July 26th, 2015

piplup ice cream want

Hey pokepals. :)
I'm looking for an ice cream piplup plush! Not sure what it's called or where it comes from, looks like a UFO? But I've seen pictures & I need the little guy! My bf and I have a thing for piplups & cotton candy ice cream / our 1 yr anniversary is coming up, so it's a must have! Howeverrrr I've arranged a payment plan for something else so I can't buy piplup right now. Bf wants to buy it anyway. So is it okay if my bf buys it from here? He isn't a pkmncollectors member! If this isn't allowed, I'll buy piplup as long as you can hold it for me until mid August. :) Just let me know! I do not want to break any rules!

No damage on piplup please. I don't know if I need a hang tag. I would have to see it first. I'd love to see a clear shot of its hang tag even if you aren't selling!
We'll spend up to $20 depending on its tags. Let me know if that's a fair price or not. Located in the U.S.

Please help me find this special piplup! Thank you!! <3

Summer Wonfest 2015-- Kotobukiya's Red Announced!

Hey everyone! So it has been announced at this year's summer Wonfest that Kotobukiya is making a scale figure of Red.

This photo isn't all that interesting (no prototype or illustration is being shown yet) and I personally can't read Japanese, but supposedly it says it all, haha:

Where I found this information: http://myfigurecollection.net/item/331724

MegaHouse's Jessie is already looking fabulous (kinda wished Arbok was included with her though...). I really hope James and Meowth are coming soon too as high quality figures.

From Japan not as described

Has anyone had this problem before when buying using from Japan? If so what was the outcome?

I recently got send some fake pokemoncards that were really expensive. (Play promos Espeon and umbreon) :( they are super rare so just be careful when it comes to rare items is my advice.

It turn out to be a Chinesse seller who opened multiple accounts when he was blocked.

I didn't contact FJ directly because I thought they wouldn't help or it's something they don't accept since they are just a service. I don't know what the right way to go about the case so I'm asking for some advice here in case someone has experience this.


I know some of these lil critters were in a previous post, but I wanted to show off the one they came with c:

I don't regret buying any of this weeeeee

(tiny, tiny) Preview:

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Also have another set of Meowth, Bunnelby, and Sylveon tomys, and Emolga pokecen plush not pictured and two emolga plush on their way :D

✿ Rare Plush Sales! ✿

Hello everyone!

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Anyways, i have already listed a bunch of really lovely plushes from my display in my sales! I've listed them all around the exact prices i paid myself for them, so they should all be fair. Please take a look! ~ I also edited the sales rules a little too, so please read them over! C: I'll be able to ship them out this week sometime after i buy some new bubble mailers!
Here is a preview! Click on it to see!
These are all listed AND MORE!

Also, i'm willing to do trades or partial trades for anything on my wants list, which i have edited here: (click to go!)

tinyzig1.jpgThank you all for looking! <3
~ A Sad Ziggy :c
Pokemon - Starters
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Squirtle auction reminder + New massive lot auction + Sales

Auction reminder! My Squirtle Lot is ending in 1 day! Don't miss out!

Btw if anyone in the comm is interested in BIN'ing Squirtle lot on LJ instead of eBay, I can bring it down to $110 shipped, let me know! :)

Also just put up a new cheap lot here for anyone interested~~

(Excuse the sideway pics, they're in correct orientation on the ebay listing lol)

And quick sales plug!

All of the Eeveelu friends plate/bowl/mug sets are in and looking for new homes!

Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )
Lucario Smash

Rayquaza TCG Tin Auction / Updated Cheap Sales

I've updated my sales to reflect my stock, and most things are $8 and under. I also changed the price of my pogs, they are all now $0.25 each or $0.50. Anything paid for today can be shipped out tomorrow.

I've finally finished my dotdotbuy tutorial. It's located here on my tumblr. I realize the font is kinda small, I suggest zooming in if you have trouble reading it, and I might host it elsewhere when I have time to move it.
I hope that this helps anyone who wishes to buy from Taobao. Just, y'know, use your best judgment.

I also have a quick auction for an old Gen 3 TCG Tin.
Click the cuts for more info!

