July 15th, 2015


[CLOSED] August Claims Post - Carnival Mascots, Slowpoke Day Items, 2nd Wave Kuttari



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collection lights! & wants

I found these little LED strips in Lowe's home improvement store... And they're perfect for a smallish Pokemon display!

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Ive updated my wants list; hopefully you can help me find some things! http://skittybits.livejournal.com/943.html
I'm mostly looking for the JPN Magikarp Pokedoll and PokePark DX Mew Pokedoll.
BUT I will most definitely need a payment plan for Mew, possibly Magikarp too (hopefully not Magikarp).
Thanks for looking!

Super Quick Sales (Again!)

Hi all! Attempting this again with MUCH lower prices.

I want these gone ASAP as I wanna put in a big order on Sunyshore, so I want the extra cash to put in to that.

EVERYTHING IS OBO. Do not hesitate to make an offer! I want this all gone suuuper quick :)

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Card Lot, including EX and Full Art - WILL NOT SPLIT. I want these gone! - $25 OBO shipped anywhere.

Stock photo as the package just arrived, I'm in work, so I left these bits in my car.
Sleeves - Unopened - Full Set - $15 OBO shipped
TCG Deck Box - Unused - $15 OBO shipped
Large Overall Box - $10 shipped (will flatpack)
Will combine these for $30 shipped!

Bandit ring cards for sale

Hello i have some cards from xy7 for sale :)

Regular art ex $5 - Megas $10
SOLD: giratina, tyranitar ex and mega, sceptile

some sleeves

Pika Hiroshima sleeves and deck box $22

> $20 shipped (64 sleeves) except Groudon $8 shipped

Also I still have some packs left for sale!

Phantom gate - Gaia volcano - Emerald break - Bandit ring

5 packs for $10
Shipping will be $2.55 first class with tracking.

I have sold a lot and opened a few packs I'm not sure what your odd of pulling an ex is. Only stating this because some people get upset when they don't get anything good and thats not under my control packs are *not searched*

You can check my sales post for more stuff I have for sale! :-)
Tomys, nip tomys, kids, plushes - & more tcg


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seeking XY Plushies

is there anyone who has the following XY plushies Charmander, Squirtle, Helioptile and Dedenne ? i am desperately seeking them and dont have much money. maybe we can work on a arrangement or some kind of deal. right now i have $25 and will trade Pokemon Pearl Cartridge only as well Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. so if your interested please me know. so again my deal is $25 and 2 ds games cartridges only. i am desperate

Gym leader holos and more

Looking to sell some of my holos and foils. :) Shipping is from Canada. Prices are shipped after fees. Plush sales are here.

granted sales permission on 3/17/2013 by allinia
- All pkmncollectors Rules apply
-My feedback
- I only except paypal as payment USD only
- I do live with a shitzu (dog), plush are kept away from her in bags or boxes. Please be aware the boxes and bags are in the same room as the dog. I do my best to keep the hairs away!

- I ship to Canada,and USA
- I can combine shipping
- I recycle shipping materials. If this is a problem id be happy to buy new shipping materials for your package but, it will up shipping costs.
- I always keep shipping receipts as proof of shipment!
- You will be notified when I ship your package.
- Shipping is more expensive internationally, I ship from Canada.
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Arti-cute-o! :3

I recently commissioned my first custom plush from vulpes_canis and she arrived today! :D Prepare yourself for adorable overload because it's time to meet...

Arti-cute-o! :D
She's a chubby, minky Articuno and she's just perfect! :)
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I sure have been adding a lot to my Articuno collection lately haha! XD And when my stuff from the legendary cries promotion arrives I'll probs have to rearrange everything to make it fit! XD
Speaking of promotions, I was digging around for some new Articuno stuff, and I stumbled across something called Hanafuda, which seems to have a lot of stuff that features Articuno. I assume this is an old promotion? I've managed to buy a rubber Articuno strap off Y!J, and I've seen a clear file on eBay, but I was wondering if anyone else has any Articuno stuff from this promotion to sell, or knows just how much there is? Let me know! ^-^
And as always please feel free to take my money if you have anything from my wants list! :) I just updated it with lots of Articunos! :)

Looking for Pumpkaboo and Pokemon Halloween promotion merch

Hey all !
I was wondering if anyone had any Pumpkaboo merch they're selling?
and if anyone had any halloween promotion merch (from any year) they're selling?
Im not looking for something specific, just looking for merch that catches my eye, maybe plushes, but really i want to look at everything.
I'd love to see everything so just post links to your sales or post the items right here and if im interested i'll get back to you!
for shipping reference im in US 34420

Thank you so much!

