September 5th, 2015


hello everyone! :D i went to the pokemon center today! I bought lots of the Halloween straps! :D (so i could get the ones me and my friends wanted) i have lots of extras for sale (a whole set + some others) :D i will be putting them in my sales <3 check them out! :DD

Click here <3 to be transported

Or click the Photo below

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I also have an acution going on right now for an Aipom Pokedoll and a few other items here >
Thanks <3

Lightning Auction

Bidding on this auction has officially ended. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Hey Everyone! It's time again for another auction. (This one is a bit urgent because I'm trying to get things out of the house before another storm hits and potentially ruins my stuff.) This time, I'm going to try something a little different and make it a one-day auction, meaning that this auction will end tomorrow! :P

*Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on November 6, 2014.
*My pkmncollectors community feedback can be found here.

As with all my other auctions, there are a few rules to keep in mind:
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The auction will end tomorrow, September 6, 2015 at 7:00pm HST. You may view the countdown timer here.

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Note that this is the lowest I've ever made starting prices, so please get those bids in! Thank you~! :D

Trick or Treat!

I would love to go Trick or Treating at a Ghost Pokemon themed house. All these new plushies and accessories would go so well with them! I'm really loving how they are doing more non-stationary and non-plushie things than they used to.

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The next big release date is Sept 19th with more Halloween items as well as the sleeping bag kujis. Can't wait!


Hi everyone! I updated my sales again with new items! Offers are welcome! ^^ I am willing to buy, partial trade or trade for anything from my wants list!

**Possible Offer for shipping: If you guys (U.S. Buyers only) want to save on shipping, I can ship the items to my U.S. Middleman (she is a member here) and she can ship it out to you guys. She is currently here visiting in Toronto (same city I live in, I just met up with her yesterday), but I am not sure if I can meet with her on Sunday since she will be heading back to U.S. by then. I will have to ask her. Feel feel to drop me a message about that.**

**Shipping for items that is no thicker than 2cm can go under the flat rate~! e.g small megal bloks, some fcs, notebook...etc**


Here's a little preview:

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Thank you for looking! :3

labor day weekend sales

Sales giving home to new things in prep for that new mystery dungeon game yayyy xD
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Pokemon Blue XY 3DS XL - $80

Details about the item:
-Normal scuffs on the casing of the item (top and bottom)
-Screen Protector was applied right after purchase and before playing, so the screens should be fine. Any smudges seen on photo below is from the screen protector
-Volume slide is STUCK, making the 3DS stuck on the HIGEST volume. I have not tried to fix it, so unsure if it might be fixable if you take the 3DS apart and such.
-No original stylus, but one included
-Original box included
-Original charger included
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All games come with box and inserts:
Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity - $18
Pokemon X - $16
Pokemon Y - $17

Slowpoke Pikachu Inner Tube plush - $17
Fletchling Pencil Topper, missing pencil topper based, so just used as a figure - $13
Zigzagoon Chocoball Figure - $8
Pikachu Phone Stand - $12
C&amp;H Autumn

PlushPlush Offers Reminder - ending Sunday at 8:30am ACST

A reminder that my offers for the Totodile and Oddish PlushPlush are ending in about 15 hours!


Please click the image above to be transported.

Also, if you've been wondering about my prices for those Johto beast trio figures, which I have decided not to sell anymore, you should take a look at the Q&A/contact seller page of that YJ listing if you have the link. I'm surprised nobody thought to mention that before. I have not, and won't ever mark up my prices that ridiculously without reason! I have screened all previous discussion comments about that from my post because I feel that discussion of prices should be done over PM, not on a sales post! I am happy if you want to discuss the price by PM, but any discussion of it on my sales post is not allowed!
Thank you for your consideration!

New gets!

So I been back for about a week from vaca. My Jakks Pacific Umbreon arrived the day I left, and my purchases from some fellow members here in the community have arrived safetly. :) Also just bought my poseable Luxio Tomy figure today. (yeah he just fuels my cat Pokemon love) and hopefully someday soon I can land the Jakks figure of him fits right in.

Purchases I made off of here plus my Persian kid figure


He's about the size of the Shinx Jakks Pacific figure
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August Monthly Merch Roundup!

Hello everyone! It's the first Saturday of the month and therefore time for the Monthly Merch Round-Up! Today we will recap what happened in August, as well as discuss what's coming up this month!

(I do want to apologize for posting this so late! I had everything drafted for when I got home this evening and then suddenly LJ ate it. It took me three more attempts and a lot of changes to get it to work! No idea what was up! I know I am definitely missing some things so if there's anything you're disappointed not to see, please, please let me know and I am happy to add it!)

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As always thanks for reading and feel free to reply with any comments, questions, feedback, etc!

I tried to provide links to the original content, but if you have any more info you would like to add, please feel free to share it in the comments.

To make this a little more of a community activity: Did you guys get any new merch? If so, share pictures! If you would like to have your pictures featuring new merch to be part of the post, or next month's too, if September (with credit!), please let me know!