September 7th, 2015

Taking a Chance with a Happy Ending :D

Good evening everybody!
So, bit of a long story tonight, but it has a happy ending! My family and I went up to a flea market today,and I found a bit of pokemon stuff. I found old strategy books for R/B/Y, and G/S ($4 total! :D ), and I gave a home to a bootie skiddo figure... I collect the goat line, and he was so darned homely... he was 50 cents, so the herd gained a homely pair of hooves as well ^^'
Then there's the real get.

He was grey, smoke stained, and splattered with green and blue crayon wax. He had a rip along half of one foot, and the toe string on that foot was missing as well.
He's a Berkshire Fashions mewtwo plush keychain. I bought him out of pity, for a quarter from the booth with the pokemon guides. I didn't know if he was even fixable. I took him home, and quite a bit of Goof Off later, the wax is off, but the blue wax stained one ear a bit, and his neck and tail have the tiniest green hue in small areas. I began scrubbing his fur out with a toothbrush and soapy water, and saw his legs turn brown. Soaked him fully for a moment, and when I squeezed him out, the water was pure brown XP
So after soaking, squeezing, rinsing, and repeating 4-6 times, he's a light purple again! :D
He may be a bit stained, and he may have a stitched up foot, and a resewn toe on one foot,and his eyes may be permanently stained, but he's mine now, and he's got a good home :)
Moral of the story, if you see a plushie in need, try and show some love, okay? :)

Goodnight everyone :)

From me, and Berk :3
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Collection Update!

So, I just recently moved, and I haven't done a collection update since my very first post here! So, below, I've got a whole bunch of new stuff on brand new shelves!! Ugh, hopefully these pictures will all show up. If anyone has suggestions on what to do with displaying some of my stuff, let me know O:

EDIT: Hopefully the pictures work now ._.

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Pokemon - Starters
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Figure Identification + pan sticker sales + Auction reminder + sales!

Hey everyone, having a good Labor Day weekend here and wish it were longerrrrr~~ I need more break from work (which I love really, but the 4-hr commute each day really drains me) XD;;

Quick figure identification question! Anyone know additional info about these particular legendary birdies? XD;

I've somehow managed to get each of them from separate lots over the year XDDD Their eyes are originally done with stickers. Moltres is the only one that came with both eyes, Zapdos had one, and Articuno someone markered in dots for the eyes. They don't have any imprints to indicate if they're TOMY, Bandai, Banpresto or whatever.
I've done a funny thing where I use white-out strips and markered in the eyes for the missing ones. I did kind of a shoddy job and could use more cleaning up, but from a distance it looks like a great solution to the missing sticker eyes xD
Hehehehe facemask!!

Splash's Pan Sticker Shop!

Pan Sticker shop soft opening is still happening! I'll be opening this up to Storenvy's Marketplace as soon as I clear out some orders from the weekend that I need to get home to finish up (since as usual I'm out of the house on weekends... hoping I can change this some day in the coming year by moving into a place with the fiance but we'll see). Anyway, apparently you need a Storenvy account to order from the site? Which should seriously not be a big deal, it's like ordering from any other online store. But if you're really not willing to make a simple account for whatever reason, you're free to order the items from me here on LJ still. Just that Storenvy orders have priority on stocks of course.

My big plush lots are ending in about 4 days!

Some already have starting bids on them so don't miss out before they're gone!
You can check my other eBay lots here~ In particular another big figure lot ends in 2 days!

Lastly, sales plug!
Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )

Back from FanExpo ^w^

Hi guys! I'm back with gets from FanExpo :D I'm only gonna post Pokemon ones here obviously, but if you'd like to see them all along with my cosplays, you can check them out here:

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I was under the impression that I didn't buy too many Pokemon things, but looking at this pile I was wrong 0_0
I got a beautiful print of my favorite Pokemon, the Lati's <3 Plus a small print of May (who I have a collection of), and bookmarks of Umbreon, Sylveon, Espeon, Glaceon, Leafeon, Vaporeon. They had prints but not bookmarks of Jolteon and Flareon for some reason. Then I got a charm of Treecko (my fav starter) and a cute sticker of Growlithe, plus an Espeon pin. They had this really cool machine that took two dollar canadian coins and popped out a little ball with two pokemon figures inside, so I got two of those too. The figures were two different Empoleon's in one, and Snorlax/Muk in the other xD And lastly I caved and bought the pokecenter Vulpix plush and a beanie Espeon. I couldn't help it ;w; I got three free pokemon cards with my purchase lol

If you'd like to see closeups of anything, just let me know :D I know some of the things are kinda small in the picture. That's it from me today, I just wanted to post all my new little poke things ^w^

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collection sales + tons of flat sales (warning: heavy post!)

Hello community :))

I've decided to sell my Weavile, Zangoose and Meowstic collection... I don't collect it anymore and I haven't the room for all my collections xD I will keep a few items which I still like ^^ I know the community has many collectors and I think my items will find new good homes by other collectors :)) Also I have many flats for sale! Take a look :)

It may take 1-3 weeks to ship the goods (if I have sold a bunch), because I have a full-time job :p So thanks in advance for your patience <3 And read my rules carefully! ;)

"All items are priced lower than what I have paid (+ what I have paid for shipping). I will loose some money but I try to get all back what I have spend for my collections :) Also the most items are in good condition and if you need any other pictures: Ask me!"