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As always, I'm on the hunt for clear weavile kids, as well as the Absol Bandai action figure and the Sylveon/Weavile pan bread wrapper.

Thanks everyone :)

Antique Store Finds- Round 2!!! MIP thinkchips!!!

Hey everybody! :D
I've got an ENORMOUS gets post planned for the next week or so, but I had to share my finds!
A few months back, I went to an antique shop with my parents, and found a MWT Japanese Tomy chimchar plush (which i bought) in a stall, along with some thinkchips and Jakks plush.
I returned today, and was not disappointed!!!

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Thanks for reading! Have a happy Sunday everybody! :D

~ Ebon

Collection Update! Finally! + Gets and Wants

Hello everyone :)

I finally made new photos of my collection! But there are a few more things on the way to me, because I ordered some stuff the last time! I´m so much excited for my package from Sunyshore and OyatsuCafe! *_* <3
But I cannot wait to finally make an collection update, since I wanted to do this so long time ago. My collection growed a bit and I rearranged a bit in my room. My collection is pretty small but I love it anyway.
Next time I will do pics of my TCG collection, but it is still in progress so I prefer wanner wait until I have more cards.

I just wish to have more bug-pokemon so I´m open for any offer! <3
EDIT: I´m just interested in the bugs I collect: caterpie line, venonat line, surskid line, ledyba line, heracross.
I also have a new wants-list in my LJ: http://pikabulbachu.livejournal.com/5923.html

I would be happy if you visit it and look, maybe you can help me out :) Also, if you see it anyone, I would appreciate it if you tell me!

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Hope this wasn´t too boring xD Thanks everyone for looking and reading!
Feel free to comment anything you want!

wants post


hi everyone! here you can find all of my wants regarding my pokemon collection. if you see any of these items for sale (or are selling them) please let me know and i'll check them out! thanks a lot in advance <3

note: if any of these images are yours and you want me to take them down, please tell me and i will!

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that's all for now! i've also purchased some things from the community members and i'll make a get post when they all come in (probably mid/late august)

Sales Update and Pokemon Kids Mega Store Update + Name Contest

Hey everybody!

I've been hard at work with all the technical sides of opening the store, and I just wanted to let everybody know that packages are ready to ship! I will be aiming to ship them out on Tuesday :)

As for the store, I'm having a bit of a hard time picking a name for it, so I've decided to throw a contest! Everybody can throw out name suggestions to replace "Pokemon Kids Mega Store". If a name that pops up gets chosen, the winner will receive 20$ off the store once it opens :)

As usual, any purchase will go towards paying for the store's opening! So if you are looking for Kids figures, check out my current sales! :D

Sales can be reached by clicking this Link Here OR by click either the sales banner or the preview below <3

Store Front

Thank you everybody for taking a look, and I hope to be able to fulfill all the orders and open the webstore as soon as possible :)

As always,
Jaydee here

Sales and seeking one item~

Here is the Eevee tin I'm in search of. I recently lost out on this baby on an auction; so if anyone has one for sale let me know~ I am hoping for around $20 shipped.

I have one more item I am waiting for to arrive and then I'll be able to get it them shipped out so I cannot wait; that Eevee coin purse is calling for my tote bag. lol.

I have added a couple of more amphy/Dragonite/Houndour items in my sales, go check them out?

Just click the picture above to be transported to my sales post :)
I was granted sales permission by: entirelycliched on 8/7/2013.
My feedback is located: HERE
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Special 25% Discount on All Sales~

I need to clear some stuff out before I can add my next lot of items to my sales so for the next 24 hours, I will be offering a 25% discount on all items that I have for sale. That's right! All items listed in the sales threads of this post are fair game. Before you see what's available, please review the rules for this special sale. I will be heading to the post office tomorrow so any payments I receive between now and tomorrow morning will guarantee your package shipped out on Monday (unless you're ordering something that requires oversized envelopes).

(For those who have sent me messages and are awaiting my reply, my apologies. I will respond to you all as soon as I can.)

I know discounts are exciting and everything, but seriously, read the rules.

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info needed!

Does anyone have any info about these pika plush?

iiiiiiii don't know japanese at all but i'm guessing they are part of a lottery?
and probably be really hard to get? ;-;
any info is appreciated!