August 24th, 2015

Huge collection update! Plus grail want.

Hello community! It's been a little while since I posted here. I've got a massive collection update that I'm eager to share!
So far I've got 72/158 total known Giratina items! I only need 86 more to go before I reach my goal of collecting every single Giratina piece.

Onto the update! Post WILL be very picture heavy, so be warned. Hoping the cut works the first time fgkjfdhg

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Wants | Collection

Sales reminder!

Good day! With my moving to school this weekend, I'd like to clear out as much as possible before I head out! Please help me find new homes for these guys so they won't be left in storage!

Click on the banner to go to my sales post.

I appreciate your support! Thank you!

Pokemon - Sylveon happy
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Various PokeCen, TRU Gets + Sales + eBay Lots!

I'm super psyched the World Championships will be in San Francisco for 2016!! SF is such easy territory for me after working there for more than 3 years XD I was only joking around when I was hoping they'd have it in the west for the 20th anniversary year but IT'S REALLY HAPPENING, I'm so happy. And totally going to make the best out of it when the time rolls around ^q^ Can't wait to see what the exclusive SF pikachu will be!

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And Sales plug!!
Preview of new items:

Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )

Also, eBay auction reminder!
This one ends in a couple days and has starting bids on it, so check it out before it's gone!

I've got other listings on eBay for those curious~

Eventually want to work on some rare/obscure stuff auctions of mostly awesome things I haven't even listed yet XD; Need to clear out a lot more space first before that!!

Worlds Gets And A Few Grails!?

Hello everybody! I recently got back from the Pokemon World Championships in Boston this past weekend, and I wanted to share some of my new merch that I got while I was there. First up are the Pokemon Center Torchic, Treecko, and Mudkip plush, featured with the adorable Patriot Pikachu plush.

FullSizeRender 19.jpg

Next is the Pokemon 2015 World Championships tshirt, featuring more Patriot Pikachu, as well as the Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions tshirt (the concert was AMAZING by the way).

And now for some non-worlds merch. I recently got a hold of the Pokemon Center Japan Gengar plush, because I love Gengar (if you couldn't already tell from my username and avatar).

And finally, I guess you could call these some grail gets. Since my primary goal is to collect one of every English TCG card in existence, I kind of consider any I don't have to be "grails", but I guess if there were ones that were a little more "grail-y", it would be the more rare and valuable Gold Star cards. I recently acquired two of the more pricey and hard-to-come-by Gold Star cards, Charizard and Espeon, and since I didn't pay a fortune for them, I guess you could call them my grail gets (I love eBay sellers who don't realize what they have and sell for dirt cheap ;) ).

I'm gonna be focussing more on back-filling some of my older sets, so hopefully I'll have some more complete sets to show off soon.
Froakie by Purplekecleon
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Eeveelucharms up for Offer

Since I had some interest in single sets, I eventually just decided to split them up.

Up for offer are two sets that are pretty rare to see, let alone intact :) One is the Johto Dex Eeveelution line set and the other is the round charm set.

I will only be taking offers until Saturday.

I also have my Johto Charm auctions ending soon. There are some sales too! Click here to be taken to the Johto charms auctions.

Please make sure to read my sales policies first. Thanks for looking!

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Pikachu and Friends Music Party

I finally got my Pikachu and Friends Music Party Set. This is the entire kuji, minus the special prize.

Am I keeping all of it? Right now, most of it. But I am getting another set soon so I might sell off the second set once I get it. Even though I am tempted to keep all of it, the only things I am selling are the Dedenne items.

So here ia a link to my sales page if you guys are interested in the Dedenne items. I also have some of the Pikachu Kagome figures for sale.
Sales Page
Sales permission granted March 2, 2012 by entirelycliched
I do ship from the USA.
My feedback is here:
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a giant get

IT CAME. I have been waiting for this figure since it was shown at the toy fair earlier this year AND NOW IT'S HERE AND I'M SO HAPPY so i thought i'd share some pictures!

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Updated Sales with New Items!!! Looking to trade/buy for items for anything in my wants list!!!

Hi everyone! I have updated my sales with fcs figures, pose-able figure, mega bloks and MORE!!! Please check them out! I am also willing to trade anything in my sales/buy with payment plan for anything in my wants list or anything that are of the Pokemons I collect:

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SALES: There are some items that are OBO! *V*

Here's a little preview:

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Thank you for looking! :3

Here there be Dragons!

I posted an intro post a while ago, but didn't get to put up any pictures as we were supposed to move. We ended up not :P, but I finally got around to bringing my collection out of storage! My main Pkmn collections are Giratina, M-Rayquaza, B-Kyurem/Kyurem and Xerneas! I also collect Dragon Pokemon in general and aim to collect all of their charms, zukans, tomy and kid figures. My side collections are Inkay/Malamar, Murkrow/Honchkrow, Skitty, Crawdaunt, and recently Combee/Vespiquen! (Side collections are based off of favorite animals) I'm proud to be a part of this community and I am always up for a chat! Feel free to ask about anything, especially animals or other nerdy things as I have lots and love to chat. :3
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haunter morty library

30% Discount On Selected Items (everything in this thread)

Hello everyone! I'll be holding a back-to-school sales of sorts for the next few days. Anything that you order from this thread is 30% off (discount will be applied before shipping). Just make sure to meet the minimum purchase amount (and follow the other rules below) and you're golden! This thread is very image heavy so I divided the items into separate cuts below.

