August 19th, 2015

Final sales reminder~

Just a quick sum up of my random sales plus two more things up for grabs, pictures under the cut :)
Sales permission granted by allinia 6-11-14
I ship from the U.S. and can try international :) i will ship to Canada, Europe, Australia and Mexico~
I come from a smoke free home
I have 3 cats

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Thanks so much!! ^_^ who's excited for summer to evolve into fall?? 🍂🍁🍂

ebay auction lot advance notice!

After much contemplation, I have decided to weed out parts of my collection through a single auction. I'm not done collecting or anything, just the need for space and debts to pay have sunk in. Hopefully anyone interested will get a good deal, but I must also inform you that the auction will start tomorrow after midnight (PST) and that the auction is good for USA residents only, for simplicity reasons.
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Gets and a fun little thing! ^_^

Hey guys! I hope everyone is enjoying their Wednesday! <3
FIRST SOME GETS! I've gotten a lot of gets since I last made a gets post but I figured I'd post the GRAILS first!
I've got to be honest I NEVER thought I'd get these. Like. NEVER. But HUGE thanks to haepbrosonearth meloman1a
I was able to get the Heracross and Lapras POKEMON TIME STRAPS!! AAAAH. @_@ I never thought I'd own Heracross because SO many people are always looking for him here and whenever he's available he either disappears quickly or the auction goes so high I can't participate. >_<
As for Lapras I just never SAW it for sale so I never thought I'd get the opportunity. :') <3
I'm SO happy. That really almost helped me complete my larger Heracross wants!

For those curious the bookmarks were Skiploom and Pikachu! :D

I found someone who made this on Twitter and I figured the comm would enjoy it! ^__~
For those wondering how to do it, you just find the sprites of your favorite pokemon, on google or wherever, and paste them into the little squares where the Pokemon are! I would LOVE to see what you come up with so if you're bored feel free to leave me a comment with your filled out version. :D

EDIT: DANG IT! I forgot Armaldo was in gen 3, I would probably take out Mudkip or Banette for Armaldo. xD

EDIT: Under the cut I have the BLANK one that Mar was so kind as to provide! <3 Thank you!!
The way to fill it out is the same! ^_^

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-Were there any gens you had particular trouble with because you didn't have any favorites from those gen? Was there a gen that was impossible because you had TOO many favorites?

-Do you and I share any of them same favorites? ;D

-My "too many" were kanto and Johto. My "not enough faves" were Hoenn (I LIKE them all but don't have any SERIOUS faves) and Unova (I only have one Pokemon I REALLY love from this gen - Tirtouga)
I thought about adding Pokemon from multiple evo lines but figured I'd try not to. xD

Last but not least, a little sales plug! I sent out ALL the items purchased previously!
I WILL ALSO BE LISTING NEW STUFF SOON! I realized I had a lot more items from Japan I forgot to post. >_<
Plus an auction!


✿ New Gets/ Book Page Sales, and Wants!! ✿

Hello everyone!! :D

I received a package from SMJ today and got some pretty exciting things!!

Look at that happy smile!
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Next, i am very diligently looking for these crackers:

If anyone knows where i can find such crackers, please let me know! (There may be a zigzagoon cracker inside hehe...)

As always im looking for these items and items on my wants list here!!! <333

tinyzig1.jpg Thank you all for looking!! ~ <3 C:
~ Ziggy

Phew~ Sales

Hey Guys~
In my last post I mentioned that I will not be able to ship things from my sales until Thanksgiving since I will be going to college now; although that is still true (because I won't have the things on sale in my possession for me to ship them out), I found out that there is a post office really close from campus! This means that if I find cool pokemon merchandises nearby my school, I can ship things out!

Anyways, I have a few new things to sale!

I was granted sales permission on 4/5/14 by allinia. and my feedback is

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Thank you so much for reading <3

mareep, flaaffy

Mega Blok Auction Reminder

Just a quick reminder that my mega blok auction will be ending tomorrow. Everything is still at starting bids so don't miss out. As a side note the smaller blocks should be able to ship as flats so for one or two SMALL blocks should be 2-4$

Click the image to be transported

And sales plug (click the image!)
Feraligatrsales banner.jpg

I had a few awesome gets arrive earlier and I hope to make a post about it sometime next week before I move for school.

Gets, New Sales, Quick Auctions

Hey all, I updated my sales with even more stuff. A package from FJ came in a bit earlier than expected, otherwise I would've posted it all with my last sales update ^^' At any rate, please take a look! Included is a rare Squirtle line zukan with its original base. I'm open to negotiating. Also, all payments must be made before Saturday, August 22nd because I'll be gone for most of the next week.

I'll be milling around the house this morning so I'll get to your orders shortly.

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Lastly, some quick auctions!

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And on with the wants. The Weavile clear kids are my biggest wishes right now and really all I'm actively looking for at the moment. Though if you have other Weavile stuff, I'm interested in taking a look.

