September 9th, 2015

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Chain's Collection Update 2015 - Part 1 of 3

So I figured that it's finally time to get my second collection update rolling. I've split this into two parts - the first part will focus only on my normal Pokédolls, and the second part will feature everything else. The second part will come later though as I want to get something in first before taking photos.

So presenting my Pokédoll collection::

DSC00240 - 500px.png

So first thing you should know, and it's actually something I only realised as I was taking them out, is that every single plush has their hang tag attached! This is probably what a MWT plush collection should look like, lol. So much crowding and balancing with tags underneath them. Of course, this isn't all the Pokédolls that have been released, there are some I didn't include in this picture and a lot that I never bothered to buy. So I can safely say that this is the peak of my Pokédoll collection.

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Also, I just received these today :D

Groudon Pokedolls

Hi there,

So I don't post very often, but I'm looking for any information on Groudon pokedolls. I currently already have all three of the Banpresto Groudon plushies and I have two of the supposed five three Groudon pokedolls. I have the normal sized 2003 Japanese release pokedoll and two "oversized" Groudon pokedolls. All I need is the U.S. release normal sized Groudon and the DX Groudon. But that is where things get tricky.

From the information I was given the DX Groudon Pokedoll is 7in tall. And I'm looking for other information on the DX groudon. Is this height correct? Are there any other indicators or ways to tell the difference between the DX and the oversized?

Here is a pic of the Groudon Pokedolls I already have:
From left to right it goes the 2003 release (which is slightly bigger and fatter), then the 2004 release, and lastly the 2003 normal sized Japanese release. (And these aren't any of the Banpresto one because they don't have white pupils). The oversized ones are roughly 9in tall.

Also I am wondering what years the normal sized groudon was released for both the Japanese release and the U.S. release. Were there any rereleases?

Thanks for the help and info.

Claims Post for Upcoming figures (Ghost Ippai collection, Sleeping Friends XY3)

Hi all! Sorry fo posting so often ^^; But I have quite a bit of free time this week so might as well get things organised :)

 I have opened up claims post for some of the upcoming sets of figures that I think people might be interested in, please click the pictures to go to the claims post.

Please note that these are October and November release, I am just opening posts earlier so I can contact the shop that I am picking these up at early to make sure I everyone will get their sets!

Ghost Ippai Collection (October preorder)

Sleeping Friends XY3 (November Preorder)

And yep, apparantly a new pokemon will be featured at the sleeping friends XY3 set! I wonder what it would be :D

✿ Ebay Lot Up For Sale! ✿

Hello everyone! (✿◠‿◠)

I've deleted my post from yesterday.
Normally i don't do that, but it seemed as though no one at all was interested in my sale, and today is my last day off before work again, so i really wanted to get these plushies into new homes asap.
Anyhoo, i have taken new photos and listed the entire plush lot up on Ebay! C:
Feel free to GA it if you want! Considering the values of some of the items, i'd say my starting bid price is pretty fair. Sales permission and everything can be found in my sales post, which is under the stunky banner at the bottom of the post!
Please click here or the photo to see the listing and more photos of the items!

After i pay off some things here tomorrow, i'll also be taking a break from buying for a while! I'm so close to getting my driving license finally(im only 24 already lol), and ill be focusing on saving up for car insurance! :D And then saving up for fabric to make myself a zigzagoon kigurumi finally hehe! >w<
Though if you do have something from my wish list, please still let me know! I'll probably buy it anyways!! xD

tinyzig1.jpgThat's it for today! Thank you for looking everyone!
~ Ziggy

Please click on the banners!
ekans eating snorlax :o (from internet)

☆ pikachu nebukuro collection PICS ! ! ! ☆

Oh my goodness, my snakey heart ;___;

I know lots of us are anxiously awaiting the super adorable Pikachu Nebukuro Collection Kuji that's coming in a couple weeks...but actual photos of the Kuji were released on the Pokemon Daisuki Blog today!  Thanks so much for the link info,allinia !!!

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Is anyone else just as excited as I am over these cutie pies?!!! I can't recall the last time Ekans got any official merch, so seeing him as a sleeping bag like that makes me happier than ever. Yay for 1st Gens!!! :D

Whimsicott used Substitute!

Substitute stuff is now available on the US Pokemon Center website! There's 3 different Substitute plush sizes available, a t-shirt, socks, a keychain and a tumbler drink cup. Curiously, everything is listed as "Whimsicott's Substiute"; is that how it was in Japan too or just something random the US did?

Pretty cool stuff. I know a lot of people imported...are you gonna pick up one of the US ones now?

Wants List Post

So as not to make this super heavy I made 3 collages of wants. Some unobtainable but they are still are on here in hopes. Also when trying to ask what a certain thing is use Row, Collumn description. This is not an all inclusive list so if you have something you think I might want, please by all means ask!

