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11 September 2015 @ 04:01 am
I've added some new items to my sales posts (both in my permanent sales thread and the flats thread). Below are a few preview images of some of the new items, but there are a few new things snuck in with some older items as well. I've also updated most of the pictures and organized the items for everyone's convenience as well. :D I've been in an HGSS/Walky theme mood lately ever since picking up HG again, so I updated my new sales banner as well to reflect the theme. ^^ Next post will be a large collection post!

I'm also looking for some TCG cards in my wishlist. I would like to trade extra cards from my list here, but depending on the card you're offering, I could pull some cards from my personal collection as well. Just ask. :)

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Stephy Sanrio
11 September 2015 @ 09:42 am
Hello I was wondering if someone will be interested in a custom.

$35 and you can have your amiibo sent to me directly if you buy at Amazon or something similar like that. :)

Here are some examples of my work:


More at

I also updated my ️️sales post:

I have a lot of psa cards for sale, tomys, and some plushes.

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11 September 2015 @ 10:31 am
Got some gets recently including a really cool custom pokedoll!

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Btw is anyone selling this banpresto gible plush?

I've seen the ones on ebay and was hoping to see if could find a better deal.
11 September 2015 @ 10:54 am
Hello everyone, I have some new things for sale and reduced prices!! Please take a look!

(I'm giving out so much money for food and such things cause I'm ill, I must earn back the money x,D)

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Thanks everyone for looking and have a great day! 
Current Location: berlin
11 September 2015 @ 03:12 pm
Hello Pokébabies! Lumi here! I just got back from my trip, and I am super excited to be able to comment more frequently again. (>wo)7

Another reason I was super excited to get home, is that I knew I had a package waiting...

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11 September 2015 @ 04:42 pm
Hi everybody!
Recently I made something that ended up coming out so much better than I thought it would- So I just had to share!

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And now for some wants! These are the items on my wants list that I'm actively looking for right now. If you have any of them you are willing to sell, please let me know!
I've also decided to collect Pokedolls of all the Eeveelutions, but only if I can find them cheaply/for good deals. Minky is preferred~
I need still need: Eevee, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Sylveon. :D

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Sorry for the boring post! Hopefully next time I can include all of my recent gets! <3
11 September 2015 @ 06:07 pm
Hello there guys!
The Daisuki Club has just updated more pictures of the upcoming Mystery Mansion promotion, along with some other straps!! So of course, I have decided to do another pre-order of these guys, as I am interested in Chandelure myself (will claim Gengar too, but depending on the interest, I might give him up for somebody else) <3

These are just tooooo precious!! <333
Please read before you decide to pre-order!

Pokemon that need more love: Gengar, Litwick, Froslass, Banette and Mismagius

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Thank you so much guys! :D
Chrissy 'Fluffbutt'
11 September 2015 @ 08:27 pm
A huge congratulations to renji93 for winning our banner contest!

I want to give a huge shout out to all our participants this year, the banners were really top notch.

bluepanther , renji93, tinypepper, kurukimi, iqream, rika24, luckymissclover, toxiee, zorroark

Everyone give a round of applause to our participants!
11 September 2015 @ 08:28 pm
Hey all! I just recently joined the community. I came across it after looking up certain plushies over and over and figured, why not join in on the fun? Everyone seems very knowledgeable here! I'm very excited.

I've been into Pokemon since I was a youngin'. I've never lost my passion for pokemon, and have always kept with the attitude of catchin' them all! My favorite Pokemons are charmander, charizard, groudon, goomy, and mudkip. :D
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*Fingers crossed this is formatted right, this was my first go at using -*cut*-!
11 September 2015 @ 10:58 pm
Hello everyone!! I've never really posted here on the main page before but I've been a member here since early last year. Ever since joining my pokemon collection has gone from one kid figure I got from an anime store when I was 14 to tons of different plushies and figures (too many plushies and figures tbh ;-;)

About me, my name is Mars and I've loved pokemon ever since playing yellow on the original brick game boy. I don't play the games as much as I used to but I still love collecting my top 3 pokemon, raichu, espeon, and leafeon. But this post is going to focus on my raichu collection because I just received the last figures I've needed for it a few weeks ago, and now that I've gotten all the raichu goods I've wanted I guess it's complete for now!! Raichu has always been my favorite so I'm very excited to share

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Thank you for looking!!