August 18th, 2015

Cute Pikachu Satoshi

Introduction & gets

Hello all! I'm Erika and I've been lurking here for a good 6 years or so. Until recently I haven't had the chance to buy stuff from this community so I would just stare at all posts wishing I could.

I've been a fan of Pokemon since the very beginning of the anime and Yellow was my first game. I'm mostly a plushie collector, but I also collect figures. My favorite Pokemon is Pikachu. I've loved Pikachu forever and I'm just overwhelmed with how much Pikachu plush I need to own, mainly the monthly Pikachu. I've been dying to expand my collection for more Pokemon Center merch since my collection lacks them.

Other than Pikachu, I love the Pokemon Anime and my favorite character, if you couldn't already tell by my username is Satoshi/Ash. I'm so excited to finally be able to buy merch of him and looking for more.

My wants page is here for reference, will update it more as I go along with collecting.

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Thank you and nice to meet you all! 

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Hey guys!

i know i haven't been active and/or posted anything lately but i'll be moving in about a month or two and will finally be able to display my collection! *throws connfetti*

But in the meantime, i really need to weed out part of my collection to make room for everything else. Also, if you purchase multiple items, i will be more than happy to give you a nice little discount.

So without further ado, i present to you, Part one of many Sales to come!


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Retagging Pokedolls?


I've gotten a lot of strong opinions on this subject. I'm ordering loops to reattach tags and will do a follow up comparison post in a few weeks.
Thank you, everyone for you opinions!

Hey everybody!
I'm here with a question-

If you remove a hang tag from a pokedoll, but buy the SAME kind of reattachment loop, and reattach the tag, does it affect the value at all?

I ask because I have a few pokedolls that I wish I hadn't de-tagged (zekrom, charmander, umbreon, glaceon, darkrai, mew, etc.), and I kept the tags in nm-to mint condition (one or two might have small marks around the existing loop hole from where I pinned them up for display).

My question is, if I ever sold some of these (not planning on it!) is a reattached tag a turn off for some people/would it affect the value if it is the same kind of loop?

And for anyone that has done this, I found 3, and 5 inch loops on ebay. The loop on my foongus pokedoll was about 4-4.5 inches, so I figure the 5 inch loop was best.

Thanks! ^-^
Best wishes!
~ Ebon

My Pokedoll/Pokemon center plush collection~! + video!

Originally posted by cutestarwarrior at My Pokedoll/Pokemon center plush collection~! + video!
Collapse )☆☆☆~before I get started, I just wanna say none of my plushies are for sale and also this is my first post ever on livejournal~, I hope you guys enjoy it!(●ゝω)ノヽ(∀<●) ~☆☆☆

There also a video in the end! If you want to see my collection in action~!
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What's your favorite parts of collecting?

So i'm sitting on by bed. It was like 5am here and i really should have been sleeping, but instead i was poping the bubble wrap from inside of one of the more recient packages i'd gotten. I'd started thinking about all the things that i loved about collecting.
Poping the bubble wrap
Online shopping
Getting mail
The looks on peoples faces when they see them displayed all pretty-like.
When something you baught comes with little in-package surprises: notes, drawings, cards, candy, ect.
Naming my plush
These are some of the things i love. I want to know what you guys love about collectiong. Anything at all no matter how small or rediculous. I probably need one of those 5 step addiction programs for online shopping. Can't wait to see the comments on this one:b

I should finaly have all of my new stuff here by next week so i'll finaly make that gets post then. I have a grail something on its way right now and i'm more giggly than a child on christmas morning cx Anyways thankyou for reading! -Skye
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Rainbow of Pokemon jelly cups~ + Food/Bookstore pickups plug~

Rainbow of Pokemon jelly cups~~ Kyaa need more pinks, yellows and blues xD

These are 4 bags worth. I bought all that was left at the market this past Sunday. Hopefully they restock soon as I will be going to two Japanese markets tomorrow and getting the rest of the orders for people. ^^ Didn't get enough Syleveon... >_<

I have a lot of extras and they will be $1 each. Buy more and it will be less, like 4 for $3.

