August 9th, 2015

I can finally pursuit my dream of collecting the first 151 Tomy figures! NEWBIE here ^.^

I can finally pursuit my dream of collecting the first 151 Tomy figures! 20 years later haha :D pokemon was my life when i was young. i remember watching the first episode when i was a kid and immediately addicted just like that. we didn't have much money growing up and a set of two pokemon cost like $20 in my country(New Zealand). The first pokemon figure i had was a charmeleon(now one of my favorites) which i found on the ground walking home from primary school! BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! i put walked home and held him tightly in my pocket. went home and washed him and took him every where from then!!

one of my other favorites was raichu of course! mum brought me a pikachu and raichu set however i hated how pikachu turned out to be a fat pencil top hahaha but hey, i loved my raichu! (thanks mum <3) i played with raichu and charmeleon so much raichu nose got rubbed off almost like every week but ill always retouch it with a vivid marker hahaha :D his tail would become lose and fall off and dad was always there to save the day with our friend, superglue :3

sadly..years later my silly irresponsible child self..i began loosing all my toys.. i searched high and low. everything started disappearing when i started growing up and i hated it!my jurassic park figures, first edition dragon ball z figures, batman figures, gargoyles, pokemon cards..lots of the good ol 90's stuff..gone.... :'(

However its 2015! got a good job! money to start my own collection all over again! (ive collected 88 tomy figures in the last two months! including my old friend charmeleon and raichu i brought) hope other collectors have their own story to share and can help me through this journey :D

Gengar(my new favorite). CHARMELEON. Raichu.

collection so far:

These are the ones i need for my original tomy collection however they ended being tomy auldey ones i really didnt want( which to me lack in colour and poor detail). scythers design made him unable to stand also :(

i have been reading post on this forum before i signed up. A very onto community by the looks of it <3 ive been learning the difference between tomy and auldey tomy. audley does not have the whole 151 so im trying to stay far away from them as possible. comparing double ups i have there are some small differences in colour. tomys have more detail and a better paint job. they also have a nice deep gloss colour however auldeys are gloss/matte and something just matte. most auldeys have too much white shading which personally is not a great feature. i have some nintindo figures too. i will start a post showing the differences and if any one can help me to pick the better one of out the two.

Thanks pkmncollectors! cant wait to hear back on some feedback and making some new friends on here

TheGreatGengar aka Sonny ^.^
Mantyke + tea

Reminder on 100 XY5 metal figures preorder! + Livestream?

Hello there guys!

Just like some other people, I have bought 100 figures of this set. They have arrived to me safe and sound, but I won't be home until about 14th of August.
If you would be interested in claiming some others, PLEASE GO HERE OR CLICK THE PICTURE!

That being said, would people be interested in me making a Livestream and opening them?

I should be available on both Saturday (15th) and Sunday (16th) next week! Now my question is what time would be the best and most convenient!

I think I would prefer Saturday, this is my time zone CEST, click here! This is kind of sucky time for those who are EST, EDT and the like. I could either do it in the morning around 8AM, 9AM, 10AM my time, or I could do it in the afternoon at 1PM, 2PM, 3PM or 4PM my time.

Let me know please then if you would be interested and what time would be the most convenient for you! Thank you! :)

Hunting for specific Metal Figure.. plus some specific color questions

Hey everyone.. so im still hunting metal figs but I have 1 in particular that has become a bit of a grail for me.. if it even exists.. there is a specific color ive seen a very few examples of.. its a pale pink.. i actually own a mew in this color.. pictures below for reference.. but the figure i REALLY want to find in this color is Butterfree.. because I have a slight obsession with the pink butterfree that Ash's Butterfree falls in love wiht

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ive also come across a few other colors that im a bit unsure of.. i dont know if they are just really rare or if only a few pokemon came out in these colors.. but if you have any id love to see them or buy them

Light Blue- it's so hard to tell sometimes in pictures between a faded regular blue and a light blue.. but the lught blue has a more green tone to it.. like an aquamarine.. both shades of blue sandshrew for comparison
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Medium Purple- Ive seen a super dark purple that I know is an official color.. and ive seen a pale lavender (which is another color im searching for) but this purple appears to be kind of in between.. at first I thought it was just the dark purple under bright light but i realized it's an entirely different shade.

