August 8th, 2015


small post

Hello community!

I recently won this gorgeous poster on Yahoo Auctions:

These photos are not mine since I haven't had a chance to unroll the poster yet (need to get a frame for it first), but I can already tell it's HUGE and super colorful. Size is B1, 79×103 cm. So yeah, pretty huge!

My question is, are these posters normally for sale, or did I put my hands on a promotional, not for sale item? Just trying to figure out the rarity of my new collection addition :)

On a side note, I won't have internet access starting Tuesday, for probably around a week, as I'm gonna be on vacation. So if any of you needs to contact me, please be patient for my reply!

That was it for this super short post! Thanks for reading, and happy collecting :D

Topps Pokémon cards authenticity question! All help greatly appreciated! ♡

Thanks for your answers! I'm 99.99% sure these cards are fine!

I could really use your help, you wonderful Pokécollectors who know everything. :3

I'm currently visiting my childhood home and clearing out all my things for the last time. I thought I had all my Pokémon stuff, but nope! I was happy to find these! I didn't even remember I had them, haha...

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some quick sales

sales preview:
no titleimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpg image.jpg
11379207_1398811227114520_331805642_n.jpg image.jpg

Offers accepted and I am willing to price math ebay prices on cards & figures as I need to get rid of some stuff quick :)
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Overdue Gets: Comm and Con!

Hello everyone ^v^

I hope everyone's summer has been cool and relaxing! I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things, so, it's time for a good ol' fashion gets post! I've been saving everything for a big post, so here's part 2 of the long overdue gets saga. Everything below the cut is from the awesome members of the community, a few stores, and my first Colossalcon.

This post is a bit image heavy and wordy, so...
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Thank you to all the great members from whom I bought from and for taking a look/stomaching my wordiness! I'm sorry if I forgot someone since there's been quite a few in the last, half year, but nonetheless thank you. My 1 year anniversary is quickly approaching (what happened to summer :o) so my next gets post should be a special Eevee filled one ;3

Until next time...staaaay fresh ヘ(= ̄ ̄)ノ
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Cards Cards Cards!

Hello my fellow pkmncollectors! I hope you're all having a good weekend!

With the official release of Ancient Origins coming next week, I need to clear our some serioues TCG inventory! I realize it's hard to do a sale with another set just around the corner, but I'll make ya deal: If you purchase any cards from me in the next few days, I will offer you free shipping on any Ancient Origins purchase you make with me that's over $3 once I have my inventory up! You'll just need to remind me if you decide to buy some.

I have put together a "permanent" sales post until I can find a better venue to host my card sales (I've almost maxed out the post!), so until then, please check it out! I have most of the non-holo Ancient Origins cards, just not pictured; if you need any please speak up and I'll let you know if I have them. Standard pricing applies :)

Currently offering FlashFire to Roaring Skies, plus a few extras :)

Also looking for suggests on online stores... I'd like a free one, but a low fee is fine. I need to be able to price my items as low as $0.10 and ideally I would like to be able to have different options in each item (so I could do Common cards and list each card on one 'item' instead of all separately), so they can be added to a cart individually. Thanks!

The Gets! :)

Hello everyone! It's been awhile since I posted to the community but I wanted to show you some long awaited gets I got today. Due to my low funds I had to wait a little while till I could get these lovelies. They are in excellent condition and I absolutely love them! :D

What could be in here?!?!

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• • • → Gets + Wants

I've been meaning to make a post for ages! Now that I have time, here it is . I got my Zekrom and Reshiram plushes from Japan and they're so perfect and soft ;u; Zekrom's tag is perfect too so that was a score as well. He came with the big zekrom that's next to my Zoroark that I bought from the comm. These two pokedolls seem to have sparked in popularity lately so I'm glad I managed to get them.

Hopefully my collection will grow further so to start I'm looking for these pokedolls next (stars** indicated the ones that are priortised:
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That's all for now, thank-you! and bawh, I really hope they release more pokedolls soon. I haven't seen normal releases lately- that or I'm out of the loop
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Auction reminder! ᵔᴥᵔ ends today!

Hello guys,

Just quick auction reminder here!
Auctions ends today at 6pm New York Time (EDT).
You'll find the timer here:

Also I'm trying to sell doubles from Legendary Shine collection! I just got commons and uncommons left (and also Hoopa deck box and sleeves)
You can snag full set of 15 sparkly commons/uncommons for only $7 shipped worldwide! Click here

Click here or click the picture to be transported ^^
I lowered a bit starting prices of few things!

