July 20th, 2015


looking for: kokeshi, megatokyo, oops! and movie short merch

Hello everyone! Just a quick want post. When the Kokeshi, Oops!, 2014 movie and Megatokyo promos happened, I couldn't afford to get ALL the items in the promos, but had to stick just to a few. Now I would like to exand my collection a little.

I'm only interested in items that feature Hawlucha somewhere, here's a dropbox folder where I list everything I don't have yet:


I know some of these items can be found on Amazon JP but I thought I'd ask the community first for hopefully a cheaper deal, and also because some of them are out of stock everywhere!

Thanks for reading and happy collecting :)

Tiny Big Weeding Sales

Man I feel like it's been awhile since I posted! But trust me I've been reading all the wonderful entries you guys have been writing :) below I got some uncommon goods for sale!! My mom has been nagging me to get rid of some of this stuff so after a painful hour of deciding here's what I got:
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I was granted sales permission on 6-11-14 by allinia
I ship from the U.S. And am willing to ship to most international places, but I will have to ask for 2 payments, 1 for the item and 2 for the shipping 😁
I have 3 cats that are indoor/outdoor so the fur gets aired out
PayPal only im sorry :(

I feel like that's everything.... Since I'm nice I'll cover the PayPal fees :P

Btw if I offer anyone feedback please pm me ^^ I'll get on it!

I gots a huge collection update coming up stay tuned yo!!
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August Claims Updated

Hi all~

I know it's a bit aways from their release, but I've updated the August claims post with the Slowpoke items, the 2nd wave of Kuttari, and the new monthly Pikachu. I'm taking a trip at the end of August, so you cannot combine July claims with August claims, as I'd like to have as little to work with at the end of next month as possible. (And it's already going to be a lot!) Remember: anything for July, payment will be due ~August 1st. Anything for August will be due probably last week of August. The necklaces will also be due late August. And as much as I love new Pokecen merch, they need to slow down! XD

Mantyke + tea

Reminder! Over 1000 flats for sale and lots of rare auctions!

Hello there!
This is just a reminder of my sales and auctions that are going on for a little over 24 hours!


I have some really rare Pokedex clearfiles, Red and Green merch and others for auction!

new sales 1
Otherwise I have still thousands of flats for sale!! Tell me your Pokemon and I will search through them for you!

Please CLICK HERE or any of the pictures to go to the auctions and sales page! Thank you so much guys! :)

Last chance sales!

Hi all!

Still trying to find a home for this batch of TCG :) If I don't have any takers in the next couple of days they'll be heading to a charity shop.

Open to any offers!

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Card Lot, including EX and Full Art - WILL NOT SPLIT. I want these gone! - $25 OBO shipped anywhere.
Flann wit her buds.

sculpture getto daze! (+ updates to sales and GB shipments!)

A SUPER special sculpture made by lureche arrived last week, and since the weather finally cooperated, I got some photos of it!! :o

Ever since I stumbled upon the SSBWU Pyroar trophy image, I wanted to find a way to be able to actually OWN a trophy just like it. Just look how cute and great he looks! So proud and perfect and powerful and awesome...

...my dream has now become a reality!! I'm so thankful lureche took up this challenge, because she created the greatest fire lion sculpture I've ever seen! I don't think words can describe how pleased I am with the outcome... check it out under the cut below!!


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Now onto the not-as-exciting stuff. :3

All the EEVEELUTION WALL GRAPHICS from the GB I hosted have been shipped as of a few hours ago! Along with the few sales I made in my last post. They should all be arriving to you this week!

I also have an update to my auctions; a giant ZEKROM poster from the Black / White era! It was hung up at Gamestop near my house at the time Gen 5 games were released, and I've decided to just keep my Reshiram one (for obvious fire collecting reasons lol). It will end at the same time as all my others auctions (July 25th, 6 PM EST), which I will include a link to below!!

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Hope everyone had a great Monday! :3 And thanks for taking the time to read my post!


Hi Pokemonllectors!
Today i have finally recieved the last package i was waiting so it's unboxing time! Check the cuts for goodies galore :3
I totally got 4 XY7 Bandit Ring boxes,some spare cards plus an amazing Pretend Pikachu special box.
I didn't shot any pictures of the merch inside it because i'm lazy xD but basically you get a huge cardboard storage box, a special Pikachu deck case, special Pikachu sleeves, 5 XY7 booster packs and 2 AMAZING pretend Pikachu XYP cards.
Post your XY7 unboxing images, i'm curious about your pulls. :)
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Introduction + Wants :)

Hi, everyone! I just recently joined (like 3 days ago) and I've already spent all my free time browsing through the posts on this site trying to find what I want. But it's hard since there are so many posts to look through. I've already spent quite a bit of money already on a few things, with one or two purchases pending :P

I only started collecting last year when I first saw a Munchlax figure in my friend's apartment room next door and decided to buy myself a Groudon figure for Christmas (because why not?) Then having one figure soon led to having two, then three, then four, and so on...

