August 16th, 2015

gets! lots and lots of gets! + trades and wants posts up + 2 super special super amazing ones!

Hi everyone! Ninfia here!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted to the community, but I’d like to let you know that I do post on my journal quite a bit more than I do on the comm. I’m not actually sure why though, lol.

I wanted to share some gets from the past few months from both the comm and other things.
This includes 2 amazingly, super special, super amazing gets that I am actually very honoured to own.

I'm posting the non-Pokémon related gets on my personal journal, stay tuned~!

Without further ado…

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Now it's time for the first big thingy. (DUN DUN DUUUUUN!) :0

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This next get blows me away. I feel so, so honoured to be able to own this. It is one of the most prized possessions I have out of all of my collections.

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Also, I have enough feedback and now have a trading post and a wants post on my journal!
Please take a look at my journal for more info!

(I'm working on trades/wants artwork and it'll probably be inspired by the beautiful piece of art I got today. ^-^)

Thank you very much for always bearing with me.

See you soon!

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Japanese TCG Sales + Kids/Bromides Reminder

Hello everyone!

I've got some cool Japanese TCG for sale today!
These are pretty cheap - mostly $1-$2 per card, almost all are holo from older sets (BW and older)

Shipping is only $1.6 worldwide up to 20 cards!

Feel free to combine these cards with my other sales - links are at the bottom of this post ^^.
I'll be shipping out things to you on Monday ^^

There're some eeveelutions and others!

Here's a little preview:

I'm tagging aarux , maybe you'll be interested in some of these :D

Also I've added these cool plastic discs and Mega Charizard poster to my sales, there're also few Kids from newest set and bromides up for grabs, feel free to haggle, click here or on pic to be transported:

Here're the rules:
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And now onto TCG Sales:
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Small plugs - as always ^^

That's all, hope you all have a great weekend!
I'm working on my collection update, I'll probably make a post after weekend :O

Thanks for looking!

Plush & Kids WANTED! <3

I have about $200 to spend. Help me. ;D

Would like plush/kids of the following:
Mawile/Mega-Mawile, Audino, Aerodactyl, Ditto, Xerneas, Aipom, Swablu/Altaria, Teddiursa/Cubchoo/Pancham, Lotad, Sneasel/Weavile, Amaura, Tyrunt, Buizel, and Ralts line.

Will also consider most fairy-type plush (NOT SYLVEON xDD).

Bootleg or Real US Version Tomy?

Hi Guys,

I just need to get some help identifying the figures on the pictures below. A friend of mine bought the figures on the right to a seller who told him that the figures are indeed legit and just another version of the Johto released figure. I am pretty sure that those are bootlegs since the mold is not that detailed compared to the original figures. Most of the collectors in this community I believe are from the US. Could you guys do me a favor? Can you tell if the figures on the right side of the original TOMY that I know is bootlegged or indeed a US version which I might not familiar of?

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If proven that those are not original tomys, I might say that my friend is being fooled by the seller just to earn money.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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Metal figures pre-order totals! + Adorable tissues and stickers sale!

Hello guys!
It's time for the total for the Metal figures pre-order!

We got some very lucky pulls, while some are not so lucky pulls!

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Extras for sale!

Salamence: 1 silver, 2 1 bronze - 5$ each
Latios: 2 copper/brass left - 4.50$ each
Rayquaza: 2 silver, 1 bronze and 2 copper/brass left - 5$ each
Talonflame: 3 silver, 3 bronze and 3 copper/brass left - 4.50$ each

Please take these Gallades away from me, I am selling them now for 1$ each!

Other things I have for sale!

Super cute tissues and stickers!

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Thank you guys for making this possible! <3

Sunday Art Corner - August 16th to September 13th

Welcome to the Sunday Art Corner, a monthly post where you can share your creations with the community! Here you are permitted to post anything you have created, plushies, sculpts, cosplay, artwork (traditional and digital), writings, etc. Something creative? Post it here! We understand the want to talk to the community about your artwork so this post is going to remain on the sidebar all month for members to use and chat about.

