July 9th, 2015

Long time lurker, first time poster

Hi everyone!

Thanks for letting me join your awesome community! I've been lurking for a few months and I figured I might as well make an account! Might take me a little bit to get use to everything though so bare with me :)

But for starters here's what I have so far collection wise:
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Can't wait to start adding to my collection (I still have 3 packages on the way containing some new friends ;] ) Thanks again for letting me come aboard! 
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Custom Pokedolls Sales and Auction!

Hey everyone :D So I just recently got approved for sales permission so here is my first sales post!
Up for grabs are some custom pokedolls that I made a while back while working on some other projects
I hope to open commissions in the future once I finish my current projects. :D

I have Abra and Zangoose pokedolls for straight sale and a Mega Lucario up for auction!
They are all made from minky fabric with fleece appliqued eyes. Abra and Zangoose are the standard size pokedolls whereas Mega Lucario is the size of an overized pokedoll. If you have any questions just let me know in the thread down below~ :D

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IMG_20150506_053425082 - Copy.jpg
Zangoose custom pokedoll $120 SOLD
Abra custom pokedoll $115
Mega Lucario Oversized Pokedoll Starts @ $160
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Again, let me know if you have any questions :) I will be heading to bed here shortly so I will reply to comments when I wake up in the morning!
Pokemon - Rayquaza Flowers
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Offers reminder + Symphonic Evolutions @ San Jose + Eeveelu Wall Decorating + Sales!

Hey guys, last reminder that my One-time rare plush
end Monday night!
Again I will NOT be putting these guys up for sale again after the offer period and instead they will be going into my legendaries collections if they don't go!

Up for offer:
Arceus Giant TOMY MWT
White/Black Kyurem Pokemon Center Set
Lugia PakiPaki posable (Super rare USA release, all joints intact)

And wao, Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions this weekend at San Jose!! I'll be wearing my Mega Pikazard Y hood and Eeveelu Time parker hoodie (and because every place in Cali abuses AC stupidly I'm sure I'll still be cold), and planning to make my fiance wear the kuji Eevee hood lol. Again I welcome any pickups from my sales if anyone else is going~

Back in the room I grew up in Michigan, my walls were often covered top to bottom with anime posters, and since coming to California and renting out, I've been lazy about decorating my walls. I don't know how much longer I'll be in my current place, but since I intend for my next move to be my "permanent" house and who knows how long that would take considering the crazy housing market in NorCal, I've finally taken to decorating my walls here more in the meantime. xD; Starting with some Eeveelus!

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Lastly, sales plug!

Preview of new items:

Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )

Also working on setting up auctions for a couple boxes of JP McD toy lots that are taking up space in my room hehe XD After tonight, I'm heading out for the weekend as usual, the Sunday night concert is going to keep me out late, and I have work again on Monday, so tonight is my last order packing day until Monday night!

Pokemon of the Week - Torchic Line

Chic chic chic! The cutest flame bird chicken.. whatever, is your pokemon of the week! Torchic, Combusken, Blaziken and our first mega, Mega Blaziken!

The rules are simple, you can post pictures, discuss how awesome this pokemon is, look for merchandise or even tell us stories! Please remember to keep it on topic, all about Torchic and its evolutions!

(These posts are meant to be all about these pokemon, so your post doesn't have to include merchandise! Have one in game? Saw a cute picture online? Post it!)

DX Pokedoll wants !

Hi! I'm gonna try to make this as quick as possible. ;)
One of my collection shelves needs help. It needs two 12" plushies to support the other pokedolls. I was considering the DX espeon + umbreon, but I think they're a bit too small.
Then I came across some big & beautiful DX pokedolls on Google - POKEPARK DX POKEDOLLS!!! <3 I'm mostly interested in Jirachi and Mew. They are just adorable and they seem to have the height that I'm looking for.
So I'm wondering; how much should I expect to pay for a PokePark DX Pokedoll? Are they made of minky? Are there any other pokes from this line? Which ones are the cheapest? x)
Please feel free to show me any other DX pokedolls, whether they're from the Pokemon Center, PokePark, or handmade! My smaller/faceplanting pokedolls really need support and I really would like to own a DX Pokedoll. They're too cute. Any help is super appreciated. My next post won't be so boring, I swear! :)
Take a look at my full WANTS LIST.

