September 4th, 2015

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I need some Torchics!

So! My best friend loves Torchic. And I want to start to compile a little collection for her! She does like Blaziken also, but Torchic is where it's at. I'm in between jobs right now, so I'm just looking for the basic, cheaper stuff. Later on ill start buying more expensive items! I will most likely be very picky unless I think I'm getting a good deal c:

Please show me what you have for sale! I'm mostly interested in plush, not too interested in flats right now!
I will be looking to add some Monster Hunter items, if anyone has anything like that in their non-pkmn sales.
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In search of mewtwo!

Hello all!

I hope everyone has been well! Been rather busy my self so I've been quiet. well i have been looking to add a few things to my mewtwo collection and i need helping finding this plush! i see a few on ebay but i wanted to see if any members were selling him!
WELL i am looking for...Collapse )

Pokemon pin collector - introduction and collection!

Hello! I'm Jasonivich, and I'm a pin collector! Nice to meet you all.

I recently stumbled upon this site while searching websites for ways to connect with other people that may have the same interests, as well as find some items/collections that I hadn't seen before. I've had a couple of these pins for a while, but only recently did I decide to start a collection dedicated to it. I collect pins in general, but I love Pokemon pins. Here's a few pictures of what I own. ^.^

1st pic!

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2nd Pic!

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3rd Pic!

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4rd Pic!

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5th Pic!

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Pins I'm looking for!

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I'm always looking for more pins for my collection, as well as meeting others that collect the pins too. I don't collect the cards, plushies or figures and haven't had much luck with finding other pin collectors. I'd even like to trade at some point, but all I can do for now is buy beings I don't have any doubles yet. Thanks for reading!

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Mystery Mansion Claims Up! Misty HG Figure Claims! + Halloween Parade Charms!


Wow! Charms, straps, and T-shirts will be available for me to take claims on for Halloween parade! :D If anyone wants in, I've added them to the page. Pricing on the rubber straps is still TBD but I will have it up as soon as I can.

Hi everyone! Now that we have a proper list of items (and pictures too!) I've listed items from the Mystery Mansion promo coming out 9/19 on my September claims list. Do note that these are shipping on a delayed schedule, so while you can combine with your Halloween Parade claims, they will delay your entire order until mid-October. I don't mind combining at all! But I can also ship the Halloween parade items separately if you want to get things quicker. :)

There's a lot of lovely items in this promo, including an Umbreon pocketwatch, hoodie, towels, glasses, and many fancy passcase/pouches!

Mystery Mansion2.jpg
Mystery Mansion2.jpgMystery Mansion2.jpg
Mystery Mansion2.jpg

Also, I'm taking limited claims on the Misty HG Figure that comes out in January!


Kuttari totals will be up over this weekend! And the necklaces are looking like they will arrive next week sometime. :) Thank you all for your patience regarding the delays. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns!

Thanks~! <3


Small Sales Update (Kuttari + games) + price reduction + slowly selling my collection

Hello all :D I have added the new Kuttari plushes, as well as some games to my sales for anyone who is interested!

I have also cut down some prices, and anything that didn't sell on my auction are available for straight sale at their starting prices. Feel free to haggle is things are marked OBO :)

DSC_1275 (Medium)
FYI, Shipping for each Kuttari is $2.6 to anywhere.

(Please click this fake cut for SALES)

Selling my Canvas plush collection + 1:1 Turtwig
Due to some issues happening in my house, I need to cut down my collection to minimum :( I don't think I will be selling my poliwhirls but I will be selling any other random plushes that I have been collecting bit by bit.

First is my 1:1 Turtwig. I really love him but unforunately I think it's time for him to go to a better home. He has been listed in my sales post.
DSC_1266 (Medium)

Also selling my closed-to-complete 2006-2011 Canvas plushes collection. (as well as my zoruas that are hidden in the background)

This canvas collection is almost complete, just missing some of the eeveelutions, Plusle, Minun, and Turtwig (keeping Turtwig), plus the new canvas Darumaka, Foongus and Mudkip

I would like to try to sell everyone in a whole first, asking $1000 shipped OBO for all 34 plushes, payment plans accepted (much less than what I spent). If I fail to find a buyer, I will consider individual offers. Most of the plushes have both tags, but some of the hand tags might have little bit of imperfection. I am happy to take more photos for interested buyers.

