August 30th, 2015


First Sales Post

* Sales Permission granted on August 7, 2015 by areica96
* My feedback is here:
* I ship from a smoke-free but pet-heavy home in NV, USA.
* I accept Paypal, but if you need me to put something on storenvy, just let me know. All prices are in USD, shipping/fees not included.
* I reuse shipping materials wherever possible.
* I do ship internationally but shipping will be more.
* Haggling is alright but I may not except a lower price since my prices are already pretty low
* Commitments take priority over quotes
* Please pay in a timely fashion. Within 24 hours is preferred, but if you let me know why it is okay.
* I'm open to trades but don't be offended if I decline your trade
* Once an item is in the mail, I can't claim continued responsibility for it. I'll hang onto receipts/proofs if you need to see them. If you want tracking, be sure to request it.
*I'll let you know when your item has been shipped, most of the time I can secure an exact shipping date, but if anything changes I will tell you.
* If you've been banned from the pkmncollectors community, you are banned from my sales as well.
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nIrNsFm.png Pikachu (to make make it less dull)
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tcg want my deck and gets....

I normally trade but I don't have 10 reviews yet... So I have to do I buy post for some common cards....

I am running a milk fire deck.. :) i know I am evil >:D I love you all <3 Collapse )
because all black and white cards are out in this meta I need a double bland form x and y.... Would do a bland trade but can't :( also I am getting a 2nd box for AO because the box can in bad condtion... here are my pull video :) part 1 and part 2

also my bea came in :)

so please help and thanks :)
x 3 blands from x and y
x 1 team flar
x1 muscle band
x1 of both moths
rip my last deck you did so well

NEW gets from Target

Got some new plushies from Target yesterday; Target got some new TOMY plushies. They had all of them: Treecko, Mudkip, Pikachu, Pichu, and Torchic. Didn't get them all for money reasons. Still not sure why I don't go for a Pikachu plush yet but the way I see it is, I go for the popular/un-common ones; Pikachu will usually always be around way longer than the rest since, and I assume they will get more Pikachu's if they go out of stock, whereas Mudkip & Treecko will only get maybe 1 stock per store.

Mudkip, no matter what plush, is always going to be cute. :D <3

Treecko's tag was just slightly bent but that is ok, and since the 1st day I saw them there, there were about 2-3 of them. I go the very next day and only one was left so I decided to get it while I can. On the other hand, there were like 3 Mudkips over by the grocery section. LMFAO I put them back where they belong so they can be found easier for collectors to find and get new homes. :)

eboncharizard here is the post. :D

Collection Weeding Sales

Hey Everyone! :D It's been a while since I updated my sales page (mainly because I've been trying to clear out most of my stock via auctions). However, I thought that maybe I should go back to doing things in the traditional sense. :3

*Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on November 6, 2014.
*My pkmncollectors community feedback can be found here.

You may click the banner above or click here to go to my sales page.

Some of the newer items include a bunch of Kuttari plush, a Walky Mew keychain plush, and some collection weeding lots.

Most of the lots that did not sell from my offers page last week have also been added to my sales post. Some were even separated, so you can now purchase the items individually. :D I am open to haggling on the larger items, since I could really use the space, but keep in mind that I have the right to refuse offers as well.
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SH Figuarts Pricing (and display ideas?!)

Ugh, hey folks! It's been a while @ v @ I haven't had much time (or money omg) to do much collecting recently, considering I've just moved into a new apartment in a whole new state with a whole new job! I promise I'll post a collection update soon, I've gotten a lot of new stuff compared to my last (first) post.

But before that, I've been contemplating buying a SH Figuart of Lucario or Mega Blaziken, not sure which yet, but when I go on eBay and Amazon, all the prices are... like... really low. Like 30 dollars or less low. I bought my Mewtwo D Arts for way more than that, so I'm wondering if it's because first generation Pokemon are just in higher demand, or if a 30 USD Mega Blaziken figuart is somehow a shady bootleg because we all know that eBay and Amazon is loaded with that sort of thing... Anyone know? I don't want to spend any money on something when money's already tight if there's a chance that it might not be legit!

