August 10th, 2015


PokemonTrader:// Collection Update (August Edition) + Possible Grail???

Hello Comm Members! I hope that you all have been well! ^^

Quick update: To those who have purchased from my ex-Travaganza sales post (link) I'm intending to have all purchases sent out tomorrow! :)

Purpose of this post: A lot has changed in my collection since my post in June (link), so I'll try to update the best I can while keeping the photos to a minimum. There are around 15 or so photos, to my mobile user friends, so just caution before entering! I've rearranged collections, and have added a lot more! Be sure to check it out!

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Vulpix PD

Good Morning Offers!

I know it's not morning for everyone so Good Day as well! I have offers today. I don't know how much some of these are worth so I am putting them up for offers. If I started anything at a higher price than it usually goes for, feel free to let me know.

I have DX Tomy figures, other interesting unidentified by me Tomy figures, a really cool chocolate mold, one of the original Pocket Pikachu pedometers, a couple 151 pins... Oh! I have Bellossom and Politoed Pokemon Time straps, a pokedex from gen 3(?), and a bunch of Tomy talking figures. I also have the Raichu Pokedoll and Vulpix talking Hasbro, as well as some of the other plush from my sales up for offers.<3

Click here to go to my offers post: (these have also been posted to Facebook)


Just a few items in the image are actually from my sales post: Over here!

and just because I haven't posted it in a while: You can click here to go to my wants post, I'd love to trade for or buy any item on my wants list

I am expecting my Vulpix and Ninetails plushes that were recently released to arrive in a few days and I'm so excited!!<3 ^o^

Introduction post/wants

hello fellow pokemon fans im new to this community and glad i found this place, ive been collecting pokemon games and toys since i was alittle boy but recently i just found out about these pokemon 1/40 scale zukanand i just died i couldnt believe i missed these so i am very interested in any zukans anyone would have up for sale preferably the original 151 pokemon zukans but others are welcome also. thank you for accepting me here

"Back from Japan" Sales and a quick hi! ^_^

Hello lovely comm friends! :D
So I meant to do a "back from Japan" post a looong time ago (I've been home since mid June! @_@) but everytime I tried my internet went down and for some reason LJ kept deleting my post not saving it like it usually does. D:
I've been lurking and buying items here and there but this is my first post since Japan!

I WILL eventually have a more extensive post with pictures and videos from Japan but I have a short Pokemon center video for now and some awesome SALES! <3
I'll also have auctions later but for now I'm just going to post the straight sales since I am in need of the money right now!

EDIT: I ALSO have LOTS of TCG both English and Japanese, of all different sets, just ask if you're interested. ^_^
This includes EXs and Full arts!

Preview (click the link or picture to be transported!)

WAY More things not pictured! <3

Mega Tokyo Pokemon center under the cut! <3
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Thanks for watching/reading! I hope you guys find something in my sales! ^__^/

Auction Reminder! Shadow Lugia, Mew Pokedoll, LOTS more, ending tonight!

Just a reminder that I have a bunch of rare plush in great condition for auction today, including Shadow Lugia 2009 Pokedoll and Mew Pokedoll, plus many others.

These are all ending tonight at 9PM EST and many of them have very few or zero bids! Please go check them out while there's still a chance! Click the image or right here to go to the auctions!

I've also got a sales post with many items still for sale! While that's not expiring anytime soon, there are still a bunch for great things still up for sale there!  Please go and check it out! Click the image or right here to go to the sales!
Pikazard 3

Flats and TCG sale

Greetings all I have some new items up including some mini calendar pages so come check them out

1. Paypal only
2. I ship from the US
3.I can hold up to 48 hours

Sales permission granted by denkimouse


calendar pages: $3 each but sylveon is $5
Sold: Sylveon

TCG lot $15: Sold
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Massive Clearout Sales - Pokedolls, Eeveelutions, Figures!

Hi everyone!

I have decided that I want to take a step back from Pokémon collecting now, and start to wind down my collection. There will still be the odd thing that I pick up, but I need to have a huuuuge cull of my existing items.

This is good news for you guys! I'm selling off LOADS of Pokédolls, Eeveelutions, I <3 Eevee, Pokemon Time, Dragonite, Dragonair, Dratini, Raichu, allllll kinds of stuff!

Haggling is totally ok, I have guesstimated these prices, so feel free to make offers.
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group buys final payment and quick sales!

Howdy! It's time for the final payment for these 2 group buys!


Everyone arrived safe and sound so I have shipping totals!

spritzzie - Your shipping total for Hoopa is $4.99 PAID - SHIPPED

tsutarjafan_18 - Your shipping total for Latios and Latias is $2.50 PAID - SHIPPED

absintheslady - Your shipping total for Kyogre is $2.50 PAID - SHIPPED

Please send payment to with your username and the item you claimed in the memo!


Everything here also arrived safe and sound so here we go!

manectric - Your total for Lugia and Kyogre is $2.50 PAID - SHIPPED

miss10 - Your total for Zekrom/Reshiram and Dialga/Palkia is $2.50 PAID - SHIPPED

absol - Your total for M. Latios/Latias and Latios/Latias is $3.95 PAID - SHIPPED

chronidu - Your total for Shiny M. Rayquaza is $2.50

Again, please send payments to with your username and what you bought in the memo.

They are $4.56 each.

I also have some quick sales on these super tiny and adorable drawstring bags for sale!

These things are seriously tiny like for real. They even come with a little notecard inside with that particular pokemon on it.
See here: click

click here for larger image

These are $4 each!
AVAILABLE: Hoopa w/ blue background, Hoopa w/ green background, Pikachu w/ red background, Pikachu w/ brown background, Shiny Mega Rayquaza, Dedenne, Primal Kyogre, Serena's Pancham, Arceus.
SOLD: Unbound Hoopa, Hawlucha

* Sales permission granted by dakajojo 7/2011
* I Ship from MI, USA.
* Feedback:
* First come first serve.
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Pokemon Restaurant Photostory

Story Time!!
Running a Pokemon restaurant is fun but very busy..

Getting the freshest ingredients is essential!

Order your meal by phone!

Happy customers is great business

You can't please them all...

Friends and family will make great memories

And it's all worth it :)

In the End!
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Grails Sale of unprecedented proportions, and a Special Get

Hello everyone, it's been quite a while since my last post.
Since eevee_trainer and I have finally gotten settled into our new home things are reaching a level of normalcy.

First off, our get, a custom plush and tag that is quite ...)%*(&%!*$#%>>>>
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Now the sale, TLDR; houses are expensive, so we have decided to sell one part of our collection.
Later this week, we will be listing our plushplush collection on ebay.

It contains all 19 plushplush, many are MWT and all are in great condition and none are (tush) tagless.
We will only sell if we reach a price that is fair, if not we will keep them as they are some of the rarest plush ever. It is our hope that we can find some people who will give them a good home where they will be appreciated. We are willing to break up the set, but only for the right offer.

We are not selling off our whole collection, just this single line. (though if you had your eye on something in particular shoot one of us a pm, we may discuss other offers.

Thanks for reading.

FJ gets!

It's here! It's finally here! My much-anticipated package from FJ (my very first one) is here! Super Vee hung out with me for the opening!

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Finally, my sales are still open! I lowered the prices of some more items. If you want anything, feel free to send me an offer! Just a warning, though, I will be closing my sales near the end of this month since I have to go back to uni...

Thank you for looking!