon in it, and I've been wanting this figure for so long now. It's actually one of the last 5 figures that I need. I emailed them about it a few days ago, and even called them, and they said they'd get back to me as soon as they can, but I haven't heard from them since. They still have some of the toppers in stock, but I don't really want to order from them again, I'm scared they'll send me more chou gets. xD
I'm really bummed out about this all.

So, I was wondering if any of you had him for sale? If not I'll just sit tight and wait until Toywiz (hopefully) gets back to me. I've had a few issues in the past that were unresolved with this company due to lack of communication on their end, but hopefully this time is different!

Has anyone had any issues with ToyWiz in the past? :o

And, if anyone has one for sale, shipping would be to 34731 US. c:
I only discovered just now that Pikachu and the Kanto starters Pokedolls are being sold at Walmart (and on their website)! I honestly don't really know how to feel about that. I actually like that Pokedolls and Pokemon Center merch are exclusives to non-retail stores. I value them a lot more than ordinary Pokemon plushes sold at non-Pokemon Center locations!

How would everyone else feel if Pokedolls and Pokemon Center merch appeared in non Pokemon Center stores?
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08 July 2015 @ 11:28 am
Hello everyone!

I've been having such fun sculpting pokemon, that I've decided to open up 3 more slots for commissions! All rules are under the cut(s) and so are photos of my previous work :> Go crazy!

I was granted sales permission on March 21, 2015 by Areica96
Feeback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/nosidamsucram/

rulezCollapse )
Commission rules and examplesCollapse )
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08 July 2015 @ 12:30 pm
Hi all!

Long time no speak! I've been crazy busy with work lately, but I've now found myself unexpectedly flush with cash, and I want to share it with you lovely people ;)

Interested in seeing all Pokédolls (JP & MWT only) and Full Art TCG(English only.) that you have going. Preferrably older pokedolls as I have most of the new ones.

Priority goes to a MWT Vaporeon Pokédoll (aka my grail!)

Thanks :D

I'll do a collection update soon, I promise! Right now I need to re-arrange everything to make all my Tsum Tsum fit... D:
08 July 2015 @ 02:19 pm
Hello everyone :) I have only very recently started using livejournal. I joined it especially for this community! I have bought a few things already from the lovely members on here and am very happy so far :) I collect mostly flats like Amada stickers, cards from the TCG, Pokemon Manga/books, and plushes! But I collect anything that catches my eye really. My absolute favourite Pokemon are Dragonair (who I have a tattoo of!), Slowpoke, Yanma, Dunsparce, Swinub, Marill, Mew and Pikachu. I also love the hoppip family, mareep family, Dragonite, Miltank, Starmie & Staryu, Weepinbell, Lickitung, Paras and Parasect, Venonat and Venomoth, Chansey, Vileplume, Sentret, Shroomish and Ledyba! I am mainly familiar with gen 1 & 2, but know a fair bit of 3 as well. I really don't know much about the later generations, as I stopped playing after Ruby/Sapphire! I have started collecting the new cards from the TCG recently though, and am learning some of the newer ones. The one I like most which I have discovered is Carbink!

As for my wants, I am looking for a clear Onix figure like this (on a keychain or not, I don't mind),
a dragonair keychain like this one
any vintage Pokemon manga/books (don't mind if it's in Japanese) and unopened Pokemon booster packs, mainly E-series (like aquapolis, skyridge, expedition), any Neo Series, ex team rocket returns, holon phantoms and Japanese Half Decks. But of course any will interest me that are a good price!

I regularly look around for Pokemon stuff and will let people know if I come across any items that are in their wants list :)

Best wishes,
08 July 2015 @ 02:55 pm
Hello everyone, it has been quite awhile since I've been here! I had an account before, but no matter what I did, it wouldn't let me back on, so here I am! I recently got back into collecting pokemon merch so here is my collection below:

Here are my babies<3Collapse )
 Thank you for reading! My three favoite pokemon are, Nidoqueen, Vaporeon, and Granull. I really love almost all pokemon. I'm excited to be here. :)
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08 July 2015 @ 03:50 pm
There are still some unclaimed items including clears up for bid C:
08 July 2015 @ 04:00 pm
I got my Bandit Ring box on Monday, here are my pulls from the box. It is said that the pulls are not good if you get the UR Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza but no SR. However, I am still very satisfied with the holos and EXs I get. The Gyarados are already gone when I post pulls for the first time. I will only trade them for Rayquaza, Legendary Bird Trio, and Full Art cards at the moment. I will figure out a price later if I decide to put them up for sales as well.

