July 18th, 2015

Help me figure out my Tomy hyper/super/DX lists!

Hey everyone! I've been sorting out a lot of my wants around my various collections, trying to clean it all up lately. Anyways, there's two lists that I want to make sure I have completed with what currently exists out there, so any tips can help :)

First of my list, is what is entirely in the Tomy DX/sofubi/vinyl collection. I had help years ago with this, but wanted to see if I missed anything, or if anything new was discovered (since the Latios/Latias pair for example is SO rare barely anyone knows they exist, let alone owns them!) I think more are planned at least for ORAS, but I can't remember which. Also, I know a few Mega "vinyl" figures were made, but I feel like those were their own min iset since they look SO different in comparison to the rest (and I'm personally just not a fan of them >_>)

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Next, is the Tomy super/hyper-sized figures. Currently I own every one that has come out from Tomy International, so this list is more of a "which of these has NOT had an Int. figure made?" and if I'm missing any that are yet to come:
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Thansk for any help you can contribute^^

Very Small Re-Intro and Collections :)


It been a long while since I have posted... haha.

Im Arisamon or Just Arisa. Im Primerally a Latios collector but I have some other small collection that i wanted to introduce here :). I just started these 3 collections this year so...they are still growing. Oh and i also got some new exciting Latios gets but i didnt get them in the mail yet... so I will be posting those later.. >.>

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Whelp. and theres that. my tiny collections. :)

Froslass and Winona Collection Wants

Hello again friends! Today I'm looking to expand my Froslass collection. I feel like she's a bit under loved in my collection. (Maybe I need to stop buying Jirachi things...) I have many of the figures, maybe all of them, so I'm looking for a minty Froslass kid, clear kid, dex and kokeshi charms, and any flats I don't own. My Froslass kid is a bit banged up from her previous owner...

What I own so far:

Not pictured: Froslass Banpresto plush (in storage), Froslass kid figure (in storage), and Trozei sticker (recent purchase)

I'm also looking for Winona things! She's by far my favorite gym leader, but she doesn't have much merch. I'm looking for ANYTHING with her on it. I have her metal keychain from the male and female gym leaders promo, English and Japanese versions of her trainer card from Roaring Skies, English reverse holo trainer card, English full art card, a wonderful custom, and her bookmark.

Specific things I know that feature Winona that I'm missing:
Hoenn Clearfile
Japanese full art
Reverse holo Japanese trainer card
Gym badge card:

I think that's it for current wants. I will always appreciate how helpful you all are when it comes to finding collection items. <3

Card sales/trades here
Mystery waps here
Commissions are open
(sales permission granted on March 21, 2015 by areica96)

New kuttari line plushes coming!

Hi guys! Long time no post!

Since I didn't saw someone posting it yet I'll do it :D Just saw this in a group on facebook and thought it'd be interesting. Guess they'll come out with the other Slowpoke stuff on August 10, ha!

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Can't wait to get those Slowpokes! <3 Hopefully they will do more of them, I really want to see a kuttari Bulbasaur.

Happy collecting <3
LJ Latias Icon

First Get From The Community!

Hello everyone~ So after a long night where I stayed up WAY too late and had a misbehaving dog to take care of, I woke up really exhausted and regretful for staying up till like 4 AM. But as soon as I woke up (really late as well) I was surprised to get a package! It not only contains a plush I've been wanting for over 2 years, but it's also my first get from this community!!

So previously I posted my first wants list, and I want to say thank you to all that offered their merch to me, I'll be sure to keep you all in mind! Because of that, I was able to get one major priority plush into my possession! As the first purchase from someone here, I was really happy with the result! I'll be sure to buy from you guys more often~ ^^

Anywho, I have pocketofmonstrs to thank for selling him to me! I'll be sure to leave you feedback after I post this, and I would greatly appreciate it if you did the same for me ^^ Without further ado, I present this bad boy~

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Mega Stone gets <3 + auctions :)

Good afternoon community! :D

I got a package today! :D What could it beeeee??

Lets take a look xD

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I little reminder: I have still som TFG's for sale! <3
Sales link: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/19723591.html
Old sales: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/19666605.html

Thanks guys for reading and looking!

my wants
collection site

Do not comment until all threads are up!
Happy bidding :)
Bellossom Lotad &amp; Skitty

Repainting figure tips?

Hey, guys. ~
So, I've fallen in love with Shiny Bellossom's overall color scheme and adorableness..and I kinda sorta want to collect Bellossom..but I like shiny Bellossom more.
So, I took it upon myself to paint shiny Bellossom. She IS very much so part of my collection. <3

I started with a Celebi and a Buneary. The Celebi was kinda shakey, the Buneary was better, and I think Bellossom's the best out of the batch.

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Does anyone have any other Bellossom figures for sale? :3
Shipping would be to 34731 US.
Hikari and Eevee

Sami's Sales: Grand Reopening!!

Hi guys! I'm really excited today because not only am I collecting again (I have a post about a VERY special custom plush coming up!) but I'm reopening my store! :) Life has been hectic and I appreciate the patience of those of you who had to wait a bit longer than normal during my last sales. Things have improved greatly for me, I'm in a new city, and I have way more space to work with (which means better organization and faster response times).

First off, I'm holding some auctions to celebrate. I have a rare Dragonite plush, a couple of mugs, and a Year of the Dragon clearfile for auction HERE. Auctions end July 26th at 5pm CST, there is a timer on my page.

mascot dragonite.jpgtrozei mug 2.jpg

I have also added tons of new items to my general store stock. Plush, kid figures, zukan, keychains...there's probably something for everyone here :).

