August 20th, 2015


Seeking Christmas and Halloween plush

I have decided that I would like to own at least 1 Christmas and 1 Halloween themed plush.

For Halloween I am looking for the Pika Pumpkin and am willing to pay up to $120 for it (not sure if that is too low)

as for Christmas I am at a loss there, no idea what is available. Is there a folder of Christmas plush like the Poke Plush Project perhaps?

Re-updated sales + Side collection for twinny :3

Hello everyone! /waves

So I always added a plush to my twins collection and finally here is his small collection.
Once he comes back he'll be able to take them away.

A jumbo Pikachu, The fuzzy raichu, jumbo sleeping Pichu, and of course the new PC riachu. <3
I got a sweet response from him with "Aw those plushies look nice" and "I shall keep them neat on a counter somewhere"
I even gave him one of the Houndour beanies to remember me when he leaves.
For some odd reason it's a weird habit I do. :3
Its like: Here is a plush I love, keep it and take very good care of it.
-Anyone else do that?
I also have a binder of the newer cards but I'm not which one of us will have it or if we should leave it behind in my parents house... Well, that is it for my bro bro collection, i'll be doing one in a week or so whenever the weather is back to sunny.

Here is my sales post; its more organized~

Just click the picture above to be transported to my sales post :)
I was granted sales permission by: entirelycliched on 8/7/2013.
My feedback is located: HERE

TCG Sleeve and TCGO Code Sales


I'm looking to sell some items that don't require me to go to the post office to ship them. ^^;

-Sales permission given April 23rd, 2011 by denkimouse
-Feedback thread can be found here - Link

TCG Sleeves!
- $2.50 shipped within the US
- Additional $1 per sleeve
- Will be shipped wrapped in a piece of paper inside an envelope marked "Please do not bend."
- Aiming to sell these towards collectors of sleeves, not for deck use since I only have one each except 2 of Rotom and nearly complete packages of Magikarp/Gyarados Pikachu and Leafeon/Glaceon.
(I also have colorful pony sleeves. PM me for info on those)
- If you're purchasing a BUNCH of sleeves, then shipping will increase and I'll have to go to the post office
- Would prefer to only ship within the US, but if you see something you have to have, let me know and we'll work it out
- Will trade for other sleeves, TCG, flats, or Hound items I don't already have


These are the ones I have in my collection (not for sale or trade).

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TCGO Codes!
- Hoping for 25 cents per booster code and $1 per tin/deck/Double Crisis code, but open to offers
- Codes will either be photograph or typed up and emailed or private messaged to the buyer

I have the following codes available -
Primal Clash - 66
Double Crisis - 3
Phantom Forces - 68
Furious Fists - 32
Flashfire - 25
XY - 9
Plasma Blast - 6
Plasma Freeze - 4

These ones don't say what set they're from. I can provide photos of the front if needed:
Black/white - 2
Blue - 1
Red - 4
Yellow/black - 3
Grey with blue stripes (I think this one is Plasma Storm) - 4
Green/yellow - 3
White/blue 4

From decks/tins. One of each.
Chesnaught tin
Greninja tin
Delphox tin
Yveltal tin
Xerneas tin
Sylveon/noivern starter deck
Charizard box
Collector's Chest
Charizard tin
Venusaur tin
Blastoise tin
Hoenn collection
Mega absol ex premium collection
Phantom Forces Bolt Twister deck
Phantom Forces burning winds deck
Battle arena decks xerneas vs yveltal

Non-English (I was told they work on the English website though):

Russian xy - 36
French -
sylveon/noivern deck
leafeon deck
glaceon deck
Charizard EX tin
Double Crisis - 2
Blue - 9
Yellow/black - 1
Purple - 2
Plasma Blast - 1
XY - 2
Furious Fists - 2

I do have TCG, Topps, stickers, TCG coins, pins, and other items for sale as well, but all those would require me to go to the post office to ship. If you're looking for something in particular, please let me know, and I'll check. ^^

~ Risha

Pikachu worlds plush 2015

I will be posting more later in the next couple of hours. I have 6 worlds plush for $60 shipped US or $70 shipped international.


Sales permission given by denkimouse 6/7/2011

Playmat is $70 shipped US or $80 international

Adult large shirt $55 shipped US or $65 shipped international

Cap $40 shipped US
$45 shipped international

Worlds tote bag 55 shipped US
$65 international

Lanyard+pin $40 shipped
$45 shipped international

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AWESOME GETSSSS (with pictures and shoutouts!!)

Hey guys! Long time no post! I kept wanting to make a post but to be honest, I had no reasons to recently- until TODAY.

So here comes an awesome story with awesome swag under the cut!
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Ohoho, but that isn't all! I also recently got an order in from latias_latios_7! I ordered some bead sprites from them a while back and I got them a couple weeks ago!! I couldn't do anything about it at the time because my internet provider was being ridiculous but now that they're here and I set them up I took a couple of pictures!

Collapse )Thanks so much for reading, everyone! Good to be active again~!

Auctioning off the rest of my lapras collection! + Updated sales.

Hey y'all! Haven't seen you in quite some time.
So basically, Bree's going away to college and she needs to sell off the majority of her collection due to space and money constraints.
So this is where you all come in!

I want these items to go to reputable collectors and I couldn't think of a better group of people.

So without further adeiu, here they are:


On the hunt!

I'm on the hunt for Ho-oh plushies! ヽ( ★ω★)ノ
Ho-oh is one of my many favourite Pokemans so i've wanted to (slowly but surely) start a collection of him if i can, plushies for now then ill probs start on figures and such.
I was also inspired by seeing other Pokepeeps collections and thought that looks like so much fun! ヾ(o✪‿✪o)シ
So any help on locating them i would be much appreciated! \(○^ω^○)/

thanks! :)

Mystery Dungeon special postcards!

As found on

"The latest game in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series, Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon is out in Japan next month and ahead of that, Amazon Japan have revealed a special bonus for one of the game's bundles. If you pay 5,076¥, then you get a retail copy of the game as well as 20 unique post cards that come in a special case. These postcards depict various artwork of the Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon characters, as well as 1 postcard which is currently hidden. These postcards are exclusive to Amazon Japan"

These are amazing, aren't they?? :o

Here's a link to the Amazon page where you can get this deal!

I know I definitely am interested in the postcard with Hawlucha, as well as the case and the any other postcards that might include him and the 'lucha shaped house.

The problem is that I have no use for the game itself! Can't play it on my European 3DS. Would anyone be interested in getting the game but has no use for the postcard set? I also wouldn't mind teaming up with people who might want the other postcards for their collections!

amazing gets!!!

hey everyone! i haven't posted anything in a little while because i was waiting for two packages to come in the mail. i bought some things from the community that i've been wanting to get my hands on for ages, and now i finally have! here's a preview of two certain someones that i recieved. the rest of my gets are under the cut! (a little image heavy)

Collapse )thank you to everyone that took a look at these new additions to my plush collection!