We do have a few rules we would like you to keep in mind.

Absolutely no advertising of any kind is permitted on this post. You will get one warning and then you will be banned from posting here. We are taking this very seriously. This post is meant for discussion and critique, not to gain sales. Art trades are acceptable.

This includes asking for commissions. Please PM the artist if you are interested in discussion commissions.

Please keep everything Safe for Work. This means any fanfiction needs to be PG or under. We're not here to share your raunchy fanfiction (there are other places for that sort of thing).

Please be respectful of every one posting. We have a wide variety of age groups and talent ranges. If you are here to critique, remember to keep your points valid. "Oh this looks bad" is not a good way to critique and you will be warned and banned from posting for things like this.

If you are looking for critique, please add "Open for Critique" somewhere in your post. Some just wish to show off their artwork while others want feedback on how or what to improve. If someone does not specify then please do not critique.

As always we are trying our best to improve this, if you have any suggestions, questions or concerns please feel free to contact the moderators via Report a Problem

Please keep images 750x750 and under. Since this post is going to be very long and large, try and keep images small for those with bandwidth caps or mobile users! Any posts with extremely large pictures will be deleted until those pictures are resized.

In this post only, any type of art is accepted, not just Pokemon related. We're currently testing the ratio of pokemon to non-pokemon art posted and will change the rules depending on this ratio.

MIB First Wave Monster Collection Figures Episode 1: The Journey Begins

Hi, everyone, long time no see.

I started collecting Monster Collection figures SERIOUSLY back in March or April 2014 (though some of my figures date back to 2006/2007). I have completed the first two generations except for Staryu and Murkrow, mostly because I haven't gotten around to purchasing them yet! I am now taking on a new collecting endeavor: I am going to try to collect New-in-Box copies of the original 95 (not including many sets like the Grabber Ball ones) First Wave Monster Collection sets (the ones with the Auldeys) and other merchandise from that general period (such as the Japanese Grabber Ball Sets). So far, I have amassed a whopping 1 of 95+: an Espeon and Umbreon double pack, an evident Japanese release. I snagged it because I've never seen one before on U.S. shores, and it's apparently very rare, so rare that Bulbapedia doesn't even have a picture of it, and I am very excited about this, and I think it is a good way to start this collection. I am looking forward to getting more, including the Persian/Ninetales set, the Shellder/Cloyster set, Lugia and Ho-oh, and the Ponyta/Rapidash set. The Shellder/Cloyster and Ponyta/Rapidash set can go for like 80-90 bucks. To make matters worse more interesting, these sets also came in Japanese AND Chinese releases, as well as some releases that came with Pokeballs, and you know I HAVE to have one of each of them for all of the ones that were released!

To learn more about the first Monster Collection figures, click here:

This is sure to be very interesting.

EX and Secret Rare Cards for Trade

Hi, Everyone!

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in trading for these cards? These are all the EX and SR cards I have in English. I have others in Japanese, Korean, French, and German. I also have non-EX/SR cards for trade and lots of TCGO codes (no Roaring Skies or Ancient Origins ones though).

(Please click fro larger image. I also have individual photos of the cards if you want to see any closeups.)

Here's a list of specific cards I'm looking for. I might also consider trading for others.

