August 12th, 2015

Opinion on this video

Hello everyone,
I have not been active in the group for a while since the amiibo craze kicked up and the lack of Pokedoll releases.
I recently stumbled on a video on Youtube about expensive Pokemon plushes and was wondering if anyone agrees with this guy on rarity and prices.
The video is under the cut.
What does the community think about his top 5 expansive pokemon plushes.
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Bandai Brock Figures, Monthly Pikas, etc.

Good morning everyone! <3 I hope everyone has started receiving their packages. I love to hear from you when you do. If you want to leave feedback, please do! I'll be happy to leave some for you, too. I do have one Vulpix plush left for the original claim price of $18 + shipping/fees. It is in-hand and can ship this afternoon if you pay right away! :)

I have a couple of things today. First of all, the 2nd wave kuttari plush come out in a few days! I still have slots on everyone but sleepy Espeon, and both Umbreons. It'll also be the last chance for August orders in general. (Anything after this weekend will be part of September's orders.) I've also put up some claims for the new Bandai Brock figure. He won't be out until November, so bear in mind that this is a long-term pre-order claim. Do not place a claim if you plan to become severely inactive between now and then. You also can't combine Brock with anything else since he won't be out for so long. Sorry!

Lastly, I've started the September claims post. So far we only have one item available, and that's the monthly Pikachu. Feel free to keep checking back, as that page is where I will list any additional items I will offer claims for as they are announced. :) You can always combine and/or add to monthly claims.

Have a great day! :)


Looking for 1:1 Chikorita Plush !

Hi people!

Haven't posted in a while.

I have some very very bad news and I lost my auction on yahoo and was outbid last second ,_, It was a 1:1 Chikorita plush with MWT and I was so sad.

So does anyone have one up for sale? I'm looking for a MWT if possible.. Thank you.

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Hi guys i have recently started to collect the black and white 2 plush and so far i have the pokedolls of black kuyrem and white kyurem along with reshiram and zekrom, but now im looking for the pokemon center kyurem plush or the takara tomy white kyurem if anyone knows where to find them please let me know thank you :)

  • kyreon

I made a thing!

Hi there fellow collectors! I know I just made a post a few days ago, but I really wanted to share something useful I finished today!
So, I like to remove the tags from my plushes so they are more cuddly and to keep the tags themselves safe. >w< But that left me with the dilemma of finding a safe place to store these tags. For the longest time I had been tucking them away in a drawer, but that just didn't seem very tidy. So recently I got the idea that I wanted to store them in a tin or box, but I couldn't find a decent priced and large enough tin with my favorite Pokemon on it (Eeveelutions obviously lol). So I decided to make my own, here is the result:

Caution, image heavy! (You can click the images for a closer look)
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Otakuthon/Birthday gets + Zukan and kids sale!

Hi everyone :D
I am back from my very first convention ever!!!!! I had so much fun and found a LOT of treasures <3

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Otakuthon was offering a selling service where they would sell your items for you :D I was able to sell some of my pokemon plushies! but I do still have some poke plush looking for a new home ^^

Plush and other stuff sale post:
no title

Thanks for looking <3


Hi people, how are you?

Just to let you know i have this beautiful Ninetales Zukan line for sale.

no title

It's in excellent condition (Near Mint) and it comes with minibook (i can send it with its original capsule too if wanted)

Yo can check my sales info (prices, sales permission, feedback and sales policies) in my sales post.

Best Regards
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Special Absol get <3 and other main collections gets!

I got today my spacial parcel <3 I waited 3 months for my special Absol ^o^
I'm sooooo happy that I got it today! Also I have some other cool Absol gets <3
Hope you enjoy my post <3

Preview (what could it beeee??):

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I will post soon some other gets of my other collections :) Got new stuff!
Hope you enjoyed my post!

Also a sales reminder:
Sales preview:

Sales link:

Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 19 SEP 2014

Thanks guys for reading and looking!

my wants
collection site
Ed and Chaboikan

Huge Weeding Sales

My boyfriend and I did some much-needed collection weeding, as our shelves were getting quite crowded. So! I have over 75 plush for sale, as well as updated my permanent sales posts with new items and some lowered prices! Click the cut to see all the newly added plush, or either of my sales banners to go to the respective sales posts.

All of these and more!

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CTRL+F "NEW" to find all the newly added items! If you'd like something but think the price is too high, feel free to throw me an offer. ^-^

Thanks everyone! My commiversary is coming up, and as I've been working on rearranging my Blazikens, I'm determined not to miss it this year! Collection update coming up. :D
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Wants * Gets

So I really want a pikados plush. I would love to find one for sale in the U.S. to save on shipping costs & time. I'm hoping to spend around $30.
There IS one on eBay for sale in the U.S. but I'm not sure if it's legit. I don't want to take any chances.
Anyway, here's a pikados piccyture for attention. :)


I'm looking for a few kuttari plush, too. Show me whatcha got! I've also updated my wants list with a few things. ^-^ Sellers, take a look ~

** Onto the gets! **
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Thank you for reading. :)
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cosplay sos :) again

no title i need a Cheep leafeon plush. I need it by the 21st because of the world tourney and near the time I will post on this committee were to met and Ill take pics :) cause I can. Hint 3rd floor. I cant wait for the pirate pika. Thank you. Hope to see you guys soon :3

Some 'Vee wants

Hey community,

it's been a while since I updated my collection due to being busy with life and whatnot, but I figured now would be a great time to get some newer releases os some plushies. Well, only plushies.

So, what I'm looking to get is the Umbreon Mascot plush. Like, gosh I saw bootlegs of these on Gamescom last weekend and I got really excited because there HAD to be official versions that look even better and cuter. And I wasn't disappointed.

I also fell in love with the Umbreon from the Pokemon Time Collection, so I'm definitely on the lookout for that cutie as well.

Feel free to make offers or let me know about sites where to get them for a reasonable price. Please keep in mind I live in germany and shipping can get a tiny bit expensive. Thank you for your help though, it's greatly appreciated! <3