Looking for a specific Latios figure + UK middleman needed

Hey everyone,

So this is only my second post on here ever since I joined about a month ago so goes.

So I recently bought a Latias Jakks figure and was wondering if there was anyone here who has a Latios Jakks for sale so this poor Latias isn't lonely! :P

It looks like this:

(Image taken and cropped from a previous sales post)

Also, I found a pretty uncommon figure on Amazon UK that I'd like but unfortunately for me, they don't ship to the U.S. Would anyone in UK be willing to middleman for me? (If so, please let me know and we can work out the details!)

Again, since I'm still relatively new here, I am susceptible to newbie mistakes. If I somehow broke any rules (I really hope I didn't), please let me know and I'll rectify the problem ASAP! My insecurity about not doing things the correct way has made me a bit nervous about posting this -.-"

Thanks for reading everyone!

Oh, and...Stay tuned for my first gets/collection post in about a week and a half :)
  • lureche

Lureche's "Everything's packed up and put onto eBay in lots!" Notice!

Yup...I've done it. I've packed up absolutely -everything- on my sales post and placed all the items into lots on eBay...

That means we'll be saying farewell to my cheeky sales banner snakes for a while until I've finished moving and have more things to sell you guys!

I have three separate lots to link to you all if you're interested in buying my items in bulk which includes one lot of Clear Kids Figures, a lot of all my remaining Tomy figures and a final lot containing all of my miscellaneous merch! Each lot starts at just £0.99 and all are up for a duration of 7 days so theres plenty of room to get these lots at a steal! I'm also happy to ship internationally too so everyone can come in and have a little bid if they wish!

Here's a quick preview of the lots!

Sales permission granted by areica96 on March 21, 2015.
My Feedback is HERE!

And here's the links for you to follow!

16 Piece Clear Bandai Kids Figure Lot

59 Piece Moncolle Tomy Figure Lot

39 Piece Miscellaneous Figure + Plush Lot

All funds will be used to help me start a cushy new life in England so every penny counts! get your bids in and get some new items for your collection or sales posts! =D

All the best and thanks for looking everyone!

Fuzzy figure auctions reminder and little new sales

Hello, this is just a little reminder that this auction is going to end tomorrow, they are at their start prices or don't have bids. Click here or in the picture to visit the post

Also, I've received today a package with some lovely nintendo plushies and they came with those ones so they are for sale.
Keldeo Tomy? without tush tag 10$
Panpour Tomy without tush tag 7$
Electronic pikachu. It dances when it hears some sounds 7$

You can check my sales info on my sales post, also you can combine with items from there. Click poochyena to visit it

Toys R Us Merch Update-NEW Legendary Figures Singles spotted!

Hey guys,

Long time no post...I've yet to do an official update but I do have collection updates coming after Worlds. I plan on attending this Saturday and going to Symphonic Evolutions so if anyone's in the area, don't be afraid to say hi!  I was in Toys R Us today hunting for the giant 13" Training Mega Lucario plush since the other came out and what I found instead was...legendary figures.(dun dun dun)  I don't have any photos, but they come in singles at $12.99 a piece...there's Kyogre, Groudon, Lugia, and Rayquaza.  They've also released "Battle Pose" singles and doubles...Pikachu with a Hoenn starter (Treecko, Mudkip, or Torchic) and the singles contain Hawlucha (yay!^_^_^) and Luxio (DOUBLE yay!).  I snagged Hawlucha as he was a good size and only $5.99! If you want a cheap collectable, I'd go for the battle pose.  And these contain new packaging too.  The Hawlucha I got has "ARTICULATION!" on the front.  Lovely. :) Now,
before I go I thought I'd show off some old collection photos before my next big collection update since I haven't done for awhile to show you what I currently have...

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  • herar

CYNTHIA! a want, an update, and some sales.

EDIT: just saw this posted on the Pokemon facebook page.

Their website also reveals they will be unveiling new character figures every 3 months aswell!


ALSO I'm looking for the Slowpoke MPC!

I am possibly looking for some other Slowpoke plush (or Pokemon Time related slowpoke things) but I am pretty picky about the way his merch looks.
I already have the pikachu carnival plush along with both kuttari and the pokedoll on the way so i don't need those.

Meanwhile! I have made a couple changes to my collection set up because I needed the space and it's getting a bit crowded in here x-x;


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Oh other thaaaan I have rounded up all my sales posts into one over on my journal so there's a bunch of stuff there (and a lot of it is just $1!)

A big box full of Lati's

Hi friends :)

I made it my goal this summer to finally catch up with my Lati@s collection! There's been sooooo much new merch of them lately, and it's been hard to keep up @_@ BUT I finally made enough to splurge on a whole bunch of these babies ;A:

It looks like my lati-side collection is turning into one of my mains Dx Anyway, here's some pics :3

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Thanks for viewing guys!!

Also, have a sales plug ><
sales banner2.jpg