August 15th, 2015

Totally re-vamped special sales!! And rare auctions!

Hello, everyone! I hope you're all doing well. :)
I have totally changed my sales post, and I have added about 50 new cheap things (mostly plushies) because I would like them to be claimed quickly. I've also lowered the prices on older items!

Here's what makes this sales post special: I will allow you to hold items for up to TWO WEEKS if you'd like--possibly longer if you absolutely need it. For auctions, it will only be ONE week after I have sent you the message saying that you have won. However, this means that you are committed, and I will leave you bad feedback without question if you back out of this sale at any time or if you "disappear" around the time you have to pay.

I also have some auctions today!
Here is a small preview of the sales:
2015-06-28 17.38.25.jpg
2015-08-14 22.35.54-2.jpg2015-08-14 22.34.19.jpg
2015-08-14 22.30.39-1.jpg2015-08-14 22.18.56-1.jpg
2015-08-14 19.32.10.jpg2015-08-14 19.27.41.jpg
2015-08-14 19.14.37-2.jpg2015-08-14 19.13.33-1.jpg
2015-08-14 19.05.44-2.jpg2015-08-14 18.50.15.jpg
2015-08-14 18.40.26.jpg2015-08-14 18.37.50-1.jpg
2015-08-14 18.31.45-1.jpg2015-08-14 18.27.09-2.jpg
2015-08-14 18.25.36.jpg2015-08-14 18.24.13-1.jpg

And here are the auctions:
2015-08-14 19.15.39-1.jpg2015-08-15 10.24.56-1.jpg
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mareep, flaaffy

Mega Blok Auction and Last Chance for Amigurumi

Hello everyone! Today I have some Mega Bloks up for auction and two slots for amigurumi commissions. These will be the last commission slots for a while as I'm headed back to school soon so don't miss out!

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Auction will end Thursday August 20th at 10:00 pm EST
Countdown is here:
Please bid in $1 increments

Some mega bloks include an attack base. If you want any other coloured bloks I can also throw those in with purchase

***I may be able to ship the smaller mega bloks as flats depending on how picky Canada Post is being that day. I will charge you for a non-flat and refund if needed.

Please do not bid until this line is crossed out

Also anything here can be combined with my sales! (Click here to be transported)

New things for sale~

What's up guys!
While I was cleaning up my room to move out to college, I found many cool things that I wanted to offer up to the community!
Sooo I have many brand new items for sale!  ALSO, Since I am leaving to college in like less than a week, I will not be able to ship out anything after 08/18th! So the 18th is the last day I can ship out everything! :P I will hopefully be able to still sale/buy/brag about my collection while I am in college! After the 18th, I can probably ship things during thanksgiving!

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Quick Preview:

But anyways let's get on to the things I have for sale~

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Thank you for viewing!

Lugia Plush question

Hi everyone,

I've been looking for a lugia plush lately, but having some trouble telling which are the bootlegs. I'm not after a particular plush, just one that I think looks good and isn't too expensive, around the same size as my Jakks Ho-oh. I like the Jakks lugia, but i've not seen them very cheap and get the impression they are quite rare...

There was a lugia plush on Sunyshore a few months ago that I was going to buy, but when I saved some money and went back they'd all gone. I haven't really seen them anywhere else since. They were pokemon centre plush with the mouth closed.

In any case, my question is, has there been a real lugia plush with the pattern pictured below (not a bootleg), and if so does anyone know what year it was made/how big it was?

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Wants! Searching for Jolteon, Cyndaquil line, and zorua/ark items!

Hey all! Soon i'll post new updates on my collections, received lots of awesome stuff lately :) but today iv'e got some more that i'm searching for!

* NONE of these pictures belong to me. If they are yours and you want me to take them down please let me know!*

Here's what i'm looking for! However I am interested in any Jolteon, cyndaquil line, electrike/manectric or zorua/zoroark item not listed that i don't have :)

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So so sorry for the picture heavy and longggg list. Haven't been collecting for a while and these are a bunch of things i'm missing! ahaha.

Sales and Auctions- rare merch, pokebox, customs, etc

Hi guys! I'm raising some money for... something right now. I don't really know what, but I just feel as though I should have some extra cash lying around. I guess we'll have to wait and see if this feeling is relevant lol

Super quick preview, much more under the cuts!

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Please do not comment until threads are up.

Perler Sales:

Big girl decisions sale!

