August 28th, 2015

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Auction Reminder, Sales + Discount Offer for Auction Winners

Just a friendly reminder that my auction for some items will be ending tonight. There's some Eeveelutions, legends, Mega Pokemon, movie goods, Battle Coins, and other neat little things inside. If you happen to win something from my auction, I'm extending a 10% discount offer on any other item you purchase from any of my sales found in this thread. No minimum purchase is required.
Auction Reminder: Ends Friday, Aug 28 at 10PM EST

Carddass pokemon cards?

Hi everyone! I was walking around a really old manga and anime store near the city center and I saw some extrange pokemon cards, I do not know how rare and valuable they are but they are selling them really cheap, and in like new condition. I dont know if I should buy them or not that´s why I am writing for your advice! :)

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The new mouse in town!

Question+Small Want

I have a question! ^__^

My little brag book is getting heavy with all of my coins that I have collected (and of course, brought another one recently). I was poking around at work. I discover that we sell a coin display case and coin sheets (kind of card sheet but holds coins instead) but not 100% sure if they would stay in there since they are different sizes.

What do you do recommend? Better yet, how do you guys display your pokemon coins or storage your pokemon coin?

Now, my small want: I am looking for Gardevoir Stak Magnet. I already have Ralts and Kirlia one. So, if you are selling it, do tell!

New merch announced!

(Yay for Misty! Its been a while since we've seen her.)
Saw this and I thought you guys would be interested!

With Brock;

Looks like a couple of personal trainers doing a workout video commercial or something. XD

According to Pokepolitan:
"Bandai is continuing their classic Gym Leader figure series with Misty! She will be about 4.3 inches tall and will cost 3,456 yen. She'll be up for reservation starting August 28 through October 30 and will be available January 2016."

And that concludes our nightly Pokemon report!

Another Round of Sales! Giant Pikazard, Eevees, Pokedolls, etc.

Hello, everyone! I hope you're all having a great Friday so far. ^^ I'm finally close to finishing weeding out my collection, so I've got another sales post today! Here's a preview of what I'm selling:

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FREEBIES if you buy $25 or more! (One per person)
The 4 PokeCenter shopping bags are not in perfect condition (but hey, that's why they're free!)
The little Axew figure is from McDonald's and has a gash on one of his arms.
Claimed: Light blue bag, 1 of the yellow Pikachu bags

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!

Vande's New Stuff for Sale

I have a new GAME Pikachu Nintendo 3DS/2DS/3DSXL, DS or DSI Folio Starter Kit for sale. It includes. Universal Folio, 2 Poke Ball Styluses and 1 cleaning cloth all for $10 not including shipping.

Link to my sales below, click the pic or the link :)

Any questions please ask/check my sales rules first. Also I will try and fit a plush into a mailer bag rather than enevelope upon request. It MAY help to cheaper shipping. NOTE: If the shipping comes to less, then I refund the difference, minus cost of the envelope and paypal fees. If it's more, then you don't pay a cent/penny/etc more. Don't forget I have to buy your box/envelope*


Super Discounted Sales- special prices ENDED

Hey everyone!

Now that I'm looking towards my third week into the semester, I finally have time to get my head on straight and do things besides fretting about work. But one thing that's really bothering me is my lack of space for incoming collection merchandise, so you know what that means!

Almost everything is highly discounted, so please do not haggle on this post!

Special discounts discontinued.


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Thank you for looking! Next time I post, I'll be sharing a collection update including TWO new grails, kuttaris, and more! <3

Quick Sales and Annoucements

Hi guys! I haven't been super active here the past few weeks due to traveling, but I have acquired new merch on my journey xD One of the things is a pack of TCG with a Rayquaza pin, which I'm hoping to sell.

Sorry for the picture quality! I'm looking for 5 plus shipping

I also have these things that would love new homes, haha


September charm: 8 plus shipping


T-shirt: 5 plus shipping


Rare Ranger Styler: 35 plus shipping


Cosplay: 20 plus shipping

Honestly I have more, but the wifi is giving me so much trouble here and I think I'll wait to add the other things in another time :'D Nonetheless if you're interested in cheap books or 50 TCG for 10 shipped lemme know!

Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on Feb 19, 2013
**Shipping may take up to two weeks due to my traveling!

As for annoucements-

First off, I'm taking a slight break from collecting certain Pokemon. I think I'm going to go back to buying things that just stick out to me, which at this point isn't very much :'D This kinda happens every year between June-October, I don't know why. I just get more into cosplay/anime figures then, and go back to buying Pokemon merch after. Of course Pokemon is always a priority, but if you constantly buy the same sort of things it becomes less special. That's just my opinion of course, haha. I'd rather take a moment to appreciate what I own than buying more and more and forgetting to even look at what I have. Anyone else feel like that sometimes? Again, I'm only taking a break from Pokemon that I COLLECT, if I see a plush or something I want I'll buy it in a heart beat lol

Second, because of traveling I currently am not working on my perler orders 24/7 xD Progress has slowed a bit, but I am planning on getting my current round done by the start of October. I know I already said that it might take anywhere between weeks to months in my rules, but this is just a reminder for anyone wondering on the status of their order. I still am able to accomplish rush orders though!

Third, I promise I'll leave feedback to everyone who's waiting D: I got a little caught up in things, but I'll get to it this weekend <3

Here's a link to my store :)


(I hope my spelling and grammar is okay, LJ isn't letting me scroll back up :'D)