~~*I am desperately looking to buy a Pokemon Time Sylveon tshirt!!!*~~ I am willing to pay up to $40 shipped!
Found! :) :)

First Ever Sales Post! Auction price starts at half of what it usually goes for!

Hello everyone! I was just granted sales permission yesterday so now I’ll be having my first ever sales post. I was thinking of giving these to the ones with the best offers but since it's very similar to an auction, I decided to auction these. I have checked the prices and most of the start prices are half of what they usually goes for (you can also check). I still lack a lot of art materials so the money I get will be spent on these such as airbrush needs, airbrush materials, specific types of clay, primer paint, air compressor parts and so on. I’m currently working on a commission and I don’t like accepting more than 1 commission at a time. Once I’m done with this I’ll be able to open up a slot. The art materials will be used to make special unique sculptures. You can also offer for a single plush or set. Alright, let’s get going with the auction sales!

I was granted sales permission on July 8, 2015 by skdarkdragon.
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Absol 2003 Japanese Pokedoll (Tush Tag only) – Starts at $100

Altaria 2004 Banpresto Plush (With Tags) – Starts at $50

Absol 2003 Banpresto Plush (Tush Tag only) – Starts at $100

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Shipping costs update!
For those people who asked about cheaper shipping options, to prove that I am transparent and I am not getting a single cent from shipping cost, I took a picture of this. This is not EMS. For those who prefer EMS, head to the link above. For those who want something cheaper, click on the image below. Check the price based on the zone you belong to. The zone information is at the bottom. Please also check the prices for small packets, not letters. Prices can change without prior notice. Prices are in Philippine Peso so please Google the conversion. Thank you.

Approximate conversion of shipping prices to Europe and USA
Up to 20g - $0.77
21 to 50g - $1.77
51 to $100 - $3.54
101 to 250g - $8.85
251 to 500g - $17.82
501 to 1000g - $35.75
Each Additional 500g or less - $17.82

Thank you very much! Happy bidding!
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Big Collection Weeding Sales!!!

Hello everyone!!

This has been a MAJOR LONG TIME NO SEE! I haven't posted on here in forever, probably in way over a year, and even then that was possibly my first post in about a year!

I'm here today with some huge collection weeding sales, of things I used to collect hardcore, but have been sat in storage for a long, long time with moving/etc and I would rather they go to a loving home!

I'm selling things such as:

  • My Riolu collection

  • Infernape items

  • Mamoswine items

  • Gible items

  • Pansage items

  • Liepard items

  • Axew line items

  • Ambipom items

  • Carnivine items

  • Kid figures

  • Tomy figures

  • AND MORE, including a movie theatre exclusive!

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Collapse )Thank you all for reading!!

P.s. as I'm not hugely active on Livejournal, anyone who wants to still keep in touch from the comm can find me on Twitter where I am super active (@daveygranger)
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Hi guys!,
It has been a long time since my last post and I am excited to become more active again. My next post will be a gets post with my newest gets :-)

So for this post I have a question for the pokedoll experts. While browsing a local marketplace I found some rare eeveelution pokedolls for only +-22 dollars and that is kinda a to good to be true price for what I feel like. The plush are these :

I am still not sure if I want them even if they are legit, but I would just like to know if I should think about it more or if I should just forget about it if they are bootlegs.

For people in the netherlands , they are on marktplaats.

Thanks in advance ^^

mostly Scizor wants! (with a couple of Dragonairs, of course!)

Hi guys!

Just posting a few wants (now that I don't have to make a GA post! :p) First of all, these three Scizor figures (two keshipoke, clipping figure) and the swing charm:

I'm also looking for the Dragonair bell keychain I don't have, the 151 stamper/figure, and the Pokemon time tin! Also, does a Dragonair in case figure exist?

Thanks in advance! <3
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Eevee Hooded Blanket Sale

Hello everyone! Since I got my sales permission yesterday, I thought I would finally sell an item I was holding for the community! Please make sure to read my rules, as commitments do not have priority!
Please also be sure to check the bottom of the post for my availibility:)

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Thanks in advance and let me know if I missed anything.

