August 1st, 2015

New Member!

Hey everyone! I'm Hammy, I was just approved very recently, but I've been keeping up with this community for some days. I'm not too sure how introduction posts usually go but anyway, I mostly focus on collecting figures but also have many Pokemon cards as well as a few plushes. I've played pokemon since before the first games came out in English (couldn't read a thing).

I've been looking into figures of arcanine, ninetales, ampharos, and volcarona however at the top of my wishlist is a Haxorus figure (it's one of my favorite pokemon but the figures are so hard to get!). I'm looking for the poseable figure that came in a set with Emboar and the Haxorus clipping figure, if anyone knows anyone that's selling it or is selling it themselves please let me know! Super excited to be a part of this community!!
Below are some pictures of my collection. Its not really saturated with stuff of the same pokemon. I've always liked variety. Anyway sorry for the bad pictures! Took these at night. Here are some of many figures I have, some are Tomy, some are Nintendo, and some I have no idea from where haha (please disregard the two dragon ball z figures). I still have more back in my hometown that I will show next time.

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Well that's is for now! Hope to get to know everyone better. Please let me know if anyone has any news about that Haxorus figure. Thank you for reading!

bootleg figures & newest applause addition

I feel like I have not posted in such a long time D:

Today I would like to show you some figures someone purchased for me. The horrible paint job and rough mold lead me to believe they are bootlegs, oh well. Anyways, I was hoping someone could post photos of the REAL ones of the same characters so I can see them.

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Onto the applause get! \(^O^)/

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Now I am seeking Abra, so, if you see one let me know! Looking to spend about $50. Will go a little higher if needed ^^

Hoenn pokedoll trio complete! :)

Today I received the last pokedoll I needed to complete my Hoenn starter evolution set! :) Here he is: Blaziken! :D

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So I think that's pretty much all the pokedolls I absolutely needed in my life! :) Japanese Absol is on the way, so the only ones I really need now are Altaria (who will have a special spot in my bluebird collection!) and speed Deoxys (to complete my Deoxys pokedoll set!) :)
Now for some quick wants! XD Below are my Articuno metal figure and my Articuno stamper! :)

Since I'm running out of merch to collect for this guy, I thought it would be awesome to try and collect all the different colour variations of these items! :) So for the stamper I'm looking for the pink and green base, and for the metal figure I need every other colour except gold (lol not actually sure how many there are! XD)! If you have these for sale please let me know! :) Or if you want to trade them I have quite a pile of stuff I've been saving up for when I get sales permission, so let me know what Pokemon you'd like and I'm sure we'll be able to work something out! ^-^
Also does anyone know what this is please?

It's an Articuno item on Y!J. I think it's made by Tomy but I don't know what it is lol! XD 

Part. 2 of my Japan Trip Sales~

Hello Everyone!

I am back with my last bit of new Pokemon Merchandise from my two month trip to Japan and Korea! This part 2 of my sales will include a lot of flats and a few other things such as figures and posters and misc. After this brand-new sales post and my auction is over, I will finally make my gets post from my trip and a collection post. This Sales post has many rare items so I hope everyone likes it!

Here is a preview of what will be sold in the Part 2 sales post:

Please click on any of the pictures or this link to transported!


Thank you so much for reading!

July 2015 Monthly Merch Roundup!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the second installment of Pkmncollectors Monthly Merch Roundups! As always, you are welcome to discuss, ask questions, and share!

Here's what happened in July:

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Here's what'll be coming out in August!

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As always, thanks for reading! Please feel free to ask questions, or share photos of anything that may not have been included in this post! (Or anything that only has stock photos!)

Again, thank you to kitzune for lending photos and information! Check out her blog at !

Intro (re-intro?) and wants!

Hey all! Today I figured it's finally time to show off my collection :D I used to be very active on this comm years ago, but am just now coming back. Somehow through years of lurking/being no the comm I never made a legit intro post, and never fully shower my collection. So today that's what i'm gonna do! I have slowed down over the past few years collecting wise, and I really need to get some figure displays, but I try to keep it all organized. My main collections/favorite pokemon are Jolteon, Raichu, Zorua/zoroark, and the cynda line! My other faves have to be poochyeena/mightyena, electrike/manectric, the garchomp line, gengar, and tyrunt!