And, now, side topic -- does anyone have any super interesting ideas on how to display some figures and plushies? I have a varied assortment but I have no clue how to put them up. I'm going to be getting a ladder sort of looking bookshelf next week, so I figured I'd put them there, but I'm seriously open to cool creative ideas because I can't think of anything. I'm thinking of ideas similar to someone (might have been here?) who cut out TCG pictures and placed figures inside the little square so it looked like a 3 D card. I'd love inspiration!

Thanks, guys, you're all always so helpful u w u/
pokemon ♚ yes!

some wants!

Hey all! I'm waiting on some packages in the mail still before I post a new collection update, but in a meantime there's a few wants I wanted to share in case anyone happened to have them!

Pictures are all taken from Pokevault.

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Efficient TCG collecting?

Hey guys!

so this post is meant to address the tcg collectors among you.

so, the "problem" I am confronted with is that I am interested in collecting more Pokemon cards, however, realizing that card collecting is almost painfully expsensive makes me a bit reluctant too...

So I was wondering what are the most efficient, in the sense of money-saving, methods to go about tcg collecting?

I know that for most of the serious collectors, of course booster boxes are the most efficient ways. However, Idk if this option is right for me since I am not necessarily always interested in completing sets, and, moreover, maybe my biggest problem is that my favorite cards are earlier sets. I can never in my life afford to buy a booster box of such a set which go for 500 dollars something ever. :/
so what I do most of the time is purchase single cards, my favorites of the respective sets. But this really adds up in the end as well, and it makes it almost impossible to purchase holos, at least the ones that are on the rarer side.

So, do you who collect tgc more extensively have any good methods on saving money other than buying booster boxes? I've thought about these:
- Buying whole sets: is cheaper than buying every card on its own, however, it's a hefty price too if you buy a set all at once, and with the little money I have, it's not really an option. Plus, it kind of takes away the fun of gradually building a collection of something.
- Buying bulks on ebay: Now this is an option I've been thinking about lately. I've found some bulk options on ebay offering mostly 50-70 random cards in them, most of them being commons and uncommons. Sometimes, they include just one holo, sometimes 3-5, it varies, and their prices seem to be around 6-10 Euros depending on how many cards (mostly including shipping). The chance of getting cards that one is interested in is not so high, but you can always trade them, can't you?

So yeah, these are my thoughts. I would be happy to engage in some conversations, or if anyone could give me some tips.
Thanks guys!

A fond hello, and also ROTOM

Hi there! I'm FrankthePug0487, although the username I wanted that I use everywhere is spyroflame0487...but Ben is just fine (or Frank, Spyro, Spy, whatever is cool haha)

I'm really excited to join the community mostly because I've been watching it for years now and reading about everyone's awesome finds and collections. It's something that I really love about the Pokemon Fandom. But anyways, I really wanted to show you some neat things I picked up!

I'm a HUGE Rotom fan, and I try to get stuff whenever I can..for a modest price haha.

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Dedenne coaster? Updated collection! Edit: New plush?

Does anyone have one of these for sale? I would love to have this cutie, but it was never officially for sale, and the only one I can find is on buyee, where they deleted my account (with 300$ of packages!!!) for no reason :c

Also, I figured since I just organized it, I'd show off my current dedenne collection!
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I'm always looking for obscure dedenne stuff! Things I need now are like the gatcha magnet, the pitapoke playset ver, stuff from the recent kuji, and just some odds and ends like that :D

Edit: I'm looking for this new dedenne plush as well! It has a different pose from the standard plush

A Shiny Custom Get!! +Mewtwo Amiibo Pix

Hey everyone! The past week has been quite an eventful one... I returned from a camping trip a few days ago, went to PAX on Friday (and will be going back tomorrow), and experienced a 24-hour power outage... Washington has been experiencing a bit of a drought for the past month - and by that I mean our state is literally on fire - but yesterday Seattle was hit with a decent rain/windstorm that killed the lights for a lot of the city. Thankfully, our power came back on this afternoon, but our wifi is still out of service. :< I've been waiting a few days to finally make this post, basically.

