July 31st, 2015

New gets!

got 2 shipments today! one order from Sunyshore ( thank you so much!) and a order from Buyee.

also included my new sewing buddy ! i recently got him so i decided he could join in on the fun! new friends under the cut! ( i apologize about the background in my pictures lol its my work desk so glue, sewing machines, are in the back!)

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haunter morty library

Haunter Custom Get, Trades, and Updated Sales

I have a special custom get made by the talented pumpkaboo_patch.

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I also listed some of my plushes from my personal collection that I'm interested in trading for items on my wants list, so if you have a special fondness for some of the canines or legends I collect as well as have some stuff I'm looking for, come talk to me. Otherwise, I've added more goodies to both of my main sales posts including various FCS figures, banks, bags, towels, Pokemon Time Clearfiles, Amadas, and other things that I can't recall. :P Go check it out!

July Gets

I hope everyones been having an amazing summer.

I got quite a few packages this month, including most of the pokemon time eevee promo and the adorable Kuttari plush.

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I also have a quick question. I saw a tutorial posted on how to safely remove the little gems on the candy tins but I can't find it anywhere now. If someone has a link to it or could let me know how to I would be greatly appriciative!

Digimon Savers - Masaru Thinks About Men

Click-N-Ship Broken for anyone? + Auctions~

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In the meanwhile, quick eBay auction reminders and a new Meloetta lot! Click images to go to the listings~

Meloetta lot

My Squirtle lot is still available as well!

Again if anyone on the comm is interested in BIN'ing these outside of eBay, let me know and I can discount off the eBay fees! :)

and now inserting sales plug XD

Preview of new items:

Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )
Pikazard 3

Small quick sale

Greetings all I have a few ex and full art cards for sale so check them

1.Paypal only
2. I ship outside the US
3.I can hold up to 24 hours

Sales permission granted by denkimouse[Unknown LJ tag] in 2009

$5 each or take em all for $20
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Extreme want!

Hey everyone! There is only one figure I'm hunting around for and I was wondering if anyone had it for sale or knows where I can find it? It's Takara Tomy's DX Sofubi Vulpix. Currently my biggest Pokémon grail.

It is actually the only piece of Pokémon merchandise I am looking for right now. I know that it is rare and super expensive, but any help or suggestions would be appreciated since I am not the most experienced Pokémon collector. I already know that Yahoo Auctions Japan, Manadrake(?) and Ebay are possible options.

I just bought a DX Eevee for only $10 and I don't think I'll have that same luck for this one haha. Not a chance.

Thank you very much!

Big Groudon collection update

Long time no post but I was very busy moving out from home into my own flat! FINALLY =P

As for my beloved Groudons, I bought a showcase with 3 floors so that they are nicely displayed and save from dust.

Here is a preview:

If you like to take a closer look at the Groudon Party, just open the different cuts :D

*HINT*: You can click on any image to view them in full size! =)

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I am currently still waiting for my Legendary Cries items to arrive from Sunyshore =/

Thats it for my Groudon collection at the moment. If you have any questions or would like to see a better picture of something, tell me :)

End of the Summer Clearance Sales

since it's almost the end of the summer I figured I'd have my first clearance sale on a majority of the items in my sales post and adding a 6$ "purchase special" also offers/ bulk deals are welcome on items, I need clear out the pile of boxes of stuff for sale
click this or the banner to be transported to them
and to make this post a bit more interesting here's Raidos
 photo 1aced6d0-82e5-4442-a843-bc777ae53f75_zpsayky6anp.jpg
I also have a charzel
Young Justice Robin

Collection Update, Shipping/Claims Update

Good morning all! :D All of the Carnival Mascot plush were secured. They'll be arriving late August. If you missed out, feel free to place a claim for the next time I place an order (which will be next week, for the Monthly Pikachu and Slowpoke items!) I've also still got a few open slots on Espeon, and on most of the other 2nd wave Kuttari. My Master List has also been updated with a lot of older items. Some things, including the Ninetales plush, have come back in stock!

