July 10th, 2015

A new re-introduction!

Good morning collectors! It was been quite a while since I've joined this community and so felt like it's a good time to informally introduce myself as didn't really mention almost nothing about myself.

My name is Ana, and I'm a portuguese illustrator and crafter for a living. I found this community around two years and half ago and since then I have been occasionally offering my crafting services for commissions!

I'm not a collector myself, I'm afraid. That's due more for my financial and family matters than necessarily lack of interest. Everything I earn goes directly for my own survival, including material and tools to maintain my work as I'm taking many risks in permanently injuring my wrists (crafting takes a lot more than the eyes meet, it's not something I take lightly). Right now I really, really love to get a 3DS. I never tried XY or ORAS myself, just by watching videos, and the new Mystery Dungeon game just makes me....want it even more XD It's a short-term dream I've got.

My favorite mons are Delphox, Zoroark, Xerneas and Yveltal. I particularly love almost all legendaries due to their complexity and unique roles. Always looking forward to see the next gens and titles! If I'm lucky, one day I will come here and purchase plushies of these mentioned :)
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Surprise Petite Plush Claims! Updates all around, Hiroshima gets!

Surprise! :O Pokemon Center is apparently releasing some cute new Petite Plush this weekend:

I have added these new petite plush to my existing claims post. O.O Get your ghosts, dragons, and little legendaries! This will have the same shipping schedule as everything that is releasing next week, and can be combined with existing claims.


Good morning everyone! :) All items that have been paid for from the last wave of orders have gone out in the mail. If you haven't paid, please do so! The following people have not paid for their orders: chaos_21, mercurrix, coiffwaff (holding until next wave comes in), lovestyle, pkmnsuicune, shinamishi. Please check your email for the comment with your total and pay to colette.wheeless@gmail.com. Thanks! :)

I've listed a few items on eBay, although I doubt they would interest the community as I had to price most of them a little higher than I would sell here to accomodate for fees. If you want something, though, let me know. I'll be happy to take down the listing and sell directly for a lower price.

Also, last call on the claims for Pikachu Carnival, Monthly Pikachu August, the new Pokecen Plush, and the Kuttari line! I'd like to get my order finalized as early as possible so I don't make a mistake and forget something.

And to update the people who are participating in the Eeveelution Necklace Claims, I was able to successfully place the order, and the estimated shipping date in Japan is August 19th. (Paying for them was a nightmare and took forever, so I think that's why we ended up in the second shipping wave instead of the first despite the fact that I placed the order within the first window. ;.;) I'm taking a vacation around August 31st, but I'm optimistic the necklaces will have reached me in time to ship them out to everyone before I leave. If you didn't provide your country and/or zipcode already, please do so! It will make getting totals so much easier when the time comes. I'll tag everyone in the payment post, though, so no worries.

And in terms of collection updates, I got a wonderful package from our own chocolate_chip the other day! <3

Hiroshima opening Pikados plushies! <3 I think I like normal Gyarados better, but they're both darling. <3 She also sent a free paddle strap, which I put on my phone since my Goomy strap broke. ;.; Thank you so much, Chip!

Thanks for reading!



SO I WANTED TO DO A PHOTOSTORY WITH MS.B AND REALISM (two of my emolgas, though some of you certainly remember Realism XD) BUT THIS IS JUST TOO EXCITING



I've actually been staring at this on Etsy for around two years waiting for a point where I was willing to pay the price pit up and had the money, and when it went on auction for $150 I wanted to cry I was so happy and now I have it and I can hardly believe it ;O; I shall name her Serenity after the person I bought her from and her creator <3
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Updated Sales & New TCG Sales/Trade Thread

After a long time of leaving my TCG binder sitting, I decided to organize it and remove all my multiples and put them up for sale/trade. If you're interested in TCG, I made a separate thread for it here. I have many cards from the Base Sets up until the E-series as well as some extra pulls from the recent sets (XY, Primal Clash, Roaring Skies, Furious Fists, Double Crisis, etc.). There's also some Japanese cards and a few German cards. I'm looking to complete a couple sets as well as collect cards of my favorite Pokemon. :D

I've also added some new things to my permanent sales thread and flat sales. There's a lot of minimodels I got in a recent lot, in-case figures (that don't actually come in cases), tins, and othe fun stuff that I could add before my post became too large. Please have a look if you think you might be interested! There's many more things that I need to add but some last minute appointments threw me off schedule this week. I'll be posting a gets post soon so stay tuned! :)

Commissions reminder--2 slots still open!

Hey guys!

Happy Friday, I hope you all are gearing up for a nice weekend! Just dropping by to say there are still 2 slots open for Pokesculpt commissions!

Click the sleeping Charmander to check out my original post!