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Also tagging some members which could interested in some items: lotad, manectric, pkmnsuicune, stalkingsuicune (sent you a PM), zigguppafu, xxlatiosxx, mercurrix,

Thanks guys for reading and looking!

my wants
collection site
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Hi everybody! I haven't been posting much since I've been sick, but I checked the PokeCen website and saw some great updates!

They have some of the newer petit plush like Diglett and Milotic, this year's Raichu, and even the monthly Pikachu from April!

Sadly no Pokeball petit plush (which came out in Japan the same time as the Diglett, I think) or more Secret Base Pokedolls, but I was very surprised by the monthly Pikachu!

hiiiii im a Noobie (edited!)

hey there!!! my name is ven! happy to be a part of this community!!! ^^

pokemon is the biggest thing i collect, and though my collection is somewhat small, im working on making it grow!
id really like to collect the eeveelutions (umbreon is #1 for me!!), pikachu, reshiram, furfrou, and the shinx evo line! if you have any merch of these pokes for sale, feel free to hmu! if you do trades, im open for those as well! ill trade anything in the images above besides my umbreon pokedoll, reshiram figure, tyrunt figure, pikachu items (including my yellow version), gameboy, and suicune figure. not pictured here is my b&w ds screen cleaner! if youd like pics of more angles or anything, dont hesitate to ask me!! ask me if youd like to know what cards i have as well! (OK ENOUGH ADVERTISING i feel so bad for it.........)

when i move back in with my dad this weekend, ill update my collection, as i have some plushies there that arent with me right now. my newest edition is my pokemon center running pikachu plush! oddly enough, i picked him up at walmart yesterday!

so ya! thanks for reading, and ill see ya around!! nice to meet you all!! <3

(heres a little challege for anyone interested! take a look at my umbreon pokedoll; do you think hes a bootie or authentic? ill make a post tomorrow, so check back to see if youre right!)

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Art Request

Well, my quest to obtain a picture for each language in my collection is going well, with four down so far. So far, I have English, Japanese, Russian and French, each from a different artist.

I'm making this update because I request artwork for the remaining languages in my collection. They are:

German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Korean, Chinese and World Championship.

What I'm looking for:

I will reiterate what was said in my last post on this subject. I would like artwork which features Voltorb and/or Electrode and is drawn with inspiration from one of the languages listed above or the country from which said language originates from or is officially spoken as the most common. For a few examples, my English artwork features Electrode in front of the Buckingham Palace, the Japanese one shows Voltorb among various Japanese objects and text, and the French depicts Voltorb as a French evolutionary scientist who is contemplating (in French) the method of evolution from Voltorb to Electrode.

As you can see, each of those languages draws inspiration from completely different areas.

Preferably, I'd like one artist per picture and if possible, I'd like different mediums for the remaining languages. As of right now, I am not interested in colored pencils since I already have two of those. The idea here is to see different styles, but I'm not opposed to a few repeats.

For those who are interested, please contact me though pm or on this thread with the language that you are thinking of attempting and past work. We can negotiate price through PM only.

Thank you to anyone that would like to help!
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Help me get my grail!

I thought I would make a general post about this here and see if I could get some help. I don't have sales permissions so am not able to do a group auction, but am hoping someone can make one and if I am able to co-host that would be amazing! I found my grail again on Y!J. I thought this listing was taken down permanently, but found it again and don't want this grail to slip through my fingers. Below the cut is a picture of all the items listed. If there are enough people interested in the items or more importantly if someone can host this group auction I would be forever grateful!

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Illustrated Pattern- feedback?

Hey guys,

Autumn is upon us and I felt festive... so I made this Pokemon pattern design based on the Ochre Woods in Hey You, Pikachu. What do you guys think? Mind my watermark, as I don't want people using it just yet.

I was considering making this pattern on different stuff like hand bags, book bags, sketchbooks, etc... could you guys see this design on stuff like that?

Hello hello! I am new :3


Since this is my first day with this group, I will start with an short introducion :)

My name is Lindsay (linameerun) and now 21 years old.
I live in the Netherlands and love Pokemon since the very beginning!
I collect mostly Pikachu cards (have already over 95+ diffrent Pikachu cards, they're all on my page) and I collect all kinds of Zigzagoon stuff :) Next to the official Zigzagoon stuff I love to buy handmade products of Zigzagoon (like plushes, figures, drawings). Picture is my collection of Zigzagoon so far!! :)
I have also lots of Pokemon stuff to sell, but that's for later! :)

(If this post is wrong or not placed correctly, sorry! First time, still finding out how Live Journal works :) )


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Help me get my grail!

I have to slow down my collecting soon to save up for school books, but I'd really like to get the kyurem plush I've been looking for before I do. He has eluded me for a long time and I'd really like him to be a part of my collection. If you guys can help I'd be so greatful :)