My friends and family have been very generous and gave me a lot of chicken related things lately so I think the time has come for me to sell my 1:1 torchic (╯︵╰,) I'm offering a lower price
So please consider~ This is the American version so I removed the tag, I'm pretty sure I know where it is though....

The asking is $35 before shipping :) I have a box ready to use!! Will include a mystery freebie ohhhh~

Sales permission given by allinia on 6-11-14

Shipping is from MS

I will take two payments one for the plush the second for shipping :)

Come from a cat friendly home but also a smoke free home!

I could try international but be warned shipping may be quite high 😁
dragon Dance

5 Year Grail Get +

I finally have it after nearly 5 years and only having come across one photo of it in that time period this elusive, even more so than one of the PC Giants this Pokemon Center Gizamimi Pichu & Dragonite Cookie Tin is at long last mine all thanks to the help of riolu for pointing one out for me on an obscure Japanese site.
 photo 9852482c-b958-4670-8764-60d4bb0fc4ce_zps1pyvdwiy.png
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As I said this has been a grail of mine since the begin when I started collecting Dragonite and joined the com since in those 5 years I meet many great people and friends some of my oldest dragonrider49, aarux and fruitmania34 come to mind along with more, too many to list, and since I've joined my collection has grown by leaps and bounds and I've manage to help others do the same by either selling to them or giving them leads to their grails and days like these make my ever so glad I joined the com all those years ago

Greetings from Annie :3

Hiya everyone thank you for letting me join this awesome community!
I'm not used to posting journals much but seeing other posts on here encourages me to say something on a journal too^^
I've recently started my own want list for Pokemon stuffs because i saw that other peeps were doing it too :3
I also love all the rare stuff for sale on here too hehe x3

thanks! (=^・^=)

My 3rd Sculpture :) + 2 Days Offers + Sales

Hi everyone! It's been awhile since my last sculpture, but I hope you guys will like this much as much as the last one :3

I have been looking for these Poke-box Dogs Charms Keychain and the Arcanine bookmark for awhile and don't have any luck in getting them. If anyone is willing to sell/trade/partial trade, please let me know!:

Since they are so hard to find, I decided, why not just make myself one? So I made one of the charms using the 2D drawing and transformed it into a 3D sculpture. Here's the charm I picked:

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SALES: There are some items that are OBO! *V*

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Thanks for looking! Hope everyone is having a great weekend! :D

Collection Weeding: Lots Up For Offers

The offer period has ended. Thank you, Everyone! :D

There comes a day in every collector's life when they sit back and stare at all the stuff they have gathered over the years and think to themselves: I have way too much stuff!

That day has come for me. XP

I realize that I've accumulated so much stuff that it's hard to love them all equally. Sooo I'm now putting everything I don't feel as attached to or have way too many of up for offer! :D

I'm putting them up in lots because I would prefer to get larger chunks of things out in one swoop.

*Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on November 6, 2014.
*My pkmncollectors community feedback can be found here.

As with all my other sales posts, there are a few rules to keep in mind:
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Offer period will end on August 21st or earlier.

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Please note that I may commit to offers before the August 21st end date, so if you really want a lot, don't wait. Make your offer early! :)

All threads are up. Offer away! :D

Ode to mini Pokedolls

Hey guys! I got more gets,
With some commentary on them under the cut:

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So as you might have suspected, I need more!
I have two on the way already! (Can't wait for them to get here!!!)

But yeah these are my main priority:

And this, I've posted it bunch of times, I know...

but I really need one.

And any Latias plush, keychain, or figure strap.
Also rest of wants here.
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That's it, thanks for reading!

Rare English Card Sales!

Hi everyone! I have some rare pokemon cards up for sale today. All are in near mint to mint condition!

Biodew28 sales policies:

I recieved sales permission from entirelycliched in July 2013


-All prices are usd
-Prices DO NOT include shipping and fees
-USA buyers only
-Payment by paypal only
-Please pay within 24hrs of commitment
-First person to commit has priority on the item.
-I am not responsible for post office mistakes
-I ship from CA, USA
-Feel free to haggle (especially if you buy multiple cards), but don't be offended if I decline.

NOTE: My house has cats that don't touch my collection, but those with severe allergies be warned!

