September 8th, 2015

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Get! +cheap kids?

Hopelessly searching the corners of the internet for a Minky Jolteon, I finally came across one on Pokevault! I'm a teeny bit ashamed in how much I paid for it, but hey! it was a grail xD Now I have a trio of cute jolteon pokedolls!

!!! Now to impatiently wait until he ships out on the 15th ;3;

I'm also looking for kid figures! I do have some saved on ebay but I just dont know, they seem more expensive than what they should be ;o; but hey! Im looking for these:
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Gigantic gets post (including a grail!!!)

Hey everyone! So I know that not many of you know who I am, since I only joined about a month and a half ago and barely posted anything (aside from a brief introduction post and a wants post so far). Most of my activity on here to date has been buying stuff from some of the super nice people who have helped me to be more comfortable on here :)

So I figured that since I've been a member for over a month, I think it's time that I join the party and show you all what my collection looks like so far, including what I've bought from the community that's now proudly displayed on my desk.

Without further ado, I present my humble collection!

WARNING: This post is very image-heavy!!

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Now for the main course - the figures!!!

There are a lot of them, too here goes

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Whew! This post is quite lengthy and thanks for bearing with me! I did mention in the title of this post that I got a grail and I've saved it for the end of the post to bring it up! This thing cost quite a bit but because it's super rare, I pounced on the opportunity immediately. Now I just gotta life the frugal life the next couple of months so i can let my wallet recover lol. So what is it, you ask?

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Thank you guys so much for reading! Have a cookie or something if you'd made it all the way here :P (or cake, if you like it as much as I do!)

Also, since this is my first gets post and also my first use of cuts on LJ, I hope I didn't mess this up lol

Tomica Bus Auction Reminder + The Usual Spiels

Just a quick reminder that my auction for the Tomica Bus featuring Absol, Jirachi, Groudon, and Kyogre will be ending tomorrow at 5PM PST. Click here or the images below to go to the auction.

Also check out my sales! I'm open to haggling, just fyi.

As always, i'm looking for these two Weavile clear kids. They're my biggest wants right now (besides maybe the Bandai absol attack figure) and for the most part, the only things I'm actively searching for. Please do let me know if you are selling or trading one or both of these lil dudes, or if you've seen them for sale somewhere.

I'm always curious to know what peoples' grails are. Do you have any active grails at the moment?
I don't think these clear kids are quite grail status for me (yet...); I would say the Absol Bandai figure is definitely it. I haven't seen a single one pop up since I've started collecting and I'll be reaching the one-year mark in a couple months... Unfortunately, I'm not sure if I could afford it right now even if it did surface, so I'm not sure how "active" of a grail it is right now. But it's still on my list. 

Metal figures question and some wants

This question has been puzzling me for sometime now, i tried googling but i get no answer. Dose anyone know what kind of metal is used to make the Metal pokemon figures and the metal Keshimon? i am very curious about both but mostly just the regular Metal pokemon figures, I just want to make sure they are not made of Lead, i been paranoid for sometime now in fear of them being lead. Is there anyone that knows what they are made of? Its driving me insane now, and i am super curious because there is nothing i can find on what they are made of.

thank you so much in advanced

Also i am currently looking for the Jakks Haunter figure for cheap, if anyone has one on their sales post or anything just let me know please! i am looking to spend within the range of $5-$15.

Also looking for some electrod and voltorb merchandise, such as figures or random Bouncy balls or things like that, or the voltorb bowling plush or any kind of plush, Realy want they Tomy keychains of them as well!

Also looking for Metal Haunters, Metal Gastlys, and Metal Drowzes, metal Kadabra, metal Shelders, Metal cloysters

Also looking for the new Gabite Tomy Released recently for the XY collection.

what they say is true, dreams do come true

I have gotten the most wonderful package from my Japanese friend SPKytola.

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Now that I can finally cross out such a big want from my wishlist, I think my collecting will slow down a little. I'm still awaiting for a couple things in the mail, but they won't be here for a little while, and I got most of the new Hoopa movie released items. Still, I of course always have things I'm on the lookout for, in the Wanted section of my website:

as well as this Dropbox link.

Well, what more can I say? I hope that this post can make you feel like when collecting, you can never say never, and dreams DO come true, if you believe in them enough!
Thanks for reading this far, and thanks for being such a wonderful community. Happy collecting, everyone!!
Baby mega Kanga


Hi everyone! I’m a fairly new member here but I haven’t yet done an introduction post, so here I am. My name is Alyson (Aly), I live in Canada, and I’ve loved Pokemon since it first came to North America back in 1998. I have been collecting Pokemon merchandise since then as well. Unfortunately I gave away a huge chunk of my collection a few years ago – and I still regret it to this day :( But thankfully I still kept a fair amount of things, and am starting to build my collection back up now that I am a part of this community :)

I collect pretty much anything Pokemon, but plushies are my favourite. I love so many different Pokemon, but I’d have to say that my top three favourites are Raichu, Gizamimi (Spiky-eared) Pichu and female Pikachu. I also really love male and female Nidoran, but unfortunately they don’t seem to have too much merchandise :(

So far I have purchased things from a few different people in the community and have only had great experiences so far :) I am very happy to be a part of this community. Finally a place I can come to that is full of people who love Pokemon just as much as I do <3

Also, please excuse my ridiculous username...I created this LJ account in high school :P
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cute gets :) + my sales still running!

Hello commuinty :) I know I am annoying with my continuously posts XD But I have to show you my newest gets! The most are of the last 1-2 weeks ^^ <3 Hope you like it!


