July 11th, 2015

First Collection update + more!

It has been an (almost) solid 2 months since I've posted a journal to the commuity! HOW AWFUL.
I have been stalking around here again and reading up on some members posts to motivate myself to post!

On another random note, I'm going to San Antonio, Texas in about 2 weeks, and I was wondering if you guys would know of any good places I should hit up for Pokemon items of any kind? (or just general colletor items) I know the river walk has a WHOLE BUCNH of stores and whatnot, so I hope there's some place there where I can find some goods?

Anyways, on to the collection! (picture heavy)

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U herd I liek Mudkipz? (WANT List :p)

Hey everybody!

This is actually my first post to this community. A big reason why I joined is because recently I've been working on a Mudkip collection! (which includes his evolutions :3). The collection has actually grown considerably and quite rapidly since I started about a month or two ago, but I need your help to make it even better!

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Once I'm able to get a few more things, and when my other stuff finally comes in the mail, I will definitely post some pictures :)

Another new over 1000 flats & 40clearfiles, tell me your Pokemon and I will search! + Rare auctions!

Hello there guys! <3
After a lot of university exams and the like, I am now free until September! Which also means I have a bunch of new flats for sale for you! <3
I am this time selling a big chunk of my personal collections, especially clearfiles and some other things!

Tell me a Pokemon, and I will search for flats for you! I have way too many and that would take an eternity to scan them all, so it will be easier this way!

new sales 1

I also have some rare items for auction, like Red & Green TCG boxes and sleeves, Pokedex clearfile and others!


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To the auctions first!

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To the sales! I have some things that are not flats, and of course, tons of clearfiles, stickers and the like!

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That is all for now, thank you so much guys! <333

EDIT: It will be soon midnight for me, and I will come back to you when I wake up!

Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions in San Jose <3 :)

Hey everyone as I have seen from some people here on Pkmncollectors like the following:


these people will be going to Symphonic Evolutions, and I hope to see them and everyone else who is going. If your looking for me, I will have all the Pokemon plush keychains below. I really, really, really want to bring my Mega Swampert plush since he is one of my favorites. Just love his big muscles and his short lil' feet. It just makes him look tough but super cute at the same time. I'll try to bring one of my Mega Charizard plushies but like Swampert and all the others, I don't want the tag(s) to get damaged so we shall see. lol :) :D

Just mainly look for the Sandile evolution MPC Banpresto plushies. I'm sure I will be the only there with those exact ones so you should be able to find me.

Can't wait to see you guys there so we can take some pics and maybe play some Pokemon too if there is time.

****Also, I apologize if I tagged you in this post.****

Wants list!

Hello people!,

Sorry for posting again >_<

I just wanted to update you guys on my current want list.

As you may know, I collect mostly Chikorita evo line.

I realllyyy want to expand my collection but I can only pay by cash as of right now.

If anyone is willing to let me pay through cash and you have the item, please let me know!

I do understand the risk but for a fact I will not blame you if something does happen ^^


Chikorita Banpresto UFO Catcher Korotto Plush

Chikorite Pokemon TIME Plush

Chikorita Pokemon Center 10th Anniversary Plush

Chikorita Pokemon DX Figure Collection

Chikorita, Bayleef, Meganium Zukan Figure

Chikorita Bank

Chikorita, Bayleef, Meganium Pokemon Center Metal Charms

Chikorita Pokemon Center Canvas Plush

Chikorita (English) Pokedoll

Chikorita Pokemon center Plush Plush

Again, please let me know if you any of these for sale or any other Chikorita item and is willing to take cash payments.

Thank you,


auction reminder! and questions!

Howdy again! The auction for my little pumpkinchu candy dish ends tomorrow night.

Click here or the photo to go.

In the same post, I have a ton of sales including 50 cent pan stickers, flats, random stuff, and my custom pouches.

Also a few questions!
1. What's a good price for the large sized Pikazard? The lowest price i've seen it is about $129 on ebay, and 8,000 yen on YJ (which I'm sure would end up around the same price after shipping.) Does that sound right? I bought one on YJ for about $70, hopefully shipping won't be too bad if i ship it with my other things.
2. Also wondering a good price on either the 28 inch or 40 inch pikachu plush! I'm slightly debating on them but at the same time I know they are both pricey. ;-; I want a larger sized Pikachu, i currently have one of the life sized tomy ones sitting in the FJ warehouse BUT I WANT MORE OKAY.

ALSO EVERYONE'S ORDERS HAVE SHIPPED FROM MY LAST 2 SALES POSTS. If you'd like feedback, please let me know.

Looking to buy some things! Salamence wants.

Good evening :)

I'm looking to buy some things for my Salamence collection :) It would be nice when the seller has some more of the items to combine shipping ^o^ Link me to your sales if you have any Absol or Salamence things for sale. Thanks in advance!

Following wants:

Clicky for a bigger picture!

You can find my other wants HERE!

Thanks guys for reading and looking!

my wants
collection site