The cards:

Full Metal Dialga $24
Secret rare Rare Candy $20
Secret rare Garbodor $20
Full Art Cobalion $11
Full Art Latios EX (plasma storm) $9
Full Art Lysandre's Trump Card $9
Full Art Ghetsis $8
Jirachi EX $8
Cobalion EX x3 $8
Kyogre EX $7
Groudon EX $7
Registeel EX $7

Thanks for your interest!

Hi! Just showing my collection here... + a question

I actually just signed up back in July but haven't posted yet...I'm new to this community but just wanted to show a bit of my Pokemon collection. :) Also I love the Pokemon cats so I am always on the look out for anything Persian related (flat, figures, plushies in particular) so if any of you can help me out on where I can find some stuff let me know!

I have not photographed everything...just the ones that are my personal favorites. :)

She is actually my latest get. Poseable Sylveon figure

Mew still mint in her box

I love the Jakks Pacific figures!

I know not Jakks Pacific but the editor decided to slap this image in the middle of these.

Some of my Tomy DX figures. Houndour is a recent get.

Of course some of my small Tomy figures

Had to get Mewtwo of course..just fuels my love for the kitties :P

I love my Vulpix :) so photogenic

I do have one question to ask....was there ever a Persian Jakks Pacific figure?

new pokemon wants?!

wants :

1. for some weird reason i feel like i need a goldeen,pidgeotto and any first-second gen and 6th gen tomy figures at a cheap price though lol :O

2. pikachu, eevee or oshawott figure phone charm from the pokemon center

i'm really excited for the new sleeping figures the bulbasaur one is probably my fav

i hope they do one for second gen :0
  • syminka

I'm going to Japan sales!

Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a good weekend!
I have some very exciting news! I will be going to Japan in Dec or Jan!! My fiance wants to spend most of our time in Tokyo. Any advice anyone can give? Or does anyone want to hang out? I can bring you snacks from America! hehe. We want to go to the fox cafe, pokemon center, Hiroshima (I know it's pretty far sadly), and lots of sight seeing!!! I want to go to all the pokemon centers and to Disney haha. I am gonna be looking for Pokemon EVERYWHERE! Maybe I will find a Vaporeon mini cot or some old eevee stuff! Also, if there is anything anyone wants me to keep an eye out for I will <3

I am so excited. I have never left the country before. I am not looking forward to the flight, however D:

I have some sales to help give me some more spending cash! FOR POKEMON OF COURSE!
Everything is OBO within reason. I also can ship internationally for the rest of the month!

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I have new Ancient Origins cards, custom plush, cheap plush and older figures!!

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New plush sales and fuzzy figure auctions. Last chance for bookmark commissions

Hello community! I received some packages this week so it's time to another round of auctions and salers. First of all, we have some big fuzzy figures up for auction, you can see them on the picture and you can find the info in the cut.

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Also, I got a few plushies, MPCs, straps and keychain. Here is a preview and the sales are under the cut.

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Finally, the print shop has increased their prices quite a bit so unless I order lots of bookmarks, i can't do them since they would cost me the price I ask or more. Since I've to print some commissions to another user I'm doing a last call for bookmark commissions. You can check more examples in the post

Commission: Kanto by Agui-chan

Finally, as usual, you can combine the items with anything from my sales post. Thanks for reading!

shipping update plus quick sale/trade?

Hello again! I just wanted to let the people who have paid for items from my sales post that the items have been shipped!

Also, I bought the Minky Lucario Pokedoll after much research, debating, and determining that I would probably prefer him over the Velboa version. Well, it turns out that I prefer my old Velboa version (that I ended up selling) so I'm selling the Minky one. I will also trade him for the 2005 JP Velboa one + some monetary amount since the Minky one seems to be worth a tad more. Otherwise, I'd like to get $42 + shipping and fees for the little guy.

He is mint with detached hang tag. I didn't bother taking the tag out of the protective cardboard casing, but I can if anyone needs pictures of it.

Sales Permission granted by areica96 on March 21, 2015

Now, onto random question time! Do you ever order a plush because it's a Pokemon you like and it looks adorable in the stock photo, then when you see actual photos of it you kind of regret it? I decided I would try to get the sleepy Kuttari plushes of Pokemon that I like so I claimed a Charmander, but I just saw some actual photos of him and he looks a bit silly in my opinion XD I'm hoping I will think otherwise once I have him, but I have a feeling that I won't and I hate selling things that I just got, you know? I'm glad I decided to claim a Mudkip though! I was hesitant due to the stock photo, but he looks absolutely adorable in the actual photos!

Thanks for reading :)