Heres machop is dark purple, the medium purple, and the normal pink so you can see the difference
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and here are more examples of the medium purple
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and lastly here is the lavender.. very similar to the pale pink but definitely it's own shade
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if you own or have seen any of these please let me know :)


Hello all again, I am still working on a master post for everything I have. I'm waiting to post my entire collection until everything has arrived to me in the mail, that way I can make one big post instead of a few smaller ones. Until then, I figured I would at least make a want post for what I'm looking for in case anyone is willing to sell to me or knows where I can find these items! Check under the cut:

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Looking for...

Hey everyone, it's been a while!

I'm making an appearance today to try and find two huge wants for my collection today:
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I'm hoping to make a reintroduction and collection update post pretty soon (I mean, it's only be almost 3 years since my last one... '>>) as well as finally finishing up my collection site.

But, for now - thank you all for reading and for any and all help in advance!
Bellossom Lotad &amp; Skitty

Bellossom Gets. ~

So, while impatiently waiting to share my new Umbreon and Espeon gets, I decided to show you new gets for a rather fun side collection of mine. ~ :3

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Click Bellossom to be transported to my collection site if you'd like to see better photos. ~ <3
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Brand New Sylveonic Auction + New Sales


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Auction will end 08/13 at 8:00 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST)

Here is a preview of my auction Items:

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Preview of Straight Sales:

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Please Start bidding and buying when this is crossed out :)

Thank You for reading!

which one should i keep/get rid off

hey guys second post now. i got sold two mewtwo's however, the one on the left which is in good condition with a pinker belly and the one on the right(however has a torn ear).

both look very similar in person. however the stamps are totally different..the one on the left has china extruding out and is not as deep as the one on the right. line work on the actual figure itself on the right is better eg. eyes, lines in between feet, chest. but besides all that it has a ripped ear and slightly dirty. also i noticed the right one had nice glossy shine to it. however the one on the left seems gloss/matte. im real picky but just want an opinion

Different stamps

Same issue with alakazam. stamps are identical however the main thing is eye difference again. i ending up choosing the one on the right even though badly scratched..i preferred it because of deeper eyes and not as overshaded with white as the one on the left.

Question 1: is the one on the left a fake due to the stamp on the mewtwo?

Questions 2: which one should i keep/get rid off(mewtwo)

question 3: do you agree that alakazam would be cooler if it was the same colour as abra instead of a hyno yellow?

Psyduck Want & Late Gets

Hello, I'm looking for the Psyduck Ichiban Kuji Pokedoll figure too smother my friend with. Shipping would be to the US. I suppose if I can't find any I'd be intrested in other Psyduck merchandise (except plushies). I'd like him as soon as possible as well ovo)"

Some late gets to make this post less boring.
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Oh, does anybody here collect Claydol? I'd love to see your collection if possible~!
Thank You.


Hi community! It's been a while again, sorry. >.>
Something pretty horrid happened at home so it's thrown me out of the collecting swing for a while. I'm slowly making my way back into here though.

I don't have too much money to spend, but here are a few wants. ;w; Sorry for the low quality photos!

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Thanks for reading! Please let me know if I did anything wrong. c':

Not so lucky Gachapon sales from Osaka trip /uwu Also photos of official Kaiyodo Pokemon TFG shrine!

I wasn't so lucky with my gachapon luck in my Japan visit...almost every blind package I've pulled doesn't have my favourite characters, be it Pokemon or not /owo;\

It's not like I don't like the Pikachu helper with leaf, but I think they love me a bit too much! I don't need that many of you guys, geeez...
But since they may have been someone else's favourite, I'm putting them up on my sales post so that they can find some other loving colletors <3 There are XY Metal Collection 5, Otatsuke Pikachu, and some Pokemon Battle Trozei stickers~

(Click on this fake cut or the photos above to bring them to a better home /owo/ )
They are on top on my sales post! You may want to look at the other items as well, some have their prices lowered ;3

Okay now for another part that isn't about sales: I visited the Kaiyodo Hobby Museum in Shimanto on my trip, and was plesanted surprised to find that they have a shrine for the super rare Pokemon TFG figures!

