August 21st, 2015

Offers Reminder

The offer period has ended.

Hi Everyone! Just a quick reminder that the offer period for my collection weeding lots will end tonight at 6:00pm HST. So far, none of them have offers, so if you would like them for the cheap starting price, now is your chance! ^^

Here's a look at what there is...
You can click on the image above or click here to go to the offers page. :)

Items up for offer include:
1. Pikazard Lot
2. Keldeo Lot
3. Cobalion Lot
4. Arceus Lot
5. Pokemon Center Plush Lot
6. Banpresto Plush Lot
7. Keychain Plush Lot
8. Lucario Lot
9. Raichu Lot
10. Eeveelution Kyun Chara Figure Lot
11. Kyun Chara Figure Lot
12. Kyurem Figure Lot
13. Assorted Flats Lot

*Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on November 6, 2014.
*My pkmncollectors community feedback can be found here.

These guys could really use some love, so please make an offer if you can! Thank you~! :3

New Gets, Small Sales, and Wants

So a box came in from FJ today!

And I thought my shiny Grump should help

Gets under the cut!

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Anyway, here's my full shot of new Entei Gets!
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Thanks for looking!
So now...onto some sales!

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Lastly some eevee releated wants!

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Movie 18 Tomy Pose Figure sales!

Took forever to get my box of goodies in! Anyways, I ordered a box of these so I could get a set for myself, so I have a bunch of extras to sell!

As a huge Tomy Pose figure fan (which is a figure line that aren't as well-known as others) they usually come out around twice or so a year, are kind of glossy, some assembly required (like 2-3 pieces tops) and come with a ramune candy^^

Pictured are my copies I have to display for the ones I have for sale. They are all MIB, or otherwise stated for cheaper shipping etc. $12 each!
(Sales permission+details etc. listed on my LJ here:

I currently have:
Hoopa Unbound x2
Arceus x3
Lugia x2 x1
EDIT: PLEASE do state if you want the box in tact, flattened, or no box at all!

(Small collection update coming soonish!)

confused kotone

Worlds pickups!

Hey guys! I'm currently at worlds right now with 10 Boston pikachu plush in hand. (And the ability to grab more!) They would be $50 shipped within the U.S. and $60 shipped international. I'm also have 10 of the shirts in various sizes for $40 shipped in the U.S. and $50 shipped international.

I'm also able to pick up anything else in the shop, but I'd like to limit it to soft and sturdy things for ease on my arms. :)

I was granted sales permission on pkmncollectors from denkimouse on November 23, 2013 [feedback]

I will ship everything out starting on Tuesday.

Let me know if you have any questions or would like something. I'll try to check back here every so often during the day, but my phone doesn't get the best coverage here. (My Twitter is @silph_co if you need my attention asap. My app alerts me to tweets to me)
need space - icon by eightyfour__

Updated Sales (Including Worlds Merchandise)!

Hi, everyone! I'm at Pokemon Worlds today (only today), and I wanted to share some new items with you guys! There are also a few price reductions.

First up, I have some Pokemon Worlds 2015 items, specifically the Boston Pikachu and a few screen cleaners and DS pouches on hand. I also have one keychain available! Take a look inside.

Most of these items are duplicates from my own collection.

Also, anything in this post can be combined, so I can recalculate shipping.

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I won't be able to pick up more Worlds items because I am heading back to DC tonight, but I will be able to ship things out starting Monday!

Worlds 2015 Pikachus plushies for sale!!

Hello, everyone! I was able to get a hold of several Worlds Pikachu plushies.
I'm selling them for $47 each plus shipping and paypal fees. I will ship anywhere in the world!
Here is a picture of one of them. They are all mint with tags.
2015-08-25 20.19.04-3.jpg
~click for a full sized image!~

Here my shipping info and sales rules:
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~I was granted sales permission on 22 April 2012 by entirelycliched
~My feedback is here:

Gets! More Pokedoll Mini(on)s!

Hey guys!
I come to you with even more mini Pokedolls!
(I'm seriously love them!!!! ^^)

First up, mini Oshawott:

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Next up! These two!
(Best buds for life!)
I've gotten a fair amount of mini Pikachu pokedolls all within a smallish time frame (but I definitely want more!) now. I'm even currently waiting on one more!

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Lastly some wants!

Usual stuff:

See the rest here:

Still hoping someone has this guy for cheap!
Will hear offers of stuff in any condition guys,
Any condition.

That's it! Thanks for reading!

Seeing Double! + Auction Reminder, Even MORE Sales

Yet another package came in the mail the other day with more stuff.... Including some clear figure doubles! I jumped on the second clear sneasel because it had white-tipped feathers, and a lighter body color. Kinda cool to have both, and I prefer the white tips. I admittedly couldn't resist getting another clear absol when the second one popped up quite soon after the first. I only put the starting bid in yet had no competition in the end.

I'm keeping both Sneasels for now, but the second clear absol is available for trade for a clear Weavile kid figure - arms crossed or hand-on-hip. Or the clear absol attack kid.

I also updated my sales AGAIN... this time with some really cool dice, some of which are a bit rare I believe, and some old MIP bandai washcloths. I promise this will be the last update for a while ^^' and my last post until pax!
aaaaand auction reminder for Lucario + Weavile metal plate keychains plus a small Lucario figure, ending tomorrow at 10:30 AM.

I also wanted to point out this "Mystery Mansion" promo teaser reported by Pokepolitan. Looks pretty sweet, I really like the art style! I wonder what other pokemon will be featured.
I'm definitely a big fan of Halloween and in past years have mostly just dressed up as a cat. Yeah, not too creative I know, but it's my only excuse to wear cat ears, lol. This year, though, I'm thinking of trying to make a gijinka-style Weavile costume... I think it'd be easy for the most part except for the crown. Dunno if I'd want to make something that looks like the crown itself or if I'd just want to wear any style of red hat depending on the vibe I was going with. We'll see I suppose!
  • prxyi

Prxyi's Master Post!

This post has been a long time coming and I finally was able to put together some pictures so you guys can see my collection :) When the rest of my packages arrive I'll make a smaller post in the future. This post is sort of picture heavy, everything can be seen under the cut :) *Disclaimer- The banner on the pictures was made by me, a few sprite pictures and Pokemon pictures are from Google, everything else was taken by me*

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I also got a mini grail in the mail today and I want to show this one off seprarately! I haven't seen this anywhere and I was lucky to come across it on ebay for a really good price. I'm not sure actually how much this one goes for. More under the cut :)

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Thank you for looking at my collection :)

September Claims Post Updated - Halloween Promo Items!

Hi everyone! Halloween promo items have been added to my September claims post! :D


Also, the necklaces are en-route to me as we speak! :D Totals for those will be up mid-week. Also, I'll begin getting totals for August claims this week. Any orders that included kuttari, however, will be delayed until September 5th. :( Sorry about that!