SHINY Groudon $20
SHINY Kyogre $18
M Sceptile EX $12
M Ampharos $10
Hoopa EX $10
Sceptile EX $6
Lugia EX $6
Entei $4
Porygon Z $3
Jolteon $3
Virizion $2
Volcarona $2
Goodra $2

And there is a large chunk of common and uncommon cards for sale. I have more than one card for each of them so feel free to make your order.

For set list and picture, you can check Bulbapedia

For pricing, 50 cents per card except for the following ones
$1 Entei (014)
$1 Gyarados (020)
$1 Eevee
$2 $1 Flareon
$2 $1 Vaporeon

Minimum purchase is $2. Shipping starts at $2 inside the US. International buyers please contact me before committing to a deal.

I ship from Philadelphia, PA and ship worldwide.

Sales permission by denkimouse on 01/28/2011

Feedback is here
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Ariana Moreno
08 July 2015 @ 04:38 pm
Hello! I'm looking for an in-case sandshrew figure, I believe that I saw a couple being sold here in the community a few days back, but I can't remember the seller or page that listed them for sale, so I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find one or if anyone is selling one, let me know! Here is a picture for reference! The sandshrew is on the left in case anyone is wondering XD Thanks for looking :)

This post is for basketbears and nidoqueen_pug!

We've got all eeveelution canvases claimed, so it's time to send those payments!

Also please comment on this post to let us know you've sent your payment. c:

Spreadsheet and payment info here!Collapse )
08 July 2015 @ 05:55 pm
Hello everyone~ It's not only been over one year since I've made a livejournal, but also one year since I've joined this community! :D I know for a majority of that time I wasn't that active, but these past few months where I have been have been a blast! You all have been nothing but supportive to me, and I deeply appreciate it! I'm so happy to be a part of a community that shares my passion for collecting Pokémon merchandise, and looking at all your collections have inspired me to keep adding to mine! I know I haven't bought anything from anyone yet (despite me really wanting to) but I definitely want to in the future! (Probably by either borrowing my parent's Paypal or waiting until I can get my own) I want to get to know more of you here, and hopefully make some new friends!
Since it has been one year I might post a collection update, but I will later since it's not a good time to do so right now ^^;
So, again, thank you all for your dedicated support, and here's to many more years of me being here! Since I'm not planning on leaving anytime soon ;P
08 July 2015 @ 06:24 pm
Hey everybody!
So, I applied for Sales permission and was approved this morning (Thanks again!!!)!!!
I'm here to offer some customs to the community- I do traditional Graphite/Ink/Colored pencil drawings of any Pokémon you want!
So, without further ado, here we go!

ExamplesCollapse )

Da RulesCollapse )

SlotsCollapse )

Thanks for stopping by!!!
~ Ebon
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Hi everyone! :) I'm moving soon, so I'm selling lots of Pokemon plushies and other types of merch!

Currently, I'm only shipping within the US!
The US Postal Service has outrageous international shipping prices and I don't feel comfortable quoting people such expensive shipping prices. :(
This might change in the future! I apologize for now. D:

Rules and Feedback!Collapse )

Here's a little preview of some of the items I'm selling! There are more items for sale listed below the cut!

Sales below the cut!Collapse )

Thanks for looking! :)
Hi guys, the clear kids for auction are going to finish tomorrow so don't miss this chance to bid on some rare guys :) I was lucky getting doubles of my Shinx and Heracross kids I hope they go to good collectors! Most of them don't have any bids, even the eeveelus :O Just click HERE or on the photo to see the auctions. I also have a bunch of kids for sale on my main post!
Secondly, I got today two new packages and that means new gets and plushies for sale :D You can click on the Poochyena or on the photo to go to the sales post

Canvas bonitos #pokemon #collection #jolteon #cyndaquil #buizel #piplup #pkmncollectors #pokeloveLa taza de #pokemontime #pokemon #charmander #squirtle #bulbasaur #pokelove
Piplup, Jolteon and Buizel canvas, Cyndaquil UFO, Sandile trettas.
Okay, I didn't expect to get an eeveelu canvas. Jolteon canvas is my fav, I really love the design and Jolteon is one of my favorite eeveelus too but I wasn't going to pay 100$ for him but I found it on yahoo and I won it for his start price... 1000yen! I mean 10$ FOR HIM! <3 I love him to bits. I was going to win Glaceon too the same day but I missed it but he's easier to find cheap than Jolteon.
Pokemon Time mug
You know I collect Pokemon Time and I love the Kanto starters version so I won the mug of them! I'm glad I did it, it looks so BEAUTIFUL, not only the mug, also the adorable box with all the illustrations. It's awesome but I don't think I'll be able to use by now so I'll keep it on the box xD
Finally, be ready since the friday I'm going to open art commissions :D You can see most of my work on my DeviantART
08 July 2015 @ 07:51 pm
The Pokemon Lab opened today with a small selection of Lab Coat Pikachu goods. Nice pictures are on the website.

