August 7th, 2015

Legitimacy check & gets + wants *

Hello everyone. I'm looking at a pokedoll and hoping you can label it as a bootie or the real deal! Please help!

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Now, some recent gets.
I got this ice cream piplup from my boyfriend as an early anniversary gift. We bought some great value cotton candy ice cream to celebrate our new piplup! ;) Special thanks to maybeex3 for showing us where to find pippi! <3

As you can see, I also got a kuttari raichu! Ughhhh so cute! After seeing how adorable it is in person, I've decided I want ALL plushies from this line...

I am looking to buy a set of kuttari sleepy eeveelu plushies!
I've already preordered sleepy espeon. Now I need flareon, vaporeon, jolteon, eevee, and umbreon. Please let me know if you're selling a set of these adorable little beanie baby pokes. I really need them! :)
Do you think they'll release glaceon and leafeon next? I'm thinking yes! What other pokes do you think they'll release? <3

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Thanks for looking as always!
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Sales and offers: 2005 Monthly Pikachu with Spheal, Tomy Towely Cyndaquil plushes

 Hi all! Sorry for posting so often! I have some rare items for offers and plushes for sale :D

Up for offers:
2005 Monthly Pikachu with Spheal, Tomy Towely Cyndaquil


And other plushes for sale!

Shipping/ packaging for small plush is around $3 and $4.5-6 for larger ones to anywhere.

Sales Rules:
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Straight Sales
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That's all for now, thanks!
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New Get~! And Authenticity Question.

Hello everyone~
I bet almost everyone has made a few mistakes in buying a bootleg item when they first start out, and I can say I've done the same. A couple of years ago I bought a lot on eBay, and in my excitement at my first package I open it and later find out that they were, in fact, fake. So now a lot of the priorities on my wants list are the authentic versions of those I had fakes of. And today I finally got one of them! 2 down, 3 more to go!
I have joltzapvire to thank for selling him to me~ Not only is this little guy another proud get, but also my second purchase from the community!
Without further ado, I present this little fella~
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And also! Quick question everyone! In that same lot I bought all those years ago, I know that most of them were fake, but I was looking at them again and noticed this Pichu had a tush tag! And to me I can't tell if it's real or not, so I'd like some help please!
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That's all for now~ I do have yet another package on the way, so until then, have a great weekend everyone~

Pokebox offers reminder!

Afternoon all, just a note that my Pokebox offers end on Saturday (tomorrow) 9PM GMT Saturday the 8th of August. < Click for the timer. It stops at 0

Original charms: Espeon, Umbreon, Jolteon, Flareon and Eevee.

2014 charms: Jolteon and Flareon
IMG_2848.jpg IMG_2850.jpg

A Black and White edition lens wipe:

Pokebox Eeveelution 2012 clear folder

Click here to go to the offers page
Shiny Charizard

Otakon Score!

Two weeks ago I was at Otakon. Every time I attend I always have to get Pokemon items, at least one plush and one custom. Walking around the art auction they had, I found my custom and plush all in one that I just had to have for my collection. Say hello to this amazing crochet Snorlax <3

The artist that made him is HagoPunto.

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Clear kids and seal books auctions

Hello everyone!

Today I bring you some auctions, with clear kids and some seal books.The books are like sticker boxes and they are very little, they have a long sheet with different stickers of different pokemons, you can see them on the pictures.

You can look under the cut for more info about them and bigger pictures.

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Also I've updated my sales post with a few more kid. You can check it and combine with anything of this auctions

Finally, thanks to xxlatiosxx for pointing me to the seal books so I could get the ninetales one. Thank you very much.

Raikou, Suicune, Entei, Flareon TFG Up For Offers or Best Offer

Hi everybody. I have rare Pokemon TFG up for offers. I have decided to find them new homes. They are all in good condition as seen on the images. They will be up for offers until I'm satisfied with a certain offer. Offer starts at $125 for the whole lot or I'm open for best offer. It's way less than what I paid for all of them so I'm hoping I could at least recover what I originally paid for them. Oh well, here they are!

I was granted sales permission on July 8, 2015 by skdarkdragon.

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Offer starts at $125 for the whole lot! Or Best Offer!

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Pokemon - Rayquaza Flowers
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Rayquaza gets~ + Sales!

Guess who's new to my Rayquaza plush collection!!!

...Okay I guess that's hard to figure out lol, this is the first time I've even taken a pic of all my Rayquaza plush, and I even forgot one of the smaller ones for this pic, herp.


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and a quick sales plug~ There's new stuff in the claims section!
Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )

Heading out of house for the weekend but feel free to make orders as usual :D

Mega Pokemon Plushies & Lucky Find at Savers

I love the Mega Evolution(s); some I'm not a big fan of them but the plushies are great. My most recent Mega Evolution plush is Mega Garchomp and my favorite is Mega Swampert so far.

Like most plushies, if there are two versions, you know that you must get the other(s). No plush couple is complete without it. lol :) :D

Two Mega water types. I love Mega Swampert soooo much. I'm obsessed with Mega Swampert; I love how he has big muscles and short stubby feet. It makes him look tough and adorable at the same time. :D <3 <3 <3

Well went to Savers yesterday & after donating some more stuff, I ran into this for only $2.
1995 Play by Play Charmander plush. :D <3 <3 (tag, below, says 1995, 1996, and 1998.)

He is roughly or seems like the 12'' tall one. Was just browsing the shelves and just happened to notice what I thought I was seeing and I was right. The only thing I noticed when I picked it up was it was a little wet. I talked to the employee(s) and I'm thinking some kid(s) dropped water on it either while it was on the shelf or before they brought it to the store since there was no odor when we smelled it and the employee agreed. When I got home, I just took some warm water and mixed it with a little soap and washed him off and then wrapped him in a towel and let him dry overnight. As of now, he doesn't smell like "flowers" but there was improvement. I may wash him off one more time tonight and then everything should be fine.