(Sorry some plushes are hidden behind the others ^^;)
DSC_1269 (Medium)
DSC_1265 (Medium)
Collapse )

Mudkip - both tags

Thanks all!
Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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September Embroidered Patch Customs!

I'm opening up for embroidery commissions again, this time offering up some new stuff!

Sales permission was grandfathered in at the beginning of the community.

Collapse )

MissingNo Plushies
Available in my Etsy store in two different sizes!
6 inch
12 inch

Halloween Patches & Charms
Collapse )

Trozei/Shuffle Patches
Collapse )

Plushie Eyes
Collapse )

Order Information & Slots
Collapse )

Finally, I'm selling a USA release TOMY Goomy plush! Asking $20 shipped within the USA or $30 shipped outside of the US.

I'll also trade any of the above items for My Pokemon Collection plushies of Torchic, Blaziken, Charizard, and Lugia or the Swablu Secret Base plush. (Please don't offer me anything else!)
Princess Snivy
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Another new over 1000 flats sale! Please tell me your Pokemon and I will search for them!+ OtherSale

Hello there again!
I have received three new fantastic books that include almost any Pokemon you desire. I will also search through other older books I have as well for you! I also have other older things like clearfiles, tissues and others for sale!

Tell me a Pokemon, and I will search for flats for you! I have way too many and that would take an eternity to scan them all, so it will be easier this way!

1 001
These kind I have (or should have) two times, as the two books I bought are very similar. These pages are really big, they are around 20x15cm big each.
Depending on Pokemon, these are priced at 4-6$.

1 003
I also have adorable comic pages like these, they include mostly Gen 6 Pokemon and Mega evolution, but there were some that aren't on the list.
Depending on Pokemon, these are priced 3-5$ each.

1 002
I have also these Sylveons up for straight sale. Each set is 12$!
Holding the bottom set for xxlatiosxx, as it has a Zangoose)

I also have pages from this giant newspaper from the Hoopa movie!
Prices are 6-8$ each page.
NOTICE! These are already folded once as you can see, so they won't be perfectly flat!

Please read the rules, before you decide to buy!

Collapse )

Some other older items for sale!

Collapse )

That's it, thank you very much guys! <3

Some Sales and Neat Bookstore Finds! Story books & Pokemon Encyclopedia~

Happy Friday! I have a New Years Sleepy Fennekin, Secret Base Ditto, a Sailor Pikachu, and more on my sales page. I am accepting a little haggling, check it out!

This post will talk about a few of my various finds at the Kinokuniya bookstore near me! I have gone there twice in the past two weeks and these are the things I picked up on Wednesday when I hung out with bearprince

Click on the images for the full size. ^^ I appreciate credit if you were to use my photos.

These picture story books are lots of fun with puzzles and interesting pics!
Collapse )

My favorite page in the Pikachu and Friends Music Pair book with Hoopa. Look at Hawlucha and everyone so happy with their apples. :3
Collapse )

This coffee board book feauring XY Pokemon and their evolutions~ I have one extra copy that I will be taking offers starting at $15. If there's more interest and copies at the bookstore I can also pick them up with my bookstore/market pickups (which needs to be updated with bookstore stock).

Collapse )

Pokemon XY National Encyclopedia (with Diancie on front cover)-- organized by Pokemon type

Collapse )

I didn't take all the pictures. If you like to see if a Pokemon is in the book, I can take a picture. Or any requests, let me know!

See Pokemon The Movie XY Legendaries book here

I have more random pictures on my Twitter. Scroll down and look~

I will make an updated post of books and food info soon! My sales here~ and pickups here.

Thanks for reading!

a special want..? + jirachi bootie question

does anyone have this for sale/seen it for sale somewhere? I believe these are the special charms given to customers at the Pokemon Center Tohoku during their Tanabata promotion.

I tried looking on yahoo auctions and eBay but I couldn't find it :(
I'm not sure how much should I be expecting to pay for these too since I don't see them anywhere.
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Vulpix PD

Shiny Fairy gets and cookie cutters! and a little sales plug.

Wanted to show off a few more of my recent gets, among them is the Pokemon Center Sylveon silver necklace and the standing Sylveon kid figure! ^_^ I also recently acquired this really cool old school cookie cutter set that has Mew<3<3 and this cool Lapras squirt figure. =o


Collapse )

Sales Plug of course! I updated my sales again by cleaning things up (there's not sooo many pictures to go through now) and I added a TON of mini models I got hoping to find the Vulpix I am looking for, but alas I was not lucky. Anyway, check them out if you so desire. ^-^

September Commissions!