Last month I bought a Weavile pose figure from gengareric that was missing its tail. I already have an intact one, but this guy was very cheap and his taillessness gave me an idea. Upon his arrival I contacted the highly talented lureche and asked if she'd be willing to take on a fun little project - giving Weavile a new appendage and a paint job! Though I hadn't planned on it at first, I soon decided to commission a new base as well. After some time spent at the spa in Ireland, Weavile showed up at my doorstep while I was away camping, and finally came out of the box just a few days ago. I'm so excited to share the results! :D
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That's all for now! Have a quick sales plug. I am open to haggling and would love to push some items this week because I just dropped money on a new phone. Woop woop. I don't know when my internet will return, and I'll be gone all day tomorrow, but I will get back to you within the next day or two! I'm sorry in advance for slowness. (The mall I'm at is also going to close in eight minutes, so I won't be able to respond tonight at all most likely ;_;)

Thanks for looking! :D
plush pumpkin

Hello again! And wants!

Hi guys! So it's been a while! Golly with the start of a new school year things can get busy as I'm sure everyone knows!
Anyways, after the wait I've decided to make a wants post for myself but also for.... Wait for it, my boyfriend!

He was all like, I need a pichu! And I'm like, man I've got you covered~

So! For him I'm looking for a minky pichu plush and some sort of porygon 2 figure (probably the Jakks or kid figure). Price range will be $20-$25 shipped with fees. As for myself! I totally missed that the new Spoopy promotion is next weekend!!! If it's not too late I totally need a Pikabat!! And possibly the pumpkaboo plush!

Dawww, just look at those faces~

Not sure if I'll be buying the pumpkaboo with it yet depending on the price. If not I'm certainly searching for more ducklett and swanna items as can be seen...
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So thanks guys! I hope by tomorrow or maybe the next day I'll post a picture of my recent gets/new college set up! So I won't just be posting wants anymore (boooooringgggg)!

Hope y'all are having a great night/evening/day!

*Edit added link
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Short Introduction and Wants! ^_^/

Hello! My name's Megan and I have recently joined this glorious community to meet people with the same interest as me: pokemon! (Obviously ;D) I only have one person in my life who loves pokemon as much as me, so I thought I could search far and wide to find more people who I could connect with! :D

Anyway, a little bit about me.....

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Anyway, introduction aside, I would love to post my collection now, but I would like for some things to arrive in the mail first before I do that ;) Ya know, so I can have a grand opening of myself as a collector :3 hehe! Okay, so thanks for letting me ramble and I just wanted everyone to know I am sosososooso excited to be a part of this community :) I can't wait to meet everyone and share the love of pokemon with everyone here :)

I'm also curious, if you have a second to comment, I would love to know the Pokemon/type of merch that everyone collects! It's always fun to see the diversity as there is SO MUCH merch out there :D

Also, besides this introduction I have some wants! If anyone could help me out with these that would be stellar :) Thanks!!


-Pikados Pikakarp, and Pikazard have to be MWT


-Can be with hangtag or without :) They are just so cute so if anyone is considering selling one and wants it to go to a loving home I could do just that! ;)

Thank you guys so much for listening! I hope everyone has an amazing day and I look forward to my long life as a pkmncollector ;)

Gets and Art Commissions

Okay so i've been waiting on this one thing to come in for far too long. Sooooo i'll just incude it in the collection update when i move and get the rest of the stuff i got this pay-period. I seriously belive my new shelves are going to get here before it dose. My perler beads from china did. Anywho, on with the stuffs.
Edit: That last thing got here this morning cx
Cute attention grabbing picture.
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 And My art commissions
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Thankyou for reading, and for now i sleep. I shall check on comments in the morn^^ ~Kaela