August 4th, 2015


New Merch and Cosplay Sale

Hi guys! Look at these :D I feel like the mystery is either Ditto or Mew. Apparently it's a new Pokemon!

I also have a quick sale- a bulbasaur cosplay. I was hoping to wear this for a con but unfortunately something came up last minute :( Anyway, I'm only asking 25 plus shipping, and I'm accepting haggling. Size is small-medium, and it's clean.


Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on Feb 19, 2013
Ready to ship!

And perler sales:

To people waiting on responses, I'll get back to you tomorrow <3

Long awaited update

Greetings all and it's been a while since I got around to posting my update :D But considering its been...forever and I'm debating on starting another side collection xD (I need to stop) I figured why not post what's my update over the past few months. Puppies, kitties, and other things galore under the cut. Poncho and Glimmer will be your guide for the newest pups and kitties. (warning heavy images under the cut)

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Pokemon - Starters
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*edit 8/17 10:05pm PST* Auction is over :D I'll start asking for locations for quotes come morning here, thanks for bidding!! In the meanwhile feel free to comment me with your location/any other items you'd like~

A certainnnn deadline for a certaaiinnnn visitor to my place is coming up in a couple months (okay, it's mom) and... I feel compelled to clean up space before she potentially sees my mass of stuff (although not too likely since she'll be visiting my fiance's place more), so... big cheap cleanup auction of plush for the comm! :D So I'm running a huge sale by discounting a big section of plush as auction right here--Many have starting bids of 50% AND MORE OFF the original price! Any of these items can be BIN'ed from my sales (if they're available in the list at all, there are some auction exclusives here ;)~ )
Please give these guys more space in loving homes~~~

Here's everything that needs to goooooooo

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All threads up, go ahead and bid!

My regular LJ sales are HERE!

I am looking for this pokemon bath towel

Is anyone selling the bath towel in the image below? The one seller selling it on will not ship it internationally...

Suggestions to any other sites selling this particular bath towel are welcomed as well.

From's listing, its title is "Pokemon Movie XY 2015 Bath Towel B.Arceus"

Legendary Cries Gets + Metal Factory Groudon Pictures

Hi there!

Today I got my Legendary Cries Items I ordered from Sunyshore :)

If you want to know what´s inside these 10 packs (Volume 1), then take a look under the cut ;)

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Finally, I took some pictures while I was building together the Metal Factory Groudon.

If you would like to see how these Metal Factory items look like, take a look under the next cut!

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Hope you like what you saw :) feel free to leave a comment if you like to
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I am new to the community and think I am getting the hang of how livejournal works. As for my collection, I'm a big fan of anything Mudkip, more specifically just collecting the plushies and some small figurines for now, who knows what I will add to my collection later :) I also want to make another post for a future date including pictures showing what Mudkips I have in case anyone is curious! Hello to all and happy collecting!

Another score for Aliexpress?

SO, I bought a thing from aliexpress again. After my satisfaction with the previous transaction (the unreleased Jakks Excadrill + Kyubey lot), I decided to take one more risk at this place. While browsing to see if they had anything else worth getting, I stumbled upon this grail here.

and there were a handful of results for a "LIGHTS+SOUNDS+LED Black Kyurem". The posts had all used the same "Wolves World" watermarked pictures, or had it edited out somehow. each varying between an average $25. I was a little afraid, but I had always wanted one since Tomy USA announced it but never ever released it, it was just too late. Anyway, with $25 to spare and their trust in the purchase protection policy, I decided to bite the bullet for perhaps one last time...for ONE MONTH. That's aliexpress shipping for ya...
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MPC Joltik Plush? Winter Sawsbuck?

So my partner is coming up at the end of August, and I want to surprise them with a Joltik plush, and the one I remember off the top of my head is the Joltik MPC plush. ( Is it MPC? I can't quite remember. The small plush with the ball chain that all of fifth generation got. ) I'm not entirely sure how much they go for, but price shouldn't be too much of a hassle. I'd take a Galvantula MPC plush to go with it if possible too. ( Only if they ship together. ) Are there any more Joltik plush I don't know about? I'm curious to see what there is out there.

Also, I know Sawsbuck got an MPC plush, but did ALL forms get it? Or at least Winter Sawsbuck? I'm curious, because if Winter Sawsbuck has an MPC, I'd be willing to pay for one of those as well for her. ( No, this doesn't have to be in addition to Joltik. )

I'd have to get my hands on these before the 22nd of August, if at all possible. ( Meaning in my hands by then. She comes up that day. I'd hate to get them late. )

Any help is appreciated!