Hi everybody!
Long time no post huh?
Well I've finally finished up my last batch of commissions and am now ready to tackle a new batch!
This time around I'm also doing art commissions as well as my typical plushy commissions ^^
And I'd love to expand my collection a little more so if you're in the market for a custom plush but lack the funds check out my wants post and perhaps we can work something out? :)

***And I also have some little bells and bows if you'd like to add them to your plushies for an extra $2***

Collapse )Collapse )
I make plushies in a variety of styles, you can take a look at some examples and read a bit about them in the cut below.
Collapse )Plush Slots Available

Slot 1ottman34 - Grumpy Time Donphan Finished!
Slot 2pkmnexcavation - Cozie Mime Jr. In Mr. Mime Hoodie Finished!
Slot 3 btamamura - Fleece Desert Flower in sundress Finished!

ALL SLOTS ARE FULL thanks everyone!

I'm also offering art commissions as well as plushies this time around yay!
My first sketch commission ^w^ If only my camera wasn’t terrible :/ it’s a lot more vivid in real life ^^
the details
Each drawing will be on an 8 by 6.5 paper
Colored Pencil colored will be $12
Copic Marker Colored $20

Art Commisions
Slot 1 (starpurrloin pokemon team M. Meowstic, Jolteon, Swampert, Purrlion, Typhlosion, and Squritle) Copic DONE

Thanks everyone! Feel free to ask for qoutes and ask me questions :)
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POLISH TCG sales post!

Hello guys!

Today I've got something really special for sale - POLISH Diamond and Pearl/DP Mysterious Treasures cards!

They were released in 2010-2012. Only these two sets were released in Polish language.
It's almost impossible to find these now anywhere.

Here's a little preview:

These cards are super rare, even here in Poland it's really hard to find them anywhere in decent condition!
There are not to many Pokemon collectors, mostly kids bought them and you probably know how kids care about the cards :)
All my cards are in near mint or better condition.
Some of the reverse holos have tiny scratches visible only in light.

After few trades and purchases I managed to get few doubles which you'll find below.

Commons - $.70/each
Uncommons - $1/each
Holos, rares, reverse holos and reverse holo version + regular version sets are priced individually.
Of course I'm willing to give you discount if you buy more cards!

International shipping from Poland is pretty cheap (starting from $1.6).
If you'll buy 20 or more cards then SHIPPING IS FREE!
You'll find estimated shipping quotes below in my RULES.

So even if someone already asked for some cards that doesn't mean I no longer have them :)

Feel free to check my GENERAL SALES THREAD:

and my English/Japanese TCG SALES THREAD:

My rules:

Collapse )

And now onto cards that I have for sale!

Collapse )

I'll be back within about a week with mega flats sales (including some really rare Polish flats that are over 15 years old :o) so if you want some cards from here then I can hold them till my next sales post in case you'll want to combine them with new items :)

If you have any questions - feel free to ask!

Thanks for looking guys, have a great weekend! ^^
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Clear absol tomy???

Anyone have an clear absol tomy they want to part with? I have money :D here is a picture

I want it near mint condition even though the picture isnt mint condition, i dont care if in box or not and i may trade something i have for it!!! I have tons of rare vaporeon and absol stuff so just ask to see if i have anything!!!

First Post!

Lugia in a hat500.jpg
      Hello! I'm so excited to be a part of this community. I thought I would start off by posting an image of a smaller portion of my collection. I mainly collect older tcg, kanto tomys, plushies and a few other things I find cute. I'm really looking forward to completing some collections and learning about some odd possibly rare toys.

I'm very excited to talk to new people who also collect pokemon <3<3<3

M06 Tomica Bus Auction, Sales, + Halloween Costume Thoughts..!

Hi guys, I did a little collection weeding and put a few Weavile/Absol things up for sale. I also lowered some prices. Take a look!
I also put one of my clear absol kids up for trade. I'm still in the market for the two Weavile clear kids that I don't have. If you are looking to trade/sell, please do let me know.

