August 25th, 2015

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world gets met and stuff :)

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so it was a huge buying and get i met ja witts. two ceos and someone who worked in merch. I met the people who made poketekken. I wish i suggested kecleon but i found 3 posters of him Q_Q. The didnt want to give it to me :( but i got 2 free box arts. My friend was whitney. I love worlds and I got a ton of stuff. I met a ton of members and it was cool. by friday no one know who i was but the older fans and sugar XD.

Amazing gets & identification/bootie help?

Hello everyone! My internet is so fast today, I´m so happy that I can upload a lot of pics now! ^_^
I got SO many new awesome stuff! Wonderful customs, buggys, an amazing angry pikachu plush and beautiful tcg cards for my collection! Also, my caterpie sculpture I ordered on etsy as a commission is finished!! I don´t have it yet, but she shows me off a photo! And the sculpture looks SO awesome *_* I´m happy I will have it in my collection soon!

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I wrote so much xD Hope it´s not too much! Thank you all for reading  and feel free to comment anything!

Btw, I lowered the prices on my etsy-store a LOT and have some new pokemon drawings there!
If you are interested please take a look :3
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Auction Reminder! eBay Lots Ending TOMORROW!

Hey comm!

Just a quick reminder that the items I put into lots from my sales post are up on eBay right now and are ending tomorrow!

As you may remember, there are three different lots up in total.

Here's a quick preview of the lots!

Sales permission granted by areica96 on March 21, 2015.</div>

My Feedback is HERE!

And here's the links for you to follow!

16 Piece Clear Bandai Kids Figure Lot

59 Piece Moncolle Tomy Figure Lot

39 Piece Miscellaneous Figure + Plush Lot

The lot for the Clear Kid figures is still at it's starting bid of just 0.99p and although the other two auctions have surpassed their starting price, there's still plenty of room to grab yourself a bargain! Get your max bids in and let me see these lovely 'mons go to a loving new home with someone on the comm! <3

Thanks for looking and best of luck to all you bidders out there! =D

Permanent wants post :D

Hey all, I've decided to make a permanent wants post! This post will be updated with more wants as time goes on.

Just a few little things first:

Here is my feedback:

Shipping is to London, UK.

I would prefer to trade rather than buy, willing to trade things from my sales post:

Willing to pay via paypal :3

So, onto the wants!

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I also have a wants post from a little while ago, I'll add the images to this post another time but heres my old post:

Also, sales plug -

Aaaaand my card trades are still going on, I've recently received a bulk lot of cards so I have loads more to trade! :D

Thanks for reading! :D

Super Broad Wants Post! *Bandai Kids!!!*

So I want kids. Bandai kids, of course!

Basically, I want them for $1. That would be the very best. ;D BUT, I will go up to $5 for a kid that I am just absolutely in love with. Essentially, if you have kids for sale in this price range, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me a link to your sales. I have so many that I want that making a list wouldn't be feasible, so if you have kids, especially if they're cheap, I will likely buy a few. Even if you only have a single kid for sale, link me! :)

Thank you so much, and have an awesome day! <3
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gets + sales reminder! :))

I got so many parcels the last weeks haha. So today I have some gets of Salamence, as always of Absol aaaand Ninetales :)) (Warning: Heavy post xD)

Here we go!

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Sales reminder:

Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 19 SEP 2014
Sales are here:


Thanks guys for reading and looking!

my wants
collection site

Looking for Pokemon Time Evee line!

Hey looking for any pokemon time evee straps, plush, rubber straps ect. Any price between 10-30 is fine, give me your offers and we can discuss further! I have a few from this collection but I'm looking to get a full line of some of the merchandise.

The plushes are desirable, but again I'm not to picky.

Other then that I am looking for the 1:1 totodile plush, but it's kinda a long shot to think it might be available xD.

