August 2nd, 2015

New things

I have received some new items in the mail and have updated my collection photos.

One of these new gets is the Pokemon Casio Camera that was released the day the Hiroshima Pokemon Center opened.

I also received some of my Pikachu Carnival items, which I have also uploaded on to my collection page.

I know a lot of you do not look at other links, but I just uploaded over 30 photos on my collection page, and I do not want to load all the pictures up here as well.

So here is the direct links to my new items if you guys want to see the pictures.

Hiroshima Pokemon Center

Pikachu Carnival

This is the main album page to the rest of my collection that I have cataloged so far. Tsuiling's Albums

I am still playing with the camera, but this is what I think....

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  • abegel

A little introduction and want list

Hi everyone! it's been a while since i've joined this community. and now it's time to make a little introduction! I'm pokemoncollector from thailand and you can call me abegel. my main collection are zukans. i've been collecting them for 2 years...and still long long way to go...these pics are my collection

Want list:: i'm looking for rse zukans that are not in this photo(all of them) if you have them...please pm me!!

Oh and i also have these rare cards from lottery promo. they are beautiful!

Us to Japan shipping


I have a question. So I had to send something to Japan and not after I already had shipped the item is that I found out that when you ship priority mail and send via small flat rate box or flat rate envelope it won't track... /:

Now I'm worried and paranoid! I paid $25.25 for priority only to find out it won't track after all... At least that's what it says online :-(

So my question is has anyone send to Japan using this shipping method? Mostly what I want to know is more or less in how long can I expect the item to be delivered );

Collection update :D and A little wants post

I get paid in two weeks on Saturday, but I'm really looking forward to expanding my Emolga collection futher than I have recently, here's a collection update:


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Also would like:
-Emolga tomy (for repaint so the condition doesn't matter as long as it's in one piece)
-Emolga Chupa fig
-Lucario bottlecap fig
-Banpresto Gallade plush (looking to buy it for around $8)
-Poptart Pichu (5x)
-Any emolga item that I don't have c:

Another release day, another surprise purchase

It's the release of these cute carnival mascots. Here's the two pikachu mascots and an imposter!

But my surprise purchase was actually these mechanical pencils (I am a sucker for stationary).

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They're designed so that it keeps the tip sharp as you write (a bit of problem if you're familiar with mechanical pencils) by rotating the lead a little bit every time you press down to write. There's a cool video here:

Moving to England Sales!!

Hi frands!
Some of you may remember the Leafeons and Tepigs Galore GA hosted by doryphish333 and dezi_kitsune. I’m the owner of all those leafy butts and fire pigs! The GA was not successful, which means that I'm selling off the items individually. I haven't been active since 2012, but I joined the community something like 5 years ago. My sales permission was granted by allina in 2012.

A Warning
I will be slow with quotes and such!

Please click the link below the picture to be taken to the sales!

Click Here:
POKEMON - Empoleon snowy
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rare figure auctions

Hi! I've got some rare figures up for auction, over on eBay. Check them out! Let me know if you want to do the sale via this community, instead of eBay.

Banpresto Zoroark Ichiban Wakuwaku lottery Figure

Pokemon DX TOMY sofubi Articuno

Pokemon DX TOMY sofubi Lugia


I was granted sales permission 20 July 2011 by dakajojo, and here is my feedback.
Bulbasaur's pumpkaboo

A cheaper wants post

Hi all :) I'm very tired now, so sorry for the lack of exclamation marks. But I'm looking for some cheaper items!

Looking for any ducklett/swanna figures and charms that I do not already have (I just have the two kid figures and one Christmas ducklett charm). I'm also looking for all non kid rotom figures, zukans and charms except for the colorless Chou figures. Lastly any sort of pumpkaboo/Gourgeist figure/charm!
Thanks all! Here's my full wants post too :)

Have a great rest of the day :)
by pikabulbachu

The 100 Pikachus of a "non" Pika collector mwahaha

I know I've posted not so long ago my July gets, but I received new ones on the very last days of the month and I had to share them with you :)

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Thank you for reading, I hope you liked this Pika post :3

You can see more pictures on my collection website o/

I also have a Fb page (don't hesitate to like and comment ^^):

Want: Pokemon Time tins

Hello! Today I am here with a wants post lol.

I'm looking for any & all Pokemon Time tins. I looked on eBay but I'd like to see what yall have for sale. <3 I'd appreciate pictures too, but that's not necessary of course.
I won't be able to send payment until next week, so if I'm interested in your tin...please hold it for me. :)

Multi-purpose post: My sculptures + need advice, Dragonite wants, and Sales!!!

Hey everyone! It has been awhile since I posted something non-sale related. Few weeks ago, I decided to try sculpting. At first, I decided to buy dollar store clay because I thought there is no point in using better clay for practice. This was my first sculpture before it started to crack and I had to scrap it:
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I have to admit, I am quite devastated that I couldn't complete this sculpture. I ended up buying more expensive clay to work on. This is my second sculpture:
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I need some advice:
I do plan on painting him but since I am still new to sculpting and have no idea what type of paint/brand I should use, technique in painting, how much layers, primers, and finish (gloss/matte). I used Craftsmart natural clay. For those that have experience with sculpting, can you give me step-by-step advice in how to complete the sculpture. Any help is appreciated :) Thank you in advance!!!

If anyone have any suggestions in what I should make next, please feel free to put it down in the comments :D~ I do plan to make more soon! However the Bulbasaur is NOT FOR SALE >.< sorry! He has a special place in my heart :)

I am still looking for a few more items to complete my dragonite collection, if anyone has anything I want below, please let me know!!!

Dragonite Clippy figures (3 versions):

Photo credit to gengareric

Poke-box Dog Keychains:

And the rest of my wants here: I am willing to buy, partial trade, or trade anything from my sales for them!!!


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Thanks for looking!!!

Two Dollar Drawings!

Hi guys ^^
I'm completely out of supplies for my perler sprite commissions, and am currently waiting for more to arrive. In the meantime, I thought I'd offer some little drawing commissions. Each one is only two dollars! I'm no artist when it comes to these, but I think they're equal value of the price :) I'll gladly trade too!

-I'll complete all drawing within two weeks
-Currently opening ten slots (hopefully one or two will be filled XD)
-They will be shipped in a regular envelope
-Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on Feb 19, 2013
-I may draw complex Pokemon in a chibi style
-Each additional is 2 dollars


DISCLAIMER: If you are trading with me and don't want to see your drawings, don't click!

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1. Whiscash
2. Umbreon + Jolteon
3. Shiny Poochyena + Shiny Houndour

Thanks for reading! Here is my store, I added in some new listings :)