July 12th, 2015

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Pokémon Center Legendary Cry Charms?

I'm after a few of the blind packaged charms from the new Legendary Cry promotion at the Pokémon Center...


Does anybody know of somewhere selling them opened/individually? The only place I've seen selling them so far is Sunyshore, but they're blind packaged... I know they only came out yesterday, but I'm nervous that they'll sell out at the Pokémon Center!

If nowhere ends up selling them individually, would there be any interest in bulk buying some packets together and opening claims for them? I'm after Ho-Oh (x2), Lugia, and Groudon from Vol. 1


Hi friends! Today I'm posting to gather information on those cool plastic cards we call lamincards. I'd like to learn as much about them as possible.

So, here are my questions:

For how many years were Pokémon lamincards sold?
Which countries were they sold in? I know of Germany, Italy, France and Spain.
How many different series were released? Were some only released in certain countries?
Are they all Hoenn based, or are some Kanto?

I think that's all, but please comment with any other information you have. :) Pictures of unopened packs are appreciated.

Also- reminder that I still have card sales and mystery waps! I won't be linking to them today as my laptop is still being worked on, but there are links in my last post. (Sales permission granted on 3/21/15 by areica96)

Weekend Sales Post

Hi! Got some things like Pikzard pass cases, Tauros Zukan, and EEVEELUTION stuff haha. Stuff like the giant wall clings that are on pokemoncenter.com :) Check it out.

****READ MY NOTE ON WALL CLINGS. They are giant, some up to 19 inches that need to be shipped in a large poster tube. You are paying for the cost of the poster tube and then for the cost of the shipping since I have to buy the tubes myself. The tubes are $3.25 each and shipping is at least $5, so this is like $8.25 for shipping. PLEASE NOTE!!!***

***These walls used were also USED ONCE. They were stuck on my wall for 2 days until I took them off and repasted them back on their sheets. These are REUSEABLE wall clings so you can use them over and over. Any debris stuck on the back is due to my wall, but does not affect the clingyness. They still stick well, but be warned!***

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Hi everyone! I'm here today posting my official wants, hoping that someone will have them. I'm willing to drop a good amount on these bad boys.

Here is what I am actively looking for:

- Furret settei

- Green DP/HGSS Furret/Sentret dice

- Furret swing keychain

- Taiwan Furret mirage plush

- Any and all Tomy Furret plush

PLEASE please please let me know if you have any of these for sale, or if you know where I can get them!


[P.S. my permanent wants post may be found here.]

Looking For Latias and Latios Stuff!

I've given in- I'm collecting even more mons. I'm looking for Latias and Latios stuff- pretty much all the plush, figures, flats; all of it. The few things I DO have are-

Latias+Latios Pokedolls
Standing Latios Kid
Mega Latios TCG Pin

My budget isn't that big, but I'm collecting these two as seriously as the eeveelutions, so let me know what you have for sale and trade!

Auction reminder and a couple gets

Only a little reminder about my custom figures' auctions, less than 12hours left and no bidders yet (starting price at $20), don't miss out on getting these unique pieces for your collections!

As not to make this post boring, here are a couple gets of mine (I got more stuff since my last collection update forever ago, but I can't for the life of me remember what I got and FJ loads too slow for me to check XD; )

Babytwo and East Shellos! I had wanted Babytwo since forever ago, but eBay prohibitive prices didn't let me get him sooner, but as if it was a miracle a few weeks ago I found one on Yahoo for ultracheap and after selling part of my soul to isouru and thanks to thedaftlynx middlemanning for me (the three of us try to share the shipping expenses as much as we can) I managed to get my baby <3
Shellos comes from thedaftlynx as well, she got it in a lot and my Pink Shellos was crying for her region mate and now they're happily hanging off my plush net together (someday I'll be unable to see what's in the net, I've gotten into the habit of hanging UFO plushes from it XD ).

Along with these two thedaftlynx sent me some flats (which I didn't take photos of because I forgot to until now) and... Absol Tomy! Now my Pearly one has a buddy 8D

I'm starting to realise I'm accidentally collecting Absol and Lucario stuff... it's never been my intention of focusing on a single mon but I can no longer ignore the amount of blue dogs and white felines trying to take over my limited space (soon I'll have Absol and Drifloon petit plushes *w* ).

Well, that's it for today, around the end of August I'll try to post a collection review, both for my figures and plushes! I need to know their numbers XD

Discussion Topic - Satoru Iwata

Hello community. Today we're posting some very sad news, the beloved president of Nintendo has passed away. He was responsible for many games at Nintendo, including our wonderful Pokemon franchise. His developer touch went through many of Nintendo's main franchises, including Kirby, Earthbound, Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda, Mario and Animal Crossing.

We lost such a great legend today, as such I would like to keep this post up for the remainder of today and tomorrow as a discussion topic about this man and his great achievements in life. You're more than welcome to chat about the games he made or even post artwork. Please remember to be courteous to others when posting in this thread. 
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Permanent Wants Post

Hello everyone! How are you all today? :3 I've been here a while (over a year!) and I still haven't bought anything from anyone here in the community. However, I'd like to change that in the future! :> So I think it's about time I've uploaded a wants post here~

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