July 27th, 2015

Almost Got That Grail

So, for a while, I have been after the Whiscash plush. Probably haven't been searching as hard as I could, but the only one I had seen was $150 on Ebay, which is way out of my range.

A few weeks ago, I was at a big comic convention. My favorite part of those is always seeing what people have for sale. Unfortunately, for the most part, it was just the standard common ones that everybody else has. It was beginning to look like everybody was just going to have the same stuff, and then, out of nowhere, I came across a Whiscash plush. After freaking out for a bit, I asked the guy how much he wanted. I was hoping it might have been one of those "great deal" situations. But, he must have known how rare it was, because he said $100. I told him I would think about things and get back to him.

As I walked around, I debated a counter offer to present. I was hoping to offer $50, and maybe meet at some kind of middle ground. I finally made my way back there, and actually examined the Whiscash closely. That's when I noticed it had multiple imperfections, including a nasty dirt spot, and some big thread coming undone. I asked what he could do, given the condition, and was told "maybe" $95. At this point, I thanked him and walked away.

What do you think? Right call? Are there any available, and if so, what do they normally go for these days? Would really love to get one in my life.

I also really need to get my first sales post up. Need to stop being lazy with that.

Thanks everyone :)
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Trades/Sales reminder + wants (will also consider buying)

Hey guys,

As far as I have gathered from the rules, one reminde for sales/trades is allowed. If anything of this is against the rules, please let me know though!

I still have a few things for trade / or sale!
Including: Umbreon I <3 Eevee DX plush, Vaporeon I <3 Eevee sitting plush, Helioptile PC plush

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I'm interested in the following Pokemon:

and others!

+ Kid figures of all sorts! Just show me what you got!

I'd especially like to fill my collection spaces with cute Bellsprouts, Weepinbells and Venomoths, so please help me obtain these cuties :>

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Please note: I got some money recently, so I will potentially also be interested in BUYING some of these things! :)

Thanks everyone!

Selling Collections (Abra line, Tentacool line!)

Recieved sales permission: 19 October 2013 by entirelyclinched
My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/kadabraluci/

I will only ship in the US.
I accept only PayPal and you must pay within 24 hours.
No holds, unless you plan on paying part of the price to hold it.

I'll be tossing in a lot of free stuff with these purchases.

My camera has been acting super bad lately @_@
Also, its been so long since I've collected Ive forgotten what half these things are called.

Arranged from Lowest to Highest:

Tentacool lot: $20 shipped
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Abra line: $35 shipped!
(Abra card in the display has been sold separately!)
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✿ Retsuden Stamp Auction! Updated Sales! ✿

Hello everyone! <3

Today i received a lot of random stuff hoping that there would be a hidden zigzagoon or linoone stamp, but there wasn't! I did however get a ton of other cool stamps! I'm putting them all up for auction here!
The only automatic buyout for one of these auctioned stamps is either a zigzagoon or linoone stamp! If you have one of these stamps to trade, you will get to chose any stamp from my auction, and the bidding for that stamp will end. C:

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I have also finished updating my sales post! Almost my entire collection is listed, except for some random things i couldn't let go of. Please check it out! A lot of rare items are lurking around here! Including tons of plush, random toys, and even my furret line and swirlix line collections!
Please click to see~

tinyzig1.jpg Thank you all for looking!
~Miss Zigs <3 C:

Classes are starting..... Books are $$$$........ So sales! (And a question)

I hope I'm not posting my sales again too early! It's been a little over a month, and it's long off the front page, but I don't want to be bothersome. >.<

But classes are starting again soon, and I've calculated what my books and parking pass are going to cost and it's not pretty. X__X So I cut the prices on some things and added a couple of new items, as well as one tentative sale. Have a look!

Pkmn Sales Banner

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Also, I'll be doing a collection update once some packages I'm expecting arrive!! :D

Anyway, that is it for now. Thank you for looking!


Weeding sales!