Also, to make this post a bit less boring, here's a collectors survey ^^ I wanna get to know my fellow collectors a bit more, so I figured I'd throw out some general questions for you guys!
1. What's your main collection made up of? (pics are welcome :D)
2. How long have you been collecting?
3. What sources do you mainly use for your collecting? (y!J, ebay, amazone, etc.)
4. Any pokemon you feel is deserving of more merch?
5. What new merch are you hoping to see in the near future?

To wrap things up, a small sales plug :>

sales banner2.jpg

Have a great weekend everyone!!<3
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Introduction post

Hi everyone! I'm Mooz from Thailand. I'm a fan of pokemon since start playing pokemon red (GB) I start collection pokemon plush around the time XY release.

My collection mainly Oshawott, Piplup,Victini and Xerneas.

Here is my Oshawott collection .This Photo take on 2 April 2015 Since Now I very busy  with work and my baby lol.


I also like to collect talking plush. It's fun to have it ^^ especially Oshawott ><

Thanks you for reading my introduction post (:  and let me join this community (:

PS. If you also play pokemon games and want some friend. Here is my 3ds FC: 0490-5869-9499 I've play XY and AS


Pokebox Tarot Card Auctions, Button and misc sales

Happy Friday everyone! My husband and I are going to Japan for our honeymoon in a couple months, so I'm doing that "gotta get spending money" shimmy.

I bought this tarot deck a while back with the intent of using it, but it just didn't speak to me. I know Pokebox art is always popular, so I figured you all might like to own some of it!


Please don't bid until all threads are up!
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Looking for a small card binder! And also, cards!

Hi there!

I just came by to see if anyone has something I've been looking for- a small card binder/album. It doesn't need to be a full-fledged card binder but just something on the smaller side as I collect promotional cards, but not a ton of them :) Please let me know if you have anything that might be handy for me! Please not ether if the binder has pokemon on it, I would prefer that they be from the first 151. Plain/other patterned binders are also great!

Also, if you have any special/shiny cards that feature the first 151 Pokemon, that would be great! Show me if you have them for sale. Bonus points for special Pikachu cards, those are my favorite! I don't know how to describe them because I don't know a lot about them yet, but I really love cards that were released as promotions, like the Pokemon The First Movie cards (I have those, though!).

So yes, if you have any of the above, please let me know!

New entry

Is anyone selling the shiny black rayquaza figurine that Takarama Tomy recently released as a bundle (correlating to the upcoming hoopa movie) alongside five other TT figurines?
It has to be under a reasonable price, comparable and approximately the price+shipping and handling that amazon.ca is offering for the entire package/6.

One Last Hurrah!

Hey everyone!

It's been an incredibly long time since I was last on here, 2 years about. I've been a member for probably ... 5-6 years though I was active on and off. Even in the beginning when I was most enraptured I was never very talkative. I collected Leafeon, Kakuna, and Ditto as well as dragon TFG (http://joltzapvire.weebly.com/leafeon.html). Maybe seeing my site will jog some memories :3

Once we were all packed up to move from Florida to North Carolina, I realized that my passion for Pokes had fallen to the wayside. Don't get me wrong, I'll always love Pokemon and have decided not to part with quite a little pile of things. After all, it took me 2 years to finally commit to selling them. BUT the main reason I'm returning is to pass on my collection to members of this community! I hope that what once brought me joy will now be someone else's treasure, since I don't appreciate the leafy butts as much as I should.

What I'm hoping, if there's enough interest, is that the community will hold a group auction/buy! I would like to sell 3 lots: Leafeon, Ditto, and Others.
-These lots will be sold through eBay. I wanted to give the community a heads up before listing and am willing to hold off listing if someone decides to set up an auction/buy.
-I am willing to negotiate shipping combinations, pricing, really anything if you ask me :)
-I really can't afford to sell items off one-by-one. I'm moving to England in 2 months and don't want the headache.
-I have some things that I'm on the fence about selling, mostly Leafeon and Ditto stuff, but some rareish things like a boxed Pikaditto plush, a 1/1 Pikaditto, a Tikichu from a TCG tournament in Hawaii, a Canvas Raichu. So if you think I'll have something you really really want or if you like any of the aforementioned, just ask.
-Sales Permission re-granted from allina 8/8/2012 (I had sales permission before as well)
-Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/joltzapvire/
-Old Feedback: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/5132873.html?thread=191334985#t191334985

Leafeon Goods
Everything else here: http://s725.photobucket.com/user/joltzapvire/library/?sort=3&page=1

Mods. If I'm violating any rules please tell me! It isn't intentional and I promise to fix it.

