August 31st, 2015

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Recap of summer fun~ Summer Monthly Pikachu pics

This summer has been quite fun~ Hope you all had a fun summer with the doses of Pokemon merchandise and outdoor fun/events! I know I wish I was in Japan for Pikachu Outbreak~ Check out #ピカチュウ大量発生チュウ for awesome Pikachu dance pics and videos!

I love the Monthly Pikachus that have been released so far especially the summer ones. I resisted collecting the first few when they came out but now I really regret that. These Pikachus are perfect to take to adventures and random places like work, school, shopping, and sightseeing fun! Plus, the inside tag art with the mini story and sketch is cute. ;w; I look forward to the upcoming fall/winter ones especially my birth month in December! I think I need multiples of all these Monthly Pikachu.. .__.;;

Besides the summer conventions where I bought Pokemon fan art goods (which I still need to share... there was the Pokemon Symhony in San Jose back in July! Also, in my area of Northern California there are three Obon Festivals (Japanese Buddhist festival).

There's food stalls, games, craft store, and the big Obon dance so Festival Pikachu was feeling right at home! The Obon festivals are fun to go to but there wasn't too much to do but look around and eat. I have more fun at the Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco Japantown. I bet it would be more fun in Japan! Translation for the tag: Boom boom boom! Piihyarara! Today is the summer festival. Pikachu is interested in all the stands lined up on the path! Its heart springs with excitement at the sounds of the Japanese orchestra. It's a lively night. Let's come again with everyone next year.

Of course, we will come again every year and enjoy the summer festivals~ and other festivals all year long. :3

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I got the Pikachu and Charmander in kimono charms at AX. There's also Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Eevee! Very creative! I would love to see more Pokemon x Japanese design goods!

Also, we went to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk about 40 minute to an hour away drive away for Friday Night free concerts at the beach a couple weeks ago. I took Sailor Pikachu and he definitely felt right at home near the ocean! <3 I took a lot of pics with the ocean and some boats/pier in the background. Hoping to make another longer beach trip soon~ There are lots of pretty beaches along Highway 1 in the Santa Cruz/Monterey area.

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Sailor Pikachu is lonely here on the sand. :( I plan on taking more Pokemon like Vacation/Hawaiian shirt Pikachu, Slowpoke in Pikachu floatie, Dittchchu with ice cream (because there are great ice cream places next in the beach towns XD), Pikakarp/Pikados, Mudkip, and some other water Pokemon. :D One day when I get them rest of the new plushies in. XD I think some of the laying Kuttari would enjoy laying on the beach, haha.

Question time: What Pokemon would you take to the beach?? :3

He's wondering when he'll get to see/be on the boats and go on a ship on off to an adventure again... Thanks to splash for translating the mini story inside the tag! ^^ The sun shines on this bright summer. Pikachu has come from the sea beach park on a walk, and the vastness of the ocean stirred its heart. What kind of world lies on the other side of the horizon?

Well for those who want to go back to summer...

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There's still Labor Day soon so let's go have some nice plans with family, friends, pets, and Pokemon! :D Hoping I'll go to the beach again this upcoming month and or the Monterey Bay Aquarium. >w<

I am sure next summer will be even more fun with Worlds in my home area! So excited for it to be in San Francisco! >w< It will be wonderful in SF with lots to do and see! Now, I wonder how the plush will look like...

P.S. I updated my sales a little and still doing food pickups~ Will be making a much updated sales post + gets later!!

Thanks for reading!
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Wants + help post. Also introduction.

Hello! Im a new member here, i can go by the name of my username of Kris. I joined in this group because when I young I was greatly into Pokemon, slowly slipped out as I got older and then met my boyfriend and he got me back into playing the games. I then jumped into collecting plushes!
I live in Canada and i find it very hard to find other sellers within Canada. I'm obviously into Pokemon, I also love gaming, drawing, crocheting and anime.
The plush im trying to collect is every plush that has been in their shiny form. I love collecring shiny Pokemon in game and wish to do the plush as well!

Now my wants, etc!

I've been looking around for Canadian sellers that have these items or US sellers that may have them for not as expensive (Because the exchange rate.) As well if someone could let me know what these plushes are going for now that would be amazing!

Perfer Canadian sellers! But will but internationally!
First one is; The Shiny Pikachu Gyarados. (Both plush and key chain.)

Secondly; The Shiny Magikarp Cushion. Im mainly looking to see the prices and who is selling him, as well as who would do a payment plan.
I have the little one but he doesnt have a hang tag, so if its possible to find just the tag please let me know. :)

Thirdly; Im not sure if there is a thing but I'm looking for a offical Pichu hat. Not sure exactly what one. Lol.

Thank you to everyone! Can't wait to get into this group more and meet such great people!
(PS. not sure how to add pictures! Sorry!)

Look, I found a sea dragon

Hi there! Today I'm back with quite a huge get. It's the electronic Hasbro Lugia figure from 2000 :D
I found him at a fleamarket and took him home, of course ^^ I had never seen this figure in real life before. It's much bigger than I imagined.
When I got him, he had quite a few paint rubs on him. So for the first time I tried out magic eraser - it worked perfectly and now he's beautiful again ^^
If you pull back the right leg, it spreads open its wings. And if you press one of the tail spikes, it opens its mouth and does a sound. I think there are 3 or 4 different cries available :) He's such a great toy, haha ^^

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Some plushie identification please!