This is actually the first time that I took a long hard look at my collection and made some cuts. So I have some stuff from my personal collection for sale, as well as my regular sales. If I sell some stuff I'll make a wants post in a week or two ^_^


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~3 Year Anniversary! Re-intro, Collection Pics, and a Question~

Hey guys! I'm back from my trip now, and can make a post for my three year anniversary <3
First, I'm gonna get a few quick things out of the way:
*Can anyone else not use the "next" button in there inbox? Mine isn't working, which is really not great because I can't reply to a lot of people without it...
*12 more orders are going out this week! I might not be able to give shipping notifications depending on whether or not my inbox will be working, but keep that in mind :D
*If you got your order and have not let me know yet, please comment here or leave feedback. I've had packages gone missing lately and would like to confirm that everything else arrived safely ;w;

Okay, with that out of the way, here's my re-intro! It's been a whole year since my last one :D

My name is Rachel, and I have been an avid Pokemon fan since I was 6 years old. My first Pokemon was a talking hasbro Pikachu plush, who is still my most special plush in my collection. I am going to be a senior in highschool next year (almost 17, holy crap 0_0), and Pokemon has been in my life all through my schooling. As I grew older, I lost my title of "that pokemon chick" (not amongst friends though xD), and I seriously doubt most people know how much I still love it nowadays. That being said, it's something that will never leave my life, even if it's something that I have to keep somewhat hidden xD

When I was younger, the Pokemon anime was how I got my knowledge about all things Pokemon. In middle school I got a DS lite (my first gaming system) and since Platinum I have been playing all the Pokemon games and keeping my favorite ones.

Although I have always had a very large figure/plush collection, I think since the time that I joined the comm it at least doubled. I was never one to collect certain Pokemon, it's just too boring for me. I like colorful variety, and I now have a plush or figure representation of most of my favorite Pokemon. Since I've more or less reached my goal of having all the official merch I want, I have started buying customs more and more as of late. When it comes to customs, I do tend to focus on specific Pokemon more, which are Sceptile, Bayleef, Espeon, Mightyena line, Houndoom line, Whimsicott, Phantump, Celebi, Lati@s, Masquerain, and Furret.

About a year and a half ago, I decided that I wanted to try out making perler sprites to give myself some extra funds. I have since then created a small business, and have become a proud owner of an etsy store! I usually love making these things, and have made so many loyal customers and friends through my sales. Thanks for all the support you guys <3

I think that just about covers it! You guys have no idea how much I love this place, and a shoutout to the mods that have done such a wonderful job running it ;A;

I don't have full collection pics this year, because my summer turned out being SUPER busy. I feel like as soon as I get back from one trip I'm gone again xD That being said, I do have pictures of my main plush setup! The rest is in boxes under my bed, and my figures and some flats are not shown.

no titlecollection2.png

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Here are some perler sales to end this post :) Thanks for looking!

clicky1.jpggrovyle sprite.jpg


shipping update and MORE SALES!!!

Hi, all! The auctions that ended on Saturday (and were promptly paid for) have been SHIPPED as of a couple hours ago :3

Today, I bring more to sell, and lots that have been combined!

Things to remember...

denkimouse gave me sales permission in August / September 2010
feedback link is http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/kriscarmi/
I ship from the US and I WILL ship internationally! :)
I'm not responsible for items getting lost in the mail.
        >>> if the extra $$$ for insurance makes you more comfortable with shipping, let me know!
 Please include username and item(s) when sending payment.
 Items will only be held when asked or when you've stated that you're committed.
 Prices are in USD and do not include shipping and handling unless specified.
I only accept payment through Paypal.



aaand will probably end even earlier because I am ready to accept pretty much any sort of offer at this point. I'm moving in just a couple of weeks now, so these things have got to go!