Halloween is just under two months away, so I'm starting to think of what I want my costume to be...! In years' past I've almost always been a cat. Yeah, not super creative, I know, but it's been a bit of a tradition. This year, however, I was thinking I might try some sort of pokemon gijinka, and I've decided on Sneasel! Weavile would be an obvious choice, but to be honest I don't really want to deal with the crown, and sort of prefer the idea of Sneasel's big ear feather over that.

So for that I'd need a little Sneasel headband! I don't know -for certain- if I want to commission someone or make one on my own, so I'm just testing the waters here. Costume artists, what would you charge for a headband of Sneasel's ears, and a set of tails? I would want them to be white-tipped, unlike the picture below. Again, not making any decisions right now.
Anyone else thinking of pokemon cosplay for spooky day?

And finally, I'll be auctioning off this little M06 Tomica bus, featuring Absol, Jirachi, Groudon, and Kyogre. It's a neat little piece, but as I needed to do some weeding, so hopefully it'll go to a good home! Click the cut for all the info and more pix.

Collapse )

Thanks for checking everything out! 
Suicune Jump

One Year! - Gets - Sales!

I just looked up when I joined as I knew it was getting close. On September 8th it will be one year since I joined the community! Wow. In a years time I went from having nothing but my old-old 1998 Pokemon stuff, to having a TON of stuff. My Suicune collection went from pretty much nothing into an actual collection I can be proud of. I'm posting a little early, but that's because I've been holding off for that year mark and I can't wait any longer.

I want to tell a little story about when I first joined. I was thinking about it the other night in bed. (Well, technically this morning in bed as I've been having trouble sleeping.) When I first joined the PKMNCollectors community, I saw all these people talking about their kids. Kids this, kids that. "Selling off some of my kids!"

Me, not knowing any better, didn't know what they meant. I thought, "Well, maybe it's a PKMNCollectors thing, or just a Pokemon collector thing in general, to call their collection pieces their 'kids.'" Right? I mean, you take care of your collections, love your collections, and would hate if anything happened to them. It sorta makes sense. So I just accepted that this was the definition of the use of the word "kids" in all these posts.

I don't know how long it actually took me to figure out that "kids" was actually a type of figure. I was so lost back then with all the different terminologies... chupa, chou get, moncolle, keshipoke...   @_@! While I'm still no expert, I'm up on the lingo now and can be one of the cool kids. All you younguns best watch yourselves! *wears her 30 badge proudly*

Ahem... anyway. To show just how much I've grown through the community, Ebay, and other buying sites, here is my Suicune collections then and now.
Collapse )

Collapse )

Enough with that now. On to the gets!

My big box 'o' kids arrived today!
Collapse )

I haven't had many additions to my Suicune family for a bit as I'm running into the harder to find stuff, but one of my wants arrived today from the Netherlands!
Collapse )

I also won a lot on Ebay that contained a mix of Hasbro and Jakks figures. I was after just one in the lot, and out of all that it was in, this went for the cheapest price.
Collapse )

And now that my Vaporeon and Glaceon collections are growing, and Suicune out grew his shelf and earned his own box... here are the updated shelves for Vaporeon and Glaceon until they get packed away.
Collapse )

And finally, with my moving and packing things up.. I decided it's probably time to sell a few things off instead of lugging them out to Nebraska with me. I started a sales thread over on my journal. I'll be adding things as I go, but it has a decent base to officially open it I thinks. Mostly all Pokemon, few non-pokebits at the end. Please post any purchases there. =3

♦ I was granted sales permission on March 21, 2015 by areica96

No fancy image yet.. >>;

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small sparkly get~

I finally got my hands on another shiny hasbro figure, this time pikachu~

It had a ton of marks on it when I got it and is missing its tail, but considering how hard it was to find the figure, and that it was super super super cheap, I decided to buy it anyways. I managed to get pikachu almost completely clean, theres just a couple small paint scratches and some paint missing on the nose that I can easily fix.
Theres now only 2 shiny hasbros I'm missing! and of course they are the rarest/most expensive ones @-@ I'm just missing scyther and charizard now, if anybody has either that they'd be willing to sell/trade I'd love to know~

Anyways, it looks like pikachu's cheeks shoot out, can anyone who has this figure or the regular color version tell me how to get it to work? :0 I assume it has to do with the tail but....

As I said, shiny pika is without a tail!
I'm hoping maybe I'll be lucky enough to find someone who has a tail for this figure! even if its from the regular color version of this figure, I'd just repaint the tail to match in that case.