September 2nd, 2015

New Sales! <3

Hello everyone! After longer time no sales, I´m coming up with some new stuff for sale! Some things I sorted out since I love them not so much anymore or have no use for them...;_; Even I got some rare(?) posable figures from yahoo japan - I only wanted the Raichu, so I sell the others! There is a Venusaur and a Mew! Also I sell my Pikachu in the farm drawstring bag, customs and other stuff. Please take a look, maybe you find something interesting! ^_^


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Thanks everyone for looking and have a great day/night! ^_^ <3
C&amp;H Autumn

Sales and Offers


I have come today with some sales - a set of the lottery Johto beast trio metallic figures made by Bandai, and Oddish and Totodile PlushPlush. I thought I'd do what eevee_trainer did recently and let people make offers for the PlushPlush via PM before I put them up with a definite price.

Sales Policy
- Sales permission from entirelycliched since April 2013.
- Feedback:
- I ship from Australia and usually ship via Economy Air Mail, but for items that are $100 and over, tracking will be required.
- I can be a slow shipper!
- I am not responsible for any lost/damaged parcels.
- Please ask any and all questions before you commit on anything.
- Payment plans can be arranged. Please contact me before bidding.
- Offers end on Sunday, 6 September at 8:30am ACST. Countdown timer is here.

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Have a nice day/night!

Moooore gets+ rare get + fcs figures question

Hello poke-people! So I got another box of metals that ive been waiting on. Included in this lot is a rather rare metal that I am quite excited about.

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Annnd rare metal!

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Lastly I recently got a lot of figures that also had a bunch of FCS figures as well. I know nothing about these figures and I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea on pricing them. Someone told me they could be anywhere between $3-$10 per figure depending on the pokemon. Most are solid colored but I also have some semi clear ones.. also have a bunch of bases.

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Gets update + quick sale + sale reminder

Been a busy summer for me! I did manage to get some gets through it though...

Before I get to that I have a super quick sale of a Lugia Tretta puck for $7. Ack it's still coming out sideways! Anyways, sales permission etc is on the first and only LJ entry of mine when you click my name (since I'm in a bit of a hurry to get this all done!)

Also, I still have my sales of my Tomy Pose figures. Still have TONS left. Clickie the pic!

Ok with that said, onto my summer gets!!!

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Even more Tomy arrivals!

I just received the last few tomys I had in the mail, and I'm super happy! (Thank you to community member splash for most of them \OwO/)

I got zubat at a good price and even better! It turned out to still be in its box! I can't bring myself to open it @w@ but having a box among a tonne of loose figures looks a bit out of place.
Slowpoke is happy

Happy belated Slowpoke Day! New merch!

The US Pokemon Youtube channel just uploaded an English version of the Slowpoke Day reggae song, and announced some new Slowpoke merchandise to go with it!  There's a belt buckle, a glass tumbler, a t-shirt, and a notebook!  As you might already know, Slowpoke Day was actually celebrated on August 10th (because when you say the date in Japanese, it sounds like Slowpoke's Japanese name, "Yadon"), but perhaps it's a bit appropriate that the US was a bit slow on this one...

Click here for the Slowpoke stuff on!

✿ Updated Website & Sales!! ✿

Hello friends! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

After a very long day yesterday of taking photos and working with slow as snails weebly, i finally was able to make a HUGE update to my site! :D I changed some things around as well as added tons of stuff to the Zigzagoon/Linoone page, Laying Plush page, and Pokemon Plush pages! OH i also made a new section in my Zig page! If you guys have ever made a little zig or noon doodle for me on packages, ive kept them all and now you can see them there! C: Someday ill get a scrapbook for them! :3
Please click this banner to see my website:

I spent the entire day today making little banners to use on my posts here! >w< I hope they look as cute as i think they do! (aceattorneygirl is this what you meant by pixel art? When i zoomed in to draw everything was sooo pixely because the canvas was so tiny!)

This banner is for my Wish List, which also has been updated if you'd like to take a look!
Clicky to see!

Last but not least, i have updated a ton of plushies to my sales post! Please check it out!! I'm willing to do trades for anything on my wish list as well! C:
Sales Ahoy!

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tinyzig1.jpg Thank you all for looking! Happy September! <3
~ Ziggy
Flying press on bed!

collection update: new TOMY figures!

I got the hugest box today and what was inside was really NICE!!

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This was it for my collection update! As always please check out my want list on my site:

At the moment I'm specially after this chewing gum paper insert with Hawlucha (any info on where to get the exact brand of gum would be very helpful).

Thanks for reading everyone, and happy collecting!!

Gets, wants, and first ever auctions!

It's time for another gets post! :D My latest package from SMJ has arrived, and I have bought lots of amazing things from comm members, so there's lots of goodies to show off! :) Firstly here are my new Articuno items:
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Now onto the Absols! :)
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And finally some other random items that I've bought! :)
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So that's enough of gets and wants! :) Now onto the auctions! :)
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All auctions will end next Wednesday, September 9th, at 22:00 UTC (timer here)
Please do not bid until all threads are up and this sentence is crossed out!
All threads are up! Happy bidding! :) 


Looking for a Japanese release of the butterfree pokedoll willing to pay $225. payment plan is not needed! FOUND ONE OMFG

I stupidly traded my butterfree pokedoll over a year ago and dearly miss her <3 please help me find another
I can also do a partial trade ^^ here is my old feedback ( I changed my account awhile back)

most of this stuff isn't worth a lot but I'm willing to trade a lot for it
pokemon ♚ awe

august gets!

HAPPY SEPTEMBER! I got some reeeeally cute additions to my collection during the latter half of last month!

A few more additions to my Pikachu & Friends w/Berries collection, and some other cute items behind the cut!

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That's all for now!! :^D I hope everyone has a great rest of the month!

New Gets :)

I haven't posted in awhile but thought I would share my most recent get which came in the mail today :)

I am really loving the new Kuttari Pokemon line and I had to get both Mudkips

What are your favorite kuttari Pokemon so far? If I had to get more I love the way Charmander looks as well as Espeon but maybe I can get more later. 


I'm looking for some Pokemon things I can wear in my hair since I always wear my hair up for work anyway!

I'm interested in Mostly bows.

But if you have other hair things show me! I'm really interested in anything! But I want official merch. No customs please! Thanks!

Clear Arcanine and Pokemon Time Wailord questions!

Hey everybody!! So I bought a clear Arcanine Tomy figure off of eBay and now I'm curious if it's a legit figure. I've never seen it before and nobody has it on any collection site, at least from what I've seen. Wondering if anyone can give me any info on it? Pictures under the cut!
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I also have a question about the big Wailord Pokemon Time plush. Does anyone know what kind of material it's made of? minky? or is it the same as other Pokemon time plushes (fabric that everything sticks to)?? I might be in the market for one soon... :D

Any help on these is appreciated!!