- Japanese promo with group of cosplay pikas
- Japanese Shiny M Gengar Promo
- Japanese Battle Festa promo (pika/sylveon/gengar)
- Japanese Umbreon Night Battle Promo
- any of the English Gengar line cards from Phantom Forces
- English Top half of the Raikou/Suicune Legend set
- Japanese bottom half of the Raikou/Suicune Legend set
- Japanese reverse/mirror holo Houndoom from Reviving Legends
- French Undaunted Espeon Prime
- French Walrein from Double Crisis (also two of the four RH 'yenas...I forget which two)
- French McDonald's promos from the Eeveelution set (cards were reprints from Dark Explorers)
- Topps Houndour sticker and foil cards
- amiibos - greninja, lucario, (and possibly others)
- these cards in English -
Espeon - Aquapolis - 11/147 - Reverse Holo
Espeon EX - EX Unseen Forces - 102/115
Espeon Star - POP Series 5 - 16/17
Flareon - Legendary Collection - 10/110 - Holographic
Flareon - POP Series 3 - 2/17 - Non-holo
Flareon EX - EX Delta Species - 108/115
Glaceon Lvl X - Majestic Dawn - 98/100
Jolteon - Legendary Collection - 14/110 - Reverse Holo
Jolteon - POP Series 3 - 3/17 - Non-holo
Jolteon - Ancient Origins - 26/98 - Holographic
Jolteon - Ancient Origins - 26/98 - Reverse Holo
Umbreon - Aquapolis - 41/147 (and/or H29/H32) - Reverse Holo
Umbreon - Skyridge - H30/H32 - Holographic
Umbreon EX - EX Unseen Forces - 112/115
Umbreon Star - POP Series 5 - 17/17
Arcanine - Skyridge - H2/H32 - Holographic
Arcanine - HGSS 1/123 Non-Holo Alternate Print from Ember Spark Theme Deck
Ninetales - Aquapolis - H19/H32 - Holographic
And possibly - Ninetales - HGSS 7/123 Cracked Ice Holo from Blister Packs - I'm not sure if they all have the Undaunted symbol error

Also, does anyone have the Pop Star Pikachu Scrap Code from the Japanese Emerald Break booster packs?

Thank you,

Looking for Chikorita plushies! チコリータの品物を探してます〜

Hello guys!

I'm looking for any random Chikorita items I may not have :3

No flats please! Not interested in those right now ^^

Here are my top wants list:

2009 Pokemon Time Chikorita Plush
Banpresto Talking Chikorita Plush
Chikorita DX 1:1 Plush
Chikorita Plush Plush (for a reasonable price please... Don't mind tagless if its cheaper)

My budget is around $100-150 so please don't sell me something super overpriced ;^;

Thank you,


ps. any Japanese speakers here?! :D I translated it into Japanese hehe




2009 ポケモンタイムのチコリータ人形


Pokemon - Lucario nod
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Cheap plush auction reminder! + lots + sales~

Hey everyone,
Giant reminder that my CHEAP BIG PLUSH AUCTION ends Monday night! Most items still don't have bids lol

This is your chance to get these guys for SUPER CHEAP before I start putting them up on eBay in more expensive lots and the like (since I gotta cover for those treacherous eBay fees, but hey there's way more exposure at ebay so things sell)! I'd much prefer these guys go to loving homes here on the comm!

Also, I put up a couple more cheap lots on eBay!

And sales plug!

Preview of new items:

Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )

There's also this neat guy

Small story, my fiance pulled this out buried somewhere in his closet and asked me to sell it for him. Not sure on what circumstance he got it in the first place ages ago (it's even "first edition" lol) since he was never a huge Pokemon collector, but I also recently found out that back in his early high school days he had quite a big Pokemon TCG collection even though he didn't even know how to play the card game LOL. That's also changed recently since he played the GBC TCG games (great stuff!! I wish they continued doing them, but I understand that it's all online now). Also recently he's been thinking about getting into the TCG for real, which would've REALLY excited me because I'd love for my fiance to be more into Pokemon in general so I can fangirl/boy with him even more. XD I'm even willing to let him basically use any of my cards, I could even see him doing well in tournaments if he put his mind to it. But uhhh first we need to stabilize our lives more haha, he was recently laid off his game company (along with half the rest of the company) and it might be a while before he finds his next worthwhile venture with his programming skills, who knows. Long life goals!!
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4 Months Worth of Gets, Collection Update, New Sales, Collection Website, The Works!!

...Well I did say in my last post that my next wouldn't be so boring! =P How much more thrilling can you get with a bit of everything all in one post!?