✿ Kuta-Kuta Questions and Wishes! ✿

Hello everyone! :D

So i finally bought all of the new kuttari plush! Just waiting for the rest to arrive, and then ill make a gets post!
Today i came here to ask some things about the adorable old kuta kutas! <3

I recently won this lot here from Y!J:

I'm really excited about it! I'm sure Papa Pika will be happy to have some more little ones to take care of. C:

32 kids and counting? LOL
Anyhoo, i was wondering what other kutas are out there! The ones i know of already i have already added to my wants list below! (Please take a look!) I think i pinned down a majority out there, but i also feel like im missing some.
I am also bidding on a jigglypuff kuta, and i've also won a newer laying lucario and mew! c:
Any help is welcome! Also if you happen to have any of the ones on my wants list for sale, please let me know!
Here is the wants list; youll have to scroll past the ziggy section to get to the kuta section!
I also made some minor tweaks to my website if you want to browse around. :D

tinyzig1.jpg Thank you all for looking!! <3
~ Agent Z (as dubbed to me by meowsticwarrior) xD

Ps- I also made a new icon! But i can't for the life of me figure out why it looks blurry! It doesn't look blurry when it is full sized. Here is a photo:
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New Halloween Stuff?

Hi there~ It's been a while since I posted, I was out of country doing research for my senior thesis in school. And now I'm starting my senior year, so busy, busy... X-x

Anyway, I was curious if anyone was going to do store runs or provide for the new Halloween Parade merch coming up?? I'm very interested in the various pikachu plush keychains offered this way!! :D


Have you ever searched for years and feel like you'll never find that one item you want in your collection? I've searched 5 years and nothing please if anyone has the LAYING DOWN SLOWPOKE METAL FIGURES or just one :3 please contact me!!
me irl

sort of a ... re-introduction?? collection update + recent gets!

Well! It's been a while, everyone. I used to be around back in 2013 or so, but personal and financial issues ended up tearing me away from the community much sooner than I would have liked. But! Now I'm back, and I've been sort of slowly accumulating items over the years and I'd love to show everyone what I've got to show! It's definitely an improvement from what I started with all those years ago...

Before I do that, I thought I'd sort myself since it's been so long! My online handle is Crown, so call me that if you like, but Nico is the name and normal types are my game. My primary focus is Teddiursa/Ursaring, with some dabblings in Skitty/Delcatty, Eevee and, in the future, Buneary/Lopunny, Zigzagoon/Linoone, and Sentret/Furret! I also have...a SEVERE weakness for Pokemon Time, and any other themed lines honestly, as well as items that are odd or have some kind of functional use (like folders or glasses!). I like custom items as well! :^D

Now, collection's the current crew!

(bigger photos + some close ups & personal favorites can be seen here!)

In terms of recent gets...BAM.

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that's all for now! It's really great to be back! <3

Last minute August Slots to get a grail!

Hey everybody!
So, long story short , I only wrote one sales post in August (the other was july 31st), and I'm back trying to get grail fundage!
A shop I follow on Facebook had a terrycloth Turtwig pokedoll for sale, and took it to a convention, and told me in May that it had been sold. I was recently alerted that they did not sell it and relisted it!

So to make money for him, I lowered my prices for teams! Normally my price is $10 per character+ shipping, but now I'm only charging $25 +shipping total, on this post only!

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Thanks for reading!
Good Night everyone! :D
~ Ebon

Tomy TRU pickup story + question!

Anyhow, I'm super happy!! Went to TRU today and for once, I actually came when they were JUST got everything in today!! The guy at checkout said I was lucky too since they were getting lots of calls about when the set will be in. I loaded up my hands, found some new TCG blisters with promos I didn't even know about till now too that I guess just came out! Anyhow my hands were full grabbing my hyper sized figures, and I totally forgot about the single Zygarde and Giratina ones >_> Oh well I'll try later as my hands were full and I ran out of time to look! No Tomy DX Mega Charizard Ys though (got X off Amazon recently). I also decided against those super large Groudon and Kyogre figures. They are neat, but just WAY too big for me, and quite a bit different from the actual vinyl line. Neat, but I'll pass^^ I'll post pics and an update next week with the goods :p

Anyhow, I also have a couple questions too...

First off, are these figures regular MCs, or alternate poses of the hyper sized ones? Dialga has its legs bent back, but I'm going to assume these are regular MCs, as I don't see any moveable joints.

Second, anyone know what happened to these sets? Now that Zygarde is sold on his own, I'll get it that way as I'm not really interested in the Pikachu, but what about the new pose Yveltal? I haven't seen these Pika-double packs since the original Xerneas and Yveltal ones came out. Did these get a later date on it? Maybe the idea was scrapped and they won't be released?