August 3rd, 2015

Quick post! keldeo wants and shipping/feedback update

Alright, so I think I've left feedback for everyone that I received packages from. If you have not gotten feedback, please let me know!

Also, if you have bought from me packages will be shipped by Wednesday. Sorry if this is an inconvenience, I just won't be near the post office until then. Everything is packaged though, and ready to go :)

Last but not least, I'm thinking about getting the PC Keldeo plushes!

I'm pretty sure I don't have the funds for these guys yet, but I should soon and I haven't seen any for sale as of late so I thought I might as well ask if anyone was selling one of them :) I'd prefer the Resolute form as of now, but I eventually want to get both. Let me know! I'd really like to spend no more than $30 each if possible ^^

And, here is my wants list:

Thanks for looking :)

Auction reminder :)

Hi! just a reminder my auctions end this Thursday August 6th 5pm EST time. Click on the link below to be directed. Lowered the prices on a few things. Lot's of items still at their starting bid including the super rare Sylveon watch :) Cheers & Happy Bidding!


Link to auction below:

End of the summer Collection Weeding sales--everything must go!

Hi all,

Since the summer is coming to an end, I decided to make one more collection weeding sales post before school starts up. During the semester, I need to slow down a bit with checking the comm and other places, so here are some quick sales before I take a semi-hiatus.

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Of course anything here can be combined with items from my permanent sales post:

Thanks everyone xx
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Mudkip, Marshtomp, & Swampert Wants/Needs!!

Hey guys!
My collection has been coming along quite nicely, (yes I liek Mudkipz), and a big thanks to a handful of you who have been able to make it grow considerably these past few months!
No pictures to post as of now, I'm more of a perfectionist so I want it just right before I share with the community, but I promise I will! :)
I still need more things though before I do! If you have, or know anybody who has any of the following, please let me know!

-Shiny & Clear Figures
-Metal Figures
-Waps (Flat)
-Mystery Dungeon
-Wobbler Figure
-Retsuden Stamper
-Mega Blok
-Pez Dispenser
-Bobblehead Figure

*GRAIL* -TFG Next Quest Figure
-Shiny & Clear Figures
-Metal Figures
-Waps (Flat)
-Boinx (Flat)
-Retsuden Stamper
-Mega Blok
-Water Squirter

-Shiny & Clear Figures
-Metal Figures
-Retsuden Stamper
-Mega Blok
-Water Squirter
-Pencil Topper

Thank you all for looking and any help you may be able to offer.
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About 1000 Amadas + 3D/Lenticular Cards for sale!

I have quite a range of amadas from the Kanto region to the Unova region (and a couple of misc. stickers from Kalos) plus some 3D/Lenticular cards for sale. Before you click the image below to redirect you to the thread, here are some points that you should keep in mind.

- All the Amadas are listed at the top and the 3D cards are directly below them. Both are organized by region in Pokedex order for each respective region. All of the names are listed, so you can also use Ctrl + F to search if you're on a computer.
- About 15 sheets are wrinkled/has creases or has some other kind of damage (I have an extra Glittery Suicune that has a non-sticky corner) but thankfully I have multiples of most if not all of these damaged sheets. I will sell the best condition sheets first.
- The previous owner also marked a few sheets and some of the 3D cards (wrote the hiragana name of each Pokemon above the katakana). I tried to mark all that I saw, but please refer to the pictures in case I didn't catch something. You can click on each image to enlarge it as well.
- This is something I recently learned but you may or may not know this: Some sheets will have the same poses and/or the same background but they have different levels or have other subtle changes. I did not list anything twice except maybe one or two but I took note of them (Ex: holo Squirtle). I do have multiples of some though so ask about them if you noticed that someone committed to it before you.
- Shipping costs: I ship from the US and shipping domestically starts at $2.54 in a padded envelope with tracking. You would only pay for the cost of the stamp if you prefer normal envelope but you will not get tracking. My default shipping is normal envelope if you only order a few stickers, so be sure to specify. International shipping starts at $1.50 for flats.
- Feel free to combine with any other items in the same thread or with items from my other sales.

Camera update and Image offer

I think it has been 24 hrs since my last post... But I have been playing with the Pikachu Camera more and I figured out how to use the frames finally. It turns out the frames and the character images can be adjusted bigger and smaller on the photos. So I updated the pictures on my page to reflect how the frames should look.

Hiroshima Pokemon Items

I have also discovered that you don't have to take a picture with this camera to add an image to it. Take a look at this:

As you can see these are picture of my furbabies. :) This picture was not taken with this Casio camera. I took this picture a few months ago on my other camera.

Are any of you interested in adding Pokemon images to some of your pictures? :)

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Happy Klyde

Small WANT list

Hey guys,

Not use to doing all of this "want" post. There are still a couple of items I'm still looking for my main collection, if you have any of these items. Please let me know, prices will vary of course.

- Items consist of pokemons
* Snivy
* Latios
* Latias

*If I used your image and you don't want me to use it, please let me know.