Sales Preview:


Sales are here: http://samisales.livejournal.com/1290.html

sales!!! (lots of auctions)

Hey, all! I've got a REALLY exciting get to show you all, but it's been stormy lately and I haven't been able to get nice pictures. Soon, though!! :o

For today, I've got lots of auctions! I'm going to moving in less than a month, and have no idea what most of these items are worth, so low starting prices and auctions it is! xD These auctions include lots of plush, TFG figures, zukans, etc... and lots of FIRE birds :3

but I do have ONE item for straight sale!

for $18.45 SHIPPED (in the US) I'm selling this giant Eevee wall cling / graphic that I claimed from the GB I hosted! Didn't realize just how big these would be, and decided to just keep Flareon instead of crowding my wall with both of them lol.

Things to remember...
denkimouse gave me sales permission in August / September 2010
feedback link is http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/kriscarmi/
I ship from the US and I WILL ship internationally! :)
I'm not responsible for items getting lost in the mail.
                >>> if the extra $$$ for tracking makes you more comfortable with shipping, let me know!
 Please include username and item(s) when sending payment.
 Items will only be held when asked or when you've stated that you're committed.
 Prices are in USD and do not include shipping and handling unless specified.
I only accept payment through Paypal.


countdown is >>> HERE <<<

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Update and some tiny sales

Hey guys I finally got off my lazy butt to do an update! I've been super busy as always, I went to a con and got some cool things and with all this awesome new merch I've gotten quite a few things. (My poor wallet though, and it just won't stop!)

Anyway come see!

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Also I have some sales since I've been spending a little bit of money!

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Plush, Latios, custom, pokemon

Want to buy and User pic change

Changed my user pic c:

I'm looking to buy the following items:
PC Unbound Hoopa, Kuttari Eevee, Kuttari Jolteon, PC Vulpix, PC Ninetales. I'd prefereably like to buy all the pokemon center items from one user so if anyone is doing pickups or knows somewhere selling all of these items that would be awesome :) thanks!


art trades, grail get, seeking applause & collection site


Back with more art, time to share <3

Also, a grail get and an update to my collection site.

First up, watabi!

I received this as a just because gift, thank you so much <3

I love every single one!

Close ups under the cut,

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Next up, spritzzie

I adore all of their expressions <3 ^^ Super cute, thank you so so much!

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Last on the art part, mercurrix

I love how different each one is and how unique they are from one another.

I am not sure which one I like most, but I really enjoyed the eerie twist. <3

Close ups,

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First on my gets is the most darling commissioned piece by poliwhirl <333

This cookie is just the absolute cutest!!! It is so perfect!! <333

She did such an amazing job capturing the actual cookie from Pikachu's Winter Vacation, I just LOVE it!! ^^ <333

Here is the scene that inspired this beautiful piece <333

Onto my newest applause gets & my applause GRAIL <3333

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And finally, the end of my post, my collection website.

Finally put some time into it so if you're bored, by all means, take a look ^^


I am also in search of the last 11 applause plushes I need to complete my collection.

If you have them for sale, let me know. I am on a mission to complete this set after finding the elusive Gastly. Oh, Zapdos will I ever find you??

Here is who is left on my search list:

Thank you to those who read this entire post, and again, sorry for so much all in one post <333

Temporarily Re-Opening Pokemon Kids Mega Store

Hey everybody!

I had previously made a post about my upcoming project of opening a webstore for the entire community to be able to find Pokemon Kids figures at reasonable prices and in good condition! Well, unfortuntely I am short of some funding and will need to earn a little more in order to bring this to you guys :)


That's right guys, I am planning to open the brand new store in August, and hopefully with the money from these sales I can make it a reality :)

Below is the link to my current "Dormant" Sales post. Feel free to look through it and I'll be responing to everybody as quickly as I can since I will be on the computer for the next 4 Hours or so working around with the new webstore!

Sales can be reached by clicking this Link Here OR by click either the sales banner or the preview below <3

Store Front

Thank you everybody for taking a look, and I hope to be able to fulfill all the orders and open the webstore as soon as possible :)

As always,
Jaydee here
Adorable Growlithe

3 Year Anniversary! + Re-introduction

Hello PKMNCollectors!

I haven't been around for quite a while now and that is because I've had some negative circumstances which has lead to me taking a break from the community for a while. More details can be found on my personal journal if you are curious.

However, I wasn't going to leave without FINALLY giving my well overdue collection update!

First of all, here's just a little bit about myself for all those members who haven't come across me before!

My name is Megan and I'm from a very remote part of England! I collect all of the puppy Pokemon, and have a side collection of the eeveelutions, my main collection focusing on Growlithe and Arcanine!
I have a huge interest in Japanese street fashions but one of my biggest hobbies is Pokemon collecting which I have loved from a very young age. The first Pokemon game I played was Pokemon Red so the original 151 Pokemon definitely hold the most nostalgia for me as well as being my favorites... Please don't turn your pokemon on me, I swear I love them all

Now that that's over, let's take a look at my main collection!

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So there we are, my full Arcanine and Growlithe collection in detail. A huge shout out to everyone who has contributed to my collection, I love you all to bits!

I will be going on hiatus for a while now, I may lurk around for a bit but I didn't want to disappear without giving a reason and my promised collection update. <3

Just in case anybody is interested, I will still be active on LJ itself so feel free to message me about my sales on my personal journal:


But for now,

Love and Pokéballs,

Megan (Pupstergirl) xx