I collect only figures and primarily dragon ones at that (because they're the best and the coolest looking). Not surprisingly, that path seems to be the popular one, considering how relatively quickly dragon Pokemon products tend to sell on here.

Anyway, now that my addiction has become full-blown, I have been searching for the following figures and was wondering if anyone was offering these for sale, preferably in good condition:

  • The following Lati@s figures: Jakks, TOMY posable

  • The following Dialga/Palkia figures: Jakks (the 7" ones), Banpresto UFO, DX Tomy (the fairly big vinyl ones)

  • The following clipping figures: Suicune, Garchomp, Manectric, Lugia, Skarmory

  • Pretty much all of the larger Lugia figures, the ones that are taller than 2" and love to get my hands on those.

  • The Suicune DX Tomy vinyl figure!!

  • Some of the Groudon posable figures and some of the more articulated ones

  • Probably some more Zekrom figures, including all the articulated ones I can get (I've bought 3 such ones already so far)

I'm also interested in the large Lucario Battle Heroes figure, one of which was sold on here about 3 months before I joined and the Zekrom lottery figure, though not as interested right now as the figures listed above (purely for financial reasons).

Finally, does anyone happen to know the identity of the Palkia figure in the back left? I want one!

I try to get figures that make these guys look as realistic as possible haha. That way, having these guys on my desk keeps me productive and in a good mood

If any of you or someone you know is offering any of these items for sale, could you hit me up? I would be eternally grateful if you did!

Thanks so much everyone! :)

*EDIT: Updating this list as I recall more of the figures that I'm trying to look for and obtain the ones I've gotten.


Hiya I recently joined this community <3 and well um bad with introductions X3 so I recently started collecting pokemon plush but sadly my favorite pokemon don't have plushes >.> so yep my favorites are
So yeah I am always looking for stuff relating to them or just any cute plush (especially a butterfree one I want one so much X3)
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Hey there :)

I still have some stuff in my house that I'd prefer to be gone.
But since I figured it might be hard to sell them, I thought why not ask for trades.

Have a look :)

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Now onto what I am looking for.
The Pokemon I'd like to trade include:
Bellsprout and Weepinbell, Omanyte, Charmander, Raichu, Hoothoot, Greninja, ...

Note: I am generally interested in any items of these Pokemon, so I might be interested also in items not specifically listed beneath. If you happen to have something of these Pokemon that you'd like to trade, please just let me know :)
I might also consider partial trades or if you are not interested in anything from my trades list, might buy smaller, not too expensive items. :)

Also: I am generally always looking for KID FIGURES, especially of gen1! I won't list them individually, but if you have a lot of Kid figures, just ask :)

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Want to buy: stickers!

Hi everyone! I recently bought a really nice folder to keep stickers in, thus starting my quest for stickers! :D willing to pay via PayPal or to trade! Here's my feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/Miss_minccino/

Shipping will be to London, UK.

So, here's what I'm looking for :3

pan stickers:


Any other stickers of these characters:


I really an interested in anything for the last list. So send me a picture of what you have and I'll get back to you. Thank you everyone!

Poochyena Figure Want and Gift Exchange?

Hey everyone :D
Good news, I FOUND WIFI. So before it goes away, I'm going to make a super quick wants post. Just an FYI, I won't be able to pay until Sunday or Monday!

ANY Poochyena figure in this position, the cheaper the better! Replies will be slow though, I'm in a hotel currently with very crappy internet.
Going along with that, I havent been ignoring the messages in my inbox, I promise I'll reply to them all :'D It may just take a little while, sorry about that <\3

Here's a quick link to my perler sales on esty as well :)
clicky1.jpgno title


Also, I'm wondering if anyone is interested in doing a gift exchange? I'm getting some cash soon so I thought a little non official comm exchange would be a fun summer activity ^^ I'd only be looking for a few people to do it with, but lemme know if anyone is interested <3

Thanks! (3 year anniversary is coming up in four days btw, woo 0w0)

Edit: Hey guys, thanks for all your interest in the exchange :D I originally was only looking for 1-3 people to do it with, but seeing the amount of interest I'm going to ask the mods if it's alright if I set up a small random matchup thing with you all. There would be a limit however, no more than 20 people, and I'd be looking to set myself up with 3 people. I'll reply to you all after I ask the mods :)

Edit 2: Still no update D: I'm gonna try contacting a mod directly, thanks for your patience ^^