The first wave of July orders have arrived, although I'm still waiting on a second batch that will arrive early next week. You should start getting your totals today, and for those with items that haven't arrived yet, you will get your totals early next week. Thanks for your patience!

And now, for some big collection updates, brought to you by Sleepy Flareon.

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sales! slowly weeding my side collection

I've been thinking about this for a while, but I think I've gotten a bit too collection crazy. I keep buying items of Pokemon that I don't collect and random items that I think are cute. I'm spending too much money. And I'm also spending too much money on customs. Its crazy, and I need to stop.

So, I'm testing the waters of weeding my personal side/misc collections. I'm planning on selling one piece at a time so I don't make any mistakes and regret anything.

I was granted sales permission to my previous account, jodie_kathleen, on 19 September 2014 by entirelycliched.
Feedback for my previous account can be found here, and is also linked to on my feedback for my current account.

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I'm also going to leave my wants here in case someone has something they are willing to sell, or can point me in the right direction:

- Furret settei

- Green DP/HGSS Furret/Sentret dice

- Furret swing keychain

- Taiwan Furret mirage plush

PLEASE please please let me know if you have any of these for sale, or if you know where I can get them!

Also, does anyone happen to know who made this plush? I love it and I want it.

Thanks everyone!

✿ Rare Retsuden Stamp Auction Reminder! ✿

Hello friends! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

Winston and i are here to remind you all that my retsuden stamps auction ends in a few days! Some stamps don't even have bids yet! So get your silly noodle butts over there, and get these rare stamps! Including Latios, Metagross, Regice, Milotic, Vigoroth, Skitty, Bagon, Lairon, Minun, Crawdaunt, Walrien, Machop, Kirlia, and Whiscash! <3 C:

Click on the photo or here to be transported!~

Don't forget, there is also a trade buyout for any stamp of your choice if you have a zigzagoon or linoone stamp to trade for it!! :D

tinyzig1.jpg Thank you all for looking! <3

Trades Open :D

I finally did it :D I've compiled a ton of pictures with awesome stuff to trade c: I'm afraid I'm still waiting on sales permission so it's trades only atm!

I only have the first two gen cards uploaded but hopefully I'll get to the other gens soon~
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In other news, here are some awesome gets ;D
awesomely adorable pichu notebook <333 along with a pichu key holder and magnet :D
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Thanks for looking :D have a wonderful day/evening/etc! <3
female chu

Flashback Friday: Pokemon Symphony! Pokemon Musical goods? ♪🎶

As July is over, this past month was pretty awesome being able to go Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions concert near my area in San Jose! It was a great time hearing the selection of songs and meeting a few collectors from the community! I wish they had a special Maestro Pikachu plush to purchase. :/

Pikazard had an amazing time!

I am wondering if there are old promotions from the Pokemon Center Japan with a music theme or anything musical. I can only think of the new Pikachu and Friends Music Party Ichiban Kuji that was released recently, Pokemon With You Melody goods, and Spooky Party Halloween promo. Anything with musical notes, instruments, musical related, I'd like to see! Was there ever an official Poke Flute released?? Also, it would be cool if the Pokemon Center released music box figures similar the the Mega Tokyo one. XD

One day I'll need to get the Japanese Pokemon soundtracks. I have a CD from the Pokémon Reorchestrated fan group. But I'll like to build up a Pokemon musical goods related collection~

Pics under the cut include my large poster and t-shirt I purchased at the concert. Pokemon With You Melody plush, t-shirt, and memo pad.

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Hope you all get to attend the Pokemon Symphony soon and for there to be more wave of concerts with the 20th anniversary next year! ♫♫
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August Custom Sales!!!

Hey everybody!!!
After a few weeks to do a few customs for a trade, I have returned for my August round of customs!
New art ahead!!!

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(I may open more if there is more interest this time around!)

Thanks for reading!
Good Night everyone! :D
~ Ebon
P.S. I'm also looking to get a gaggle of figures repainted too in case anyone is interested in a trade ;)