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Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 19 SEP 2014
Clicky the picture ot the link:

And just a shameless sales reminder... :D My sales are still running! Need to tidy up my collections and I need more room for my other collections <3 I have some cool sticker sheets for sale :3 Also some cool Weavile's, Zangoose's, Meowstics and other nice random items for sale! ;)

It may take 1-3 weeks to ship the goods (if I have sold a bunch, I think I already have), because I have a full-time job :p So be patient with me ^^ <3 And read my rules carefully! ;) Thank you <3

my wants
collection site

First wants list in like forever haha

Hi!!! Finally something that isn't a sales post. I have a quick wants list! If anyone can help, that would be great! I have limited funds, so I marked which ones have priority, but I will consider anything.

Flareon TFG **
Noctowl zukan piece or the line is okay **
Vaporeon zukan piece - old version **
Leafeon Chupa Chup**
Plusle Canvas**
Minun Canvas**
Steelix TFG
Staraptor zukan

Credits: ALL images found through Google Search. If it is yours and you want it taken down, let me know
Flareon TFG image - hydrostatic's photobucket
Leafeon Chupa -
Vaporeon zukan -
Steelix - Bulbapedia
Noctowl - Ebay
Staraptor - Pinterest
Plusle/Minun - Flickr


[last edited on 10/26/2019]

hey there! seems you've come across my wanted list! i collect the shinx line and the tyrunt line! a small dream of mine is to have the largest shinx collection in the world! also hope this wants list becomes a kind of archive for shinx/tyrunt line merch, much like sunyshore!

i do NOT care about hang tags, but tush tags are a must if applicable!

watch out, as a wants post, its pretty lengthy and image heavy! bolded items are of high priority, strikethrough means i've obtained it!

i'm looking for literally ANY shinx line merch. even if its stickers or small flats or not listed here, please show me what you have!
and also feel free to show me your collection if you collect these guys too!! i love to meet other thunder lion collectors! <3

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yay i got something i've wanted forever and it comes with a backstory~
so 3 years ago a butterfree was posted on here for auction and i won it with no competition. She was my prized possession and my favorite pokedolls. i posted in a facebook group bragging about her and someone messaged me begging me to trade her and i stupidly said yes. ever since then i regretted selling her and have been searching for one since. fastfoward to earlier this year and someone commented on my wants post on instagram saying they had one for sale. but they wanted a price i didn't want to pay. i later messaged them and they said it was on hold. but a month later the told me i could have her for $250 i didn't want to pay it at first and i finally caved in. so here she is

and here's my collection now

also got my blastoise and venasaur pokedolls from partywooper (sorry i forgot your new username)

Newest gets! Plus trades! Many pokedolls and more!

Yes I have even more gets! Yes, I really need to be patient and wait for more items to come before posting but gah I'm so excited! I need to share!

My gets! Read more here:
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And now to the spotlight event!

I now have 11 positive feedback!:
That means... trade!
And I have a bunch of mini plush toys and more that need new loving homes!

Its all under the cut:
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Finally of course, my wants list, aka the items I'm willing to trade for:
Currently looking for:

mini Pokedolls:
Main priority right now is the Lugia!!

And to a broader point, any of these for cheap:

More HERE:
And Finally:

I was worried they would skip it but nope!
YAYYYYY! I'm so excited for the stuff they might make!
Hey, 20 years is a big anniversary right?
Pokedolls.... please... have mercy pokecen...

That's it!
Thank you for reading!

Older Item Back Up for Sale ;w;

Hey guys! So long story short I sold my Togepi cosplay over a month ago, and the girl still hasn't paid yet. I'm not "taking" the item away from her necessarily, but my patience has run out on the hold. So if anyone wants to take it off my hands, go right ahead >w<

Felt crown

*Some pieces need very minor touching up
*Size S-M with stretchy fabric
*15 plus shipping

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And here's some more stuff I'd like to get rid of:


Bulba cosplay: 20
September/9 charm: 8
Shirt: 5
Styler: 30
Pin: 3

Annnnnnd perler sales, prices start at 1 dollar!



Btw, I'm now selling perler sprite pokemon hair bows. They can be normal hair bows with poke color schemes, or they can have ears and/or tails coming off them. I do not have any examples yet, but feel free to inquire if interested!

Thanks for looking ^w^

Got my grail!!!!!!!!!!! And a couple of other things :D

Hi everyone! I am so happy because I finally got my grail!

It's the Flaaffy card from the Totodile half deck! I can't believe I finally got it :D I ended up having to buy the whole neo intro deck because I couldn't find the card on it's own. I have to say I love all of the other cards I got with it though. You can see me opening it in two videos on my Youtube channel!

Also, I have to shre this super cute hair scrunchie I got!

Isn't it adoable? I have a pink one on the way too :D

And lastly, I decided to create a little place for my dad to put my parcels in my room -- with delivery-chu!

I bought some cute material from the market to use as a hanging bag for putting parcels in. What do you think??

Auction reminder!

Just a quick reminder that my auctions will be ending in just under 24 hours! :) There are still lots of items without bids so take a look if you haven't already! :)
Click on this link here to be transported to the auctions (they're at the bottom of my gets post! XD).
Please be aware that I ship from the UK! :)
Realistic White Kyurem

Great Sales Update! Tons of new items and reduced prices

Hi everyone, today I bring you a quick update. I made new pictures and added a ton of stuff on my sales post. I also reduced even more the prices since I need the space. As always you're free to haggle but please keep it within reason ;)

Without further ado, here's the little preview of what's available, click any of them to go and see everything:


Thank you for your time, have a good night/day =)
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