August 23rd, 2015

A small photostory of a big get

Hello all! I got something awesomely big in the mail on Friday. I've really enjoyed watching WCS livestream today and had some extra time to edit some gets photos and thought they'd be fun to share here :)


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Also, I've been working on a collection post lately... But I still need to figure out how to display some of my plush! (I'm not happy until they are all sitting nicely on appropriate shelves (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻) Despite that, I have a small preview of the future post :'3

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That's all this time, thank you for reading & I hope you have a relaxing weekend! (●´∀`●)
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Quick new sales and question

Got some of my items in from Y!J today. Selling the left overs :) I also lowered prices and will accept reasonable haggling. I can also ship internationally for the rest of the month!

Also, a question. Has anyone who has used a deputy service had their items not arrive to their deputy (warehouse)?
In 3 months I've had 2 go MIA. This is adding up. And I can't get them to ask the seller when they shipped it or anything. If it doesn't show then I just have to deal. I never had this issue until I started using FJ. Anyone else get this?? It is getting old and pricey! Maybe it's time to switch

Feedback here please!
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Sales <3 :)

Hey everyone <3 im finally getting settled into the new house here in japan <3 :))
I have extra stuff from my trips to the pokemon center to sell <333 :) go ahead and have a look <333

Please click Here or the photo to be teleported <3

Quick and cheap figure sales! + TCG wants

Hello everyone! How was your summer?

I got lots of really cool stuff in the mail since the last time I posted my gets - and I mean reaaally cool the stuff, the kind of stuff that makes you do a little dance when the parcel arrives and that makes your face look like a :DDDD emoji for hours after you've opened it. But I'm currently cleaning and organizing my collection, because I've got so many things I have to put into work my Tetris knowledge, and pray that the law of gravity doesn't apply to my collection.

So until then I'm posting this mini-sales that includes some pretty cool figures such like footprint figures, Zukan pieces, clear and DX kids, and other miscellaneous stuff. Please come take a look!

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Kid figures

  • Have writing on them - 1USD: Gengar, Arbok, Omastar, Wartortle, Lickitung, Diglett, Cubone, Exeggcutor, Onyx, Farfetch'd, Porygon

  • Good condition - 2USD: Sunflora, Exeggcutor, Ludicolo, Crobat, Turtwig, Cherubi, Seaking, Dialga, Swellow

  • Clear, have writing on them - 1.5USD: Charizard, Psyduck, Squirtle, Poliwhirl, Jigglypuf, Mew, Oddish, Eevee

DX Kids - 3USD each

  • Snorlax (x2), Sky Shaymin, Cresselia, Darkrai, Land Shaymin

  • [Misc Sky Shaymin figure, has a line/stain in an ear - 1.5USD]

  • Garchomp (4USD), Lickilicky, Darkrai, Palkia (x2), Bastiodon, Gallade

  • Empoleon (x2), Infernape (x2), Torterra (x2)

Stadium (?), Footprint, and clear figures - 2USD

  • Stadium: Lickitung, Snorlax, Farfetc'd, Togepi, Meowth, Growlithe

  • Footprint: Hariyama, Nosepass, Pichu, Munchlax

  • Clear figures: Geodude R, Charmander R, Squirtle G, Psyduck B, Wartortle B, Seel B, Eevee B, Charmeleon B

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Of course, you can combine anything from here with stuff from my sales post! I've got plushies, figures and lots of flats including cards, poscards, stickers and more:

That is all, until next time!

Seeking some TCG cards

Hello all! I am currently in search of this poliwhirl card and Dragonair (both normal and reverse-holo version) and any reverse holo or holo (if any holo exist?) poliwhirl TCG.


Language doesn't matter, and if you have multiples of poliwhirls that you are looking to sell, I am happy to take them all home :)
I am hoping to get multiple cards from the same seller to make the shipping worthwhile. Looking to spend around $0.5 for the cards since I don't think they are really very rare or anything ^^;

Shipping will be to Hong Kong, thanks :D

Commissions & trades?