Ralts/ Kirlia/ Gardevoir/ Gallade

Butterflies and Moths (Butterfree, Beautifly, Volcarona, Wormadam, Mothim, Vivillon, Venomoth, Silcoon, Cascoon, Spewpa, Burmy, Larvesta, Wurmple, Venonat, Scatterbug, Surskit, Masquerian, Caterpie, Metapod)

Fennekin/ Braixen/ Dephox

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Big Kids Sales! *o*

Hello everyone!

Today I've got for you a lot of Kids figures up for sale. There's over 150 DIFFERENT Pokemon :D
If you'll buy few figures I'll be glad to give you a discount! :) Or just shoot me your offer :)
Here's a little preview:

Shipping for them is super cheap - starts from only $1.6 for up to 5 figues!
Each figure will be wrapped in foil for the shipping and they'll be shipped in bubble mailers.
If you would like to get your figures shipped in a box - let me know!
Here's the estimated shipping:

Of course this post is CTRL+F friendly!

You can also check my Polish TCG sales if you haven't yet (I'll gladly combine flats with nonflats)

And my other sales:

I'll be shipping out everything after this weekend! (if it's important for you to have them shipped before weekend let me know please)
If you bought something from me last week it has been already shipped out! ^-^

Few tags:
pkmnsuicune - I'm tagging you as I promised, maybe you'll find something interesting here ^^
aslyl - there's a Cherrim figure (though you probably already have this one :D)
okgod - maybe you'll find something interesting here too :>
supairo - Blaziken and Jolteon kids :)

Here're my rules:
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And now onto SALES! *o*
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During weekend I'll be posting huge FLATS SALES so stay tunned! :O
If you're looking for specific Pokemon flats and want me to tag you in my sales LET ME KNOW! OwO
Probably in about a month I will finally post my collection update (still waiting for few packages!)

Thanks for looking guys!
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Hey guys the auction is almost ending with just a day left!

Still at its opening bid of $750 for both legendary bird zukans in great condition!


Auction Clock:

Link to the auction!

Good luck bidding!

Yet another metal collection question

Hey all.. so as my collection of metals continues to grow I realized that I'm still not sure all of the figures that were made... I know all of gen 1 was made but after that it seems each gen has had fewer and fewer pokemon added to the metal collection.. so my question is,  which pokemon were made into metals?  Any that you know of please share with me.. if you have any pics of them that is even better
And I know some pokemon have had multiple styles made.. pikachu has too many to count but I know there are atleast 2 versions of psyduck, mchop, geodude, cyndaquil, chikorita,  snorlax, horsea, gyrados, magikarp, jirachi, kyorgre, etc.. and piplup has 3 different.. id love to know all of the pokemon that have come in multiple styles
Also, were all of the gen 1 pokemon made into keshimon? I know there were a few after that like hoppip, cyndaquil, and slowking that were made into colored keshimon but were there others?

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quick sales and help needed!

Hey guys! I just have some quick sales.

* Sales permission granted by dakajojo 7/2011
* I Ship from MI, USA.
* Feedback:
* First come first serve.

Giant Pikazard, MWT: $110 shipped in the US ON HOLD

Lifesize Tomy Pikachu (Shimmery fabric + poseable arms and ears): $50 shipped in the US.
He comes with a detached hang tag and the detached box that he came in.

Drifloon lot (comes with canvas, US petit MWT, zukan, and kid figure): SOLD

Finally I need some suggestions from you guys!

I'd like to do something specific for halloween so I thought I would draw up some ghost/dark type patterns for my pouches!

Here's an example of one of my ghosty prints I have done before.

Last night I drew up Phantump/Trevenant and Hoopa! I'd like to do atleast 2 more prints, which will be made and completed by the end of the month so they're ready for October (they will be for sale then!)

So if you have suggestions for any ghost babies or dark babies i should do, let me know! <3
refined rayray
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Back from DragonCon - sales

Like the title says, I'm back from dragoncon! That was an amazing con, and overwhelming at the same time. I didn't buy any pokemon merch really, since what they did have was pretty much all bootleg. But I got plenty of other cool stuff. After the con though I do need to weed out some plush I've made recently, so I hope they all find good homes!

And I still have some stuff in my permanent sales post here, so feel free to browse.

or click here if image doesn't work -> Fox's PKMN Shop

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Want to Buy Japanese TCG card

Hi pkmncollectors!

I want to make a gift to my brother, so i need your help!
I'm looking for Super Rare Full Art Groudon from Japanese BW3 Hail Blizzard expansion. The card MUST be in MINT condition and 1St EDITION. I'm located in Italy and i'm willing to spend 15-20 $ after pp fee and shipping.

(Picture is NOT mine, took it from the net.)
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Had to share! Gets!

I haven't gotten some of these beauty's yet, but I'm so excited for them I have to share them! o(≧∇≦o)

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I'm expecting a lot more customs later on, but they're being made as we speak, so I'm not sure when they're going to be shipped! I'm so excited though!


Heya everyone I am back with sales :3
I have a few more items to sell, anything before the 15 I can ship; i'll be gone the 15-18.