So why has this next update taken me sooo long? I've been super busy recently with an awful lot of sculpting commissions (Which will be opening up again soon for anyone interested! =P) to work on and ship out upon completion, we've been planning a move over to England and the biggest delay? Waiting for parcels to slow down and stop arriving! Seriously! No sooner had I convinced myself I'd get around to my collection update...I had something else ordered and told myself to wait until that came! It was a very vicious cycle! =< Luckily, parcels have slowed down now...I still have a very small handful of gets to show you once they arrive, but nothing of the magnitude I'm about to bombard you all with now, don't worry! Small and manageable gets posts are the way forward from now on =P

Onto the VERY image heavy gets! You have been warned!!

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I've also gone and started myself a new collection site on Weebly! Oh yes! It's still a massive work in progress at the moment, but I've got the majority of my collection's pics up on there now which anyone is free to use for their own wants posts and lists if they so desire! =D I've named it "Shed Skin" after Ekans and Arbok's in game ability and it features all of my collections so far! Pokédolls, Ekans & Arbok and Nidos! It also contains my wants lists which I will get around to updating at some point! if you don't mind a messy, outdated and incomplete site, take a look! xD

Visit my collection site, Shed Skin by clicking here!!

And last but not least, I've got a pretty big update for my sales page! Everything needs to go to help me save up for my big move and I'm seriously considering bundling everything up into a huge eBay lot before I leave to get it out of the way so if you've been after anything in my sales post for a while, now is the time to get it before I switch into ruthless mode! >D

I've also updated my sales with new items! I have a new lot of Clear Kid figures in which includes Attack Pose Tyranitar, Aggron, Barboach, Cherubi and much more!

Click the snakes below to be transported and amazed!!

Thank you so much for sticking with me for this long old post, guys! Happy collecting! =D

Japanese leaflet giveaway

If somebody would like to have these Japanese Pokémon leaflets to use as posters, arts-and-crafts material etc. please leave a comment. I'll send them for free to the first person interested.

I'm trying to get rid of them because I collected such a mountain of different leaflets and ad papers from Japan a month ago when I was on a trip there. XD At first I was going to throw them away, but it'd be better if somebody of you finds use for them.

End of Summer Customs Slots! Lower Prices! Trades?

Hey everybody!!!
So, because I've decided to collect shiny kids, which costs moneys, I've decided to open up my last slots of the summer to add something new- TEAM SHOTS!!!
I had only ever done one for myself a while back, but I did one for a trade and LOVED IT!
So, for this round of sales, I lowered my prices for teams! Normally my price is $60+ shipping, but now I'm only charging $30 +shipping, on this post only!

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(I may open more if there is more interest this time around!)

Thanks for reading!
Good Night everyone! :D
~ Ebon

IMPORTANT P.S. If you are interested in anything I can do, and have shiny kids, I'm DEFINITELY willing to trade!!!

Book Page Sales + More

Hi guys, I got a bunch of new Pokemon book pages that I'm looking to sell. I also posted the rest of my sales under the cut with some new items. Take a look!
My regular sales page has also been updated with the same stuff. But you can place orders here or there, doesn't matter.

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And as always, my wants. I have other things I'm looking for but these are the highlights for the moment.

Clear Weavile kids - arm-on-hip, arms crossed  /  Clear Absol attack kid  /  Weavile Minimodels 

~Auction Reminder~

Hi guys! This is a little early, but I may not have internet for a few days so I want to get it out of the way. This is a reminder that my auctions are ending a few days from now, and although some items are gone from my sales post so far no one has put in any bids xD


Here are a few items! The Keldeo is signed by none other than Vic Mignogna, and a few of the prices were tweaked :)

The link is here:

Discussion question:
Do you guys ever buy stuff that you just know you won't keep around, but you do it anyway? This seems to happen with me and things like cute keychains or pins that don't feature Pokemon that I collect. Like when I'm buying them, I know that I don't need them and may let go of them after staring at them for a while, but I still want them. So I figure that maybe I can find a way to use them or display them which makes me want to keep them (that does happen sometimes). But most of the time, they just end up being resold once I'm in a bind for money xD