Glass display or glass cabinets

Hey guys, I'm looking for a glass display for my collection and I just don't have the time to go out and check my local furniture stores. So, are there any good websites where I might be able to find one (reasonable price) other than ikea?

As of right now I'm really running out of space. Part of my collection is just sitting on top of my tv and I really don't like it. Please help.

Art Commissions: Summer edition!

Hello! I finally finished my studies and I can say I'm an illustrator! :D And to no forget how to draw, I'm back opening my art commissions! Please check the options I offer and if you want anything diferent, let me know! I have been trying different styles so I could try whatever you think :P
I'm also open for trades/partial trades for anything of my want post ^^
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Commission: Pokemon Patterm by Agui-chan
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Poochyena by Agui-chanSailor love wins by Agui-chanWeavile by Agui-chan
Commission: Kanto by Agui-chanCommission: Johto by Agui-chan

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Jurassic World! by Agui-chanSerenity by Agui-chan

DH: the monster by Agui-chanSamus Aran by Agui-chan
You can see other drawings and styles on my DeviantART , INSTAGRAM , BEHANCE and some T-Shirts on RedBubble
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Quick New Perler Offer + Discussion Question

Hi guys!

I shipped out a whole bunch of orders today and will do that same tomorrow- which gives me a feeling of not being totally overloaded. I obviously need to fix that feeling right away, and get some more things to do xD (Individual people will be given shipping notifications tomorrow and sunday btw)

Anyway, I have a quick new offer. I've offered V-Day sprites before, but they have always been PokemonxPokemon. Now I have an option for HumanxPokemon or HumanxHuman! Technically I've always had that option, but shhh xD

A V-day Sprite is 8 shipped <3

Here are examples-




Let me know if anyone is interested ^w^ The etsy listing is here, or you could just comment on this post. They can be combined with any other sprites of course! https://www.etsy.com/listing/240078578/custom-perler-bead-v-day-sprite?ref=shop_home_active_1


I am also taking orders for any large sprite at 10 dollars right now, unless it's super big. These will not however be started until my current round is up, so buyers will have to wait two - three weeks.

All sales info is here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/19222820.html

Here's the discussion question:
Do you guys ever buy things JUST because you think they might end up rare? Same thing goes for buying cheap rare items just because they're cheap and rare.

I don't like it when people buy cheap but rare things, and then I find myself doing it too. It seems sort of unfair though to the people who ACTUALLY want the item, and not just for its rarity. As for buying things because I have a feeling that they'll get expensive soon, it really depends on the item. If it's something I really want then I go after it right away. If not, I usually let it pass by.

Pokemon Symphony in San Jose!

Hello all! From the Free For All Friday, it looks like there are some members going to the Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions concert in San Jose, CA this upcoming Sunday! Yay NorCal, Bay Area members! :D I was wondering if there are any more members going and maybe we can all look for each other and do a mini meetup? I live pretty close to downtown San Jose... about a 15 to 20 minute drive so I plan on getting there early no problem and eating dinner and be on my 3DS before the concert. XD

I'll be wearing my Pokemon melody shirt with my Pikazard and Pokemon melody mascot plush like this picture I took when I was at Anime Expo last weekend. I will also have the Eevee and Ditto Pokemikke Ice Cream pass case on my bag for easy recognition and possibly the new I Love Eievui mascot and Shiny Gyarachu mascot hanging from my bag.

The melody shirt is perfect for the concert! Quite fitting with all the Pokemon singing to the musical notes! <3

Better picture of the shirt. I love the Pokemon With You melody goods. :D I had also gotten the memo pad and stickers. I still need to collect more of the pins.

Question time! What would you guys bring/wear to the Pokemon Symphony for those going to later dates? I'll be happy to be with so many Pokemon fans in the same place so it will be exciting to see those in cosplay or wearing Pokemon gear and merch on them.

This is a small bit of my Anime Expo haul! I love that artists made fan art goods of the recent monthly Pikachu. <3 The artist of the pins put everything in a small cute goodie bag with paper stars. So nice! *__* I would definitely love to see more fan art with the monthly Pikachus, Pikazards, cosplay Pikachus, Gyarachus and Pikakarps. XDD Pins and charms are so addicting >w<

Next update(s) will include my Hiroshima goods, convention haul, and much much more.

Looking forward to the concert Sunday! :D
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Art Commissions + A Huge-sized grassy-get

Hey everyone, long time no chat. Not a lot Pokemon-related has happened with me lately. I got Banette comic pages from a comm member and a FA card of Maxie's Hidden Ball trick so that's what I've done with my collecting in these months :'D

With the release of....a new item...I very much need some funds for it. So I'm selling my artistic skills for the first time on the comm yes hello.

(I don't have much for Pokemon related but I want to draw them!)

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