September 1st, 2015

  • syminka

Eeveelution sticker auction and sales

Couple more sales. Slowly weeding out things from older collections or newer items I acquired. Don't be shy. I will listen to OBO!
I can still ship internationally for 1 more week!


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AUCTION TIME! I found this at FYE! They only had 3. I bought one for my 3DS and bought one to auction to you guys! The other is probably all alone at the store missing his friends :'( 


It's just a normal sized decal. It is warping from the humidity a little, but I can flatten it out.
Auction starts at $3!
All community rules apply. No sniping, spitting, hair pulling, biting, etc
Auction will end in 4 days! Sat Sept 5th @ 8pm!
I can ship anywhere. It will travel as a flat!! :D So yay cheaper shipping!
May the odds be ever in your favor
Noivern time

Back to school sales!

Hi everyone! I recently made the decision to go back to school to get a second degree, so I did some collection weeding for some extra money. Some of the items I have up for sale are pokedolls and some starter plush! I also reduced the price on some of my items so please help me rehome these ^^

I have also decided to sell off my little Absol collection and put my Sylveon custom up for sale :c

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Thank you <3

September 1st Perler Sales Kick-Off Post!

Hey all :D I'm here with some monthly perler sales. I will be doing cheap prices for these, as a little fall kick-off.

Please note that these will be started three weeks from now, once I finish up my current round of orders. This is my current list, for anyone who is curious-

Partywooper (60% done on current order)
Diamondphantom (99% done *forgot two sprites :'D*)
Creampuffoholic (about 60ish% done)
Bulbybulbasaur (done, ready to ship)
Schenzi (done, ready to ship)
Mystica15 (80% done, need to finish shading)
Nhim (supplies arrived)
Aslyl (supplies arrived)

Large sprites: start at 10

image.jpggrovyle sprite.jpg
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Small sprites: start at 1.5

kanto sprites.jpg
clicky2.jpgsceptile sprite.jpg

Trozei heads: start at 5

V-Day sprites: start at 5


Human examples (ask for more if interested):


Want to see a specific Pokemon? There's a decent chance I've made it, just ask if you'd like to see it ^w^

I still have personality sprites for just one dollar going on, submit a survey for a Pokemon made specifically for you :D

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Like previously stated, these will not be started right away UNLESS ordered from etsy. If you'd like a rushed sprite for any reason, feel free to order here. In fact I'd probably prefer if most smaller orders were on etsy, haha

Thank you!

A bit more than a wants post c:

SO, I have a pokemon (or two) for each of my friends and family members and I would like to obtain figures of them c: Looking for 1x each of figures listed below, hoping to pay $2 or under (unless otherwise stated) for each.

-Buneary (no jakks)
-Lopunny (willing to go to $4)
-Mega 'Zard X (↑$7)
-Absol (↑$3)
-Jolteon (Spefically looking for the $15 shiny kyun chara that someone from here had on eBay)

And two cards up for trade here: (the Bouf is because I saw someone wants it and I pulled it from a pack) Ooo a shiny ghastly :O it's actually not c:

For the Bouffalant, I'm not looking for anything special, a figure from the above list or a card/ fig of Squirtle, Dialga, Gallade or Bidoof will do c:

But for the Ghastly, I'm looking for 3 or 4 of these figures, otherwise pm me c: lol nope he's not shiny, the art just makes him look that way XD (thank you diamondphantom, and sorry all! XD)
oh well, I'll just offer him up for one figure

And last but not least I would REALLY like to find more poptart pichus GHGHHH Willing to pay up to $2 for one