Shop updates & Tomy DX Bulbasaur + Houndour auctions

Finally had a MAJOR update to my pan sticker shop! Many of the newer stickers have been added, as well as restocks of some old favorites. Here is a preview of some of the new ones:

Shipping to the USA is $1 or free if you spend over $10 and use code "freeship". International shipping is $2.
There is a coupon! Enter "pkmn10" at checkout to receive 10% off any order over $5. Expires in 1 week. (Not combinable with freeship.)
Click the preview pic to be taken to the shop!

Next, I have also updated my vintage toy shop. If you order from both shops, send me a message and I can refund the shipping for the stickers and combine the orders. Click the below preview to go!

Finally I have 2 auctions. All usual community auction rules apply.

Both are in excellent condition with tags. Houndour has some scuffs, see the pics below. Buyer pays shipping and fees. Shipping is from NYC to anywhere. Paypal only accepted. Auction ends on Monday July 20 at 18:00 Eastern. Click HERE for a countdown.
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Sales permission granted 19 FEB 2013 by entirelycliched. Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/mintmittins/

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Hey everyone! A little post today to show you the adorable plush I received this morning from bubble_rhapsody

Aren't they beautiful?! A while ago I sold off my Raikou collection because of space and money reasons. But, I just can't help myself and these little cuties are the re-start of my Raikou collection :p Both need names, but I'm a little undecided. Currently, I seem to be leaning towards 'Lumos' for the shiny one.

Now for a shameless sales plug here: http://peppermmints.livejournal.com/3249.html everything is OBO (please, take it away!)
Permission granted 22/09/14 by entirelycliched

And finally, I'm always open for trades. Either from my sales post, or my art (examples below). I'm always interested in trading for anything featuring:

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and also stuff from the following promos and merch lines:

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And finally also useable customs such as pouches, stamps etc
Here is a link to my permanent wants list (very incomplete!): http://peppermmints.livejournal.com/2604.html

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Thanks for reading this far! <3

The Great Eevee Migration + Updated Sales!

I don't post much about my outside life (on the blogs that I make it for, I mean) but at least some of you know that for a good while, at least half a year now, I had 80% of my collection in storage as I had moved to a completely different state. Today, after getting back home, The Great Eevee Migration is finally complete!

Which calls for a little look-back on where they were and where they are now. (Super pic heavy, apologies!)

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Finally, the fated travel to California happened.

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After a 10 hour trip back home, a minor cold, and some sleep, the 'vees have reunited!

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Lastly! I updated my sales a bit. I've got some pieces of my collection I didn't want in there, and ESPECIALLY now, anything in my sales post is up for trade for Lati@s and 'vees! I can even do some pretty sweet traditional custom art for stuff, and you can find my examples in my journal.

Click the banner above or here to go to my sales post!

Thank you so so much if you read all of this, and have a great day! ( o w<)7 ~*

MASSIVE Gets post, collection update, and wants list update

Hey everyone so thanks to the oh so wonderful Digi and Swampeh i have a huuuuuge gets post to share with you all.. thanks again to Digi who hosted the GA and packed my metals so carefully, and thanks again to Swampeh for co-hosting :)

Gets! I've put them in national dex order.. here's the list of them, with notes on a few extra special ones

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Collection Update.. here is my entire metal collection so far (minus Cleffa and 3 Goletts cuz they have fallen behind my desk).. since there are so many I will just list the pokemon followed by the colors I have them in

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Wants- any metal figures that arent on that list.. even if it's pokemon I already have im still want to get all the colors

Short Introduction and Wants

Hello everyone! I'm very new to the community (I got accepted into it this morning lol), and to Pokemon collecting in general. I figured I'd introduce myself and see if anyone could help me find the things I'm looking for. I don't know much about rarity except that the older ones are obviously rarer (for instance, I literally found one listing for an Altaria Poke Doll after like 3 hours of searching online).

Notes: MWT is appreciated, but not necessary. TTO is perfectly fine.
* = Highest priority

Without further ado, here are my wants:
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I can't wait to start expanding my collection!