July 16th, 2015

Pkmn Megabloks!

Hello everyone! Simple wants post tonight, I've been looking for the Honchkrow Megablok piece for a while now and would love some help finding it! If you've seen it or would be willing to sell it to me, I would appreciate any help. :) Thanks again!

Bow-wow -wow auctions!

Hello, I'd like to offer a handful of simple auctions today.

Growlithe Canvas, MWT
Please click to enlarge and inspect the plush and tag.
He starts at $40 and bidding ends when there have been 24hrs without any further bids.

Tomy Absol 6" action figure
There is a small dark mark on the head, please enlarge and see photos. I have not tried to remove it, I suspect it would magic erase.
She starts at $40 and bidding ends when there have been 24hrs without any further bids.
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Pokemon Time Growlithe - MWT
He starts at $40 and bidding ends when there have been 24hrs without any further bids.

Spinda button plush
He starts at $20 and bidding ends when there have been 24hrs without any further bids.

Sales rules:
- My Mum and I ship from the UK, from a pet and smoke free home
- Shipping for these items would be $7.50 international or £2.80 in the UK
- All items are shipped with high levels of protection and packages sealed to a professional standard
- Sales permission granted in June 2011 by Dakajojo
- My feedback is here
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Pokemon Tins

Hey everyone, just a quick question. Does anyone collect pokemon center tins, or know a search term to find them on Y!J? (I tried google translating "tin" but it didn't work)

I was just looking at my tin from Mega Tokyo this morning and admiring it. It's not like I'm going to start a tin collection *cough*.

On second thought, those cookies are delicious, and I need an excuse to keep stock of them.

Pokedoll Cleaning Help!

Yesterday I noticed a stain on my Cubchoo pokedoll so I decided to try to clean it. I followed the plush cleaning guide on the comm and it totally messed up the minky and didn't get the stain out. Instead of being soft and fluffy, it feels smooth and a little greasy. I thought it was because of the soap I used, but I washed it out last night and this morning it still feels the same.

So what can I do to fix this? I don't want my precious pokedoll to be greasy forever. ;-;
Yakitate!! Japan - o.o
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McD eBay Lots + Sales!

So how about that Prime Amazon day folks lol. I think it's funny I saw some people were expecting Pokemon stuff to be on sale... yeahhh I wasn't expecting much considering Amazon's history of lightning deals is rarely ever stuff I'm interested in. xD I had slight hopes that Amazon would think more out of the box besides discounting egad expensive jewelry or junk you could find in some random person's attic... but yeah didn't really happen. I did however effectively whittle down $125 of household cleaning stuff down to less than half thanks to stacked promotions, pffft XD I stopped looking after the afternoon but the only Pokemon thing I saw in the deals was still overpriced lulz (especially considering there's additional tax for online shopping in California)

On news! I've put up a couple large Pokemon McD toy lots for super cheap on eBay~ Click the images to go~

Pikachu main:

And sales plug!

Preview of new items (I've got quite a few Sylveon Pokemon Time shirts and other Eeveelu Time items!):

Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )

I've got Bandai Kids to look up for one person which I hope to get to tonight, and still lots to sort through in general XD;;;

Help with Entei's bathtime!

As some of you may have seen, I recently obtained my grail of the giant Entei plush. However, his feet are very dirty, with some dirt on the cloud!
I have my detergent to wash him ready, but here's my question:
He has some sort of firm layer of material at the base of his feet and I am scared that this may be cardboard. If I soak his feet, will the cardboard become weak and rot? Is cardboard used in the feet of these plush or is it a plastic? If I use a toothbrush to scrub the fur, will it damage the texture of the fur or thin it out?

Thanks everyone! I scrubbed him down with a toothbrush and it seems to have worked great! Now my second question...

Where does Entei's tag sit? Does anyone have a photo of an Entei mint with tag? I am trying to work out where it actually sits on him~

Looking for some posters!!

I've been wanting to decorate my room with Pokemon posters, and I have quite a few up but my walls are still feeling a bit empty. So, I was wondering, does anyone have any Pokemon posters for sale?? I'd prefer ones from 2nd, 4th, 5th, or 6th gen but any is fine. I'd like to see pictures (Just to see if I already have it) and also I'd like to know the measurements if possible (Or at least know if it's a big, medium, or small poster because I'm not sure how much room I'd have for it depending on the size) The main one I'm looking for is this one:

I'm also looking for a Victini or Jirachi movie poster, since those are two of my favorite Pokemon. If anyone has any posters to sell that'd be great!! :D
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Ultimate Daisuki Grail and Best Latios custom evarrr

finally I get a chance to make this post c:
Today I get to show off two absolutely amazing items!
One of my ultimate grails The Daisuki DX Shaymin Pokedoll I won from mellow_candy and an absolutely gorgeous custom Latios I commissioned from LRK-Creations .

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On another note I was also granted sales permission :D but I have nothing to sell xD hopefully in the near future I'll have some things to sell here ^^

Thank for reading

You can check out my collection site here c:

July Modpost - Sidebar Updates / Rule Reminders / Banner Contest!

Hello everyone! It's modpost time again, I'm sure you've seen pkmnmod busy at work earlier today moving pages. We've been trying to migrate the rest of the pages hosted offsite to LJ posts, except those that need to be hosted offsite. We also have some changes to chat about as well as reminders and information about the long awaited BANNER CONTEST! So lets get this show started.

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