I have no idea what this is.. I've tried looking up this plush and all i can really find is a Gengar version of it! It is a very teeny tiny jigglypuff plush. Made by Berkshire Fashions!
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if you know any info about this plush please tell me! I'm not sure wether to hold onto it or not, its rarity will help me decide ;w;

Worlds, new shelves, and more!

Hello everyone! Since my last update, I've aquiered a great accumulation of things, and also a video and a couple of pics from the pokemon Worlds store that came over in Boston!


Also major update at my collection site:

So we begin....

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Amazing nostalgia find! ♡

Hello Pokébabies! ♡

Long time no post!:( I know I havent even commented here much this summer... I have been super busy since I am still at my childhood home taking care of some business. But I have been reading some interesting posts and voted on the banner contest too! I am so happy I'm going back to my place and will have more time to comment on all of the posts I find interesting and cute. :3

Well, I have something super exciting I just had to share with you all!

Since I am at my childhood home going through boxes etc. I found something super important and special I thought was long gone... ♡

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>> Gets! and a little bit of craft <<

Hiyo! Everyone  (^ _ ^)/
I love getting mail! heehee My recent gets from this awsm group! ^ . ^
thanks so much splash for helping me start my Ho-oh collection!
and thank you to pandaeatworldfor Riolu hes super soft (。✿‿✿。) <3Collapse )

I also tried making a pattern of a Meowth coin purse and made a rough sample of it. It needs a bit of tweaking still _〆(。。)
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Seeya! ヾ(・∀・*)
POKEMON - Carracosta moonlight
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pokemon worlds 2015 battle mat

Hi everyone! My friend went to Worlds and we have this Battle Mat for sale. It's 3mm thick and 10.5" x 14" according to the box. Cost is $25 OBO + shipping anywhere in the world.

Sales permission: July 20, 2011 by: dakajojo

click for larger

I'll also trade (partial) for a Squirtle MPC ^__^

I've also got a ton of the Meiji Juice Battle coins, if you are looking for one in specific, let me know and I will search through the pile!
Vulpix PD

Pokemon Lab and Worlds gets and sales!

I don't know about you guys but I have been just so busy for the past few weeks. I think it's like an end of summer thing. O_o So, anyway I am showing off some gets today! Yay! i got some things from the Pokemon Lab event. I also got to go to Pokemon Worlds and Symphonic Evolutions and pick up some goodies! I did get to pick up one of the 28inch Pikachus but I didn't take any pictures of him yet.

Colonialchu! and I did also drop by my local TRU to pick up Gogoat! I got two of them. This one will be for shiny repaints- if anyone is up for it let me know (I'm no good with paint).

Pokemon Lab goods! I just love the beaker cup. =D

Some of my haul from Worlds and the symphony! So happy I could go and meet lots of fellow comm members as well! Thanks for being awesome you guys T-T<3<3<3

Last but definitely not least I have more sales and I will be having another offers post for some items from my personal collection coming up as well. Something that I really super duper have to have has been found and I have decided I need to part with some stuff to get it. Anyway, newly added to my sales is an extra colonialchu I picked up, a Pikachu 3DS XL, an eeveelution blanket and a bunch of other small stuffs. Click the image or here to go:

Everything in the preview and more is for sale in my sales post. ^_^

Amazing new gets! Pokedolls and Pory...ygonnnn....zzzZZzz

Hi guys! Yes, I've done a lot of gets posts lately I realize that but gahhh I can't not share my excitement you know? I love these all so much!

This community has been wonderful! Big thanks to you all!

And without further ado,
Lets start with the girly kitties!
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Then, a roar! Is that a dragon?
Of the sea?

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And last, but certainly not least!
A semi-grail of mine!
The adorable glitchy pokemon! (That was meant to explore dimensions too!)

Zzzzz....Zzzz... ZzzzZ
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Porygon.exe has crashed

Oh well, he'll be okay in a few.
I need to get his buddy though! Rotom!

Yup! Remember guys,
I will hear offers of items in any condition.

Also, here's my usual wants!

And to a broader point, any of these for cheap:

I also need these:

And these for Halloween:

If you have any of these please let me know!
I'll hear out any offers of these in any condition!
That's all guys! Hope it was fun reading this!
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username change & wants

Hi! <3
Just wanted to let everyone know ~ I've changed my username from skittybits to flaaffy! ^-^
I'm surprised it wasn't already taken. I'm planning to start a big flaaffy collection so this username change was a good idea, I think. :)
And with this username change, I have a question! I am trying to obtain sales permission. I had 7 positive feedbacks under skittybit's name and now I have 0. Do I have to start all over?

And wants! I'm looking for a flaaffy kid figure. More wants here:
I cannot spend too much $ for now because I just purchased a luxurious custom flaaffster sculpture hehe! But please take a look anyway. I may be able to buy a few things.

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