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So, that's all for today! I hope to get all of this shipped out by Friday, if not sooner. Let me know if you have any questions! <3

mochi, mochi, mochi!

hey everyone! a few times in the community, i've seen people post and talk about the custom mochi pokemon plushes they've gotten from dawn of the thread studios on etsy/their personal site. i've ordered a wooper before, and i just now ordered a dunsparce and slurpuff!

but the point of this post is, i wanna see everyone's mochis, mostly because i'm curious and i like to see what people have. feel free to remove this if it conflicts with any sort of rule!

to start off, here's my wooper.

isn't he precious?!

show me those mochis!

A couple of Tomy questions

Hey collectors, it's been a long time since I've been here. I've taken a small break from collecting, and I've been out of touch with the latest releases. I was surprised to see that Tomy released the PokeCen Mega Garchomp and Lucario in stores. Anyways, my question is, are there any differences between the Tomy M-Garchomp and the PokeCen one? From the looks of it, it seems like the fabric is a little softer on the PokeCen version, but that might just be me.

Another question, is there any word on the Hoenn line that was supposed to be released? I remember seeing something at Toyfair this year with Groudon and Kyogre figures, and I have yet to see any more on that.

That's all. Now that it's summer, I've been taking time to catch up with the newest merch in Japan, and I've been absolutely ecstatic.

Sales Post!

Hey everyone, now that I have my display case up (collection update soon!), I've realized I don't have as much room as I wish I did ^^* I'm trying to stay more focused with my collecting, and need to downsize, which means collection weeding sales!

I have a few random and interesting stuff here, metal coasters, pouches, pens, as well as kids and straps!

Please check it out! <3
Check out the mini preview, and click that or click here to go to my sales!
Bulbasaur&#39;s pumpkaboo

Fuzzy Mew!

Hey guys! Just a quick question here cause I can't find her on Ebay, but how much does the fuzzy Mew plush go for? Thank you!

(Image not mine, if it's yours and you would like it taken down let me know!)
Thanks everyone! I hope y'all are having a good night/morning/afternoon :)

Please help! US or Canadian middleman needed!

Dear community members!
I would really like to participate in ckoizumi´s auction, but unfortunately they don´t ship to Germany.  Soo I REALLY need your help, guys (and would love you forever :D) Is somebody from the US or Canada willing to be a middleman for me and ship the item (if I win it,haha) to Germany? A little Thank you is provided naturally! Thank you so much in advance and have a great day/night <3 
mareep, flaaffy

One Year of Collecting!

My first anniversary on the comm is sometime this week so I thought I'd give you guys a collection update and a re-intro.

My name is Rebecca. I'm 18 years old and from the great white north (ie. Canada, but the weather we've been having says otherwise). Pokemon has been a part of my life since before I can remember. My cousins introduced me to it when I was 3 and although my interest in this franchise has wavered over the years, I always come back.

One of my greatest regrets was my tween I'm-too-old-for-pokemon-and-I'm-all-grown-up-now stage where I got rid of ALL my cards, and most of my plush. Thank goodness I kept all my TOMY figures and simply shoved them in the basement.

But sometime last year, I came back to pokemon. The nostalgia is comforting. The fact that pokemon is a sort of a constant in my life that is always there in some small way. As excited as I am to go to university and get ready to do big girl things, my love of pokemon has never been stronger, it's a way of reminding me it's okay to still be a child at heart.

One year ago give or take, my collection looked like this:

no title

Now hold that thought, and without further ado, I present a sneak peak of my most recent gets

...now who could those tails belong to?

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Sorry for the huge post, but its been a great year and I look forward to spending another one with this fantastic bunch on the comm. I was planning on a HUGE wants post and to start scouting for commissions, but July has been a crazy month of finds. Not just one, but two of what I would classify as grail items popped up within two weeks of each other. Add with all the new merch that launched on the 18th and I've spent more than enough on pokemon for one month XD

And now that I have two grails, I guess its time for me to start searching for bigger ones...like DX pokedoll sized ones O.O

(Photo found on google)

Finally sales plug. I've changed some prices. Hoping to get a few more sold before I leave for vacation in August
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