Discount offer ends at 11:59 PM EST on Thursday, Aug 27.

Rules & Info
- I ship from US and will ship internationally.
- Sales permission was granted on December 1, 2013 by entirelycliched.
- You can find my feedback here.
- Minimum purchase for discount to be applied is $5. Discount will be applied to the total before shipping and fees.
- Committed posts receive priority. Please be clear that you are committing or just asking for a quote so you don't miss out on any items. Withdrawn commitments will receive negative feedback.
- Domestic shipping starts at $2.54 for the first 3 ounces and raises by $0.20 for each additional ounce. International shipping chart can be found here.
- Items come from a smoke-free home. I own one dog.
- It's your responsibility to ask for pictures or the condition of a specific item if concerned.
- I'm not responsible for an item once it's shipped. Every package will include tracking. Please ask for insurance if you're concerned about losing a package.
- Anyone who has broken any of my sales or auction rules in the past can't take advantage of this discount.

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Just added to this thread 08/26:

Eevee Bottle Opener - $3
Pikachu Bottle Opener (x3) - $2 each
Bulbasaur Bottle Opener - $2
Charmander Bottle Opener (x3) - $2 each
Squirtle Bottle Opener (x2) - $2 each
Chespin Bottle Opener (x2) - $2 each
Fennekin Bottle Opener (x2) - $2 each
Froakie Bottle Opener - $2
Espurr Bottle Opener (x3) - $2 each
Sylveon Bottle Opener - $3
Dedenne Bottle Opener (x2) - $2 each

Blaziken Tag - $3
Mew & Mewtwo Tag - $3
Jigglypuff Choir Tag - $3
Mew Bell (missing keychain) - $3
Clefairy Bell Keychain - $4

Clear Green Charizard Minimodel - $3
Charmander figure (looks like it was attached to a keychain at one point) - $2
Clear Yellow Pikachu figure - $2
Clefable figure (was originally attached to a tag with Clefairy) - $1
Clefairy figure (was originally attached to a tag with Clefable) - $1

Caterpie Mini figure - $1
Metapod Mini figure - $1 (has a white spot on the back)
Bulbasaur Mini figure - $1
Venasaur Mini figure - $1
Charmander Mini figure - $1
Charizard Mini figure - $1
Squirtle Mini figure - $1
Blastoise Mini figure - $1
Pikachu Mini figure - $1
Jigglypuff Mini figure - $1

Kadabra Mini figure - $1
Mr. Mime Mini figure - $1
Rattata Mini figure - $1
Raticate Mini figure - $1
Machop Mini figure - $1
Meowth Mini figure - $1
Wigglytuff Mini figure - $1 (a little dirty)
Rhydon Mini figure - $1
Magneton Mini figure - $1
Aerodactyl Mini figure - $1

(All of these are in-case figures but are missing cases.)
Wigglytuff In-case figure (missing case) - $1.50 with base; $1 without base
Mew In-case figure (missing case) - $4
Kadabra In-case figure (x2) (missing case) - $1 each
Nidoking In-case figure (missing case) - $2
Hitmonlee In-case figure (missing case) - $1
Blastoise In-case figure (missing case) - $2

Eevee In-case figure (missing case) - $4
Primeape In-case figure (missing case) - $1
Sandslash In-case figure (missing case) - $1
Squirtle In-case figure (missing case) - $2
Sandshrew In-case figure (missing case) - $1
Electabuzz In-case figure (missing case) - $1

Psyduck Eraser - $2
Pikachu Eraser - $2
Venonat Eraser - $1
Sandslash Eraser - $1.50
Jigglypuff Eraser - $2
Wigglytuff Eraser - $2
Machamp Eraser - $1

Golem Eraser - $2
Sandslash Eraser (has paint rubs) - $1
Raticate Eraser - $1 (has paint rubs)
Clefable Eraser - $1.50 (a little dirty)
Snorlax Eraser - $1 (has paint rubs)
Dragonite Yellow Eraser - $0.50 (very dirty)
Ivysaur Yellow Eraser - $0.50 (very dirty)

Goldeen Chibi Pokemodel - $1
Mini Elekid figure - $1
Jigglypuff Chibi Pokemodel - $0.50 (dirty with paint rubs on back)
Flareon Chibi Pokemodel - $3 (mark on back leg)
Pikachu mini figure - $1
Pikachu figure (dirty) - $0.50
Clefairy mini figure - $1

Sinnoh Starters Forks (Turtwig, Piplup, Chimchar, Pikachu) MIP - $2
Hoenn Starters Silhouette Mini GBA Keychain MIP - $5
Mini Lapas Tea Cup MIP - $5