Thanks for looking, hope you all have a great weekend!
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✿ Adorable New Friends and Sales! ✿

Hello everyone! (✿◠‿◠)

I hope everyone is having a good August so far! Mine is great all ready! This month has started out as kind of an "experimenting" month. I'm trying to get myself into regular exercising, and a green smoothie daily habit! So i've been trying out different exercises, and smoothie recipes. Does anyone else on the community do this? :D
Anyhoo, let's show you my new adorable friends!

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Next i would just like to show you to my sales! I'll probably try to group things into lots later this week, so if you want an individual item, please get it now!
Click here or the photo to go!

tinyzig1.jpg That's about it for now! Thank you for looking! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

My Figure Collection and TFG Figures

Hey guys I'm new to the community, and as a little intro I wanted to share my entire pokemon collection. I have a post already of my entire plush collection, and this is part 2 of that, my figure collection! hope you enjoy :)

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((Click the banners to see my plush collection and my wants))
Thanks for looking at my little collection, if you have any questions about them please don't be afraid to ask ! Have an awesome day :) -Maya
Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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August Custom Sales- Natu Plushies, MissingNo Plushies, and Trozei Patches

Hi! I have some one-off Natu plushies for sale and I'm opening up general orders for MissingNo plushies and Trozei style patches. :D

Sales permission was grandfathered in at the beginning of the community.

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OOAK 4" Natu Plushies BOTH SOLD

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MissingNo Plushies

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Trozei Patches

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Finally- not my own personally made customs but I have a lot of Pokemon doujinshi up on eBay, mostly Falkner centric but also some featuring other characters (Frontier Brains, Pokemon Conquest, etc). Shipping is free to the USA!
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Updated Wants List!

Hiya Everyone!

I updated my wants list with pictures and a couple other goodies! It would be awesome if you guys took a look! :D

The Victini thumbnail will transport you! Clicky clicky!

Card Question?

So I'm totally clueless when it comes to the TCG and I need some help clearing something up.
I'm sort of collecting Steven Stone things right now, so of course I've been eying the card. Which leads me to the question;

Is there an English version of this card?

I'm seeing one listed on ebay in English...but nowhere else. I can't find any other images of it either in English. The info on the card is also the exact same as the other Steven card. I'm thinking it's a fake, but I just wanted to make sure that the card wasn't just super-new or anything. Thanks for any info!

Question answered! Looks like I'll be hunting for this card in stores soon. :) thanks everyone!
Hikari and Eevee

New stock added: Tazos, RBY models, and misc figures

Hi guys. Just wanted to let you know that I added some new stock to my store. I've added tazos (including a bunch of rare Johto ones), a bunch of cheap misc figures, and some really cool gashapon models from the RBY era :).

Anything bought from my regular sales recently, even orders from yesterday, have been shipped. Most of you have received your stuff and those who haven't should have a tracking number from PayPal. International orders went out later than US ones so give those at least a couple weeks. The only things that didn't go out were auction items with weird packaging requirements, I have messaged those people. Everything else went out :).

Of course the usual stuff is still for sale: kid figures, plush, Tomy figures, key chains, etc.

Sales Preview:


Sales are located here:

Have a great weekend! :)

Grail sales!!

A grail came up and I could use the money-everything is obo!!! If I don't like the offer I will make a compromise 😇

Sales permission granted 6-11-14 by allinia

I ship from the U.S. And could try international unless stated otherwise (I found a post office that's much, much friendlier)

I come from a cat and chicken friendly home (chickens are outside of course XP)

Smoke free home <3

I'll take care of them annoying PP fees!

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Also, a huge thanks to everyone who bought from my last sales <3 i was able get something I really wanted ^_^

Quick sales!

Hi everyone! I just got my shipment of the newest metal figures, and I'm selling the extras!

 photo 78d22db3-a82c-4cf0-a61e-00ff5e09db46_zpsv39eycgq.jpg

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And, as always, main sales are here!
Anyone waiting for a quote or for a package to be shipped, I'm getting to that right now!

Also: my wants are here! I am really, really interested in finishing my bath salt figure collection, so if anyone has some that I don't have I guarantee I'll take 'em. :)