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I also forgot about adding a couple of items to the pickups page so here they are:

Pretzel sticks

Blind sticker with gum packs

Mini Chocolate wafer

Also, the chocolate wafers include random shiny stickers. Ahh, I want to collect them all!! The first wafer I bought didn't include a sticker... but the rest I bought did have the sticker and they are suppose to so.. I guess I got unlucky with the first one I bought. >_>;; I'll be keeping the Snorlax one but can sell the others for $2 each. Here are the back sides of them.

Click for food pickups! Bookstore pickups also in link + my sales here

I'm at work so will be slow to reply and I might edit the main sales to include more pictures. Feel free to ask if any questions. :)

Pokedoll Bear gets + Sales

I'm super happy about my recent get! I love the bear pokemon and I love pokedolls so it was easy to make the choice to collect all three bear pokedolls. It wasn't so easy to find all three.

Cubchoo wasn't difficult to find, but finding one that was in the right condition was hard. There are also a ton of bootlegs of Cubchoo floating around out there. Pancham was easiest to get since gen 6 merch is still fresh, I got the Japanese version and it's very cute. So that only left Teddiursa...

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Now for some sales. I'm still trying to weed out my collection. I've added these guys to my sales post. Check it out and thanks for reading.


Pokedoll sales, take two! (and amiibo?)

Hey everyone! I have some quick sales yet again. Let's go!

Permission given march 2011 by dakajojo
Prices shipped are to US only, enquire for international prices :)
None have tags!!! They are with the rest of my collection sadly, as i really didnt plan on parting with them. :< (if the tags are a dealbreaker, i can and will gladly send the detached tags to you as soon as possible- please note it may take a few months as they're on the opposite side of the country!)
Edit: I take priority to first comment about an item, quote or commit, due to international shipping costs.

Lapras: $23 shipped
Glameow: $22 shipped
Torchic: $22 shipped
Fennekin: $23 shipped
Raichu: $25 shipped

Latios: $23 shipped
Wobbuffet: $18 shipped
Flareon: $22 shipped
Jolteon: $22 shipped

Eevee: $22 shipped
Mew: $22 shipped
Pikachu Amiibo: $11 shipped
Greninja Amiibo: $11 shipped
(neither have boxes! if you're interested in any other amiibo, feel free to shoot me a PM to ask if i have what you want, but please note none except 1 sheik have boxes)

Thanks, all <3
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A big old charms auctions and sales post

Hello all :)

I'm starting to trim down even my beloved charm collection... it's just been in storage too long for me to justify keeping it. Below is about half of it. These are all from the very first Dex charm set, the Johto Dex set, released in 2009. (Except the larger round charm set)

Almost everything in the photo is either up for sale or auction.

There's also some regular sales, so check it out!

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Thanks for looking!

PLEASE do not comment on the auction threads until they are finished! Thanks!
Comment away!

Sales- Part 2!

Hiya :D I have more things for sale today, along with items that are left over from my last sales post.
Here are the items with reduced prices!

Rules here:


Deckbox: 6
Leafeon pin: 12 shipped
September charm: 10 shipped
Aqua pin: 3


Cute comic book: 7 shipped
Pika shirt: 7 shipped
50 random TCG: 10 shipped
TFG booklets/cards: 3 shipped

Sinnoh guide: 10
Sticker book: (stickers have been put into the outlined spots) 5
Others: 3

Etsy Store:
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Cobalion and/or Virizion Want!

Hiya Everyone!

I'm moving into a new apartment for school and realized I have very few plush to bring with me, and would love to buy either a Cobalion or Virizion plush (or possibly both, I'm kinda tight on cash!)

Id prefer one of the larger size ones, but the smaller size plush works fine :)

Thanks :D

Pictures below!