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Any help would be much obliged, thank you. ^^

My next update would be when the September Pika comes ^^


moar weeding sales! wailord pokedoll and poketime straps :)

hey all! just here with a bit more weeding (trying to narrow it down to my mains)

(the "S" sticker in the tush tag!

TTO Wailord Pokedoll - $100 ON HOLD
I heart emoticon Marine Wailord MWT - $25
Pokemon Time Lapras strap - $30 SOLD
Pokemon Time Dragonair strap - $20 SOLD
Pokemon Time Milotic strap - $25 SOLD
MWT minky Glaceon Pokedoll - $20 SOLD
MWT Milotic Petit - $10
Jakks Axew plush - $10
Banpresto Espeon keychain - $12
MIP Vaporeon Pokebox charm - $12
Eevee & Meloetta Tomy figures - $5 each
Kyogre TFG - $10

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C&H Autumn
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ぬいぐるみのぬいぐるみゲット! (My PlushPlush gets!)

Hey collectors,

So if you were around at the end of June, you would've seen that I had a lot of rare plushies up for auction/offer/sale. I never gave a reason for that, which you may be curious to know why I suddenly culled quite a bit of my collection. Well, although the post title gave it away, let me show you just the kind of haul I got this past month.

DSC00229 copy.jpg

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What you're seeing is an update of my PlushPlush collection. I currently have 18/19 from the series, and always on the look out for them in better condition. Right now though, I just need Chikorita to complete my set. My latest additions include Meowth, Wobbuffet, Clefairy, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander, and Eevee. Those are all from the same seller on YJ who sold me my DX Phanpy Pokédoll a while back.

But that's not all folks. I've also received a bunch of sweet Pokédolls from the same seller yet again!

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Anyway, that's all I wanted to show you for now. I'll try to find more time to make an actual collection update in the coming days/weeks.
Until then, happy hunting and collecting to everyone else! I hope you have just as much luck finding your grails as I have finding these this past month.

- Chain

most fantabulous amazing stupendulous gets!!!

Hi! I had to share the most recent things I have bought -- I'm so happy to get them!

First, is this mysterious package!

What is it Yanma?!
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Oh my gosh, it's...

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I am sososo happy with Bidoof! I love him <3 And the next plush which I am unbelievably ecstatic with is....
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YES YES YES IT'S CORPHISH POKEDOLL!!! AAAAHHHMEGERSH!!! <3 <3 <3 I am so happy that Chain sold him to me on Livejournal. Thank youuuuu!

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And the other gorgous plushes I got are these!!

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Here they are all in a line! I love them alllll <3 I hope you enjoyed looking!

Sales and Pokemon Kids Mega Store Update

Hey everybody!

All packages have been shipped out on orders paid befopre Aug 1st :) Hope they all arrive soon for you guys!

As for the store, I have an extremely early layout of it that I'd like to share with all of you :)

The link below is an early build of the website, I'd say it's maybe 5% finished. I'd love everybody's opinion of it so far <3

There are still many kids figures for sale in my current store! All purchased are going towards website fees :)
So if you are looking for Kids figures, check out my current sales! :D

Sales can be reached by clicking this Link Here OR by click either the sales banner or the preview below <3

Store Front

Thank you everybody for taking a look, and I hope to be able to fulfill all the orders and open the webstore as soon as possible :)

As always,
Jaydee here

Voltorb Collection

Hi everyone! I've had an account here for some time, but I've always neglected to make a post about my collection that's been four years in the making. Some of you may know me from other forums or communities by the name of Tonysandlin or Evilpacman. For those who don't, I am primarily a collector of Pokemon TCG, who dabbles a bit into the competitive and casual TCG scene. I currently have a very large Voltorb and Electrode collection, which the next few post will be centered on, and my goal is to have the most complete TCG collection of a single Pokemon. Before I show any pictures of my progress, I'd like to delve a bit into my collections' history. Continued under the cut!

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'Back from Japan' Raichu Collection Update (1 of 2)

As some of you might remember, I travelled to Japan for the first time some weeks ago.

I had been saving money for the trip for almost a year, so as you might guess, I did quite a lot of shopping. Mostly books in Japanese, but also, suprise surprise, this creature featured in my username.

This post also features some eBay and community finds from October 2014 to July 2015 (whoa, it's really about the time I made a collection update post - the months went by so fast!).

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Trades + Sales! (reduced some prices) ^3^

Heya everyone! New smaller Eevee gets.
If you collect small plushies the poketime and the new laying plushies are perfect~
So lets begin with the blind package pulls I got today.

I got the Espeon 1st and today I got these 2 cuties: Vaporeon and Leafeon.
I am looking to trade one of these for the:Eevee poketin.
I am then offering the other 2 for the older Eevee tin that looks like this:

(Espeon doesn't have the candy in it, I had to try it hehe. but the other 2 do.

If anyone is interested in trading let me know! ^-^
I was granted sales permission by: entirelycliched on 8/7/2013.
My feedback is located: HERE

So lets begin with the rules:
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