LF: Groudon plush

Hello all! I have just become a member of the community and I look forward to being an active member and growing my plush collection. My holy grail is the Big Groudon DX, if anyone has one for sale, please let me know and maybe we can work something out. Thanks for your time! Have a great day!

First Sales Post- Just One Mega Item!

Primal Groudon Wall Graphic

First off...

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Mmkay, sooo, remember the ORAS themed giveaway back in winter, I believe? I happened to win the "first prize"- a giant groudon wall sticker! I am moving very soon, however, and I have realized I can't take it with me. I would really like to pass it on to someone who wants and will use/treasure it. Considering the crazy $100 pricetag, I know I would likely never splurge for it, even if I loved groudon. Here's the info you may want:

- I never took it out or used it in any way
- the listing, which has dimensions, weight, and all the other info you could want: here
- I have not had time to get a real shipping estimate, but I think it will be about $10 within the US

I am going to say I would like $40 OBO, but I do need to get rid of it soon, and since I got it for free, I would love for a groudon lover to get their hands on it. So, please let me know if you are interested in it, I'm super open to haggling, and I'm sure we can work something out!

Get a practically free Pokemon magazine~

Hello! I like window shopping and noticed some things that might appeal to the comm :D by clicking this link: you can get a five dollar coupon, and I believe an additional for joining with free shipping, so you can get a Pokemon magazine with hoopa stickers and a mega sharpedo tretta for like $1 instead of $6 ^_^ there are also other Pokemon things too :)

Edit: pkmnexcavation pointed out the ridiculous shipping costs, I'm so sorry guys I had no idea :( you can request cheaper shipping or even just wait until they send you a free shipping code! (We chat on Twitter bc we are girl bros XD)


Just wanted to try doing something nice :3 have a nice day~

GB, Small Sale, Small Gets

Hi comm, just a quick reminder about the Data Carrier Figures group buy over here. I realize a GA probably would've been better... I guess I just thought it might get bought out by now, and was more hasty than I should have been. >_> At any rate, we need a lot more claims in order for me to buy the lot, so please do take a look and consider.

Next... would anyone be interested in this Squirtle Room Greeter? Lemme tell ya, I've been trying to get rid of it for a while now.. I even put it up for auction on ebay for just $0.99 + the cost of shipping, and twice had no bidders.

Would anyone be interesting in buying this guy for /just/ the price of shipping? The trouble is that it's a little over a pound, so I would have to send it parcel select. The price would vary depending on your location. If you are interested I can give you a quote, it will likely be $5-$10 (higher if you're on the opposite side of the country, I'm in WA).
Alternatively, I would be down to trade him for something cheap and in that case I would pay for shipping, of course. But it would have to be something I was interested in, since shipping might be expensive if you're far away...

Also, here's a link to my permanent sales post. If you mention the word "root beer float" in your comment, I'll give you 35% off your purchase. Would love to get rid of some of this stuff
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It's auction time! Mirage squritle and others ^^

Hello guys,

Today I've got some super cool items up for auction for you!
Here's the preview of the items:

Mirage Squirtle plushie, rare and cool PokePark adventure cards, very nice sticker with Eeveelutions, two rare Japanese Pokemon cardfiles and things from limited editions of Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby!

You'll find more info and detailed pictures of everything in the cuts below.

Notable Pokemon featured:

and many others!

I'm tagging lotad - I remember that you were interested in card featuring Phanpy :)
And tsutarjafan_18 for Latios and Latias card ^^

Please tag whoever you think might be interested in these cards ^^ Thanks!

Meanwhile - I menaged to send all orders from my first ever sales post :o! They're on it's way to you guys <3
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For those of you who weren't online during this weekend here's a small sales plug ^v^

Click on picture or HERE.
I even lowered some prices because some of them were kinda off...
Feel free to haggle anyway :> These things need new homes! :D


Auctions ends this Saturday (8th August 2015) at 6pm New York Time (EDT)
- 11pm in United Kindgom
- 00/12am in Europe
^but please check this to be sure or just use the timer below:


Here're the rules:
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And now onto auctions!

Mirage Squirtle Plushie
Auction starts at $35 $30, BIN price is $60 SHIPPED at any time (registered shipping, worldwide) (+ fees $3.15).
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PokePark Adventure Cards from 2005

Auction starts at $6 for each card
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Eeveelutions sticker
Auction starts at $4
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Small Fighting Cards Album
Auction starts at $8
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A5 Eeveelutions Cards Album
Auction starts at $10
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Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire limited editions (without games)
Auction starts at $28 $25 for each set, or BIN for $35 at any time.
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Thanks for looking! <3

If you have any questions feel free to ask in comments!

All threads are up!