I have four detolfs around my desk and a big shelf filled with plushies! I have a lot of 1:1 plush, and misc plush and figures in my closet and stored away not on display as well. Here's a look!

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Sorry it's so photo heavy! On the other hand, i'm searching for some specific items, as well as juts some general stuff. Feel free to post if you have anything i'm looking for, or know where I could get it.

Zorua I <3 gothic plush
glimmery zorua banpresto
ANY zorua or zoroark plush or figure I don't have
Zorua bath salt figure
jolteon friends plush
jolteon canvas plush
ANY jolteon plush or figure I don't have
ANY cyndaquil line plush or figure I don't have
Tyrunt large banpresto
Tyrunt MPC
Tyrunt tomy plush
ANY tyrunt plush or figure I don't have
Poochyeena banpresto plush
ANY mightyena/poochyeena plush or figure I don't have
ANY manectric/electrike plush or figure I don't have
Gourgeist PC plush
pumpkaboo mpc
ANY pumpkaboo or gourgeist plush or figure I don't have

Sorry for the lots of "ANY" in that, haha. It's been a long time since iv'e been on the comm and i'm just eager to get new merch!

What's this?

I know it's been a long time since I posted anything, but I didn't feel like posting for every small plush I got. Hopefully, I can show you my giant custom get very soon! Anyway, I was surprised when a package from Japan arrived today. I had to think for a while, what did I recently order? Well, not much, but I did order something back in February!

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Summer Sales

Hey guys long time no post for me. I have been having a clear out and decided to weed some of my non-dragon pokemon. It is very heartbreaking for me but many of my plush need new homes with people who will love it more than I do.

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Its also August, so... my4yr anniversary is coming up... I will post something special..

intro post and recent gets

hello everyone! i'm b and i've been a part of the community for a couple weeks now, but i've been lurking and buying until i felt i had gotten a good amount of items to do a gets post. i'll start by saying a bit about my collection.

i collect plushies for the most part, but also have some figures and cards from growing up. i don't really have a specific pokemon i like collecting, i just collect the plushies of the pokemon i like or if i like the design. some of my favorite pokemon are the froakie line, gengar, sylveon, and zygarde. i didn't have many plushies before joining the community, but now my collection has grown since making some purchases
here's a preview of my gets

they're a big family now!

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Help with my grails!

Hi! I was hoping someone might be able to help me with my two biggest grails at the moment. The first, and most important, is this Pokemon card!

Does anyone have this card? I would be so happy to buy it if so!!

And the second thing is the Pikachu football strip!

I want this so much but the only shirts I have managed to find are in a child's size. Did they even make these in adult sizes?? Apparently not! :(

Any help appreciated!
x Cat
Espurr, Pokemon 5

A couple of quick wants:

Was rearraning my stuff tonight and was stuck by the lack or minimal amounts I have for some of my favorite pokemon. In hopes of remedying that, I'm looking to see if anyone has any of the following for sale:

- Anything but the Zukan or the MPC sized I Love Ice Type plush

- Anything but the Buru Buru vibrating plush

- Anything but the USA released Tomy figure and the PokeKid

Espurr and Male Meowstic
- Anything Espurr but the Espurr Wanted plush with the pokepuff. Anything M!Meowstic but the pokedoll and the PokeKid.

- Any official plush of Joltik. I just need one, not picky about which.

Grails I'd love to get ahold of
- The floral print patchwork Minccino.
- Pokemon Time Furret Metal Tin
- The Musical Costume Emolga + Minccino tote bag
- The Braviary dot sprite charm


Kubek's Pernament Sales post! \(^(ェ)^)/

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my SALES POST! ^v^

LAST UPDATE: 26th August 2015

My main sales are grouped into few sections:
1. Plush/figures/straps etc.
2. Flats - stickers, postcards, cards etc.
3. Others - charms, sleeves etc.

This post is CTRL+F friendly! Feel free to use it!

Feel free to check my other sales and combine items:
Sales1 kopia.jpg
^Click on image or click HERE


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And now onto SALES! ^^
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Thanks for looking!
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