Currently clocking into work, I will respond when I get off in 5 hours or if I get on chance on my break. Thanks!
Ive got work early. Time for bed! Ill check the post in the morning!
I'll be checking every now and then.

Piplup DS Stylus??

Hello community!! I was just wondering, if anyone has a Piplup DS stylus?? owo Is there one that looks similar to this?:

If not, I'll probably be ok with any other kind of Piplup stylus (I'd like to see pictures of it first though to see what it looks like) Also, I plan on making a birthday gets post pretty soon!! I haven't gotten all my items yet, but once I have most of them (I ordered stuff from YJ so that probably won't be included since it will take a while to get here) I'll make a gets post!! I'll probably do a collection post as well soon after. And another thing, I'm still looking for my grail which is the 1:1 soothe bell Victini plush!! If anyone has one they'd be willing to sell that'd be great ;w;
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Looking for Umbreon plush!

Hello everyone! I'm looking to get an Umbreon plush for my boyfriend since his birthday is coming up and am looking to the community for help. Umbreon is his favorite so I'm hoping that it would be a good surprise. My price range is $15-$20 before shipping but may be willing to pay more depending. I'm thinking either the TOMY since it's a good size or the Pokecen since it's so detailed but feel free to mention plush that are not these.
Thanks so much!

Edit: Umbreon has been found! Thank you all!

more art & pokedoll trade

I received two more of my art trades in the mail today, MUST SHARE! :D

EDIT/ADD: To everyone who I have traded with and have received art from, I have left feedback in regards to our trade ^^ Thank you everyone, you all are so very talented!

The first one I opened was from luckymissclover!

I adore this sooo sooo sooo much!! I cannot get enough of Bulbasaur and even more so, I cannot ever have enough candy myself. If I were a Bulbasaur this is exactly what I would be up to. This is perfect <3

Thank you ohhhh sooo much for this lovely piece of art <33333 ^^

Next up is from thedaftlynx!

OHHHHHHMYYYYYYGOOOODNESSSS!!! <33333 This is just the absolute cutest Bulbasaur I have ever seen!!! This is by far WAY more than I was ever expecting.

Thank you thank you thank you for taking your time to make this piece. I am absolutely in love with it <333333 :D

OH! And look how cute the package tape was! I didn't know Pokemon tape existed, so cute!

To the trade! Same Ho-Oh Pokedoll up for trade. Still seeking a Venusaur Pokedoll in exchange, but I am open to more things at this point. I would rather help someone else out if I can. ^^

Thank you all for reading and sharing my exciting trading experiences! (/^▽^)/
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Plush re-do! Pokemon Time bedsheets!

The bedsheets came in, and they fit perfectly! Yay! The pillow case even fit my big pillow!
Only disapointment? They're thin The one that goes on top is just as thin as the one that goes around the mattress. For 200, I guess I expected more, but hey! They're adorable!!!

Just look at these sleepy cuties!

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Quick question time! If you were to get a lifesize plush, say one that's over 3 feet, where would you put it? I would have them as couch buddies my self!

Question on Iphone case.

So my poor old Pokemon center iphone case got really scratched and the edges are kinda getting lose to do me playing with them.
So on that matter I know the PKCenter released a new pikachu flip case. I always tend to to have my phone in my hand so being able to put my debit card and cash would help not having to carry a heavy wallet. But I want to know how the case goes on. Is it magnetic like the past goomy one or does it hold the phone in place with elastic or does it snap in IDK! I just dont wanna buy a case and have it be hazardous to the phone. (plus it being fabric means I could clean it and make it look new ; 3;)
*link from hobby_japn*

Plush Commissions Round 12

Hey everyone, it's been some time since I opened slots for my commissions, and since some of you had expressed an interest while I was finishing up the last round, I figured I would present the opportunity for some of you all to grab a slot. =0w0= Now, I'm not opening as many slots as I usually do this time around due to my full-time job being very demanding, but anyone who was looking to get one of my plush, come have a look at my samples and I can give you a quote. ;D Follow the cut for more details please! =^w^=

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1. mizunosakura: Mega Audino - complete
2. m14mouse: Weedle - complete
3. synysterxskittl: Sleeping Espeon w/ mini Solrock - HOLD
4. synysterxskittl: Sleeping Umbreon w/ mini Lunatone - HOLD