This plush may not look exactly like Charmander nowadays but still this guy is awesome and so freaking cute. I can't resist not hugging him. <3 <3 <3 Hope I can find space for him. LOL

Only came with a tush tag as expected since I'm sure the parents took off the tag when they first got it. ;)

It also has the Official Nintendo seal so it's not a bootleg even though I don't think bootlegs were around in the 90s. xD Sorry if you can't see the dates on it; even an iPhone could not deliver great pic quality lol. :)

Because it's Free For All Friday

Hola my fellow collectors!
My name is Social Pains and I just joined this group a few weeks ago! I'm enjoying it a lot and learning (in general) a lot about the different items and the promotions. (At first it was over whelming to take it all in because I couldn't believe how many people still loved pokemon and how popular it still is - especially because it's not very popular where I live!)

So far my biggest issue- is choosing what to spend my money on and what not too! There is so much stuff out there and my wallet is crying for me to stop but I just can't lol

So my fellow collectors, let me ask you- when you first started on this site- did you have a hard time figuring out which items you wanted, which items you NEEDED and which items you had to let go of because you kept finding more "important" items you needed to have instead?

@.@ It's crazy- Let's hear your stories.

Introducing me!

Hello everyone! My name is Jake I am 16 and I'm going to be a junior next year I started collecting plush in the 4th grade only accumulating plush from my parents but seriously started collecting in the 8th grade. I am pretty well known on facebook groups for overspending on plush I want giving me the nickname "Rich Boy Jake" I used to be in this group with the username raindance11 but stuff happened and long story short I made a new account. my collection is under the cut ( I really hope this works) there are lots of pics
these are my pokedolls I sold most of my collection but these are my favorites most are mwt and are my prized possessions I really stopped collecting except im looking for 2 pokedolls the 2002 butterfree pokedoll and the Japanese version of absol if you have them please tell me
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Pokemon XY medal collection - sales!

I got days ago some FJ parcels :)
I could grab some cool medal figures. I have 3 different Mega Salamence medal figures now :D Need still the gold figure! But I don't need the rest because I don't collect the Pokemon :)
I priced the figures how popular they are. Hope they will find a new collector! :3

Here is a little preview:

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Thanks guys for reading and looking!

my wants
collection site
Miroku and Sango

New Items Added to August Claims, July Packages Shipping Out

Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you all know of a couple items that were added to my August claims:

New Kanto plush, as well as a whole slew of Pikachu Sketch promo items! Feel free to add any of these to existing claims. :) They're already released, so I'll be placing the orders for them as soon as I can.

All July claims that have been paid for are shipping out this afternoon! So expect them in the mail soon. If you have any questions or concerns, please never hesitate to reach out to me! :) I love doing these claims for you all, and I want to make sure everything goes well for each and every order. I'm always checking my PMs and LiveJournal comments!


Reminder Post

Hey guys! :) Hope you're all having a good Friday <3

Here's a reminder that I still have two drawing commissions open, along with perler sprites! Take a look if you're interested ^w^

image.jpgno title

no titlelitwick drawing.jpg

And I'm selling this Bulbasaur cosplay here! I also have a Togepi one for sale, if anyone is interested in that.

To make this more interesting, is there a Pokemon that you never thought you'd fall in love with, but did anyway? I think that's Koffing for me. I'm a huge fan of cute and cool Pokemon, along with elegant/pretty ones and ones that look sharp. Koffing is... none of those things xD But there's just something about that little batch of global warming that makes me love it. I can't really pin down what it is :'D Do you have a Pokemon like that?
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Quick want!

Hi guys and girls!

I am looking for the Pokemon With You Melody clearfile. I reallllly need this for my music files etc xP

Shipping is to the Netherlands, so if you could give total with shipping costs included, I would appreciate it a lot :)

Thanks in advance!

Newest and exciting gets!

Hi I was waiting for some stuff to arrive, but I'll go ahead and do it anyway!

See under the cut,
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Then I wanted to ask about this:

It's an obvious bootleg, but I don't recognize the pattern,
Does this mean a Shadow Lugia will come out?
Or does it being bootie-fied mean that project got scrapped? :'(

Then my updated wants list:

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Willing to hear offers of items in any condition

Lastly does anyone know what these go for?

I'm adding them to my wants.

Still really hoping someone out there has this guy and is willing to sell:

PokemonTrader:// ex-Travaganza! TCG Sales Post! ALL SOLD

Hello Comm Members!

To those members who have bought something from my Legendary Shine Collection Claims Post (link). I've shipped out all packages on Tuesday of this week with the exception of samo22 (will be going out Monday as Canada Post doesn't run on the weekends) and freakydedenne (still awaiting payment).

Next, I recently received a parcel today full of goodies for my next collection update (that'll be tomorrow night if not the next day!).
Finally, I also have a pile of Japanese ex cards that are going to be for sale from the box today!
Click the image, or go behind the cut to see images of these fabulous ex cards.
File:Rarity Rare Holo ex.png
Everything is Ctrl + F friendly and is listed in order of the photos (which is organized by set release).
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I have a want!

I got a little money today and now i'm on the hunt for this little sylveon. If anyone has one for sale let me know! missing tags are no issue to me. I was hoping to find one at about $15+shipping. Hoping being keyword though. I might be interested in the glaceon one as well, but sylveon is priority.
Found one^^

Got lots of new things, waiting for a few things to come in to make a gets post. I've had such a steady stream of stuff coming in i'm not really sure when to stop and post it all, but i will post it. Cx