They even have a giant version of Chaizard and some other dino friends, I'm so impressed...

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I also took a video clip for the whole thing:

(Sorry it's a bit shakey from my excitement /dragged away)
There's also another video clip I've found, which you can watch here!

Seriously for you all TFG lovers outta there, you really should try to visit there to drool at the figures *q* Though I guess some of you may have even more rare figures than the museum has

My First Grail Post!

I am not home at the moment, but I still have these pictures and I have been waiting to make this post. ☆

I am a funny collector. I like to collect anything that just looks beautiful, gorgeous, cute, or just plain a m a z i n g to me. Customs are my passion. ♡ I am not always after the rare or the new items, or completing sets of something. Many people have asked, what on earth makes me a collector, actually. xD I still collect, but my own way! I do what I love. ♡

So, to the point. I got one of my biggest wants, and I couldn't be happier! A grail of mine of sorts, if you ask. It may not seem like a big deal to most, but I am sooo excited! ♡ And it took a lot of effort, too. I wanted to be 100% sure that it's practically brand new and totally legit. And it iiiis! It's so beautiful I could die! Look at how it shines and sparkles! ♡

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New merch announced

I don't know if any one wrote about these already on here,
But I saw these on Pokepolitan: (
And am curious to hear what you guys think.

I personally wish the Pokecen would make more usable goods, especially bags (not tote bags, purses/messenger bags, though their backpacks are nice they're too far in between)

These new bags are really, really expensive though.

Pikachu leather keychain kit - 4,212 yen
Bag (large) - 70,200 yen
Bag (medium) - 59,400 yen
Bag (small) - 48,600 yen
Straps - 5,940 yen
Neck strap - 8,640 yen
Pouchs - 8,964 yen
Key holders - 4,104 yen
Pen case - 7,020 yen
Coin case - 9,720 yen
Pikachu head strap - 3,024 yen
Tail strap - 4,104 yen
Tail earrings - 3,780 yen
Hair ties - 3,780 yen
Pass case - 9,180 yen
Pikachu pin badge - 3,456 yen,

So the cheapest item is $30 bucks, and the most expensive is $700.
That's more than the Eeveelu necklaces, which made me flinch, haha.

Perfect to go with the Steiff bear I guess. ^^;

Also these cool hats,

The mini Eevee one is adorable!( Its 1,800 yen though.)

But I really love it when they continue campaigns.
I wish they made dot-sprite plushies! XD

Lastly my obligatory wants plug in:
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And still hoping someone has this one of these dudes:

Pokemon - Bellossom

I'm late to the party, but...

For as long as I've been collecting Pokemon I've also included the TCG. However, I didn't know how to play... until last night! :D

My local shop has said they will be starting up Pokemon TCG tournaments soon, which I was so excited to hear about since we don't have any other shop like them nearby, let alone one that does TCG tournaments, or Pokemon ones at that!

So I've spent all last night and today getting a rough idea of a deck together but now I want some nice card sleeves and a deck box to take them to the shop in :D

Feel free to offer your wares if that's allowed, though I'm not really keen on ones with specific Pokemon on, but what I'm really asking is are there any sleeves/boxes with Bellossom on?

For those who have a tomy scyther figure that cant stand

when i first got my scyther it was not able to stand. the auldey ones with its claws touching its toes made it hard to keep balance. i just borrowed my sister tweezers case(any rod or thick pen will do) and wedged it between the legs and arms(A little bit of heat from a blowdryer helps). left it overnight and it its arms are in the position how i want it without any damage. Now he can stand!

Introduction, and wants!

Hello! I am very new to this community, but im a long time pokemon fan! ill add more about me under the cut!
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Also, im looking for anything and everything jolteon! my main interest right now are the minimodels and keshimon, but im looking for anything i dont have! (pokedolls, other plush, other figurines, and ect) i do have a fondness for older items, though!
My one true want (need) is the Jolteon bell plush, but i dont expect to get my hands on one of those anytime soon! please feel free to show me what youve got!!