Pokemon LabCollapse )

If you're wanting to get to the merchandise, you'll need to get into the Pokemon Lab exhibit as the shop is inside and is separate from the museum shop.

Photos of the goodsCollapse )

I got this beaker/cup just because I love the nerdy design haha.

I'd recommend dropping by if you're here for summer as it was pretty fun :) I love this Lab Coat Pikachu much better than the other science one XD
Howdy! Sorry to be back again so soon, but I have been organizing some stuff and remembered I have a whole ton of pan stickers to sell!
I also decided to auction off my pikachu pumpkin candy dish, as i no longer have room for it on my special pika shelf. Aaaaaaaaand here we go.

* Sales permission granted by dakajojo 7/2011
* I Ship from MI, USA.
* Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/herar/
* FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. HOWEVER, I only give a 3 hour grace period. If you do not respond to my payment total in this time, your item will be passed on with no warning!
* Shipping starts at $2.50 in the US, $4.50 outside the US.
* Auction will end Sunday, July 12 at 7pm EST. countdown here.

Auction will start at $10. More info under the cut.

pumpkinchu auctionCollapse )

And now, pan sticker sales! I have some from all gens, especially gen 3 and 4.
If only buying flats, these will be shipped in a regular envelope unless otherwise asked.

50 cent pan sticker maniaCollapse )

I have also took new photos of the rest of my sales and dropped some prices on things that didn't sell.

other sales stuff down hereCollapse )

AAAAND FINALLY (long post is long) I recently restocked all of the current designs on my custom pouches so let's have some sales!

- Each pouch has artwork done by yours truly - Professionally printed and made.
- Made from polyester and fully lined in black.
- Because I used 2 different suppliers on a few of these, MOST are padded on the inside and a few are UNPADDED, but feature pockets on the inside. I will note which are padded and which have pockets. (UNPADDED ONES ARE ON SALE! WILL BE NOTED BELOW.)
- Available in 7x4 inches: large enough for a 3DS/N3DS (does not fit XL)
- Available in 8x5 inches: large enough for a XL/NXL
- Prices noted below are for EACH.
- Not open for commissions at this time!


regular pouches hereCollapse )

These last ones are CLEARANCED pouches. I will not be making more of these designs when they are gone.

clearanceCollapse )

I am working on new designs right now which i should be have around the end of the month *coughhawluchacaterpielinecough* I am taking suggestions for other ones I should do!

OKAY LONG POST IS OVER. Everyone who paid for orders from my weekend sales had their items shipped on MONDAY except for 2 people who paid monday night. Next shipping day is friday!
08 July 2015 @ 08:20 pm

Hello, and thank you to those who responded to my former journal about my carpet beetle problem: After weeks of vigilance, cleaning, vaccuuming, and removal of the food source, all carpet beetles have been 100% removed from my secret base with all plush safe :D Your advise was really helpful, so I have to thank you all :D

Now after the problem was eliminated, I have put together a huge collection update!

We'll start things off with a Mudkip Grail I have obtained today! All of his minions have come to assist him!


Assemble The Mudkips!Collapse )

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08 July 2015 @ 10:30 pm
hey guys thanks for letting me join your community! this is my first time joining one and my first post! I'm still learning the ropes so I apologize if I'm going about this wrong but there is something I've been trying to find for two years and i was hoping you could help me find it. I'm trying to find a pokeball but not just any pokeball the pitapoke pokeball! I'm sorry i post this wrong or go about this wrong ^_^'

Read more...Collapse )
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08 July 2015 @ 11:36 pm
Long time no post! Well have I got a fun get for you guys~


What is it?Collapse )

And main collection shot :3

Have a good day/night/what have you <3
Stephy Sanrio
08 July 2015 @ 11:37 pm
Hello! Just thought I'd share my updated collection with you guys :)

I been on here for almost 2 years and its been fun!

Close up

Still need a few Megas.

South park stuff! :-D there's a few customs on there like the coon and friends all made by me ^^