Back from vacation small collection update!

Hello everyone!

I was out of state for a week with no internet access, but now I'm back! Did I miss any new item releases? Specifically any that feature my main collections, Hawlucha, Toxicroak, Blaziken and Manectric? :o

I also came back home to a small amount of packages waiting for me:

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I also added a few things to my wishlist. Please give it a look! There's a few Hawlucha-centric new items I stumbled upon that I'd love to buy or trade for!

These in particular are my main wants right now:

Thanks for reading and happy collecting!
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WCS 2015 Items

 photo 11887078_1476459225983145_977146778_n.jpg

Hello! I was wondering, if anyone that is going to Worlds this year would be able to attempt to pick up some items for me and ship them to my home in Maryland? I won't be able to attend this time. :(

I'm interested in the Worlds Pikachu, but I understand that if you're going, and you want one for yourself, it will be tough to get back in line to get another.

I'm looking for the following (items vary year to year, but I would be looking for these items):
Dice bag
Screen cleaner
Deck box
Colonial/Pirate Pikachu (if you can manage it)

I also have an extra deck box and notebook I purchased at last year's Worlds in DC. I would be willing to trade either one of those for a combination of any of these items.

My feedback is here and I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched on 9/19/2014.

1st gen (stamper?) figure trades!

Today I was digging around in the loft looking for a Pokemon card and I stumbled across these old figures that I used to buy when I was much younger

I don't remember what they were called, just that you bought them in blind bags that had three in them! :) I had a lot of fun collecting these as they were a lot easier to find (and cheaper!) than Tomy figures haha! XD However, now that I look at them they look almost identical to the figures on the stampers! Are they the same thing? They fee softer than the figures on my stampers? Ah I don't know! XD We never got the stamps in the UK so maybe this was what we got instead? Either way, I'm looking to find the ones I don't have yet! :)
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 Thanks for your help! :)

Jakks Pacific collection update: Vaporeon has joined!

My Vaporeon has finally arrived safely from the UK! :D And just before I have to catch a plane to the other side of the US. I won her (and Umbreon in a separate) in a auction. Umbreon however is still out in the the significant other gets to intercept him when he arrives which is ok.

May I join? XD

yaaaaay friends!

I think she and Glaceon are going to end up BFFs
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Question about tags

so i wanted to ask your guys a question about the paper tags. i usually cut them off but keep the tags. but what do people prefer? would you rather have the tag intact untouched? or having it removed and kept in a safe place then have no tag at all? you can buy a tag gun that can put a new little plastic loop on. so that was always my plan to do that in the case i ever had to sell anything. but was curious if people prefer them untouched?

just curious! i recently got some new plush and i am a bit hesitant to cut them off for some reason! so wanted others opinions.

Ketchup Pikachu is adorable

I love how they've taken the ketchup thing and run with it. Pikachu is just so cute. He looks like the original "fat" Pikachu too.

This is just the first part of the Sepia series. The second release will have the pencil case that I really really want. This first release is pretty good though. Honorable mention to the tote bag which is well-made and sturdy. My best pick are the hand towels/hankerchief(?). They are so nice to have in summer, and these are in a nice muted color so it doesn't stand out too much when you pull it out.

Booby prize goes to the "folders" imo. They are kind of like manilla folders but with the string tie thing. The spiral notebook comes in second because the cover is so flimsy.

Rayquaza's Imperial Wrath

Quiet evening, I was roaming through my usual retail hotspots and found myself dawdling on Poké, noticed their Shiny Mega Rayquaza plush was missing, searched for Rayquaza to double check for the temporary lack of stock…and…

Stumbled upon something else.

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Let me know if this has already been posted, I haven't seen mention of it yet. >> I've been long time betting this piece was next in line and it's absolutely exciting to see more of these come into production beyond Japan. OI, and here I'm not even getting it! XD