I was granted sales permission by: entirelycliched on 8/7/2013.
My feedback is located: HERE
~All Rules apply~
I will take commitment over quotes, so if someone is committed to an item then they get it.
If you feel an item is too much then we can negotiate a price; just let me know!
My next shipping day will be: Thursday/Friday: June 30-31
I ship items in bubbler mailers or boxes.
-I ship from KY, US and use USPS; I am only shipping within the US.
If you want international shipping its: $10.40
(I am NOT responsible for damage or lost goods!)
I will ship through standard mail which is very cheap it does come with free tracking.
-If you want me to show you the receipt I will gladly do so.

-I will only accept paypal as payment; please send payments to:
-ONLY if you are 100% committed then I am willing to do holds.

-I live in a pet friendly household: With 2 dogs and 2 cats. These items are located inside shrunk; so they shouldn't make contact with these plushies.
-I do live with smokers sadly, but they only smoke in the kitchen. They do NOT make contact with my plushies.

If you want more pictures just ask.

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~Updated w/Final Payment~ Quickie Stamper GA + Payment 1, extras

Edit: (update October 8th- Stamps have arrived today, I'll be working to get them ready to ship with totals, and I expect to have the entry posted this weekend)

Thank you guys and gals for banding together to help make this GA possible. There's no discounts and we had competition up until the end. With an extra $25 for an extra deposit and that extra push towards the end of the auction... We won! Extras are available at their start bids. Comment below if you would like to claim them. (Open the spreadsheet to view available extras)

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ETA: We'll give the stamper lot 1-2 weeks to arrive at the Deputy headquarters. 1-2 weeks for the lot to arrive to my place via EMS. And then give me a day or two to pack up and set up the final "shipping to you" payment post. So about a month from now! Feel free to PM me within this time if you would like a quick progress update.

Digi's Status - Offline, asleep

Update October 10th - Final Payment information/instructions
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Latest Spreadsheet Here for October 10th

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Is this haunter a real tomy?

very hard to buy tomy pokemon figurines in new zealand. someone is selling this on auction however i need some help to identify if this haunter is real or not? ive done some research and most haunters ive seen have a clear base. this one seems to have a brown one. is it real or a fake?

Zigzagoon want list!

Hey hey! :)

I just love Zigzagoon and am a serious collector :3 I know zigguppafu is a big collector herself, she gave me permission to use her pictures :) Who can help me get these Zigzagoon items? I searched ebay a lot and can't find anything! YahooJapan is a bit difficult for me, and I also searched Facebook.

Who can help me :D ? I live in The Netherlands, so shipping should be to here. (I am only looking for the Zig items, not the Linoone items on the pics)

Thanks so much for helping me guys!! :D

1. Tomy truck toy (has zigzagoon on it)

2. Japanese mega bean
3.  Decochara Seal Holder
4. Kid Clear figure (already have normal one)
5. AG Data Carrier Plastic Battle Card
6. Hoenn puzzle
7. Suction cup figure
8. Spinning cap figure
9. Tin Butter Cookies
10 Mighty bean

1. Bronze, silver, gold Japanese coins
2. Binx rubber pog
3. Velcro pog pickers
4. Japanese pog
5. XY pog
6. WAPS (already have pink one!)
7. Clear file normal types
8. XY size comperison page
9. (same as nr 1)

1. Mirror Amada stickers
2. Japanese sticker
3. RSE sticker sheet
4. Little sticker (name spelled wrong)
5. Amada stickers
6. Tiny sticker
7. Ultimate sticker
8. Dex kid stickers
9. Stamps
10. XY Pooffy sticker sheet
11. Temporary tattoo
13. Japanese kid card
14. Little Japanese Zigzagoon square
15. Italian lamincard
16. Only Zigzagoon VS Treecko & Skitty (already have Pichu)
17. XY Episode bromide
18. Lenticular Flixpix card

If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask, thanks so much!

~Only accept Paypal

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Plushies sale

Sales permission granted on 12/01/13 by entirelycliched

Asking for a quote does not mean you are committed. First to commit has priority
I ship from Canada and shipping starts at $8 for 1 plush. You can sort of figure our your total with the fee.


Dittochu TTO $400
Swampert pokedoll no tags $80
Charizard UFO no tags $35
Clefairy UFO no tags $20
Oddish mirage $40
Bulbasaur canvas $40
Umbreon I <3 Eevee TTO $20
Chimchar pokedoll TTO $12
Turtwig pokedoll TTO $12
Dedenne MWT $15
Helioptle MWT $15
Pansage MWT $9
Scraggy pokedoll $12
Lapras Canvas $12
Dragonite Canvas $25
Buizel $5
Woobat $5
Darumaka $10
Sandile $10
Patrat $10

Looking for GA co-host!

Hi guys! :) I'm looking for a GA co-host for this fantastic looking lot! :)

I would preferably make the threads, calculate costs, etc. so I'm looking for someone to make the payment, ship, etc. This lot is on Y!J so someone who has experience buying from Y!J would be preferable! :) I would be claiming the Altaria bell and the Salamence suction cup figure. Please let me know if you're interested! :) It's currently at a great price with 3 days to go! :) As soon as I have found a host I shall remove this post! :) Thanks! ^-^