Lastly, I have finished all my cookie commissions from my last post and an ready to make more ^_^ I decided to move everything to a new post which would be easier for me to keep track of everything.

Cookie Commission post:

Lastly, would anyone be interested in some drawings? I recently tbought some watercolours and would like to practice more.
These are draw on watercolour paper card. I can do cutout and ACEOs :) I am thinking about $6 shipped each (+$4 for additional). Can be chibi or proportional. Trades are welcome too.

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Gardevoir trades!

Heyo guys! I'm looking to expand my dedenne (or sylveon) collection, and decided that I'll be doing trades of all my other lines once a week! This week, since this box is easiest to get, is gardeivoir!
Next week will be eevees!
The other lines planned are sylveon, xerneas, yveltal, diancie and carbink! I also have tons of random goods, mostly fairies!

Do note, I have just about every official item from these two, plush wise for sylveon, merch and plush wise for dedenne, so I'm mainly looking for customs!

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I just realized this got posted to my journal instead of the comm! So next sunday will be eevee :3

Voltorb & Electrode Collection - English pg. 4

Hey everyone! On Wednesday I received 500 penny sleeves in the mail, with the intention of sleeving all of my Voltorbs to give them extra protection and less movement in my binder. They are a tad bit too big, however, so they require a quick snip off the top in order to fit in each pocket of the page. This has turned out to be more work than I was expecting. However, I spent some time last night sleeving most of my cards while watching my Chicago Bears win their second preseason game (the first string team looked solid. Here's hoping that is a good indication of how the season will be). The task is almost complete, though, and I'm pretty happy about it. Anyway, on to the collection...

For this week's update, I have page 4 of my English Voltorb and Electrode collection.
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Bellossom Lotad &amp; Skitty
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Massive gets post. ~ + Quick want!

Hello, guys. :D
I told a few of you I was preparing a gets post..well, here it is. ~
Pretty much everything I got in the months of June/July.

There's tons of really cool customs, so I'd take a peek at those if you want. c:


obviously more important than bills.

Just a small warning, the post contains tons of images. ^^'

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Thanks for looking! :D
If you have any questions, feel free to ask. ~ c: I can link you to any artist above if you want! :o
I'm working on a new collection site, it should be finished sometime next week. I hope. ^^'

And now for the want!
I'm looking for this Pikachu Ippai figure! :3

Shipping will be to 34731 US. ~

TCG Quick Sales!

Hello everyone :D I have some quick TCG sales including some awesome holos, foreign cards, ex's, and secret rares ^w^
I've been meaning to make some gets/collection posts but I just haven't had time to do anything proper bleh |'D
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thanks for reading <33
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In the making of a permanent wants list

Im looking for a MINKY jolteon pokedoll! highest priority want right now uvu
also im going to start looking to commission a custom noivern plush. If anyone knows of someone who makes quality custom plushies, let me know! Id like to get one in a Pokedoll style, but its not required

I have Jolteon and a couple odds and ends wants listed under the cut! (has photos, not too pic heavy!)
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Gets, wants, poketime Vulpix?

Hi everyone! <3
I'm back with another gets & wants post. :p I actually received this in the mail about a week agooo. I forgot to make a post about it because I was too excited! Why was I too excited?! Because so much CUTE! So much pink! Such baby blue eyes!

It's the PokePark DX Mew Pokedoll!
Big thanks to chain for selling it to me!

Omgomgomg this mew so precious. I just wanna carry it around all day, read bedtime stories, ahhhh. It is bigger than I thought. Perfect snuggle size. No hang tag, but that's OK because I got it for a great price. :) :)

Another get! I bought this custom 3ds xl case from Derilyn's Designs. And I'm in love!

Cut for more pictures!

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So I really want a Pokemon Time Vulpix strap to match it. If you looked at the pictures, you can see I have a poketime skitty strap. As much as I love skitty, Vulpix would look so much better! I don't need the packaging or bookmark with Vulpix; I don't even need a strap (strap is preferable tho.) I just really want the Vulpix.
I'm hoping to spend around $30. Let me know what you think!